Baseball: First Inning


The amateur theater group I belonged to was asked to give a performance at a community center over on the coast a couple of hours away from the city we live in. The center didn’t have a lot of money to pay for our performance but added the offer of a beach house for us to stay in which was enough of an enticement to get us to make the drive. The six of us spent the first night together in the house which had a great location right on the beach. It had been a busy day driving over, getting the space ready for our performance then doing the show and we all hit the sack pretty early. The house was large enough to accommodate all of us as two rooms had two single beds and the master bedroom with its king sized bed was given over to the only married couple in our troupe who were good naturedly ribbed by the rest of us to keep their “marital antics” quiet.

Besides the man and wife in the master bedroom, I was the only other guy in the group and was also the youngest at 27 years of age. The married couple were only a few years older than me but the other three women were mature single ladies. Now the logistics would assume that two of the women would be in one bedroom and me and the other lady would occupy the third and while that might have made a good tale to write about that is not the way it happened. I did the honorable thing and took the couch not that I didn’t get my share of ribald jokes thrown at me for missing out on a great opportunity or offers intended to make me blush, which I did.

Actors are inherently exhibitionists and being in a small theater troupe meant we performed at a lot of venues lacking adequate space for things like dressing rooms. It also means we frequently took on multiple roles which means multiple costume changes. It was very common for us to all be doing costume changes in hallways or other unlikely spaces during a show. We had become very comfortable with each other and our near nudity the close proximity forced upon us. But that didn’t mean I never snuck a peek whenever the opportunity arose. I am sure I was peeked at more than casually by the ladies in our troupe as well during those brief moments of undress.

As it turned out the married couple had to get back to town after our second and final performance leaving me and the three ladies on our own. We had made use of our down time earlier that day to buy some snacks and a few bottles of wine for our “wrap” party. Our final bows over, we wrapped up the performance area and retired to our house by the sea as the small town had practically no night life other than performances by vagabond groups like us.

We were feeling pretty good after our show and uncorked some bottles of wine, kicked on the gas fireplace and flopped on the comfy chairs arranged in front of the fire: drinking, eating and chatting away. I should take a moment and describe my companions.

Karen was the oldest, I didn’t know exactly how old but I would guess late 50’s or early 60’s. She had let her short hair go grey which I much preferred over the dyed hair some women use to deny their age. Karen was also the leader or director of our group and while she kept us in line for rehearsals and performances she was very fun to be around. She had a slender athletic frame with b-cup breasts perfect for her body. Maybe I have a mommy fetish or something but Karen did things for me that made me very attracted to her.

Sylvia was a dark-haired Latina with an ample bust, by that I mean nice big round melons that stuck out beautifully and she usually displayed her deep cleavage proudly. Sylvia has caught me staring at her breasts on many occasions and she would just smile, one time I was just staring at her titties for a lot longer than I thought before realizing I was busted. Sylvia then blew my mind by pulling her top down briefly exposing the tops of her dark aureoles. I didn’t see the nipples but half her acreage was exposed to my popping eyeballs. An instant chubby for me which she noticed and stared at it for a lingering moment before someone entered the room causing her to hastily cover up. There had never been a repeat but I had many fond remembrances of that act when I was alone in the bathroom with a bottle of lotion.

The troublemaking troubadour of our group was the lovely Jan. In her forties like Sylvia, Jan was often the flirty one and the leader of the naughty jokes and sexy innuendos. I loved her sensual nature but always wondered if she was as sexually promiscuous as she came off. I think she delighted in teasing me with her jokes and taunting me with touches or “accidentally” brushing her tits against me whenever possible. Jan was maybe 5 foot 2 and had perfectly formed body to go with it too, nice C-cup breasts and a cute bubble butt that fueled many a fantasy for me. And me, I am a couples inches short of six feet tall, I don’t work out because I have a job that is pretty physical and keeps my 27 year old body pretty toned.

I never had the courage to flirt back or to do anything other than fantasize gaziantep bayan escort about the possibilities of getting naked with one of these beauties. I didn’t want to spoil a good thing of being around these sexy women.

