Audrey’s Delight


I first knew Johnnie when I became his secretary. I was just gone eighteen at the time. It took some months before he made a pass at me. It was when we were coming back from a firm’s night out in York. We shared a car with two other members of staff.

We’d had a few drinks and, on the way back, three of us were sat in the back. There was Johnnie and David with me in the middle. Honestly, there were hands everywhere! One of them kissing me, trying to get his hand into my blouse, whilst the other had his hand up my skirt. It was like being with an octopus.

We eventually dropped David off at his home and Johnnie had me to himself. He started kissing me passionately, managing to get a hand into my bra to fondle one of my breasts. I didn’t object too strongly. Then, he took hold of my hand and placed it on his erection – which was still inside his trousers – and rubbed it. I was being encouraged to unzip his fly, trying to get me to take a hold of him but he flooded his underpants before he could release it! It was a sticky mess.

After dropping him off, David, the driver, joined me on the back seat. He said he’d been watching us through the driving mirror which made him horny. He wanted his grope and kiss. In fact he wanted a lot more. They were all a randy lot in that office.

I struggled with him and managed to bring him off all over the car seat before he could get between my thighs. He was a bit cross, but it served him right. And my skirt didn’t escape the deluge, either. Fortunately my mother had gone to bed, so I managed to sponge it off before it dried.

I wasn’t a stranger to the penis. I had a boy-friend and had, in fact, become engaged to him on my eighteenth birthday. He was the first man in my life and I was resigned to becoming his wife. No doubt he would end up a bank manager and we would live in a detached house on the edge of town. A perfectly respectable couple.

We would often drive up onto the moors on an evening for petting and kisses, bringing each other off. But there was never anything adventurous about it, and James was content to wait for the honeymoon before full penetration. He would have been furious if he knew what I got up to with other men!

After that episode in the car, Johnnie frequently flattered me, hinting at how much he wanted to make love to me and all that sort of thing. He occasionally kissed me and held my hands when the opportunity arose. But he never tried to feel me up. It was a bit disappointing in a way, but I must admit that I enjoyed the attention I was getting. So I always took care to look my best for him.


It was a month or two later when Johnnie and Arthur, his number two in the department, had to arrange an exhibition in Earls Court, which meant going to London on a Sunday morning. I was very happy to go with them for a few days to help man the stand. It was arranged that I would come home on the Thursday. We flew to Heathrow with Johnnie whispering words of love in my ear most of the way. It was very romantic bearing in mind that that was the first time I had ever flown. He had a way of making you feel very feminine and the most important woman in his life.

We took a taxi all the way from the airport to the hotel, dropped off our luggage, before going on the Earls Court. After we had set out the exhibition stall with the contractors, we got back to the hotel feeling soiled and tired. I had a hot bath and changed for dinner, making sure I was smelling sweet.

After the meal with bottles of wine, we returned to Johnnie’s room where he had a supply of whisky and brandy. The two men went through the following day’s programme, followed by a few jokes, before Arthur announced he was having an early night and left us. Thinking back, I believe that was pre-arranged between them. It was only just after nine o’clock. Johnnie refilled our glasses, chatting about nothing in particular. He turned out the centre light, leaving only the bedside lamp glowing.

We sat on the side of his bed quietly sipping brandies, mine laced with dry ginger, his with soda. I had already decided I would let him kiss and caress me. I was feeling worked up and waiting for him to take me in his arms. The wine and other drinks might have had something to do with it! I was certainly feeling tipsy. Even so, I had no intention of letting him have full intercourse with me though. Going the whole hog, as we used to say.

But that’s just what happened! He began casually enough, putting his arm round my shoulder, kissing me softly. Oh, so softly and lingeringly. It was lovely. Then he put his drink on the bed-side table before gathering me up in his arms to kiss me again. This time properly. His tongue prised my lips open and roamed all round my mouth, exploring inside it. I’d never been kissed like that before. It was breath-taking.

And all the time he was kissing me, his hands were roaming gently over my neck and breasts. I didn’t care! I didn’t try to stop him. I was enjoying the French kiss. That’s what it was called. gaziantep bayan escort When his hand slipped beneath the neckline of my blouse, under the strap. I was a bit uneasy but did nothing to stop him. With a glass of brandy in one hand that would have been difficult.

