Babydoll Ch. 13

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When I began furthering this story a few years ago, I had no idea that it would take this long. There have been a lot of things that have happened across that time span and it was hard to find the time to continue. I do take this seriously and it does bother me that some may think that I don’t. By the same token it is very satisfying to see that the vast majority have enjoyed this series.

So, after writing a little here and a little there, it amounts to three, maybe four chapters, if I can shortly sew up the fourth and am comfortable with its release. I hope to finish this set out before the New Year, but that isn’t a guarantee. This submission is the third of that set. I dedicate this chapter to the true fans of the series.


The traffic was as horrible, as I figured it would be. I was exhausted when I pulled in the driveway having already practically put in a full day. It was 11:15am, Meaning that I had just gotten back from a 4 hour trip and driven more than 100 miles in heavy traffic. I was ready to just go and relax.

I entered the house and went to the living room; cutting the TV on and sitting in the recliner, I kicked up the foot stool and laid back ready to doze off.

Even though I was very tired, I really enjoyed not having to go to class. The days at school had been long. The full schedule could be very hectic. At home there were no tests to take… no homework to be done. Some days at school, I was up at dawn and still doing school work at midnight. On days when I didn’t have school, I would get up around 10am, but now that I was going to have to help my grandfather that was going to be nixed. I was going to have to get up by 8am at the latest over the next four days.

I was pretty much wiped out, so I just laid down in the recliner and drifted off losing consciousness. I don’t know how long I had been asleep, but something startled me and when I looked up I saw Ashley bounding into the room. I don’t know why, but she was there. “Jimmy… Jim… Are you awake?`” she chimed.

I shook my head and the cob webs, “I am now.” I slowly opened my tired eyes taking notice of what she was wearing. Ash can make a burlap sack look sexy and the silky red chiffon nightie and robe she was wearing were no exception. It hung at above mid thigh level and fully displayed her smooth legs. This sight had most assuredly woke me up, causing me to shiver from the visual stimulation.

Since Thanksgiving, her hair was nearly back to its natural color, just a little lighter blond than usual and she looked like she had put some weight back on, which certainly made her look more healthy than she had just a month earlier.

Just looking at her, she seemed to be wide awake and full of energy. I was surprised when she asked, “Jimmy are we good with everything?”

“I’m the one that should be asking you that, not the other way around…. Of course we’re cool Ash. You know I love you. I never ever wanted to hurt you,” I responded as I lowered the recliner and thought about getting up and heading to my room, “Why are you asking?”

(Ashley) — ” I don’t know… I’d just like to put all the bad stuff behind us. You’re my best friend and I need my big brother.”

Nodding my head in the affirmative, I replied, “OK.”

(Ashley) — “Now that she’s not here… I’d like to tell you that I really do like Jill.. She’s very pretty and sweet and attentive. I can see that she’s really into you. You have done well for yourself there. And I’m very happy for you. I’m truly sorry about the other night. I ruined things for y’all on Christmas Eve.”

I can’t help but admit that seeing her in her nightgown turned me on a little. Looking back, over the earlier part of the week she had been wearing flannel pajamas, which hid her femininity, but now what she had on did nothing to conceal her beauty.

She looked at me with a glint of satisfaction in her eyes and then extended a full grin? Here I was with the woman I had always adored most in the world. I didn’t want to affirm her confidence in Jill as my partner. I searched her eyes quickly trying to sense her intent before looking away.

Ashley then interrupted my awkward thoughts, “Will you go shopping with me. I got some of these gift cards and I’d like to exchange a few things and I don’t want to go alone.”

I curiously expressed, “When I got back here, I thought you were going to be gone. On Christmas Day, you said you were going shopping and maybe out of town with Amber. What happened with all of that?”

(Ashley) — “She called me earlier and said that something had come up with her family… her grandparents expected them to visit and her parents insisted she come with them, so she was going to have to hang out with them for the day.”

Grousing I responded, “I was just gonna hang out here and watch some ball games. I’m not much in the mood for getting out in that day after Christmas circus. I was already in that traffic this morning on that trip to the airport… and remember I have to work in the morning.”

