Awakenings Ch. 08


We smiled at each other and then Jeanne gave me another quick kiss and asked, “Are you ready to try a little butt fucking?” “I am, but before we start I have another suggestion to make.” “What is it?” “If you really are going to be Trent Peter’s slut, don’t you think you should let him have your rear too?” “No, Michael, I want to reserve that for you. You gave me permission to lick his ass. That’s enough.” “Jeanne, I appreciate that, but it’s not necessary. I’m not even sure it’s wise.” “Why?” “If you’re going to do this, I want you to really do it. I don’t want you to feel like you have to hold things back. I’m afraid that if you feel like you have to do that you might start resenting me.” “Michael, if I’m doing all those things for other men, won’t you start resenting me?” “Are you going to stop doing them with me?” “No, of course not.” “Then I’ll be fine. Jeanne, there’s only one thing I ask you to reserve for me.” “What’s that?” “Your love, I want all of that.” “That’s easy. Michael, I promise that my love will always be reserved for you and only for you.” “That’s all I need. Now be honest, wouldn’t you enjoy letting Trent have your rear?” Jeanne laughed. “Yes, Michael, I would. I’ve even fantasized about it.” “I’ll bet he’d enjoy it, too.” “I know he would. That evening we spent at the house, he asked me if he could do it.” “What did you tell him?” “I told him that my husband was the only man who got to do that.” “I think you should tell him that you changed your mind. Do you think he’ll have a problem with that?” “Michael, I don’t understand what you’re doing. It feels like you’re throwing me at Trent. Are you trying to get rid of me?” “No, Jeanne I’m not.” “Then please explain what you’re doing.” “I’m not trying to get rid of you, I’m trying as hard as I can to hang on to you. I’m now fairly certain that I can cope with your new life style. Actually, I think I can probably reach a point where I enjoy it almost as much as you do. It appeals to my voyeurism. I still need some time before I’ll feel comfortable living with you while you’re dating and entertaining other men, but I’m reasonably confident that I can eventually reach that level of comfort.” Jeanne nodded. I continued. “My concern is you. I fear that whether I come home tomorrow or nine months from tomorrow, you’ll eventually decide that I am not only no longer an essential part of your new life, you’ll actually consider me an impediment to your new life.” “No, Michael, that will never happen. I’ll always want to share my life with you.” “Jeanne, if a year ago I’d told you that during the last two months you’d give twelve men you’ve never met blow jobs in their cars in a parking lot behind a bar, would you have believed me?” Shaking her head, Jeanne quietly answered, “No.” “Right now you’re going through some major personal changes. When you’re done changing, I’m hoping that I might still be able to be part of your life. Do I want you to run off with Trent Peters? Absolutely not. Do I want you to fully indulge your desire to be his slut? Yes I do, because if you don’t get to do that, I think it’s possible that you’re going to feel cheated, and if that happens, I’m afraid you might decide that I’m the cause of your disappointment.” “Michael, suddenly I feel so selfish.” “You shouldn’t.” “Why not?” “This is your life, you get to choose how you live it.” “But it affects your life too.” “Yes it does, and right now I’m also making choices. I decided to temporarily leave you. It was a choice I had to make. It was the only way I could cope with what was happening. I’ve decided to stay away for a full year. I’m convinced that before you can decide whether or not you still want me to be part of your life, you have to experience life without me. I’ve chosen to encourage you to actively pursue your new lifestyle. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not a significant sacrifice for me and it’s very important to you. I believe that it’s so important to you that if I try to prevent you from pursuing it, it might destroy our relationship and that would be devastating to me.” “It would devastate me, too.” “Jeanne, it comes down to this. If Trent Peters fucks you in the ass, will my life be diminished in any way?” Jeanne smiled. “Only if you allow it to diminish your life.” “That’s right, and I’m choosing to not allow that to happen.” Laughing, Jeanne said, “Right now I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad.” “If you’re not sure, I encourage you to choose happy. It’s more fun than being sad.” “Michael, you really are a remarkable man.” “I’m trying.” “Yes, and I appreciate it.” Jeanne paused. After a moment she asked, “So where do we go from here?” “As your loving husband, I think I should help you get ready