Antonia’s Story Ch. 03


The story so far – A mature woman, Antonia, has rediscovered her interest in sex through a sapphic relationship with her old friend Sophia. She is drawn further into a world of sex and sensuality and the promise of new experiences, with a touch of mystery attached, enlivens her imagination.

I’d crawled into Sophie’s bed around eleven and hadn’t heard her return from her visit to her old mentor, Marta’s. When I stirred the next morning she was asleep beside me. I sleepily moved to lie against her naked back and cuddled her, inhaling her musky scent and feeling her warm soft flesh under my hands.

As I woke slowly, I reflected on my past week under Sophie’s spell. It still seemed like a wonderful dream. She had touched something deep within me that I had really only glimpsed before out of the corner of my psyche’s eye. A world of sensuality and powerful lust mixed with a power beyond my imagination. There was mystery, but also a pervading confidence that I had found a true path to happiness and fulfillment. I knew this period with Sophie, long may it last, was just a stepping stone to a different life. I felt more alive and at peace with myself than ever before. Perhaps the experience of childbirth was my closest experience to this – not the pain and confusion, but the deep love and feeling of accomplishment of something truly important and human.

Sophie stirred languidly, stretched like a cat and turned onto her back where my hand could further explore her soft curves and yielding body. She stretched again and actually purred as I continued my gentle massage of her breasts, tummy and thighs. She gently took my hand and moved it to her public mound, pressing my fingers onto her clit as she opened her legs. I kissed her neck and rubbed her slowly and gently as she pushed her pussy onto my hand and my fingers slid along her moist slit.

She opened her eyes and clamped her legs shut, trapping my hand.

“Oh, Toni, what a great way to wake.” she said. “But we should save ourselves for later.” She released her grip on my hand and rolled to face me, our breasts and tummies touching. We entwined our legs and I rubbed my pussy on her thigh.

“Awww.” I murmured, “A little tumble surely couldn’t hurt.” I said. I could feel her hard nipples against me and she was obviously trying not to grind her own pelvis into my leg.

“You are a bad girl, Toni.” she blurted, using her greater strength to roll on top of me and straddle my hips while holding my shoulders to the bed. I struggled briefly, trying to reach her snatch with my hand but she was too strong.

Her large tits were hanging down and swaying in front of my face. I was getting very horny and tried arching my back and bucking my legs to move her off me. She was giggling and kept me immobilised and straining against her.

Eventually she collapsed on top of me and held my wrists, clamping my legs shut between her powerful thighs. I couldn’t move or struggle against her anymore so I kissed her passionately on her mouth and went limp.

I realized how ridiculous I was being and began giggling, as did Sophie. We stayed locked together on the bed.

“You have become quite the nympho, Toni.” Sophie smiled. “I love it.”

“Yeah, it’s all your fault, you know. You should have left me to dry up like normal old ladies. Now I want it all the time.”

“Hey, no more ‘old lady’ crap, please. We are both in our prime and have years and years of glorious dirty sex ahead of us.” she said. “My God, I saw Marta last night and she’s seventy and still fucking almost every day, so let it go.”

I opened my eyes wide. “Really? Seventy? Oh, good for her.”

“Yeah, she’s as spry and funny and smart as ever and has a stable of lovers. Years ago, I remember her saying that she’d have to be buried in ‘Y’ shaped coffin. She’s certainly still on track for that!”

I must have been still sleepy because it took a moment for me to get the joke. When I did, I blurted a laugh.

“But where does she find lovers at that age? I wouldn’t have thought there were too many able-bodied men around who could survive regular fucking.”

“Oh, it’s not just men, sweetie,” replied Sophie, “she’s as bi- as a cycle. She looks more like a hot sixty year old anyway and she has what she calls her ‘systems’ to find men to fuck. Apparently, she befriends couples in their fifties or sixties and, if the woman ever complains about her husband ‘bothering’ her for sex, she subtly offers herself as a proxie. It seems to work, but just as often, according to Marta, the woman finds she really is still interested in a bit of adventure and they end up in a ménage à trois. Sounds like a great plan to me. She also has her ‘regulars’ of course, widowers, people she’s been with for years, including some of the other women in Mom’s old tribe.”

“So, you’ve caught up on your ‘lost years’ then?” I remembered how distressed Sophie had looked yesterday at the thought of losing contact with these women.