The women were feeling a little frisky that night after a couple of glasses of vino and began teasing me, with comments about me and my harem, or I’d better watch out as they might take me by force. I became the waiter for the group refilling their wine glasses and secretly hoping to get lucky with one of them. As the night progressed we all got a little more happy with the wine, the women began really getting naughty watching me squirm under their teasing. Sylvia went so far as to put her hand between my legs and stroked my inner thigh as I filled her glass, Karen pointedly stared at my manly bulge when I filled her glass and Jan seemed like she couldn’t keep from touching me anytime I got near her, so I got near her as often as possible.

At one point I cried out in mock terror, “Help, I’m being attacked by wild cougars!” Jan growled like a big cat and followed up with a sexy, pouty “meow.” Karen asked with a smile if that would be so bad and Sylvia commented that I am probably a predator with young girls. I went to get another bottle of wine to refill our glasses and Jan made her point by reaching over and squeezing my ass as I passed by and saying she would bet that I have a different young lady every night.

I replied while refilling their glasses that it isn’t so easy to score with young women. They didn’t believe that as they were sure a stud like me was the mighty hunter bagging a trophy all the time. I don’t think I’m a stud at all but, I think I’d put myself somewhere on the scale of average, well maybe just a little above average. I think the liquid courage of the wine took hold of me that night and made me throw caution to the wind and get back at them.

I thought for a second and said I never felt like a hunter with women but rather as a baseball player. This stopped them for a second and they asked what I meant by that. By now I was a little emboldened by the alcohol and encouraged by their jokes and naughty talk I decided to turn the table on them. I got up and walked slowly around the group to stop behind Karen.

“On a date, just like in baseball, you want to score.” I began.

“With your big bat and balls!” shrieked Jan, laughing at her own joke.

“Baseball is more than a good solid piece of wood,” I retorted causing the women to roar with laughter. I continued, “There is ritual to it, the warm-up for instance” and I knelt behind Karen and began gently massaging her shoulders. Karen giggled and arched her eyebrows in mock surprise. “One has to prepare for the chance to score, first you loosen up your muscles.”

I leaned close to Karen’s ear as I continued my play of fingers across her neck and shoulders. She played along and relaxed into the massage dropping her head to one side exposing her slender throat. “You have to control your breathing.” and I blew gently against her exposed throat making her shiver slightly. “You want to get to first base” and I gently kissed her neck just above her collarbone.” and the timing has to be perfect.” I continued with a series of soft kisses up her neck towards her ear.

“We need to watch more baseball!” exclaimed Sylvia.

“Then comes that perfect opportunity, you connect with the ball and send it sailing.” I then sucked on her earlobe, ” Then make a mad sprint for First Base.” at which time I turned Karen’s head and kissed her on the lips, She pulled back slightly but I moved in again and pressed more firmly on her lips and she returned the kiss, hesitant at first but when I probed with my tongue, her mouth opened and we went into a soul-searching kiss. I leaned in more and kissed her like a long lost lover: our tongues dueling, mouths clamped together, devouring each other with our passion. For the next eternity we kissed like young lovers on their honeymoon. Holding each other’s head, lightly stroking cheeks and chin. Reluctantly I pulled back and kissed her once more, then twice, “Then, you’re safe at First.”

“Yay Batter!” cheered Jan and Sylvia.

The room had gone very quiet except for the crashing of the ocean waves. Karen was still stunned by my actions and had a half lidded look to her eyes, a look that suggested she wanted more. I looked over at Sylvia and as usual her ample cleavage was on display under a tank top and I looked longingly at her twin mounds. I got up and moved over to stand behind Sylvia.

“But first base isn’t the end of the game, I see second base as my next goal. But getting to second is not going to be easy, it is well protected.’ I pluck at each strap of her tank top and pull up on the fabric rubbing it up down across her braless breasts, her hand instinctively moving to protect her feminine charms. “Everything is against me for getting to second. there are many obstacles preventing my next move.” I then hook my fingers under both her straps and tugged on them causing her breasts to slightly bounce and sway. I move around to her side as Jan and Karen stare at my maneuver wondering what I am going to do next.

