Aunt Sarah


The summer after my senior year of high school, my mother’s younger sister Sarah came to stay with us for the entire summer; she had just finished college and was taking some time to find herself. The last time I had seen Sarah, she was 13, and I was 7. That summer Sarah, my sister Kim and I were inseparable. At 7, I felt pretty special having an Aunt that was only seven years older than me. We spent every day playing baseball, catching lizards, or just hanging out around the pool.

Back then, she was a gangly 13-year-old tomboy that dressed like all us boys. I don’t remember ever seeing her in a dress or skirt like my sister. Back then, she was a total Tomboy.

Mom didn’t tell me she was coming to stay with us, so on the second to last day of my senior year, I came home and found my mom sitting at the dining room table talking to a woman whose back was to me. This woman had long dark auburn hair and whoever she was, had my mom smiling.

When my mom saw me, she said, “Johnny, how did your finals go today?”

At the same time, the woman with the Auburn hair stood up, and as she did, I could see she was wearing a loose-fitting halter top that was tied at the top around her neck and again around the middle of her back by a thin string leaving her back completely exposed. When she turned towards me, my eyes immediately went to her tits. It was apparent she was not wearing a bra. As she walked towards me, her large breast jiggled and bounced with every step; her nipples looked like they wanted to poke through her top.

Now at the age of 18, most boys will get a hard-on just from someone saying the word “TITS,” so seeing this auburn-haired beauty walking towards me with a smile on her face and her full round tits jiggling with every step, my cock instantly jumped to attention. By the time she got to me, my cock was at full attention and attempting to get out of my pants. I’m sure it was protruding outwards and visible. I had been wearing a loose pair of boxers, and my limp cock had been hanging to my left slightly down one of my pant legs. When I saw her jiggling tits, my cock immediately came to attention and was now forming a tent down my left pant leg. Without any time to adjust its position, I knew my erection had to be noticeable.

I was rock hard by the time she got to me, and my cock was straining against my pant leg to stand up straight.

She stood before me with a smile on her face, and her arms open said, “Don’t tell me you don’t remember your Aunt Sarah now Johnny. You’re going to hurt her feelings.”

I was dumbfounded. OMG, this tall, beautiful girl/woman before me couldn’t be that same tomboy, Aunt Sarah. Aunt Sarah, I used to play baseball with every day. I just stood there looking at her, trying my best not to stare at her tits and her hard nipples. The halter top she had on left her midsection uncovered, exposing a tan, flat stomach as well as her pierced bellybutton.

Seeing so much of Sarah’s firm slender body caused my cock to twitch in my pants. I was sure she noticed.

As she leaned in to hug me, I tried to adjust my stance so she wouldn’t feel my erection. She ended up straddling my thigh as she hugged me. I could feel my erection firmly pressing into her hip.

When she hugged me, she pushed her hips into me, and I could feel her pressing against my hard-on. There was no way she didn’t feel it as she hugged me.

I heard her softly purr into my ear, “OH MY, Wow, very nice.”

She then stood back from me with her hands on my shoulders and looking down at me, crotch, “Oh my, you are so BIG.”

She then looked back over her shoulder at my mom and said, “Mary, your little boy is all grown up. He is bigger than most men I have known.”

She then leaned in and hugged me again, and this time she whispered into my ear, “you sure don’t feel and look like you are only 18.”

She gave me a little kiss on the cheek that sent sparks through me.

As she turned and walked back to the table to join my mom, I noticed the shorts she had on. They had to be the shortest shorts I had ever seen. The bottom curves of her firm round ass cheeks were peeking out from under her shorts, which only added to my discomfort.

The sight of her round butt cheeks only added to my cock getting harder, and I was sure by now I had a precum spot in my boxers. I hoped it hadn’t entirely leaked through my pants.

I quickly excused myself and went up to my room. I was dying to pull my cock out and jerk off, but the realization that it was my Aunt Sarah causing my erection, a wave of guilt washed over me. I set about cleaning my room, hoping that would make my erection subside, but the vision of Aunt Sarah’s jiggling tits kept me rock hard.

I changed out of my school clothes and put on my gym shorts and a t-shirt. I broke out my school books in an attempt to study. I had two more finals the next day, so I needed to study. My mind kept going back to the image now burned into my mind, Sarah walking towards me and her braless full tits jiggling Gaziantep Escort with every step.