to please your new lover.” “He’s not my lover. If Trent and I do decide to have an affair, love will never be part of the equation.” “Okay, then how shall we refer to your gentlemen friends?” Jeanne grinned, “I like gentlemen friends, it has a sophisticated ring to it.” “I like it too, but it’s a little cumbersome.” “How about if we refer to the men who are one night stands as dates.” “That’s a good idea, it’s nice and simple. If you do decide to have an affair with a man, I suggest that we should be honest and call him your boyfriend.” “Won’t that bother you?” “No, I don’t think it will. To me, the term boyfriend evokes an image of a short term youthful infatuation. Isn’t that what you want?” “Will that be okay?” “Do you promise to reserve your love for me?” “Yes, of course I do.” “Then it will be okay.” We smiled at each other for a moment, and then Jeanne asked, “Are you still in the mood to try a little butt fucking?” “Yes, I am.” Jeanne reached over to the bedside table and picked up the tube of lubricant that she’d earlier taken from her purse. Handing it to me, she rolled over onto her stomach and said, “Will you lube me up?” “I’d be happy to do it.” Jeanne has a gorgeous Karşıyaka escort bayan ass. I looked at it for a moment and then deciding that it wouldn’t hurt to give her a quick kiss, I set the tube of lubricant on the bed, spread her ass cheeks, bent over and planted my lips on her anus. Giggling, Jeanne said, “That feels good, but it’s not what your supposed to be doing.” Ignoring Jeanne, I pushed my tongue into her asshole. She cooed, “Michael, that really does feel good.” I gave her several deep licks and then I sat up and said, “Sorry, I couldn’t resist.” “Baby, as far as I’m concerned, you can do that anytime the mood strikes you.” “I’ll remember that while we’re touring San Francisco tomorrow.” Jeanne burst out laughing. “Are you suggesting that we occasionally slip off to a ladies room for a little fun?” “It sounds like a good idea to me.” Still laughing, Jeanne said, “I can just imagine telling a woman who’s impatiently knocking on a stall door. ‘Just a minute ma’am. We’ll be out as soon as my husband’s finished licking my ass.’ ” Shrugging, I said, “This is San Francisco. She probably wouldn’t bat an eye.” Rolling her eyes Jeanne said, “Enough silly chit chat, grab that lube and grease me up. I’m ready to get fucked in the ass.” Both of us were giggling as I picked up the lube. I pulled Jeanne’s cheeks apart and squirted a generous amount onto her asshole. Jeanne said, “That feels weird.” I started rubbing the lube around her anus with my fingertips. “Ooo, but that feels good.” I squeezed some lube onto my finger and pushed it into her. It slipped in easily. “That feels really good.” I added some more lube and pushed a second finger into Jeanne. “That feels really really good.” I pushed a third finger into her and started fucking her. “Oh my god, Michael, that feels amazing.” “Are your ready to try my cock?” “Oh, yes.” I pulled my fingers out of Jeanne’s ass and rubbed the excess lube onto my cock. Then, I squeezed some more lube onto the head and rubbed it in with my hand. Once I was ready, I said, “How do you want to do this?” “I was hoping you knew. You watch all the dirty movies.” “Those are porn stars. They’re doing it as much for camera angle as comfort. A lot of times they start out with the woman on top, but from what you told me, Trent’s probably going to want to be on top.” “I’ll start out on top. This is my first time. Before I worry about anything else I need to find out how it feels to take a cock in my ass.” “That makes sense.” “Lie back. I’ll start out facing you. I think I’ll be able to control what’s happening better that way.” “Okay.” Jeanne sat up. She turned so that she was facing me and straddled my hips. After taking a moment to get comfortable, she reached behind her and grasped my erection. I smiled. She said, “You like it when I hold your cock, don’t you.” “Damn right.” “Let’s see how you like this.” Giggling, she slowly sat back. I felt her rub the head of my cock in the crack of her ass. After finding her asshole, she held my erection in place, sat back and slowly guided it into her ass. Jeanne was so well lubed that I easily slipped into her. Still, she continued to move slowly. As she gradually took more of my cock she smiled at me. I asked, “How does it feel?” “Weird, how does it feel for you?” “Actually pretty good.” “Are you ready? I’m going to take the rest of it.” “Go for it.” Jeanne sat back. Suddenly the full length of my cock slipped into her ass. Gasping, she said, “Oh my.” “Are you still okay?” “Oh yes.” “Does it feel good?” “It does.” Jeanne started to move up and down on me. “How does that feel?” “Wonderful” “I like it too, but now I’m