“Well, I’ve made a start. Marta greeted me as if there’d never been a break. bursa escort She said they all kept up to date with what I’d been up to – they had an amazing level of detail, by the way – and are looking forward to reading my next book. She was incredibly warm and made me feel welcome and part of the old team. We talked about Mom, of course. There’s still a lot of sadness there but apparently everyone wants to see me soon.”

“That’s great,” I ventured. “Can you do that? I mean, see them. Aren’t they scattered over the country?”

“Anthea’s in New York, but the others all still live in California or up in Portland. They are meeting up soon – next week in fact – at a ranch one of them owns near Fresno – and I’m invited. I hope you don’t mind me going away for a couple of days. I’d love for you to meet them too, but I think I need to have some time alone to reconnect with them first.”

“Of course,” I hugged her close. “I’m glad for you. I have a few things to do and a break will probably be good for my health,” I smiled.

“Oh, I’d forgotten about your MILF waitress.” said Sophie. “You should call her today so her fire doesn’t go out.”

I slapped her gently. “That’s not what I meant! I have to see my accountant and lawyer and arrange….”

Sophie grinned and held her hand over my mouth.

“I love how you take the bait every time.” she said. “But do call your new friend. I have a feeling it would do you good to be the dominant partner for a change.” With that, she swung off me and the bed and walked to the bathroom.

I watched her gorgeous ass as she walked away and thought about what she’d said. I wondered at her assessment of me needing to be “dominant”. It struck a chord. While I’d not been exactly submissive in my relationship with Sophie, it was she who clearly set the pace. I was enjoying that, but she obviously perceived a need in me to try something else. Again, her intuition surprised me.

It was 9.30 and a Friday. I assumed that Janice would be sleeping after her dinner shift at the restaurant so decided to wait a while before I called her. I followed Sophie to the bathroom where she was already under the shower. I stepped in with her and soaped her back and ass while she rinsed her hair, resisting the temptation this time to push my hand between her legs. We washed each other and she gave me the most exquisite head massage while shampooing and conditioning my hair.

“Have you thought about going blonde again?” she asked. My hair then was mousy with lots of gray.

“You think it would suit?” I asked. “I really don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb, you know.”

“It’s be great.” she said. “And a short cut would really suit you and be much more manageable when we go to the Med.”

I’d worn my hair short when I was still swimming at college and for few years after, but had left it a shoulder length ever since.

“You mean a dyke cut?” I teased.

“No, no, I didn’t mean that!” said Sophie, aghast.

“Now who’s taking bait?” I smiled.

She smiled and grabbed my face in her hands and kissed me firmly.

“I’ll call my friend Sandy and make an appointment. She has a great feel for what suits.”

We dried off and went downstairs for some breakfast and to catch up on the news. I’d been “off the grid” since the divorce got messy and I usually took a keen interest in world events, so the terrorist thing in Europe and Greece’s particular current troubles with debt and refugees were a bit concerning. Sophie and I talked about the dangers of travelling there but we both agreed that we’d be OK and would avoid any trouble spots by staying flexible.

After breakfast, I wanted to get some sun and have a swim. It was a warm, sunny day and the terrace was beckoning behind the huge glass sliding doors. My all-over tan was progressing well. I was looking and feeling fit and healthy, as was Sophie, although her tan was considerably darker, more bronze to my copper, given her naturally olive skin. Neither of us had a hint of tan lines and our colour was even and, I thought, very sexy. We were keeping our skin, and libidos, well lubricated with a coconut, almond and olive oil mix that Sophie had specially made.

“Let’s get some sun now because I have a visitor coming at one.” said Sophie. “That’s the surprise I was promising.” she winked.

We stretched out on the sun beds and let the early summer sun do its magic thing. I wondered how long this idyllic life could possibly last. The stress of the divorce was a distant memory, I was feeling strong and in control of my life. I was almost always horny and loving my time with Sophie. Things did seem to be moving forward and my old life, including those ‘friends’ who’d abandoned me during the early part of the divorce mess, just didn’t seem important now. I kept contact with the kids, but they were still struggling to understand my attitude towards Ted. Silvia, my youngest, was still convinced we’d get back together and live happily ever after. Nothing I could say could change her mind. I smiled bursa ucuz escort to myself, thinking that maybe if I told her I was in a wild lustful lesbian relationship with Sophie and didn’t have the slightest interest in renewing my acquaintance with Ted’s less than average cock, she’d shut up about it.