I tried everything over the next hour to get her out of my mind hoping my cock could deflate. I lifted weights, which wasn’t comfortable with a raging hard-on. I did sit-ups and pushups, and still, my erection wouldn’t subside.

I was losing the battle with my erection, Aunt, or no Aunt; I needed a release. No matter what I did, my erection wouldn’t subside. Giving up and I went to the bathroom, which connects to my sister’s room.

My sister moved out two years ago when she went off to college; her room had been empty for the past two years, and I had gotten out of the habit of locking the door leading to her room.

When I got into the bathroom, I immediately dropped my shorts and set my cock free. I took hold of my throbbing shaft and started stroking. Two or three strokes in, I had calmed down enough to get my sister’s lotion out of one of the drawers.

I went back to stroking, and it felt so good. I had my eyes closed, concentrating on the image of Sarah walking towards me with her hard nipples and full round tits jiggling and bouncing as she walked towards me. I was getting into it and was leaning back against the counter, stroking my entire shaft from base to head. One hand stroking my shaft from base to head, and my other hand was holding my balls. Grunting and pumping my hips into my hand as I got closer and closer. Just as I was about to cum, the image of Sarah’s firm round ass cheeks peeking out from under her shorts popped into my mind, and I blew my load.

I erupted with a huge load that I shot across the room. Big globs of my gooey cum landed on the glass shower door.

That’s when I heard, “Wow that is impressive. I thought I felt that big cock against my leg. Very nice nephew.”

I opened my eyes to see my Aunt Sarah standing in the doorway from my sister’s room. She gave me a wink as she smiled and said, “It’s time for dinner, wash up, and come downstairs stud.”

I couldn’t have been more embarrassed. Sarah closed the door behind her, and I was left standing there, holding my shrinking cock.

I quickly washed up and pulled my shorts back up. I was so embarrassed I didn’t want to go downstairs for dinner. I tried to stall and think about how to get out of having dinner tonight.

Then my mom called out for me to get downstairs right now. I hesitantly walked downstairs and into the dining room to see Sarah was already seated at the table. She looked at me with her emerald green eyes and that infectious smile. I couldn’t help but smile back at her.

Not wanting to sit down, I asked my mom if she needed help in the kitchen, but she sent me right back out to the dining room and specifically told me to sit next to Aunt Sarah.

When I walked into the dining room, Sarah looked up at me and said, “Nephew come sit next to me.” And she patted the seat next to her.

I slowly moved over and sat down next to her on her right side. I sat down, and before my mom or dad joined us, she leaned into me and put her hand on my thigh close to my crotch. That instantly caused my cock to twitch and begin to get engorged again.

Sarah leaned in closer and said, “Nephew, please don’t be embarrassed about earlier. It was awe-inspiring, you sure you are only 18? You’re bigger than any of the men I have been with, not that there has been many mind you.”

I felt my face flush with blood, and I am sure I was a lovely shade of red.

Just then my mom walked in the room and saw me all flustered and red-faced she asked, “Johnny, are you ok, you’re not getting sick, are you?”

Sarah smiling back at my mom, quickly turned to me and put her hand on my forehead and said to my mom, “he feels fine sis.”

My mom went back to the kitchen to get the rest of dinner. Sarah again turned to me, and this time she put her hand squarely on my growing cock. My cock instantaneously grew to its full thick length as she left her hand resting there and gave it a little squeeze it as she smiled at me.

It was then I noticed she had changed her top. She was now wearing a blouse that buttoned down the front, and the top 2 buttons were left open. When she turned to me, her shirt fell open, and I had a clear view of her bare left breast and nipple. I couldn’t help but stare at her naked chest and her dark brown nipple. My cock knew what I was seeing, and it started to throb again.

Sarah caught me looking down her top, and she giggled as she said, “you like what you see, nephew? Sure feels like you do.”

Just then, my mom came back into the room. Sarah sat up straight and said to my mom, “sis, dinner looks great, and I sure have missed your cooking.”

My dad walked in the front door, complaining about the neighbor’s dog using our lawn as a toilet. When he saw Sarah, he got a big smile on his face and said, “Dear lord, how could I forget my favorite sister in law was coming to stay with us for the summer.”

Sarah got Gaziantep Escort Bayan up and gave him a hug and kiss and while laughing said, “favorite sister in law, I am your only sister in law.”