ready to try a more daring position.” “One that Trent’s going to like.” “Is that okay?” “Definitely, what would you like to try?” “I want to be on my back.” “I’ll have to kneel and you’ll have to pull your legs up.” “Okay, let’s try it.” Jeanne rolled off of me, lay back and spread her legs. As I moved into position between them, I leaned down and gave her cunt a quick kiss. She giggled. “I like it when you kiss me there.” “I like it, too.” Jeanne pulled her legs back, opening her ass to me. Laughing, she said, “I’m glad I still go to the gym five days a week. I need to be limber to do this.” “Are you ready?” “Yes.” I pushed my cock into Jeanne’s ass. I moved slowly. She whispered, “That feels nice.” As soon as I was all the way inside her I asked, “Can I start fucking you?” “Yes, but be gentle. I’m still a little nervous about this.” “Don’t worry, I’ll be careful; slow dancing only.” I started fucking Jeanne’s ass with a slow easy rhythm. “Michael, that feels nice.” I picked up Jeanne’s hand and placed her fingers on her cunt. She grinned. “What a good idea.” She started rubbing her clit. I matched the motion of my hips to the rhythm of her fingers. We danced together. Our excitement started to build. Suddenly, Jeanne stopped and said, “I want you to take me from behind.” “Will Trent want that?” “Yes, I think he will.” “Then let’s try it.” I pulled out of Jeanne. As she rolled over I asked, “Is Trent a tall man?” “He’s about the same height as you.” “Try lying on your stomach. It may not work, but let’s try it.” Jeanne lay flat. I straddled her, leaned forward so I was lying halfway on top of her and pushed my cock back into her ass. As I started fucking her I asked, “How is this?” “It’s comfortable, but I’d like to try it on my knees. Will you be able to reach me?” “I think I can if I half stand. Let’s try it.” I pulled out of Jeanne. She raised up on her hands and knees. I quickly figured out that if I stood on one leg and knelt on the other I could comfortably slip my cock back into her ass. I started fucking Jeanne again. At the same time, she balanced on one hand so that she could rub her clit with the fingers of the other hand. Once again our excitement started to build. Jeanne whispered, “Faster and harder! Escort bornova Take me! Fuck me!” I started fucking her harder “Yes, that’s what I want. Fuck me! Fuck my asshole!” I felt the sensations of pleasure building in my loins. Suddenly, Jeanne arched her back and screamed. “Yes! Fuck my ass!” As the torrent of pleasure rolled through Jeanne, I pulled my cock out of her rear and jacked myself off on her butt cheeks. As Jeanne’s orgasm subsided she collapsed on the bed. I lay down next to her. For a moment we both lay in contented silence. Finally Jeanne turned to me and asked, “Did you enjoy that?” “I did, but honestly I enjoy fucking your pussy more.” “Me too. Why did you pull out? Why didn’t you cum inside me?” “I don’t know much about this. I was afraid that if I came inside you, I might be giving you a semen enema.” “Thank you, I appreciate the concern. I don’t know either. That won’t be an issue with Trent. He’ll have to wear a condom.” “It was fun experimenting with you.” “That was fun.” Jeanne sighed. “Michael, I’m sorry that we haven’t been experimenting like this for the past year.” “It’s okay, that wasn’t an attempt to make you feel guilty. I understand why you weren’t experimenting with me. I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed doing it.” “Me, too. After we shower tomorrow morning, would you like to do some experimenting with oral sex? We can take turns doing each other and discussing what we like and don’t like.” “That would be fun.” “Michael, I’m really tired. Would it be all right with you if we go to sleep now?” “Yeah, it would be fine. It’s been an exciting day, and you also had a two hour time change.” “That’s right, I did. No wonder I’m so tired.” “I’ll get you a towel. Between the lube and my cum I think you must be a little messy.” “Thank you, that would be nice.” I hurried into the bathroom, found a towel for Jeanne and quickly returned to the bed. She was just barely awake. I pulled down the covers, wiped her clean as best I could and tossed the towel on the desk. As I climbed into bed next to Jeanne, she whispered, “Michael, I’m sorry I fucked up our life.” After pulling up the covers, I said, “Jeanne, you didn’t fuck up our life. In fact, I’m starting to believe that you may have spiced it up.” “I hope that’s true.” I gently kissed Jeanne’s forehead and whispered, “I love you, Jeanne.” She murmured, “I love you too, Michael,” and then she was asleep. I kissed her again, draped my arm across her shoulder and was asleep in seconds. The next morning I was awake at 6:30. Jeanne was still sound asleep, so I quickly