Banished to Purgatory? Ch. 02

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You should read ‘Banished’ before you read this.


Maude Biggs held her arms tightly against her ribs to take some of the weight off her massive breasts as she caressed and pinched the tight nubbins of their aching teats. Gently undulating her hips, she gasped as young Derek’s educated tongue teasingly swirled around and over her mightily aroused clitoris.

Her late, unlamented husband had never got his mouth anywhere near her hairy crotch. All he desired from her was a quick shag in the dark after a Saturday evening spent in the pub with his fisherman mates. The same could not be said about young Derek Leigh-Mallory. It was a poncy name but he was as far removed from belonging to that world as she was. He adored her body and much preferred full light in which to see her voluptuousness it all its glory – daylight, night light, all the same. He liked to play with her various parts and the morning he first went down on her was firmly, erotically implanted in her memory. She had told her mate Betty about it and was pleased as punch at her friend’s astonished reaction. She recalled that she had cum almost immediately his hot tongue had penetrated her moistness then swiped over her burgeoning clit. Now she almost demanded a bit of oral before they began their lusty fucking.

This morning, Maude had cum twice on his tongue and delighted in him sucking the juices that she poured into his hungry mouth. She let one big wobbly tit fall as she reached behind her to check on his readiness. Unsurprised she found him big and hot, with viscous fluids dripping onto his muscly abdomen. He had cum several times in the past just by tonguing her and she had been denied some penetration for a while. No knowing how far off he was, she hurriedly scuttled back and grasping his rock hard penis slotted it neatly into her dripping cunt. Shifting and grinding she forced herself down on it until his pubic hair scraped against nether lips.

Derek reached up for her big round breasts and gripped them hard, smiling at the intense concentration on Maud’s face as she buried his shaft in her hot welcoming box. The intense sensation of his cock being surrounded by her oily vaginal walls almost had him sperming them and with immense control he held off knowing that she wanted at least a small ride on him before he came.

“Don’t you dare, young Derek. I shouldn’t have left you feeding on me for so long knowing that you get off on it you greedy swine. Pinch my tits, darling, while I have a little gallop.” bahçeşehir escort

Derek heard the suctioning noise and felt her lift off him almost to the point of un-dicking then slam herself down to then rapidly rise and fall as she used him to fuck herself off. He laid motionless beneath her holding her massive milky blue veined orbs as they rolled and swayed with her movements. Suddenly, she sat down heavily on him and he felt the pulsing contractions of her cunt yielding to the inevitable orgasm as she jammed his cock head into her cervix. That did it – he shot his bolt and felt her vagina contract in reaction. Six or seven times he pulsed into her fiery depths as she cried out and fell on him almost smothering him with her grey hair. He parted enough of her thick hair to breathe and gently stroked her heaving flanks as she came slowly down from her orgasmic high. His prick having done its job detumesced slowly and with one last contraction her satisfied cunt expelled it.

“Gawd you’re a lovely fucker, Derek. Where have you been all my life? And don’t give me that line about not being born for most of it – I know I’m much older than you but I really don’t give a toss.” She leaned back and studied the handsome tanned young man still on his back beneath her. “You told me about that episode with old Jenny the cook that got you tossed out of the Goodhew family home so I understand you like older women. Was it a thing with your mother?”

“No, certainly not!! If you must know, I hardly ever saw her before she died. She was ill and in and out of various sanatoriums for most of my childhood years.”

“Well, somebody certainly got you going. Own up, who was it?” Maude swayed forward and lightly boxed his head with her hanging mammaries.

Derek’s amazing green eyes smiled at her. “Okay, okay, get those big things of yours out of my face and I’ll tell you. Thank you, now I can breathe. Due to mother’s illness, I was wet nursed as soon as I was hatched. Father left me alone because he blamed me for my mother’s illness and thus I was left in the care of Elsie right up until I went to boarding school aged 13. Elsie was in her early thirties when I was borne and had been a household servant since she was 12. My earliest memory in life was of me nursing at her big succulent breasts. I continued to nurse at them for many years even when I came home from school on hols. I would tell her something bad that had happened, and the first thing she would do would settle me on her istanbul escort lap and whip out a tit for me to suck upon.”

“And you hated it, you greedy beggar.”