I looked over at Sophie, lying on her back, legs spread to the sun, and knew this was right for me. Not forever, but certainly for now and the foreseeable future. I rubbed some oil into my body, inevitably lingering playfully over my nipples and when I reached my mons. My hands were reaching down between my legs when Sophie must have noticed.

“That’s enough of that, my girl. You’ll be serviced soon enough.” she said in her best school m’am voice.

“Yes Miss,” I replied, pouting and removing my hands. “But I REALLY need it, Miss.”

“Not long to wait now, Toni. Let’s have a swim and make ourselves something sustaining for lunch.”

We swam laps for 20 minutes and then made a chicken salad. It was a little early to eat but I remembered Janice and grabbed my phone from the kitchen to call her, hopefully before her shift at the restaurant began. I dialled the number she’d given me and she picked up quickly.

“Hi Janice, it’s Antonia. We met at the restaurant yesterday and you gave me your number.”

There was a muffled pause at her end. She came back, sounding a little strange.

“Yeah, hi Antonia. Sorry, I was in the middle of something. Um …. Thanks for calling, um, well, um, hi!” Something was happening at her end. I’d obviously caught her at an inconvenient time and I hadn’t really thought through this bit at all. I was getting cold feet.

“Hey, if I called at a bad time, I can catch you some other time, you know. Just say.”

“No, Hold on, please.” There was another muffled pause. When she came back on the line she was much clearer and settled.

“I’m really sorry about that.” she said. “My husband was just leaving the house. Shit! I mean…”

Hey, its OK, Janice.” I replied, now feeling like an idiot. “If I got my wires crossed it should me who’s apologising.” I could see Sophie across the room looking on and raising her eyebrows at me.

“No!, Oh shit, I mean I am really glad you called, it’, well, it’s just ….”

“Complicated?” I offered.

“Ha! Yeah. Well, I guess it is. For me, anyway. Everything seems complicated right now.” she blurted. There was a pause as if she was thinking.

“I’d really like to meet up with you. I think, I mean, yeah, I’d like to see you. Shit, sorry Antonia, I’m not great at this. First time jitters, I guess. I’m not really sure about anything right now and I’m inclined to do stupid things”

Oh God, I thought, I’m seducing a married virgin. I really am becoming a predator. My instinct was to back off completely but, for some reason, I ploughed on.

“Hey, Janice,” I said calmly, “No pressure, OK? I just thought it might be fun and you did seem interested. I’m not very experienced in this myself you know and I don’t want to make your life more difficult. And no hurry either. You think about it some more and let me know. I’d love it if you called me back, but don’t feel obliged, OK? When you are ready, girl. This is hard and mistakes and false starts are allowed. OK?”

“Thanks Antonia. That’s probably what I needed to hear. I’m pretty sure I do want this and you sound like someone I can trust. Let me work out a few things and I’ll call you back. I promise I will. Are you around next week?”

“Sure. You do what’s right for you OK? I’m serious when I said no obligation.”

“Thanks so much. I really do appreciate it. I must sound like such a noob. I’ll call you by Wednesday, OK?”

“Sure Janice, and thanks for being honest. I really hope you sort things out. I’ll be here when you need to talk. Bye, gorgeous.”

I stared at my phone as I hung up, not recognising myself in that conversation at all. The old Antonia would have been nervous and probably bailed halfway through. I glanced over at Sophie who was grinning.

“Got yourself a piece of fresh young married pussy there, my girl. Well played.” she winked.

“Sophie! It’s not like that at all! She was a bit nervous, that’s all. I tried to give her a way out without losing face. Jesus, Sophie, I am not a predator! was…”

Sophie just grinned back at me and mimed reeling in a fish. I stamped my bare foot hard on the tile floor of the kitchen and had to limp off while Sophie rolled onto the floor trying not to laugh out loud.

When we’d both regained our composure, we took our salad and glasses of wine out onto the terrace. We silently agreed not to talk about Janice so chatted some more about our trip to Greece. Sophie was clearly excited about the whole trip.

“We’ll stay outside Athens for the first week,” she explained. “It is a bit of a dump in late summer anyway and you can see the sites in a day or two and spend the rest of the time at the beach.”

“I’d bursa elit escort love to see the Acropolis.” I said. “And some of the other ancient sites, if possible. I’m afraid my high school ancient history makes me a bit of a beginner compared to you.”

“That’s fine.” she replied. “I’ll give you the grand tour. The new Acropolis Museum has a great collection, so we can start there and then walk up to the rock.”