I gasped as his hand strayed over my breast, his fingers finding the swollen nipple. He teased it, playing with it between his thumb and index finger. It had already stiffened. I felt the tremble in my belly. Desire was building up in my loins. I could feel the wet heat inside me, almost bubbling over. I think he must have felt my trembles as well. He came up for air, took my drink from me to put it on the bed-side table.

Then, he calmly unbuttoned my blouse.

My mouth went dry as I realised he was going to expose my breasts. I just watched him through half closed lids as he reached behind my back, expertly unhooking the bra. The blouse and bra were slipped from my shoulders. And there I was. Naked from the waist up. He just sat there gazing at me. Not even my boyfriend had seen my naked breasts.

I felt wanton and flushed, partly with embarrassment and partly with excitement. There’s a strange feeling of power having your body admired – desired. I have nice tits. Not too small, but firm. I felt like a lady-of-the-world, so I pretended a nonchalance I certainly wasn’t feeling. His eyes were glued to my nipples, gazing at one then at the other. The palms of his hands reached under each of them to lift them slightly as though testing their weight. The nipples were jutting out and the areolae were puffed and swollen. I couldn’t remember having seem them quite so inflated before. I was secretly proud of them for being so swollen. I even managed to push them forward slightly, to accentuate their size.

‘Beautiful!’ he whispered. ‘Wonderful!’

He leaned forward to fasten his mouth on the nipple of the left breast. I closed my eyes, partly in embarrassment and partly in rapture, leaning backwards, propped up on my elbows, pushing my tits at him. I love having my breasts sucked. It’s sheer heaven! After kissing both nipples, Johnnie gently pressed me down onto the bed, with my bottom perched over the edge. He spent ages kissing my face, my mouth, my ears, my neck. All the time stroking my breasts, exploring them, squeezing them tenderly, teasing the hard nipples.

Johnnie paid a lot of attention to my tits as he casually unfastened the waistband of my skirt. He slid the skirt over my hips, together with the underskirt, then over my knees to the ankles so that only my skimpy panties remained. When they had dropped to the floor, Johnnie lifted one of my feet out of the tangle, parting the knees.

I felt so pleased to be showing off my naked body. It was so exhilarating. I was eager for him to remove the pants; to look at my sex – my fanny. I wanted to excite him – inflame him.

No one had ever seen it before, certainly since I reached womanhood. He caressed my flat belly as he kissed my breasts. By this time I was really worked up. Not impatient, but in a delirium of elation, enjoying the sensuous stroking and kissing. I reached down as casually as I could to take hold of his stiffened penis.

Gosh! My heart nearly stopped beating as I felt his hard rod for the first time. It was much thicker than James’s. And as hard as steel. I had always supposed men’s willies to be the same. I don’t know why. I just assumed that one penis was the same as another. But this was certainly much bigger in every way. I later learned that it was my boy-friend’s which was on the small size, though Johnnie’s was certainly on the high side of average.

Anyway, I explored it gingerly, squeezing it between fingers, easing back the foreskin. I was trying to appear as casual as I could, as though handling men’s pricks was an everyday occurrence. He was whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Praising my beauty, my gorgeous breasts. Telling me how much he wanted me. What a stunning girl I was. You know the sort of thing.

Of course, I fell for it all. I was only eighteen at the time. And I was anxious for him to think I was experienced and sophisticated. In any case, I wasn’t really listening. I was concentrating on exploring all his sexy parts on the one hand, and lapping up his kisses and caresses on the other. It never crossed my mind that I was being unfaithful to my boyfriend. I never felt a pang of guilt for my behaviour.

Then, at last, I felt his thumbs hook into the elastic of my panties. They were peeled over my hips, down my thighs and legs, ending up on the floor. His hand stroked the inside of my thighs, each stroke slowly moving upwards until his fingers finally reached the warmth, feeling the sensitive lips, now slippery with juices. My heart missed a beat as he touched my sensitive button. Loins flexed instinctively; a little thrilling lurch, willing him to enter me.

Encouraged by this, still kissing me passionately with his tongue, his fingers probed softly between the lips, lingering in each of the slick folds, exploring their texture, thumb flicking over my hard clitoris. This was getting me worked up to fever pitch. I was steeped in a kind of sensuous stupor. His tongue was snaking all over me now. Hands and fingers were playing havoc with my inflamed body, ravenous for sex. It was so thrilling – exciting. I was drunk with ecstasy.