“I loved it. Elsie wasn’t much to look at and the hairy upper lip tickled when she kissed me night nights and tucked me in. She was big all over and could pick me up easily until well into my teens. I was 14 or 15 when I noticed that as I sucked on her proffered teat she would occasionally shudder and close her eyes. I became determined to do all I could to bring on those shudders because I could always tell by her dreamy eyes afterward that she got some form of enjoyment from my sucking and tweaking.” Derek paused reflectively. “It was around that time that I started to notice that my dickie would get all hard and weepy.”

“Go on you dirty beggar, I can feel you getting hard just on your memories. There must have come a time when you did more than just suck.”

Derek grinned, his lovely white teeth flashing against his ski slope tan. “Eighteenth birthday and home for the hols for the last time before university. Straight after the obligatory dinner with the pater, he shot through to his club and I shot up to Elsie. By this time I was taller than her and when I gave her a hug, as soon as I felt her breasts pushing against my chest, my prick reared against her lovely big tummy. I gave her a moist kiss and she returned it with a vengeance. She told me to nurse on her titties as they had missed me so much. She was in an old dressing gown that she pulled apart to bare her big bouncers. They were every bit as big as yours, Maudie, and even though they flopped down and I had to lift them a long way to get my mouth on them, they were still the sexiest things I’d ever seen. I was giving them a good going over when I noticed that she had started undressing me. Within minutes I was naked and sporting a massive cockstand. She wrapped a big fist around it and moaned. Seconds later I was pushed onto my back on the bed and she knelt between my legs and hoisted her big lollopy breasts up onto my thighs. ‘Happy Birthday’ she said then grabbed my dick and gulped it down like a starving wretch. Almost as soon as her hot mouth closed on me and spouted like you wouldn’t believe.”

“I believe, I believe and I believe my very good friend is as hard as a rock again. I’ll just put him somewhere warm while you tell me the rest.”

“Oooh, very nice, Maudie, dear. As you can imagine, I didn’t go soft and Elsie bless her swallowed escort bahçeşehir all my spendings. Telling me she had waited for years for this, she stood up and dropped her old dressing gown. What a sight!! Pulchritudity – no doubt about it – the only word to describe her body. Enormous breasts swishing about on her big tummy, huge hips and thighs like tree trunks and between her legs a mass of dark curly hair that trailed right up to her belly button. I was mesmerised as she climbed aboard me, and her enormous udders crashed into my face. Almost smothered, I felt her grab me and before I knew it I was in her cunt, deep into her cunt. I had never felt the like. Before a single movement could be made, I’d helplessly spurted into her. It was the most glorious experience of my inexperienced life. Elsie moaned and then did things with her cuntal muscles that made me stiff again. Next thing I knew she was pounding up and down on me moaning and weeping and crying out until I shot off again.”

“The greedy bitch! She milked you three times!”

“Oh no, it was more like 7 times by the time we fell into an exhausted sleep. Next morning I awoke to a hot slurpy blow job and when she moved around to plop her meaty nether lips on my mouth, I certainly didn’t object, and I rapidly learnt the joy of sucking juice from a woman’s demanding cunt and finding out what a tonguing of the big bump can do for her enjoyment. After sucking the morning excess out of me, she got on her knees and got me to mount her like a dog. I fucked at her while holding on to her massive breasts for leverage.”

“I’ll bet that wasn’t the last time.”

“No, it wasn’t. Every opportunity after that until I went off to university in Saltzberg. There I found lodgings with a pair of German spinsters who thought I was quite the young gentleman and within weeks I was giving them both what they had longed for. When I got home after three years, Elsie had been retired by my father and he had set up a betrothal with his business partner’s daughter. The rest you know. She wasn’t the brightest although she was beautiful. She was a dead fuck more interested in ensuring her nails were clean than enjoying sex. I’d only shagged Jenny the cook about four times before I was caught, and here I am. I say, are we going to work today or are you going to bring me off.”

“How about I suck you off?”

“Ah, Maudie, you sure know a way to a man’s heart. Suck away, darling, it won’t take long.”

“Mmmmph – bloody lovely. Did you know that Betty’s ready and waiting for you. Her tits are bigger than mine and she hasn’t had a decent shag in 20 years……here you go, spray my tits, just………that……..ooooohhh what a load, lover. That got you off didn’t it? Mind you, I might just keep you to myself………”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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