Bad Romance

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The alarm goes off she rolls over to reaches for her phone. Its 7:30am and she hits the snooze, and rolls back over. The alarm goes off again and she rolls over, back to her phone only this time a cat is staring at her. Victoria realizes that she cannot snooze anymore because her cat is demanding to be fed. She stands up to all four cats staring at her feet, wanting their morning breakfast. “Alright boys and girls, I will get you your breakfast but let Mommy get dressed and get ready for the day first!” She checks her Facebook message to see if he has replied this morning. She sees that he has been active, so she sends him a heart emoji. She finishes getting ready while jamming to music. She often wakes up dreading about going to work. As a social worker, it can be a very draining job especially if she does not practice self-care often. To get through the day, she reminds herself of why she must work (to work and get paid so that she can spoil her boyfriend and her kitties). She daydreams about her boyfriend, Philip, a lot during her work shift. “God I am so blessed that he chose me” she thinks to herself. He brought her out of the darkness and has shown nothing but love to her. “I wonder what our future holds?” she ponders. “Quickly now, no time for that, we need to get to work on time!” she reminds herself. As she arrives at her first appointment, just as he messages her back,

“Good morning” he says.

She smiles and replies with a “kissy-face emoji”.

They talk and send pictures of their day to each other often. It isn’t unusual for them to occasionally send a naughty text to one another. Lately, they had been challenging each other to see “who could get away with being the naughtiest” while at work.

Around lunchtime, she receives a new picture message from Philip. Excitement builds as she tries to hide her phone screen in case anyone was paying attention. Upon opening the text, she sees a picture of his dick hanging out of his lab coat while in his lab. She finds herself getting more and more aroused and replies to the message, letting him know how naughty he is being. She tells him how much she wants to lick it. He giggles and sends her another picture of his dick, fully out and erected. She can feel the blood rushing through canlı bahis her body, as her heart beats faster.

“If only I could be there to help him soften his hardened dick” she tells herself, and replies to her beau;

“I want to suck you so bad, I want you to gag me!”

Her mind wanders again. She envisions herself being on her knees, in his lab, with his dick in her mouth. It thrills her so much when he’d thrust deep in her mouth, she even thought she felt the phantom thrusts in the back of her throat.

“Hey Victoria, do you think this be a good idea?”

Suddenly she is brought back to reality and looks across at the client who she had been helping gather resources for.

“Yeah that would be fine, let us make sure that we make that appointment!” she replies to her client.

“Get yourself together girl” she mutters to herself flustery.

She returns to work and shortly thereafter, she receives a video message. She pauses to take a glance around the room but turns the volume down anyway. As her client sits next to her, she watches Philip jerks himself off. She felt her panties get wetter and wetter, the longer she watched. She loved watching him jack off.

“I wonder what it’s like to have a dick to jerk off and fuck with?” she thought to herself while watching the video. “I think that is it, thank you for your help!” the client says to her.

Catching her off guard, Victoria replies, “Oh no problem, see you in two weeks!”

Frustrated, Victoria she gets in her car and reminds herself that she is a professional and needs to focus more on her work. Somehow, she couldn’t resist watching the rest of the video. By this point, the urge to touch herself was too great. She didn’t want to risk masturbating in public, but she couldn’t stop herself.

She restarts the video and reaches up her skirt. Her pussy feels warm, and thick with her juices. While playing with her nipple, she begins rubbing her pussy and moving her fingers in and out. She takes another look around to make sure no cars drive by. Getting lost in her imagination again, she begins to moan as she fucks herself more.

“Oh fuck! I’m so wet, I want your dick inside me so bad!” she thinks to herself.

She imagines being in bahis siteleri the lab with Philip. He has only his lab coat and safety glasses on. While tied up on his table, he comes over to inspect her,

“I need to make sure that you will produce for me” he says, spanking her as he continues inspecting.

He lightly runs his fingers over her lips and down to the tip of her nipple. She moans loudly as he squeezes and sucks on them. His mouth travels down and onto her pussy, making her moan loudly with pleasure. Teasing her more, Philip takes out a whip and moves it around her body, pausing on her breast. Cracking it against her breast, Victoria moaned loudly. Philip puts a gag on her and says,

“I need you to be quiet, we are in the lab and I can get in trouble for having you here”.

She nods silently as he places a blindfold on her. Suddenly, Victoria feels the warm, biting wax as Philip starts to drip some onto her skin. He starts at her breasts and moves on down toward the top of her clit. She tries hard not to squirm, but she eventually gives in.

“Hold still baby, I am not done with you yet. If you do what I say, then you will get what you want” he whispers into her ear.

She nods as he removes the gag. “I need you to be quiet again, I am going to inspect your mouth with my dick”.

Philip climbs on to the table with Victoria and turns himself around so that they are laying in opposite direction of each other. Philip slides his dick into her mouth and into the back of her throat. She starts gagging as Philip slides his fingers into her pussy, moving them in and out, fast and hard. She began to feel the fear of being discovered rush over her body but that was soon overlooked as pleasure takes control of her body. He pulls his dick out of her mouth and lets her know that she has passed that test.

He rolls her over onto her hands and knees and slides two fingers into her ass. She moans with pleasure as he spanks her ass, hard with his hand.

“What did I say baby? You need to be quiet or you won’t pass my test or get my seed!” he exclaims.

He inserts an anal dildo into her ass, as juice from her pussy drip down her legs. She is enjoying being tied up and spanked.

Philip begins to tease her canlı bahis siteleri by stroking his dick up and down her wet pussy. Victoria screams with pleasure, as she squirts all over the table. Pleased with himself, Philip pauses to ask Victoria to clean up her mess with her tongue. When she finishes, he lifts her head up by her chin and kisses her deeply.

“mmm, you taste good, do you think you’re ready for my seed?” he asks her with a smirk.

Her eyes widen with excitement as he lays her on her back, lifts her legs and thrusts himself into her. Still tied up, she screams with pleasure.

Philip quickly pulls out and puts his hand around her throat, choking her.

“I don’t think you deserve my seed, you continue to scream after I ask you to be quiet” he says sternly.

“I’m sorry, it just feels so good and I want it so bad!” she tells him.

Smacking her breast, he says “how bad do you want it?”

“I want you to breed me” she says.

He rolls her back on to her hands and knees and smacks her ass hard,

“You want me to breed you? Have my seed fill you up and make your belly swell?” he says as he teases her some more with the tip of his dick. Her body screams for his dick to enter and he complies.

“Yes! Breed me Philip, fill me with your seed!” she screams with pleasure.

He thrusts his hard dick into her wet pussy and it feels so good. It’s so thick and deep into her that her body starts to spasm with pleasure, as juices flow out of her. She moans louder as he smacks her ass and pushes into her more.

“You want my seed baby?” he asks her.

“Yes! Please! I want your seed, I want you to breed me!” she says to him, imploringly.

He thrusts into her, harder and faster as she screams with pleasure. His seed starts to spill out of her pussy as he finishes inside her. She can still feel his dick throbbing within her.

Snapping out of her imagination and back into reality, Victoria finds that her panties are soaked, and her pussy is throbbing from pleasure. She licks her fingers clean of her juices as some still drip down her thighs. She thinks longingly at how she wishes it was his seed she was licking off her fingers. She then texts him a pic of her wet pussy. He giggles and says how naughty she is being.

“I know” she says as she sends him hug and kiss emojis.

Just knowing in a few weeks, she will be in his arms and have his seed inside of her, she thinks to herself, “what a bad romance we have”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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