Then, out of the blue, he quietly asked me if I was virgin. I lied and said no. I’d already broken my maidenhead due to a mishap with a candle when I was younger but no man had ever entered me. Hadn’t even seen me down there. Johnnie was the first. I was desperate for him, willing him to look at my body; my secrets. But I was anxious in case he found it a disappointment when compared with all his other girlfriends.

He was pressing his thick penis into my palm with little jerks. His trousers were already in a tumbled heap on the floor. He threw one leg across my belly, leaning on his arms pinning mine to the bed. More kisses as he wriggled on top of me. His knees pushed my thighs apart.

My apprehension grew. Although excited beyond endurance, I was getting nervous and uncertain. This was not what I had intended. My God! I suddenly came out of my reverie. I might get pregnant. Perhaps I should push him away and call a halt. I couldn’t. He was pressing hard on my arms. I couldn’t move. I was powerless – or so I thought.

But, even whilst these thoughts were flashing through my head, I felt his cock prodding into me. Searching for the secret entrance. Rubbing against my little button and nudging its head between wet lips. He was kissing me lightly, nibbling and biting my lips with his. Even though I was aroused to a peak of desire, I pretended to struggle, wriggling my groin against the head of his prick.

I was groaning with impatience, frantic to feel it inside. In spite of not wanting to be fucked, I just couldn’t stop now. No way! It was too late. I’d passed the point of no return. I was as desperate for him as he was for me. Then, suddenly, it was inside me.

So easy! I caught my breath sharply as it slid in, slowly and smoothly. All in slow motion, I felt this thickness invading my fanny. The entry was easy. Folds of warm flesh parted and stretched to accommodate the first cock to enter into my shrine.

I’d lost my virginity. The feeling was absolutely wondrous. Being stretched and filled. Deeper into the soft, slippery tightness. Deeper. Then he began sliding it out. Just as I thought he was going to withdraw it, he thrust it in deep again. Then again. And again. Very slowly at first, thudding into my very centre. It was so tantalising. Breathtaking. Then he started to fuck me a bit faster. I felt it rasping against my clitoris as it plunged in and out.

Suddenly he stopped and paused, the hardness deep inside me. Up to the hilt. I watched him through half-closed eyes. He was concentrating on the luxury of his conquest. I was his slave. The sensation of warm pliant flesh clutching his penis was a triumph for him. Then he started again. Slowly and rhythmically, picking up speed.

He went on like this, starting and stopping, slow and then fast, pausing with it fully embedded, relishing the victory. He took his time. Nothing was hurried. Every stroke was a separate experience to be indulged in; to be cherished. Fingers joined the cock at my fanny, rolling the clitoris.

Eventually, my whole body seemed to spread out like a great swell of the sea, liquid and awash with lechery. The sensation turned into a huge wave. I was on the crest, being carried along, rolling and dipping on a peak of bubbling excitement. It got faster and faster, wilder and wilder, until I tumbled breathless into the huge surge. Spray was everywhere, swamping over me and swilling into every part of my body in a fantastic release of tension. I was moaning and whimpering loudly in his ear, begging for more. My groin jerking up against his, legs as wide as I could stretch them. His awesome stiff cock drilling relentlessly into the centre of my fanny.

It was the most wonderful orgasm I’d ever had. I never knew it could be such an incredible sensation. Wave after wave of rapture swamping me. I realised at that moment that I must have a lot more of this and often. It was like a drug.

Johnnie was still ramming his cock into me pretty hard. Then, with a grunt, he yanked himself out, pressing the shaft hard against my belly. His loins jerked again and again. With each jerk I felt a warm gush between our bellies. He went on thrusting his groin at me, grunting as he spurted several spouts of hot liquid into my bush of hair. After he subsided, he slipped it back into me. But I panicked and pushed him off. I was scared stiff of getting pregnant.

He didn’t object or try to force me. He just rolled off, reached for a paper hanky to clean me up. He took his time over it, planting little kisses on my belly, my nipples, and even my clitoris.

I couldn’t speak. My brain was numb. I had given him my virginity and I wasn’t sure if it had been a good idea after all. Now that the peak of excitement had passed, I was beginning to have doubts. But I did feel wonderful. Fulfilled. He kissed me all over again before sitting up.

