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The room was bathed in the soft fawn colors of autumn, but she arrived with all the fresh promises of spring.

She floated into the room, careless and without shame wearing only a thin brown shawl tied loosely around her waist, and a single yellow flower in her hair. Yet it was those small firm breasts that seemed to fill the room and I smiled to see her nipples had hardened in the coolness of the evening and from the heat of her intentions.

She ignored me of course. In her playful way she barely registered my presence as she glided to the dark hard wood table that dominated the space and lifted the champagne bottle from the stainless steel ice bucket.

Two glasses were placed carefully beside each other. She gradually turned her back to me so that from my comfortable leather chair all I could see was her hair tied up high, exposing the perfect contours of her naked frame and the tops of her delicious little cheeks which poked above her shawl like two pale crescent moons rising over some promising and unattainable horizon.

I watched as she lifted the bottle, heard the pop of the cork, and the clink of glass as the bottle’s neck kissed the rim of the glasses.

Then she turned to face me, finally acknowledging me as she teased with those wicked, playful eyes. She lifted the bottle to her lips and took a long thirsty swig, never once breaking her gaze. The corner of her lips curled up into a playful grin before the tip of her tongue poked out and lapped atop her lower lip where a little champagne remained.

Still staring at me she stretched her arm behind her placing the bottle carefully on the table. Then with the smallest bahis siteleri bite of her lower lip she hooked her thumbs into the shawl and lightly pulled, releasing the fabric which drifted down like a single dry oak leaf caught on a soft morning breeze.

Time slowed down as the shawl danced in the air on its journey to the ground. Finally it came to rest gently at her feet and she stepped away from it, leaning back with her hands on the edge of the table, turning her right leg ever so slightly open.

This was the game she loved and we both knew the rules. I had to remain calm, and in control. Any suggestion of my wanton ambition, apart of course from the growing evidence in my trousers, and she would melt away into the bedroom and return wearing one of her pretty summer dresses.

So instead of launching myself from my seat, throwing her over my shoulder and tossing her onto her back amidst the disheveled assortment of pillows and blankets on our large unmade four poster bed, I battled every instinct and instead told her my desperate story in silence using only my gaze.

My eyes traced their way up along her long naked legs, to her neatly trimmed little muffin, then up across her belly and breasts and finally back to her face.

Outwardly I looked relaxed. My jacket was off, my tie loose, and the top button of my shirt undone. But in truth my heart was pounding and I was bursting out of my trousers.

She looked at the outline of my erection and smiled, reading my face closely, wanting to draw me out further and to turn my obvious lust into rage and torment.

Without looking behind her she picked up a champagne flute, canlı bahis and holding it by the stem stepped lightly towards me, finally bending in close when she was near enough to put the drink in my hand. Then she lightly stroked my cheeks before running her middle finger across my lips. I started to open my mouth a little but she gave a playful shake of her head and withdrew once more to the table.

Again, without looking behind her she reached back for the second glass. She dipped her pinky finger into the bubbles and then traced a thin film of champagne across her nipples, first one and then the other and a single droplet trickled down to her belly. Each time she touched her nipples her eyes would close for a moment, her lips would part, and then after a moment’s revery she would return.

My heart was about to explode, and I felt unable to move, mindful only of her presence and the deep throbbing urgency pulsing between my legs. I held my stare, stayed calm, but in truth the pain of my desire was becoming unbearable.

I might have growled a little. In fact I’m sure I did.

Her hands went to the back of her head and she released her hair from its bindings, her dark luxurious mane falling across her shoulders. She approached me slowly, sauntered like some hungry demon feline finally taking a handful of my tie and pulling my face into her breasts. But still I held my resolve though my breathing betrayed by passion.

“Good.” she said and she pushed me back into the chair.

“Tonight, you can make me climax using only your lips and your tongue,” she said as she climbed onto the chair and straddled my face.

Then, slowly güvenilir bahis and deliberately with her face a mere inch from mine she breathed, “When you’re done, and only when you’re done, I’ll get down my knees and take you in my mouth.”

The storm front broke and my hands groped eagerly at her hips. I kissed her wet sweet opening, licked at her lips, devoured her with my mouth while she ground herself against me with increasing fury.

I wanted to penetrate her with my fingers, to fuck her fiercely with my hands while I feasted. But we had our code to observe so instead I gripped her waist extra tightly, scared I might otherwise forget myself.

Her tastes, her scents, her warmth and heat and wetness drove me wild and I felt her tension rising as I devoured her very essence. Then her breathing quickened and she grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed my face hard against her.

Such pleasure reveals its own melodies and the sounds we made reached their crescendo. First ripples, then tremors, and finally a violent shaking wracked that beautiful young body. Outrage and desperation and urgent entreaties poured from her mouth as she pleaded for release which finally arrived with a fierce shudder and announced itself with loud unrestrained praise for the gods.

At last, spent, she collapsed around me though in one final movement she reached out for the brown shawl on the floor. I took it from her and I wrapped it around her as I held her close and felt pounding of her heart slowly return to a comfortable rest.

Neither of us said a word as she nuzzled against me. The only noise was our soft and unspoken kisses.

I lost myself in that moment and in all she meant to me… friend, lover tormentor, temptress, muse, assassin. It was only the feeling of her hand at my belt and her lips at my throat that brought me back from transcendence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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