“I stay on first, planning my next move because to score I have to get to second.” I wrap my hand around Rosa’s upper arm. “Second is tantalizingly close but I need to lead off, to gain some advantage.” at which point I brush Rosa’s hair away from her face and plant a soft kiss behind her ear. As my hand travels slowly down her arm the backs of my fingers brush against her full breast as I lick and nibble at her ear and throat. Then I pull her arm away from where it is guarding the exposed tops of her luscious titties. I kiss along her jaw and she turns to look into my eyes and I move in for a kiss. Watching my play on Karen has enflamed her libido and she quickly kisses me back with a passion that surprises both of us. I stroke her arm, the back of my hand grazing under her boobs. She moves her hand to stop me but that only pushes my hand harder against her tit. I kiss her with more intensity, sucking on her tongue and then I place my hand fully on her breast.

“He’s safe at Second!” cheers Jan pumping her fists in the air..

I knead Sylvia ‘s breast searching for and finding her hardening nipple through the fabric of her tank top. Sylvia moans into our kiss. I lightly pinch her nipple and her head lolls back and I bury my face in her exposed cleavage, nuzzling and kissing the tops of her breasts. I get up and move back around her with an obscene tent in my shorts that the other women do not fail to notice. I lean over and fill my hands with both of her breasts which she thrusts into my grasp. “Safe on second but I’m only halfway to home, there is still third base.” I continue kissing Sylvia goodbye enjoying handfuls of her soft, full breasts as Jan and Karen stare in wonder at my brashness.

Reluctantly I leave Sylvia and move over to stand in front of Jan, my hard on lewdly pointed directly at her. “Batter Up! I’d say.” exclaims Jan staring at my tented shorts. I hold both of my hands out to her and she smiles, shrugs and takes my hands in hers. I pull her out of her chair to stand before me. “Third is the most critical base, because the pressure is on to stop my progress.” I pull Jan close to me. “I need to stay closer to second in order to avoid getting tapped out of the game.” I wrap my hands around the small of Jan’s back and pull her close grinding my hard cock against her belly. Encouraged by the lack of resistance from the other two women I kiss Jan and to my delight she kisses back. I feel her shift her body rubbing against my rock hard boner. I move my hands down to grasp her ass cheeks pulling her against my urgent cock. Jane grabs my ass in return sealing us together as close as our clothed bodies allow. We grip each others asses and grind lewdly against each other like teenagers in heat. Our kisses fervent as we lash each other with our tongues. Karen and Sylvia are practically drooling watching us get as close to fucking as two fully clothed people could be.

I remove one hand from Jan’s ass to grasp her breast and maul at it as best as I can with our bodies as tight together as we are. I raise one of her legs which she hooks around me pulling my cock harder against her pubic mound

“Third base feels good, really good” I say with a grin as I break off our kiss, ” but the home plate beckons me on.” and I kiss Jan with renewed passion and pull away from her just enough to reach down and cup her pussy stroking her with my fingers trying to find her hole through the fabric of her shorts. She moans her disappointment as I reluctantly disengage, but the game must be played through!

I move back over to Karen who seems pleased and a little nervous at my return. I stop before her and unsnap my shorts and slowly lower my zipper her eyes following my every move. I then lower my hands giving Karen the next move. She hesitantly reaches towards me and timidly strokes my cock through the fabric of my boxers. I feel Jan move in behind me, she presses her breasts to my back and reaches around to rake her finger across my chest. Jan slides her hands down my body and pushes my shorts and underwear to the floor. I lift Karen up from her chair where she has been squirming during my tour around the bases. I give her a hug and kiss her on the lips which I had so recently enjoyed. I softly stroke her back as she strokes my dick causing a bead of pre-cum to form which she spreads all around my cock head.

I find the zipper to the summer dress she is wearing and slowly slide it down and soon Karen is standing there fondling my hard on clad only in lacy bra and panties. Jan is busy as well as she pulls my t-shirt off . I feel her moving behind me then I feel the unmistakable softness of her naked breasts rubbing against my back as I slide my hand inside Karen’s panties searching for and finding her wet spot. Karen gasps when I plunge one finger up inside her and stroke her from within. She squeezes my stiff shaft and strokes it slowly as she explores my length. Her bra strap has fallen down exposing a pretty pink nipple which I immediately devour worshiping her flesh with lips and tongue. I dig my fingers deeper into Karen’s oozing pussy. My pleasure is increased when I realize that Jan’s fingers are cupping my balls while I pump my fingers in and out of Karen’s moist hole and she is pumping my cock.

