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The warm water bubbled up around my shoulders, my eyes closed, my fingers gently exploring myself. That was why I didn’t hear the door open. It wasn’t until the coolness of the air in the hallway fell across my warm skin did I open my eyes.

Mother stood just inside her ensuite washroom. My parents tub was a large Jacuzzi style and I had snuck in while they were away. I bolted upright, realizing what she must have seen.

“Mother!” I screamed.

“Hush,” she smiled, “It’s okay, I did that when I was a girl too. Still do.” Mother turned to her mirror and wiped the moisture off the surface to see her reflection. Still do? Mother?

“Do you think I’m beautiful Shannon?”

“Sure, yes.”

She sighed and examined herself more closely. She had slipped into her robe and it parted when she leaned forward. I examined my mother’s figure with a critical eye. She had dark full hair that she wore at shoulder length, stood 5′ 5″, and weighed 130 pounds. Not fat, just nicely rounded hips. Her legs, which were hidden by the robe, were probably her best feature and I was thankful I had inherited them. Mother had small breasts that were no longer pert. Mine, in fact, were larger than hers were already.

Mother reached over, selected a ribbon and pulled her hair back and up. “Mind if I join you?”

“I’ll get out for you.”

“No, Giresun Escort no, I want you to stay. We could talk, girl talk you know.”

I looked away when Mother undid her parted robe and let it fall around her ankles. I did look her over quickly when she asked for my help to get in. She settled down across from me, sighing loudly. I examined her face as she settled across from me. I shared her dark hair but mine was straight. Our dark brown eyes were mirror images. She still had her makeup on and I liked how she used soft earthtones.

Her legs slid along mine and we adjusted to each other, legs intertwined. I flinched when her foot slid across my groin in the process. We began to chat; just boring day stuff to begin with and then slowly more personal. She asked about my relationship with Danny. I splashed water at her when she asked if we had sex yet. Despite my liberal upbringing, I actually planned to stay a virgin for a while yet.

“Is that why you were masturbating when I came in?”

I blushed. Mother smiled. “It’s okay. Us women need our little self-satisfaction moments. Mine seem to be far to frequent lately.” Mother sat up, her legs opening and going along side me. She stroked my face. “Baby, you are so beautiful. You’ve grown into a wonderful woman.” Her hands slid over my shoulders, fingers Giresun Escort Bayan tracing lightly over collarbone and down over my chest. “And so well developed. I am so envious.”

Her touch was like fire, my skin burned. My breathing was halted and I shook slightly. She cupped my breasts softly. “Perfect. I’ve seen so many of our adult friends look at you and I am both angry and jealous.” Across my belly her fingers slid and down over my legs. “Nice legs too.”

“I got them from a beautiful woman.”

“Is she sexy like you?”

I gulped, “Very sexy.”

“Not too wrinkly?”


She laughed and pulled me to her. A hug, an embrace, a kiss on my ear, a shared kiss on each other’s cheek, lips softly touching. We stared into each other’s eyes and shared another soft kiss. My hands finally held and I felt her shake.

Mother pulled me towards her, turning me around and I slid against her. Her mouth found my neck and ear and she nibbled softly while her hands gently massaged my breasts, kneading them, encouraging the nipples to harden. I closed my hands, felt her body under me.

Mother’s fingers were like electrodes, shocking me where they touched and when her right hand slid over my belly and between my legs I moaned loudly. My soft curls were caressed and then my sex was explored. Escort Giresun

She was gentle and soft, her kisses never ending, her murmurs and sighs a hot breath in my ear. My body shook as she masturbated me, expertly inducing shiver after shiver until my cunt wrapped tight onto her fingers and climaxed.

She held me that way forever, until the water cooled around us I think. I was off in another world and when I finally turned on her lap, Mother was smiling. We kissed, me a little more insistent. I reached out and held her breast, squeezing and playing with the small nipple.

“The water is getting cold dear, why don’t we get out.”

Her voice sounded strange. She seemed sad.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing honey.” She slid me off her lap and proceeded to get out of the tub. I sat there, scared, as she toweled off and slid her robe back on. “I’m going to get a glass of wine, would you like one?”

I shook my head no.

“Don’t be long, you’ll get all wrinkly.” She left the room. I wanted to cry. I finally left the tub, and with a heavy heart, headed for my room. My mood brightened though when I found laid across my bed, one of my Mothers nicest white satin gowns. I slid it over my head, shivered as the smooth fabric slid down my body. My breasts pushed the bodice to its extreme but I thought I looked wonderful.

It was a little long and I had to gather it up when I ran downstairs. Mother sat on the loveseat, wine glass in hand, wearing her long black silk gown with sheer wrap. She held out a glass to me. “I thought you might one after all.”

What a wonderful night that was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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