Sarah came back to the table, and we all started in on the food. Dinner conversation was all about what Sarah had been up to since mom and dad last saw her two years ago in Europe.

As my parents and Aunt Sarah chatted during dinner, every chance Sarah got, she would slide her hand into my lap and rub my cock.

My cock was rock hard and throbbing again. The image of her bare breast and dark brown nipple had now joined the images from earlier of her jiggling titties and round ass cheeks. I thought of excusing myself from the table so I could go jerk off again, but wasn’t sure I could do it without everybody seeing my erection.

Dinner finally wound down, and my dad turned to me and said, “John, don’t you need to study for your finals tomorrow?”

Sarah quickly asked, “Oh, which classes do you have finals tomorrow, John?”

Barely able to talk as all I could think about was Sarah’s titties.

I stammered out, “First is English and then anatomy.”

Sarah softly giggling turned and looked at me, and once again, her blouse fell open, exposing her lushes full round breast and hard nipple to me.

Sarah said, “I am sure you will do very well.”

My dad said, “Come on, John, get upstairs and study. It’s your last two finals, and then summer starts. You can relax all you want then.”

I was stalling; my cock was still rock hard. There was no way I was going to hide it when I excused myself from the table.

I finally just did it and hoped my mom and dad wouldn’t notice.

Back in my room, I wanted to jerk off, but a wave of guilt washed over me. Was I lusting after my Aunt Sarah, my mom’s little sister? I studied for a bit as best I could, my mind continually wandering to Aunt Sarah’s breasts. It was getting late, and my cock had finally relaxed to the point that at least it didn’t hurt. I decided I best get some sleep and crawled into bed. It is going to be a long summer, I thought.

Just as I got comfortable in bed, I heard the water start running in the shower. I quickly went over and peeked through the keyhole into the bathroom. I used to peek in on my sister’s friends when she had sleepovers. They would all be in the bathroom talking about boys and comparing figures. Every once in a while, I would catch a glimpse with their top off or their pants down.

When I peered through the keyhole, Sarah was standing there in front of the mirror, completely naked. My cock instantly jumped to life; within seconds, I was at full length and thickness. Without any hesitation, I started stroking as I spied her tall, lean naked body. Her breasts were amazing, full, round, and perky with dark brown nipples that, even with my limited vantage point I could tell, were rock hard.

Sarah turned towards the door, and I saw her pussy for the first time. I gasped louder than I should have when I saw it; her pussy was as bald as the day she was born. She must have heard me because she frowned and turned her attention towards the door and keyhole.

She turned around and bent over to pick up the towel on the floor, and when she did, I got the most fantastic view of her firm round ass and a full-on view of her pink pussy. I moaned out upon seeing her, and this time I knew she heard me as she quickly turned around and looked right at the keyhole.

I said, “Oh shit” to myself and quickly got back in bed. I frantically attempted to pull the covers over me, but in my haste of doing so, I only pulled the sheet over me, which left a discernible outline of my raging erection.

I closed my eyes and pretended I was sleeping when the door opened. Aunt Sarah was standing there looking at me. She had wrapped the towel around herself to cover up. The towel was just barely long enough to cover her crotch and her round butt.

“Nephew, turn the light on, I know you’re not sleeping. I think we need to have a little chat.” Sarah said as she walked across the room.

She grabbed the chair from my desk and pushed it over next to my bed. When she sat down, the towel hiked up her thighs and left her legs exposed up to her hips. She sat down with her legs pressed tightly together, so while the towel was not covering her crotch, she was not exposing herself.

“Nephew, I am going to be staying here all summer, and we will be sharing the bathroom. Now I have no problem with you seeing me naked. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t flattered by it, but I do have an issue with you spying on me. If you want to watch me shower or getting dressed, you are free to knock on the door and ask if you may join me.” Sarah said.

Her comments only made my cock harder, and I was now throbbing, which was causing the sheet covering me to rise and fall. The bed sheet was doing nothing to hide my erection from Sarah’s eyes.

Sarah went on, “the other Escort Gaziantep thing young nephew is if you want to watch me shower or getting dressed you need to in the same state of dress as me, if I am naked, you need to be naked as well, ok?”

As she said that, she parted her legs a bit and exposed her soft inner thighs as well as just a glimpse of her swollen pink slit.