I look over at Sylvia and she is now rubbing her own titties and stroking her crotch outside her shorts. She looks up at me and I tell her to take them off. Jan tells Sylvia that she might as well; we are all in the game now. I realized that Jan standing behind me is down to her skin as well when I feel her furry bush pressing against my ass and two rock hard nipples are digging deliciously into my back.

I now am suckling on one of Karen’s breasts, tweaking her other breast with my fingers and working her cunt with my other hand and fingers, strumming her clit with my thumb. I watch Sylvia as she strips off her clothes revealing a most marvelous pair of silver dollar sized areolas and a cleanly shaved pussy. She resumes her position in the chair this time with her knees wide apart so I can watch as she diddles herself and massages her breast.

Karen suddenly grabs my bicep and digs her fingers in as I frig her to an explosive orgasm, her body bucking hard against my thrusting fingers. I suck on one of her small pink nipples, and pinch the other as I continue fingering her dripping wet slit while she moans through her orgasm. Her grip on my cock is nearly painful as she bucks against my fingers furiously strumming her love hole. At last her body stops quaking and she exclaims that she is dizzy and I lower her back into her chair to recover.

I turned around and pulled the beautiful nude Jan into my embrace, my still erect cock trapped between our writhing bodies. My hands roam all over her firm body caressing as much of her skin as I could reach. Jan’s hand worked its way between our bodies seeking and finding my erection. I cup both her ass cheeks and lift her up until I could bury my face in her perfect breasts suckling like a starved child savoring her hard nipples. I slowly lower her down and she guides my cock towards her pussy. The head of my dick feels her wet slit and she slides my cock head back and forth getting it slick with her juices and then I drop her down upon my spear point impaling her as I support her petite body. She shifts against my hips pulling me in deeper and deeper as I thrust back at her getting as much of me inside of her as I can. Jan’s head rock back and I suck and nip at her perfect breasts.

Jan is tiny and I could easily hold her in this standing position but I was all wound up now and I wanted to fuck. I lower her down a bit until her feet touch the floor and while keeping us joined I lower her to the floor assuming the missionary position. I start slowly fucking her deliciously tight pussy, savoring every lengthy stroke. I started to pick up the pace, much to our mutual enjoyment. Faster and faster I stroke my bat into her home plate enjoying the sight of her full breasts jiggling with my every stroke. Jan locked her feet behind me urging me to go as deep as I could. I was really slamming her when she cries out “OH FUCK ME! I’M CUMMING!” at which point I buried my bone as deep as I could valiantly resisting the urge to cum myself, as I wanted this incredible night to be the one where I satisfied all the fantasies I have had about each of these sexy women.

Where I would find the stamina to stay hard for all of this was beyond me at the moment. Jan’s orgasm tore through her as she pushed her cunt hard against me and convulsed with the overwhelming feelings of her climax. I began to short stroke her as her orgasm subsided then slowly lengthening strokes until just the head of m dick remained inside her vagina. With great reluctance I pull out and admire the cock shaped hole of her pussy dripping with her juices. Jan’s chest heaving as she caught her breath laying there with her legs open exposing her freshly fucked pussy was a sight that will be forever burned into my memory.

I now turned to the beautiful Sylvia and her lewdly splayed open legs. I walk on my knees towards her eyeing her dripping cunt like the predator she had earlier accused me of being. With a mock growl I bare my teeth and move into her delicious smelling twat. I flattened my tongue and slowly lick her crotch from her puckered little asshole up through the slippery lips of her bare naked pussy to end at her protruding clit which I trace circles around and around with the tip of my tongue. Sylvia moans her appreciation of the attention I am giving her pussy pulling my mouth hard to her dripping hole. I continue making love to her cunt with my lips, tongue and the occasional nip with my teeth. I reach up with both of my hands and fill them with tit flesh searching out those huge nipples of hers pinching and pulling them, then mashing her breasts together and exploring the generous acreage I had so often dreamed of seeing.

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