Anjali Ch. 02


This is the next part of my first story First Account of Anjali. I always wanted to fuck Anjali the best friend to my wife Prerna. They were practically sisters so the pleasure was double for me because of the incestuous angle. This story is about how me and Anjali proceeded after our first session in Anjali’s car.


Me and Anjali were returning. We were in her car and I was driving this time. I have lots of thoughts in my mind and I was sure that her brain was also racing. I just now had sex in a parking lot with the best friend of my beautiful wife in her car. I was in seventh heaven. Even after fucking such a beautiful babe and cumming that hard, my cock was already hard again and was pushing against my trousers. Anjali was adjusting herself time and again in her seat. She was shuffling her legs, squeezing her thighs. I knew her and my juices were flowing out of her pussy and she was conscious about her appearance when she was going to alight the car. I was looking at her time and again but she was lost in her thoughts. I wanted to make her comfortable. She was okay with us fucking but she couldn’t fight the aftershocks. Poor babe. I was unaware of how she was taking all this and I wanted to know.

“You ok there, Anjali?”

She didn’t reply me and kept looking at the road. May be she didn’t even heard what I said to her. Her hands were folded in her lap and she was relaxed as never before. I once more savoured her sexy contour and my cock moved in confines.

Soon we were entering the society and I was parking the car. I wanted to jump onto her with the first possible chance. I wanted Anjali for a long time and after having her once I wanted her again. We left the car and began walking towards the elevators. My dick was hard as a rock and I was going to grab her the moment we reached the elevator.

“Viren, they have cameras in lifts and are pretty serious about the PDA in there. They are almost the moral police around here,” Anjali whispered to me while pressing the elevator buttons without making eye contact with me.

She read my mind or she spoke hers!!

I looked at her with a wide grin, grabbed her wrist and pulled her inside the lift. In there I held her in a bear hug. Elevator doors were still open and I could feel the fear in Anjali’s heart but I kept her in my tight embrace. Doors closed and there were just two of us in the lift. She was literally shivering with the fear of camera.

“I don’t care who is watching us, Anjali. They don’t know me so I can pass for your boyfriend for them. And I promise you that I am not going to fuck that sweet pussy of yours in this filthy elevator, baby,” I whispered in her ear with my lips on her cheek.

She let out a deep moan and hugged me tight. My hand began to roam south on her back and I grabbed her ass. I was squeezing her ass and she was moaning on my neck. My hard dick was pressed between our bodies. She was ignorant towards the surroundings now and was lost in her lust. Her hands were moving on my back and I could feel her nails on my body. She was very turned on and so was I. I had a proper romantic love making in my mind for this time but it seemed that Anjali was hot as a bitch in heat and all she wanted was my cock in her love hole.

We were brought back to the reality by the ding of elevator door. It opened on us making out. Thank God there was nobody in the corridor or the poor girl would have been in trouble. She broke the embrace and we left the lift. We were walking towards our apartments. She held onto my arm tight and leaned towards me. I held her by her narrow waist. My hard cock was now making it difficult to walk.

We reached our block and she began to walk towards her apartment.

” Your place or mine, baby?” I asked her softly as she was unlocking the door.

She looked at me, kept looking for a while then smiled. I breathed of relief. She opened the door pushed me aside and shut the door on my face.

“Anj…!!” what happened there, I was clueless. I was standing there wondering she felt something wrong or she was playing with me. My phone buzzed and there was a text from her.

“Am I worth waiting, Viren?”

“You are worth waiting for a lifetime, beautiful.”

“Then wait at your place while you clean up the day long Mumbai from you. I won’t take long.”

“Sure thing. You want me to leave the front door unlocked?”

“Don’t be silly, Viren. And leave my door now, please.”

Hell she knew it all. I was still standing at her closed door like a pizza guy. I went to my place and began doing as instructed. My place was still in reception mode as I didn’t touch things on my arrival. So she would love it. I was lost in her thoughts. Suddenly I remembered her look on my wedding day. She looked sexy as hell in a not so heavy red churidar (you can google the dress in red color and imagine a very beautiful slim girl with glasses on, in it). I liked her style that day as well. Generally girls try to overrun the bride with their dresses but Hatay Escort Anjali was in her place and was slaying all including me. I wondered if she had this dress with her. I wanted her as she looked that day. I pulled a picture of her on my phone from that day, took a moment and sent it to her. This was the first thing I did after entering my place so she, as well, wasn’t in shower yet.