(Ashley) gorukle escort – “Oh come on now, that is the reason why I need you to go with me, I’m sure there might be some things you’d like out there at those sales. Besides, I need someone to help keep me company and you know Big Daddy isn’t gonna put a heavy load on you. He just wants you to keep him company too.”

I didn’t want to say anything, because the one thing that I’d want out there wasn’t on sale. For what she had been through with the recent apparent break up with that boyfriend and with what had happened with me, it sure did seem like she was turning the corner and ready to head forward with her life. I sensed that she had found confidence in herself.

I was measured, not really sure what to say. Ashley just shrugged, looking at me with a perplexed insistence – a standoff that seemed endless with an expectant outcome.

I felt a certain anxiety come over me. All I could think was ‘God she looks delicious in that little red babydoll nightgown.’ I couldn’t help but eventually break down, “Ok. I’ll go, but this better not take up the whole day.”

Ash clapped and clasped her hands and seemed thrilled by my acquiescence, “Good. I’ll go get ready…. I’ll be ready as soon as possible. .. Might be 45 minutes. ” My heart fluttered as she bounced from the room. Something told me that I would be hanging out with Ashley all day.

I had agreed to the shopping trip and now I had to go get ready myself. I headed up to my room and got some fresh clothes and went and took a shower in my mother’s bathroom, making sure that I looked decent enough to head out into the public zoo that was the mall the day after Christmas.


(A few hours later) I helped Ashley carry her packages to and fro the car, moving from shop to shop. There was nothing out there that I found interesting for myself. I already had all of the material goods I needed. Frankly, I was more than a little tired from the experience after a couple of hours.

The only thing I found exciting was the Playboy model that was my sister. 5’7″ tall wearing that Pink Cashmere cardigan over a white semi- low cut t-shirt that fully displayed her ample bosom along with designer jeans that perfectly hugged her hips and those brown leather Cowgirl boots that made her 3 inches taller bringing her to almost eye level. By God, she was a fucking knockout. I mean sizzling hot.

The highlight of the trip was watching her ass cheeks dance as her hips slung from side to side while she sashayed wherever she decided. As we passed by guys, you could see their heads swivel. I snickered in the background as I saw more than a few pissed off wives and girlfriends.

All in all we had visited about 10 shops with Ash trying on different outfits and even coming out to ask my opinion of a few. While she was in one of the shops changing into different outfits, Jill called and told me that she had arrived home and was tired and laying down to take a nap before her family spent the evening together. She told me how much she had enjoyed Christmas with my family and hoped that soon I would meet her family and that she loved me and missed me. After a little conversation about the flight we said goodbye.

I hate to admit that as soon as that call ended my attention went 100% back to Ashley. Ash was in a really good mood, smiling and beaming her pearly whites nearly the whole day. We had a sit down late lunch snack and I was as patient as possible, but after about four hours, and dusk settling in, I was ready to get back home.

Ash still hadn’t finished all of her shopping, but I think she took notice that I was a little antsy and finally she suggested that we had done enough for the day and she could come back out over the next few days to finish up.

The thing is, in the back of my mind, I held out hope that this day wouldn’t end. I hoped that since I had agreed to the shopping excursion it had earned me points and we would spend the rest of the evening just hanging out together.


When we got home, we had to unload everything and by the time we were finished the sun was down. Since Mama was gone, we had the place to ourselves. I suggested that we call in a pizza. Ash likes light food, so I ordered her a Vegetarian, while I ordered the Meat Lover’s. As soon as I ordered, I told Ashley that I was going to go catch a buzz. Ash responded, “Hmm… I don’t know if I should, but I’d like a little about now and it is the holidays.”

I retorted, “Well, I’ll go upstairs and roll a joint and be back in a few….” I headed upstairs and frankly I was so excited about the way things were going I could hardly stand myself. My hands shook as I rolled the crumpled buds in the paper,twisting the ends as deftly as I could. When I got back downstairs I looked and saw Ash in the living room with a glass of wine and another empty glass on the table. She shyly asked, “This is a nice Merlot would you like to try some?”

I altıparmak eskort bayan was 21 years old now and Ash still wasn’t of age, but frankly we were both adults and many would say after all I have explained, well beyond our years.