dressed and slipped quietly out of the motel room. There was a Starbucks eight blocks away. I bought two large coffees, two large orange juices and two sweet rolls. When I returned to the motel room, Jeanne was awake. She was sitting at the desk naked typing on my computer. As I set the coffee, juice and sweet rolls on the desk next to her I said, “I have to admit that when I walk into my motel room, I love finding a beautiful naked woman typing on my computer.” Jeanne laughed. “And I have to admit that I love a handsome man who brings me coffee, orange juice and a sweet roll in the morning.” “Good morning, Jeanne.” “Good morning, Michael” “Any good emails?” “I remind you that I don’t know your email address.” “It’s a Yahoo account.” I gave Jeanne the address. She logged on to Yahoo and typed in the address. “What’s your password?” I gave it to her. As she typed it in she said, “Your openness about your email account suggests that you’re still planning to start communicating with me again.” “I am. Jeanne, I’m sorry I cut off communication. I had to do it. I was hurt. I needed some time alone to heal.” “I know, I’m sorry I hurt you.” Jeanne picked up one of the cups of orange juice. As she took a sip she said, “You have an email from Ruth.” “You can open it.” “Are you sure? Michael, I was out of line when I asked you for your password. I was being intrusive. I’m sorry, I’m just so eager to be part of your life again.” “Jeanne, you’re my wife. You have every right to be part of my life.” “Do I, Michael? I worry that I may have forsaken that when I decided to start dating.” “No, Jeanne, you didn’t. I very much want you to be part of my life.” “We’re both feeling a little insecure right now, aren’t we.” “Yes we are, but I don’t want that. I want us to start trusting each other again.” “I want that, too.” “Trust starts with the little things. Why don’t you go ahead and open Ruth’s email.” “Okay.” “Would you read it aloud?” “Of course.” After taking another sip of her orange juice, Jeanne read, ” ‘Dear Michael, everything is going well at the office. Bernie Kyle is turning out to be an excellent assistant for Jason. When you return I hope that we can find a permanent place for him with the firm.’ ” Looking up at me, Jeanne said, “Isn’t that good news?” “Yes, it is.” Jeanne continued. ” ‘Did Jeanne arrive in San Francisco yesterday? Michael she was devastated about your telephone call Wednesday evening. She was desperate to talk to you. If she did get there, I hope you didn’t send her away. I believe that she really does love you. She calls me twice a day to find out if I have any news about you.’ ” I was watching Jeanne. She looked up at me. There was a tear running down her cheek. I got two tissues from the box on the bedside table and brought them to her. As she dried her eyes I kissed her forehead and whispered, “I love you, too.” “Michael, I’m so confused. I love you so much and I’m afraid I’m pushing you away. I don’t want to lose you, but I need to do this. This is the life I want, but I want it with you.” “We’re both trying to work it out. We’re talking now. That will help.” “I’m so glad I came out here.” “I am, too.” “Would you like to hear the rest of Ruth’s email?” “Yes.” I kissed Jeanne again and then I sat down on the edge of the bed. Jeanne started üçyol escort reading again. ” ‘I’m beginning to understand Jeanne’s new life style choice. David and I are still playing our game, and he’s becoming increasingly frank about his desire to see me date another man. He’s actually encouraging me to renew my acquaintance with Nick Granger. If you remember, I mentioned Nick in an earlier email. He was the man I was dating when I met David. While Nick was fabulous in bed and it was fun to spend time with him, he was lazy and irresponsible. There was no way I would have ever considered marrying him. Still, I had fun with him and now David is making it clear that he not only wouldn’t mind if I started dating Nick again, he’d enjoy it.’ ” Jeanne paused to take another sip of her orange juice and then she continued. ” ‘I was having a hard time understanding how David could actually be urging me to date another man. I was even wondering if he was trying to get rid of me, but then he showed me the web sites. Michael, there are a number of web sites about this life style. It even has a name. It’s called cuckolding or wife sharing. Apparently this is a common male fantasy. In a cuckold relationship, a wife is free to date other men and she does it with her husband’s blessing. The wives are called hot wives and their husbands are their cuckolds. At first, the term cuckold seemed like a disparaging name to me, but as I read the stories and articles on the web sites, I realized that the men who have this fantasy don’t