Ben , Pam Ch. 03

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Pam awoke on Saturday morning feeling refreshed and relaxed. She got up and put on her robe and slippers, and padded to the kitchen to make some coffee. Sitting in her kitchen, sipping her coffee, she glanced at the clock.

“9:45!!! Oh no, Ben will be here at ten, I’ve got to stop him!”

Pam scrambled for her phone, scrolled through the numbers, and punched up Ben’s cell phone. Pressing dial, she swore at herself for oversleeping.

“Hi you!” Ben answered his phone, “I recognized your number.”

“Oh Ben,” Pam cried, “I overslept and just got up, can you wait an hour for me to get ready?”

“What do you need to do to get ready, Pam, take a shower?”

“Yes, I need to shower, and do my hair and makeup and stuff.”

“Pam, have you ever showered with someone?”

“Ummm, no, why Ben?”

“You don’t need to do your hair until afterward, and I’ll bet you look just fine without makeup, let me in when I get there in 5 minutes, and then take a shower with me. I’ll even wash your hair if you want.”

If there was anything Pam loved, it was having her hair washed. She was tempted to agree, but had a sudden thought. “Ben, are you going to try anything with me in the shower?”

“No, sweetlips, not unless you consider having me wash every square inch of your lovely body trying something. I’m just parking now, unlock the door, and I’ll let myself in.”

Pam unlocked the door, she could see Ben coming up the street towards her apartment. She slipped back into her bedroom, unsure of what Ben planned to do. Ben came in, and locked the door behind himself.

“Pam where are you hiding?”

Pam peeked out from behind the bedroom door, “I’m in my bathrobe and slippers, I feel like such an idiot for oversleeping.”

“Nonsense, you just knew you needed the rest to be ready for all the pleasuring I’m going to give you this morning. Come on out, and show me the bathroom.”

Pam reluctantly stepped out of the bedroom, her pink bunny slippers brought a big smile to Ben’s face. Pam gestured to the bathroom, Ben took her hand, and led her inside, closing the door behind them. For a small apartment, Pam had a nice large bathroom, Ben removed his shirt, and pulled the tie holding Pam’s robe. He quickly removed her robe, and hung it on the hook on the door. He put his shirt there also, kicked off his shoes, peeled his socks, and dropped his pants, quickly hanging everything by Pam’s robe. Pam slid off her slippers, and started to lift her nightie, Ben grabbed it and finished slipping it over Pam’s head. He hung it on the hook then turned towards Pam, and both of them feasted their eyes on each other. Pam looked down at Ben’s partially erect prick.

“Oh,” she said in some surprise, “Bill, my ex, is the only man I’ve ever seen naked, he wasn’t, uh, circumcised like you, it looked different.”

Pam’s obvious interest in Ben’s anatomy caused Ben’s prick to begin to stand more fully. Ben put a finger under Pam’s chin to tip her face up to his.

“Let’s just shower, OK Pam?”

Pam turned to start the water, and adjust it to the proper temperature. As she bent over to feel the water, Ben admired her lovely butt.”

“Pam, has anyone ever told you that you have a lovely bum?”

Pam switched the water to shower, and stepped in the tub, turned, and motioned for Ben to join her. After briefly wetting themselves, Ben wrapped his arms around Pam, and gave her a big hug. She could fell his organ pressing into her belly, and pushed him away. Pam put her head under the water, and Ben took the hint, and began to help wet her curly black hair. After thoroughly soaking her head, Ben moved Pam away from the showerhead, picked up the shampoo, and began almanbahis to lather her lovely tresses. Pam just leaned against the shower wall and relaxed, letting Ben’s strong hands work the shampoo into a full lather on her head. Ben kept rubbing and kneading Pam’s scalp, working the shampoo into a huge lather that ran all down Pam’s body. Pam was practically purring from the feeling of having her hair shampooed.

After almost 10 minutes of massaging Pam’s scalp, Ben pulled her under the shower stream, and began rinsing the bubbles out of Pam’s hair. As he rinsed, he slid his hands through her hair, working the hot water deep to her scalp, until her entire head squeaked cleanly. Holding Pam’s face under the shower, Ben rinsed off all the remnants of the shampoo until she could open her eyes again. Ben held up some cream rinse, and Pam just nodded. He moved her away from the stream again and poured a generous helping of cream rinse on her hair, and began working it firmly into her hair, from the scalp down to the very tips.