“There’s also a couple of excellent temples within a few hours’ drive of Athens too. I need to visit an archeologist friend who’s working on one of them anyway, so we’ll make a day of it.”

As for the islands, Sophie was keen to avoid the tourist traps and had some ideas for an itinerary. Another friend in Greece had a boat and she seemed sure he would be keen to sail us between some of her favorite islands – for “a consideration”, as she put it; meaning sex, I assumed.

Crete was her final destination. I’d always thought of Crete as just the big island in the middle of the Med. but to Sophie it was “something special”.

“I guarantee you’ll love it” she said confidently. “It’s my spiritual home, or would be if had a spirit.” she smiled. “There’s so much to it and it specialises in surprises.”

I liked the sound of that and had already started to dream of turquoise water and sunlit bays.

We were sitting there chatting over the last of our wine when I heard a noise in the shrubs down the far side of the house. Someone was coming through Sophie’s side gate, and making quite a noise about it. I looked at her and then suddenly realized that we were both naked and someone was coming into the yard.

I made a sudden move to get up to run inside or find a towel, but Sophie grabbed my forearm and told me to relax.

“This is our visitor.” she smiled. “No need to hide.”

I turned in my chair, still nervous, to see someone emerge along the path from the gate. It was a guy in his mid-twenties, tall, long wavy hair and quite broad across the chest and shoulders. He looked like a surfer. He was wearing shorts and an open short-sleeved shirt and was carrying an awkward reel of thick pool hose and a long-handled skimmer. I assumed that this was Sophie’s “pool boy”, Steve, the subject, or possibly object would be more correct, of many of her wilder stories of lusty summer days.

Sophie stood and walked confidently and, I could have sworn, with a slutty swagger, towards our visitor.

“Hi Steve,” she called,smiling and standing with one hand on her cocked hip. “I’m so glad you could come.”

Steve looked up grinning and taking in Sophie’s lovely naked body. It wasn’t until he’d looked her up and down and returned her greeting that he noticed me sitting behind her and off to one side. His eyes widened further and his jaw dropped just a notch.

“This is my friend, Antonia,” said Sophie. “I hope you don’t mind if she joins our little after party.”

It didn’t take two university degrees to understand what Sophie had in mind and an electric shock ran through my pussy as I appraised this good looking virile young man. Steve’s eyes scanned from one of us to the other several times before he found his tongue.

“Fuck..I mean, sure..yeah, Sophie, of course. Shit. Wow.” he stammered.

Sophie turned to me and winked.

“Steve’s an English and Drama graduate, as you can tell for his mastery of the language.”

“Hi, Steve, nice to meet you”, I offered, smiling as sweetly as I could and hoping that my sudden rush of lust wasn’t showing.

“Er, yeah, hi Antonia. Er, nice to see…I mean meet…you too.” he gulped and tried to look away and busy himself with his pool cleaning gear.

“Steve will take around 30 minutes to clean the filter and vacuum the pool, won’t you Steve?” said Sophie. “We should probably head inside so he can concentrate on his work.” Then, turning to him she said “Come and find us when you are ready.”

With that, we retreated inside. I may or may not have made a little “wheeee!” noise and skipped as we walked into the kitchen. Sophie smiled at my excitement, took my hand and lead me to the living room. I turned and hugged her.

“Thanks, Sophie. He looks lovely.” I said.

“Yes, he is. And well trained too. We’ll have fun.” she responded, pulling me down onto a couch with her.

I was horny and wanted to keep kissing and fondling Sophie while we waited for Steve. She calmed me down and gave me a gentle back massage, pushing me face down onto the soft cushions of the couch.

“Clear your mind, grasshopper. Ommmmm.” she intoned. I giggled and she gently slapped my bottom. I squirmed under her.

“Stay!” she instructed, rising. She left the room while I tried deep breathing exercises to slow my racing heart. Sophie returned holding two glasses of what I found to be brandy, high quality brandy from the smell and taste of it.

We sat there sipping our drinks while Steve completed his work on the pool. Eventually, Sophie rose and walked to the kitchen, returning to motion me to follow her there. We could see Steve skimming the pool for bugs and leaves. He had removed his shirt and was concentrating on his task. My lust returned and I licked my lips and moaned appreciatively, leaning over the kitchen bench to get a better view of this well muscled, lean young hunk. Sophie caught the vibe.

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