view it that way.” I asked Jeanne, “Did you know about these web sites?” Pausing, Jeanne looked at me and nodded. “Tricia showed them to me. Since that evening when I announced that I was going to start dating Derek Fischer, this is the first time we’ve really had a chance to talk. I haven’t told you about them because I thought we had more important things to discuss.” “I agree.” “Would you like to hear the rest of Ruth’s email?” “Yes.” Jeanne started reading again. ” ‘After looking at the web sites together, David told me that he wants to be my cuckold. He said that he doesn’t understand it. He knows that this isn’t something husbands are supposed to want, but he does want it. We stayed up almost the entire night talking. He told me he knows that I love him and he loves me too. It would just be sex and he hopes that both of us will enjoy it. Michael, I have to admit that I’m intrigued by the idea. Sex with Nick Granger was amazing. Being able to occasionally enjoy him and still have the love and security I get from David would be wonderful. Still, I’m scared. I love David. I love our life together. I’m afraid that this could blow up and destroy everything. Life certainly can be complicated. Email me and let me know what’s happening with you and Jeanne. Love Ruth.’ ” Jeanne looked at me and smiled. “She’s right about that, life certainly can be complicated.” “That’s the truth.” “Michael, before you look at the web sites I need to warn you about something.” “Okay.” “Many of the stories and articles on those sites have a strong dominant submissive tone to them. The hot wives are often dominant and their cuckold husbands are often submissive.” “You mean like Tricia and Paul.” “Yes.” “You’re worried that the dominant submissive part of the stories might bother me.” “Yes.” I thought for a moment and then I said, “Yesterday morning it might have, but I don’t think it will now. Our discussion last night helped me a lot. I’m starting to look at all of this from a new perspective. Jeanne, I’ve always been a sexually oriented man. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve enjoyed erotica in all its forms.” Jeanne giggled, “You mean dirty stories, dirty pictures and dirty movies. I know that, Michael. Last night, I told you that it used to bother me, but it doesn’t anymore. Now I’m happy that you enjoy all of that.” “That’s what I’m talking about. For most of our married life you were rather inhibited.” “You mean I was a prude.” Laughing, I said, “Okay, you were a prude, but you’re not a prude anymore. Suddenly you’ve become a sexually adventurous woman.” “You mean a slut, I turned into a slut.” Still laughing, I said, “You enjoy being direct, don’t you.” “Yes, I do.” “That’s what I’m finding so exciting about our new life. You’ve become so open and direct. You enjoy sex. Suddenly our life is filled with sexual adventure. I don’t think I’m submissive, but reading about people who enjoy that fantasy will be fun. Being able to discuss it with you will be even more fun.” “Michael, I’m so glad you feel that way. I wish you could come home with me.” Shaking my head, I said, “I wish I could too, but I can’t.” “I know. You still need time to process all of this and you’re right, I still need time, too.” “We still have all day today, all day tomorrow and Sunday morning.” Jeanne nodded. “And I want to enjoy every minute of that time.” “Let’s answer Ruth’s email and then I believe we were going to take a shower together. ” “That was the plan, and after our shower I believe we were planning to do a little experimenting with oral sex.” “I believe you’re correct. Let’s write to Ruth.” “Okay.” I stood behind Jeanne while she typed. “Dear Ruth I did get here. Michael and I had a wonderful evening. We talked and fucked until well after midnight. This morning we’re going to spend an hour or two investigating the joys of oral sex and then we’re going sight seeing and shopping. Michael has offered to help me select some erotic art for my new playroom. Michael and I were both pleased to hear about the new developments in your sexual fantasies and role playing. It sounds like you and David are having fun. We understand your concerns about taking your fantasies to the next level. Be cautious, take your time. You don’t have to rush into anything. Thoroughly discuss each decision you make. I wish I’d spent more time talking to Michael before I started dating other men.” Keep us posted on what’s happening. Love Jeanne and Michael.” Jeanne said, “How’s that?” “It’s perfect; send it.” After sending the email, Jeanne said, “Let’s finish our coffee and rolls and then we can take a shower.” “I think that’s a wonderful idea.” We took a long hot shower together. Jeanne washed me.

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