I answered, “Sure” and Ashley proceeded to pour me a glass as I lit the joint. I took a hit off the spliff and then handed it over, before lifting the wine to my parched lips and slowly taking a sip. Ashley was now more experienced with smoking marijuana, so there was none of the coughing fits from inhaling too deeply. We smoked about half the joint before Ash put her hand up saying she didn’t want any more. I had a good buzz, so I went and put it out to save the rest for later.

At some point the pizza arrived and I went to the door and paid for it. We sat in the living room eating our slices of Pizza and sipping our wine when Ash picked up the remote control and flipped on the menu screen saying, “You know. I’d like to watch some movies tonight. Will you hang out with me?”

All I said was, “Sure.. Ok.” I could feel myself trembling with thoughts. It is difficult to describe the excitement that was rising in me as I thought about watching movies with Ash. With the buzz, my senses overwhelmed me of spending a night alone with Ash, something I had doubted would ever happen again.

As the first movie ended, Ash searched through the menu of upcoming movies and saw that one of her favorites was coming on. Ashley pronounced, “Ahhh, The Notebook… I’m going to head upstairs and put on some jammies. I’ll be back down in just a bit.” Then she got up and sashayed out of the room as she has a talent for doing. No ass hugs a pair of jeans like hers.


I was nervous thinking whether I too should go put my pajamas on, but I decided not to. I grabbed the bottle of wine and refilled our glasses before sitting as coolly and calmly as possible back down on the sofa. About 20 minutes later Ash finally reappeared in her knee length red silk robe and I could see that she was wearing that red baby doll camisole again, because she didn’t have the robe tied. As she entered the room, she turned down the lights about as low as they would go without turning them completely off. She carried a blanket that she laid on top of herself as she sat upon the sofa, since it was a cold December night.

I was sitting at the far left side of the couch as she scooted towards the middle. She sat next to me, and I sensed a tension in the air. I knew it couldn’t just be me. She reached over and grabbed her wine from the coffee table and took a sip, “You know I really appreciate you going shopping with me today. You are the most gentlemanly person I know, which is what blows my mind when I think of all that has happened between us. I don’t think you’ve ever meant me any harm.”

“I am so sorry, I truly am.” I capitulated. “I do love you… love you with my whole heart.”

She had one of those puzzled female expressions a woman gives when they know they have hurt you, but didn’t mean to. She grinned, “Well today was a great day and this has been a great week. I’m just glad things are better between us.”

She took another sip of her wine before sitting it back down, “Oh, this wine is really good,” she happily added as she leaned back into the sofa and put her feet up on the coffee table. “This is so nice.” I drank in the beauty before me as the tiny silk gown clung to the curvature of the goddess’s body.

I grabbed my wine from the side table next to the sofa and it was all I could do to control my trembling hand as I leaned back taking a sip of the light, earthy wine. I slowly sipped and savored the drink so that I wouldn’t look like the nervous klutz I felt like. I really didn’t know what to say. I had so many thoughts, so many subjects I was nervous to bring up. It just led to me remaining quiet.

The movie started and we watched for a while. At one point, she suddenly rose up and reached for the bottle of wine, topping off her glass and asking if I would like the last portion. I told her that mine was fine. With the way she was sitting, the blanket had fallen forward and her gown had risen up to where the slit on the side exposed her legs and I could see the creamy, taut skin of her upper thigh. I couldn’t stop looking at her bare thigh. To see her in this ensemble of negligee had my heart skipping beats. My cock had now started to awaken.

I picked up my half full glass of wine and took a sip to quench my now parched mouth. I then nervously put the glass down, and breathed out, the movie was now completely background noise to me. I practically stammered, “I uhm am g-glad, we’re putting the past in the past Ash?”

“Hmmm-Hmmm,” she voiced as she continued to stare intently at the screen.

I continued, “I uhm am glad we went shopping and uhm we spent this day together. It uh meant the world to me Ash.”

Looking out of the corner of her eyes, she seemed to coyly grin, “The same nilüfer eskort bayan goes for me Jimmy. I’ve missed my big brother.”

I was so nervous. “Y-You know you have always meant more to me than anyone else in the world.”

She turned her head and closely looked me in the eyes, as though she were trying to read my mind, before continuing, “And I love you too. I said some really harsh things to you at Thanksgiving. I’ve been even angrier over the past year, but I can’t stay that way… You know I got you a present. It’s really nice. I really think you’ll really like it.”