‘Let’s finish our drinks,’ he suggested. I sat up, smiled at him weakly and took the glass. I didn’t know what to say. He was sat in shirt tails and socks. I was stark naked.

‘Will you take your clothes off?’ I asked.

I watched whilst he removed his shirt, his eyes twinkling at me.

‘That seemed like a good orgasm.’

I gulped my drink and nodded. He knelt facing me on the bed. For the first time I took a good look at his cock. It had started to soften but was still thick and sticky. It fascinated me that such a tube of flesh could become so hard and give so much pleasure. I touched it gingerly. He leant over me to kiss me with great tenderness, whilst softly kneading one of my breasts.

‘Go on,’ he said. ‘Take a good look at it. Play with it! After all, it’s a lady’s toy. In fact, it’s the only toy women never tire of playing with. You’ve seen plenty before, no doubt.’

‘Of course,’ I lied. ‘But they’re all different, aren’t they.’

This was the first naked man I’d ever seen, with his semi-soft penis resting on his wrinkled testicles, almost hidden in a deep tangle of curls. I reached out and started to toy with it, fingering the foreskin, testing the girth of its head. I watched fascinated as it began to fill out again. Thicken and lengthen. It jerked as each heart beat re-filled it. It hoisted itself up from the nest of hair, pulsing and swelling until, fully grown again, it pressed against the hairy curls of his belly.

I was totally rapt by it. It was a revelation. A handsome column of pale flesh; warm and proud. Such an arrogant thing. I fondled it, squeezed it, weighed the low-hanging testicles and examined the genitals for some minutes whilst he stroked and fondled my heaving breasts.

‘Let me see yours,’ he said. He parted my thighs and swung over my body, one knee on either side of my head.

I swallowed hard as I opened my thighs wide, displaying my secret, tousled opening to his scrutiny. I hope he wouldn’t be disappointed. He gasped.

‘Beautiful,’ he whispered softly to himself. His fingers eased the folds open, to show the puckered pink gateway to my mystical paradise. The small inflated button throbbed under his gaze. I was never short of juices, but on this occasion, they seeped copiously from the ravished orifice.

Johnnie’s testicles were dangling over my eyes. I was examining them closely when, without any warning, I felt a light kiss, not much more than a breath of air, on my clitoris. I stiffened. I wondered what on earth he was doing. I had never even heard of oral sex, never thought about it. Then he was kissing and licking my fanny, his arms pinning my thighs open. After a moment of distaste and panic, I realised that it felt nice.

My boy-friend had never shown any interest in my genitals apart from fingering them. He had never shown much interest in examining them. Johnnie’s tongue was now playing havoc with my emotions. I relaxed, realising that he could do anything he wanted to me. I was his willing slave, all right. Then it hit me! With a shock, I knew I had fallen head over heels in love with him.

That first night he sucked me for ages, and fucked me three times, every one leading to a shattering orgasm, before I finally slipped exhausted into my own room. I couldn’t sleep. I was panicking about the possibility of being pregnant. But, I was overwhelmed with love for Johnnie. It was turned two o’clock when I finally got back to my room just across the corridor. I had been well and truly introduced to the pleasures of the flesh.

It was a revelation. I was hooked. I felt my violated fanny with care, concerned to see whether there was any change in it, teasing myself into a gentle orgasm, before eventually crying myself to sleep.

At half past seven the next morning, the maid came in with a tray of tea. No sooner had she left than there was a tap on the door. I opened it a crack and there was Johnnie in his dressing gown. He slipped quickly into my room and we fell on the bed together. We tore each other’s dressing gowns off, making love violently and quickly. As we banged away at each other savagely, I told him I loved him. Over and over again.

I cried shamelessly on his shoulder as our bodies grappled together, desperately seeking each other. It wasn’t long before my orgasm crashed suddenly into my belly. Unable to contain himself, Johnnie exploded his sperm over my belly and breasts. We lay exhausted in each other’s arms for a while. After he had gone I rubbed his sperm where it had splashed into my breasts until they were quite dry.

The next three nights we made love together for three or four hours together. Johnnie was insatiable. So was I! We fucked in just about every possible position. He taught me about oral sex and I was an eager pupil though I just couldn’t bring myself to let him come in my mouth. He was a wizard at love. A real virtuoso. He had a tremendous appetite for sex.

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