Ben then grabbed the shower gel and squirted s big dollop into his hand and started to rub it all over Pam’s body. The feeling of rubbing the slippery gel on her body was raising the pressure in Ben’s cock, it was now standing straight up, and pulsing in time with his heartbeat. Ben had Pam lean forward and place her hands against the wall of the shower.

“Pam, I want you to relax and trust me, I’m not going to hurt you at all, I’m just going to wash your pussy area.”

Pam just nodded assent, spreading her legs slightly. Ben reached through her legs, and began to gently wash the exterior of her pussy, not parting her lips at all. After her pussy, Ben moved his hand back, and gently rubbed her pink rosebud ass with the gel. Pam jumped when Ben’s finger touched her butt hole.

“Pam, relax, I just want it nice and clean for later.” Ben reassured her.

Pam relaxed slightly, then began to worry, had she smelled bad last time? Did she smell bad this morning? Why was Ben so insistent on washing her back there?

Ben finished by washing Pam’s legs, sliding his gel coated hands up and down them until she was totally clean. He then moved her under the water again, rinsing and rubbing her all over until she was completely rinsed off. Ben shut off the water, opened the curtain, and stepped out first to grab Pam’s towel. He wrapped it around her, and began to briskly dry her off. After Pam was dry, Ben grabbed a spare towel, and dried himself off as well. Wrapping the towels around themselves, they moved into Pam’s bedroom.

Ben dropped his towel to the floor, reached over and tugged at Pam’s towel to remove it. He placed her towel over her pillow, to keep it from getting soaked from her wet hair. Knowing the routine, Pam lay down on the bed, and drew her legs up, letting her knees fall wide to open her pussy for Ben. Instead of moving between her legs, Ben picked up Pam’s left foot, and began to nibble and kiss his way up the inside of her left leg. When he reached the soft skin of her upper thigh, Ben set down her left leg and picked up her right, and began to nibble and kiss his way up the inside of her right leg. Pam was getting aroused by the gentle nibbling, as Ben reached the soft inside of Pam’s right thigh, he could smell her pussy, as he looked at it, a tiny drop of her sweet juices appeared at the opening. He leaned forward, and picked it up on the tip of his tongue.

After tasting Pam’s pussy, Ben put his hands behind her knees, and lifted her legs up, leaning forward, and pressing her knees apart. When Ben gently flicked Pam’s tight pink ass with the tip of his tongue she jumped at the touch.

“Ben! What are almanbahis giriş you doing?”

“Pam, this is why I wanted to wash you so clean, just try to relax and enjoy what I’m doing.”

Ben pressed his face down again, and began licking Pam’s tight pink ass in little swirls and quick flicks. After a few moments, Pam began to relax and enjoy the sensation. She didn’t realize how much it was exciting her until Ben moved up to sample her sweet juices, and lightly flick her bud. The light touch shot through Pam, and drew another wave of succulent juices from her dripping pussy, which Ben quickly slurped, on his way back to Pam’s tight, pink hole. Ben spent a long time circling and flicking Pam’s ass, enjoying her sweet pussy juices as they drained to his waiting mouth. Ben finally started to make occasional trips up to lightly flick Pam’s throbbing clit, each one sent her climbing back up towards release. Ben carefully gauged Pam’s state, as she grew closer, he reduced the frequency of his attention to her hard bud. Ben held Pam just under her orgasm for several long minutes, then finally relenting, he moved up and stroked her over the top. As soon as Pam started to pulse, he dropped down and planted his lips firmly on her pussy, and sucked out her juices in time with her orgasmic contractions. As he was drinking down Pam’s sweet nectar, Ben realized she had the juiciest, most succulent pussy he had ever tasted, and he wanted to spend many more days enjoying it.

As Pam’s orgasm faded, Ben immediately went back to licking her tight pink butt hole. Pam’s bud was still hypersensitive, but her ass wasn’t, the anal attention started her arousal almost immediately, and she quickly reached a second orgasm, surprising Ben with a gush of her sweet juices all over his face. He recovered quickly, again vacuuming her pussy in time with her pulses. It seemed to Ben that Pam gushed even more of her sweet nectar this time, despite the brief interval between orgasms.

Being more careful this time, Ben spent a lot of time at Pam’s pussy, infrequently flicking his tongue on her tight hole, and occasionally sliding up to flick her hard bud. Pam’s pussy continued to exude it’s succulent juices, and Ben repeatedly lapped up every drop, feeling like a happy honeybee at a beautiful flower. Ben strived to prolong Pam’s pleasure, but again she quickly rose to her peak, and burst in a huge wave of gushing juices that had Ben slurping and gulping to get it all. Pam’s pussy pulsed for so long Ben thought she had come three times in one orgasm, then gradually slowed, until she was just dribbling drops of her sweet goodness. Pam just put her hand lightly on Ben’s head, to indicate she was finished. He reluctantly released her, and got up and covered her over, as he had before. Ben went into the bathroom and retrieved his clothes, and Pam’s robe and nightie, and began to dress.