My eyes must have popped out of my head when I saw her as she said, “Nephew, you look as if you have never seen a girl without panties on”

I was dumbfounded, and all I could do was shrug my shoulders as she looked at me, waiting for an answer.

“Nephew, haven’t you and your girlfriend fooled around to the point of you getting her panties off?”

Stumbling over my words, I said, “Ah, well, I don’t really have a girlfriend. I have a girl that is my best friend, Amy, but we aren’t boyfriend/girlfriend.”

Smiling at me, she said, “Playing the field, eh? Smart young man. Let you in on a little secret if you haven’t figured it out already, those teen girls are five times as horny as you teen boys. I guarantee they are all walking around with their young pussy’s swollen and wet, craving to be fucked. Most of them would gladly be spreading their legs for you guys if society wasn’t so lopsided about young women being labeled sluts for having sex.”

I was so focused on looking at her pussy while she talked to me; I barely heard a word she said. When she asked me what exactly I had done with a girl, I just shrugged my shoulders again.

“Nephew, have you felt up a girl’s tits or fingered one of those tight little young bitches pussy’s?” Sarah asked.

Slightly shocked at her choice of words, this was a different Aunt Sarah for sure.

“Well, I have felt up a girl’s breast, but only over her clothes, but that’s it,” I said.

“Oh my, that’s it? Have any of them felt what you have there between your legs?” She said as she pointed to bulge in the sheet covering me.

I was now leaking precum, and there was a fast-growing wet spot in the sheet covering my cock.

Sarah stood up and let the towel drop to the floor. My eyes bugged out of my head for real now, and I let out a “HOLY SHIT YOU HAVE A HOT BODY, Sarah.”

“Nephew, call me Auntie Sarah, please. Now move over in bed and make room for me to sit next to you. Oh, and lose the cover, it’s not hiding anything. I can’t be the only one exposed here. You shouldn’t be hiding that big fat cock of yours anyways. Are you sure you are only 18? You are better equipped than any of the men I have been with.” Sarah directed me as she climbed onto the bed next to me.

My heart was pounding as my gorgeous naked 25 yr old Aunt climbed onto the bed next to me. As she did, she pulled the sheet off of me, leaving me exposed. I was so nervous, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her amazing body. Her tits were as spectacular as I had imagined when I caught a glimpse of them at the dinner table. They were round and firm and her nipples were at full attention, just begging to be touched and sucked. She had a flat firm stomach with a pierced belly button that, upon seeing caused my cock to twitch and jump, and she noticed.

“Oh, nephew, I see by how hard your cock is, you are ok with me sitting next to you.” She was smiling at me with those dark green eyes.

I was barely able to talk, my head was spinning, and my cock was throbbing. I wanted to grab hold of my cock and stroke as I stared at my Aunt Sarah’s perfect naked body. I kept thinking, I must be dreaming, no way is this happening; I had to be dreaming, if I was dreaming I didn’t want to wake up.

Sarah was now sitting next to me, leaning back against the headboard, propped up by pillows she had piled up. I was still laying down flat when she told me to sit up and lean back against the headboard like she was.

I jumped at her every word. She could have told me to stand up and hop on one foot, and I would have done it. I was mesmerized by her, my lord; my gorgeous 25 yr old Aunt Sarah was sitting naked in my bed right next to me.

I kept trying not to stare at her, but I wasn’t doing a very good job. Her legs parted as she sat there. She had one of her tan legs bent up at her knee, and her foot pulled up to her. It caused her leg to fall open and leave her smooth pink pussy on display to my, bugged-out eyes. With her sitting like that, it only caused me to drip more pre-cum, and now there was a pool of precum gathering on my stomach.

Noticing my situation, Sarah said, “Nephew, would you like to touch my breast? I can show you how to touch a woman’s breast to please any future girlfriend.”

With that, she grabbed my hand and put it up to her breast. When my hand came in contact with her firm breast, I felt like I was sitting on a bed of needles. Every inch of my body was on fire; my cock jumped again as I deposited another large glob of precum onto my stomach.

“Easy big fella, be gentle. Loosen up your grip on my tit. Start gentle and follow the girl’s lead, when she wants you to hold and squeeze her titties harder, she’ll let you know.” Sarah said as she instructed me how to fondle her tits.

“MMM, that’s better; hold my nipple between your fingers now nephew. OUCH, be gentle, my nipples are very sensitive. MMMM, that’s better.” She moaned out.

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