“Mmmm k,” was all I could respond.

There was a long silence and the movie came back to attention, but I couldn’t focus on it, nor did I care to. I felt a sense of excitement and wondered if Ash felt what I was feeling. The hair was standing on my arm. I felt so anxious, so scared, thinking about Ashley, right here beside me. Something came over me as I leaned towards Ashley.

Ash turned and looked at me with a furrowed brow. And then I did it. I leaned in further and kissed her on the lips. Ashley quickly pulled back as if shocked, “What was that?” (Jimmy) — “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I just wanted to…” as I completely fell back into the sofa — dejected, demoralized.

Ashley swooned into me and rested her head upon my shoulder, “Oh Jimmy,” she whimper, “So much… So much has happened. Why? Why?”

I lifted my arms and placed them around her, “You are the most beautiful woman in the world. I have never lied about that.” I felt Ashley begin to shiver as I continued. “You know the times we were together were the most fulfilling of my life. I lost something not being true to you. I’ve learned that sex isn’t always about love. I wouldn’t have known that if not for my mistakes… I – I love you Ash,” tears trickled down my face as I looked away, far off in the distance.

I sensed Ashley turn her head towards me and so I looked back to her, staring in her angelic blue eyes. It was obvious that she was crying too. I was lost in the moment as she didn’t move and neither did I. She slowly closed her eyes, and I moved to her, holding her tightly to me, never wanting to let her go.

And then I leaned into her, brushing her lips with mine and awaiting a tell-tale response. She held her mouth there for me, but her lips didn’t relax. I was kissing her again, but what about her consent?

Softly she opened her mouth and we touched tongues. The breathing grew heavier as she leaned into me and we melded into one another’s passionate embrace. The intensity continued to build as our tongues continued to fuck. Naturally, I allowed my left hand to glide to her bare hip.

As we continued, I insatiably pressed myself into her as we devoured one another orally. She instinctually leaned back along the sofa as I followed her down. Her arms wrapped around my neck as we leaned into the cushions of the sofa.

As I continued kissing ,she spoke, “Please. We have to stop.”

“Noooo,” I moaned, our lips touching as she insisted, “Please. We have to.”

I pulled back looking her in the eyes.” Please just kissing,” pleading.

She gave me a sad mournful look as she responded, “I don’t wanna either.” Then she initiated the kissing again… then she stopped, “We’re gonna sit up on this sofa, and watch this movie. We can’t be doing this,” she shook her head.

We sat up and I felt flustered by the whole situation. We were both blushed and breathing erratically. I was very uncomfortable. I would look over at her, then away. She never looked at me. I did this several times before telling her, “I’m going up to my room. I don’t wanna bother you. It’s just that you drive me crazy. I can see you… I can smell you… I felt you…I tasted you… “

She smirked giving me a perplexed look. And then cocked her head to her left and pleaded, “Please don’t go… Please Stay”

I shook my head, “No. I can’t… I can’t stay. I’m just going to go up to my room.,” I responded and then I got up to head to my room.

Ashley arose and grabbed hold of my arm, “Jimmy I want you to stay here,” she insisted. “I want, no I need, I need some wine… And if you just stay here, I’ll be back shortly. You told me you’d hang out with me tonight.” I lightly rolled my eyes in frustration, “I’ll tell you what Ash, I’ll go change into my pajamas and I’ll come back down… OK, but shouldn’t we… wouldn’t we be better off if I just stayed in my room?”

“Please just hang out with me… You owe me that, don’t you?,” she requested. “You can at least have another glass of wine with me.”

“OK, I’ll come back down,” and I headed on up to my room, horny as hell and having second thoughts about what I was doing. When I got to my room, I saw that Jill had called,so I called her and spoke with her, talking about the shopping with Ash, letting her know about how Ash’s friend couldn’t go so I took her place.

Obviously I didn’t get into the personal stuff. I really wasn’t comfortable with the conversation, especially when she was telling me how sweet it was. In my mind I was dealing with all that was going on in the present, so I told her that it had been a long day and that I was planning on taking a shower and hitting the sack. She didn’t seem to mind and again she told me she missed me. I told her that I missed her, then she had to go and tell me she loved me as she always does.

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