“Ben, please wait, “Pam uttered softly, “don’t get dressed yet.”

Ben paused, in the midst of donning his shirt, then slipped it off again, and tossed it to the floor. Pam swept the covers off, and ran her hands sensuously down her body, before swinging her legs off the bed, and sitting at the edge.

“Come here, Ben.”

Ben stepped over to where Pam was sitting on the edge of the bed. When he stepped in front of her, she reached out and grabbed his hips and pulled him closer to her, his upright cock just inches from her face.

“Pam, I told you that you didn’t need to reciprocate.” Ben started.

“I can if I want to, Ben, just shut up and enjoy it.”

With that, Pam wrapped her lips around Ben’s cock, and slid her mouth onto it. She paused, and ran her tongue around the head slowly, one almanbahis yeni giriş way, then the other. Pam slid back off, and looked up at Ben.

“Bill isn’t circumcised like you are, his cock felt completely different. I like the soft velvety feel of yours much better.”

Pam slipped her mouth back over Ben’s cock, and gently explored the soft tip. It was so smooth, she couldn’t stop swirling her tongue around it, she didn’t realize the effect it was having until Ben groaned. Without releasing him, she looked up, his head was thrown back, and he had a look of absolute rapture on his face. Pam began to slowly slide her lips down, then back up Ben’s hard cock, savoring the feel of it in her mouth. Bill had never let her take her time like this, he would just grab her head and thrust quickly into her mouth as hard as he could until he finished. With Ben, she felt in complete control, he was letting her pleasure him at her own pace. His hands were at his sides, her hands on her knees, the only point of contact was where her mouth and his cock intersected. Pam continued to slowly stroke her wet lips on Ben’s organ, savoring the feel of his smooth head with her questing tongue. Ben would occasionally moan or sigh, so she knew he must be enjoying it.

After some time, Pam noticed Ben’s cock beginning to enlarge in her mouth, so she slowed her pace, to hold him off longer If he was going to come, it would be when she wanted him to. Pam continued teasing Ben ever so slowly, until his breathing was ragged, and his body starting to shake, when she decided it was time to finish him. Increasing her pace just slightly, she felt him start to swell more, and braced herself for him to grab her head, and try to thrust his cock down her throat. Ben just arched his back a little, then Pam felt his cock pulse in her mouth, and then start pumping surprisingly hot come onto her tongue. She began to swallow, noting that Ben’s come tasted much better than Bill’s had. Every time she swallowed, Ben would jump a little, and groan with pleasure. Pam gently cupped Ben’s balls, using them as soft leverage to hold him at just the right depth in her mouth. As his eruption slowed, Pam applied a gentle suction in time with Ben’s throbbing, each time she did he made a noise of intense pleasure. After all the erupting and swallowing were done, Pam continued to hold Ben’s softening cock in her mouth, she had never been able to do that with Bill, and was really enjoying the feeling of tension leaving Ben’s softening prick. When Pam reluctantly released Ben’s cock, he immediately leaned down to give her a deep kiss, probing his tongue all around the inside of her mouth, as if looking for traces of his semen. Pam leaned back to break the contact.

“Ben, why are you doing that? I must still have traces of your…”

Ben interrupted, “Because there is nothing better than the taste of a woman’s mouth right after she swallows my come. She has tasted it already, so I just get the happy aftertaste.”

Pam gave Ben a questioning look, “I’m used to Bill trying to shove his cock down my throat every minute, and especially when he comes, but you didn’t do that. I really liked how you let me control things, are you always that way?

Ben sat on the bed and put his arm around Pam, “Any decent man is that way, if you are going to orally pleasure me, you should be in complete control. It’s your lips and tongue that provide the best sensation, not down your throat, and besides, how can you taste my come if I shove my cock down your throat?”

Pam thought about it for a bit, and realized Ben was right. This was the first time she had ever actually enjoyed giving head, instead of just tolerating it.

“Ben, could we get together more, and you can show me other things you like? Or maybe things I’d like, but I don’t know about? Like what you did to my bum, I really liked that!”

Ben lifted Pam’s chin, and planted a soft kiss on her lips, “Can I stay here tonight, with you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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