“So, you want me to come to your place in a wedding dress?” she texted me.

“Yeah, if you have this dress with you,” we were discussing our next meeting so normally that it felt like a routine thing. The awkwardness was gone and we were more about details.

“Fine. But I can’t cross the lobby all made so you do your things and you ring the bell, Viren. My place. 30 minutes,” she replied.

“Good for me.”

I put my phone down and went for shower. My mind was racing wild and my cock had no intention of settling down. On other day I would have jerked off in name of Anjali but I was about to have her again so I waited. I enjoyed a long cold bath and my cock felt relaxed.

I got out of bath and wore some nice looking casuals. Anjali gave me 30 minutes and I didn’t want her to wait. So exactly in 30 minutes I rang her doorbell.

Anjali answered the door, held it closed on me and said, “The door is open, Viren. I am leaving it as such. You count to 10, open it and find me.”

I could hear her footsteps going back. My heart was pounding in my chest with excitement and anticipation. I did as instructed, I opened the door after a while and I got in. I was expecting her hiding somewhere or at least in a bedroom behind a closed door. But there she was. Standing right in front me at a distance. She was leaning back on a white wall, hands behind her back and one foot crossed over another. She was looking exactly as I remembered her from the wedding day. She was wearing her beautiful red dress, a light make up, minimal jewellery and her hair was tied loose.

“Like what you see?” she asked looking down.

I kept on checking her out. God, she was beautiful. She was looking down but I could see her biting her lower lip. I could notice her gorgeous boobs rising with her heavy breathing.

She took a deep breath and looked up at me, ” Hi, Viren.”

“You look beautiful, Anjali,” I said walking towards her.

“Yeah, this is a beautiful dress a guess,” she smiled.

“No, this is a beautiful girl,” I stood in front of her and touched her waist gently.

“You want something?” she asked me leaving the wall and walking away towards the kitchen.

“That’s why I am here, I guess.”

“Beer?” she asked avoiding my move.

“Your choice,” I walked to her couch and sat down.

She opened a beer and made two drinks for both of us. She was walking towards me in all her glory with glasses in both her hands. She was exotic.

She handed me my drink. I thanked her. She was still standing next to me.

“You want to sit?” I asked her.

“You really want me to sit somewhere else?” she kicked my foot.

I cursed myself for being slow. I spread my legs apart. She moved between them and sat on my lap. She wasn’t wearing any perfume and her fragrance was intoxicating. I moved my hand and placed it on her lower back. My hand could feel the string of her dress and the band of her panty. I kept moving my hand slowly.

“Cheers, I guess!” I raised my glass.

She touched her glass to mine and took a small sip. She closed her eyes and relaxed her neck. Her hair fell on her shoulders and she shook her head to move them back. I was yet to take my first sip from the drink. I was lost in Anjali. Her beauty, her fragrance and her swag was making me go nuts. My cock was growing on my pants. My hand began to move upwards on her back. From her waist to where her bra strap was then to where the fabric of her dress ended and I felt the skin of her neck. I guided her towards me with a gentle push of my hand. She opened her eyes, gave me a seductive smile and closed them again. She was leaning towards me. I kept pushing her towards me until our lips were next to each other. I touched my lips onto hers and gave her a soft kiss. She moaned and placed her hand on my chest. She began to breath heavy and leaned some more into me. I pressed my lips on her sweet pink lips and began kissing her. The kiss was sweet like honey. I opened my lips and took her bottom lips in mine and began sucking it. She opened her mouth and allow me access. She was enjoying the kiss as much as I was. Her hand was moving on my chest and she was grabbing me shirt.

She broke the kiss to breathe and looked into my eyes which were blood red by then.

“You don’t want your drink, Viren?” she pointed out my full glass.

I put the glass on table and place my hand on her cheek. She took her glass to her lips, took a sip and placed her lips on mine. She was pouring beer into my mouth from her lips and I was drinking every drop or it. Some beer was dripping onto my shirt Hatay Escort Bayan from my chin. She was licking the beer off my chin while I was sucking her lips dry.

She put her glass aside, lifted her dress up and settled on my lap as if giving me a lap dance. Her both knees were on the couch and we were kissing like there was no tomorrow. She was giving me full smooch and was sucking my tongue. My hands were roaming on her back and I was grabbing her ass and squeezing her buns. She began grinding her ass on my hard cock. She held my face in her hands and was kissing my lips, licking my face and neck with her tongue. I inserted my hand in her dress from behind and touched her bare back. She shivered under my touch. I held her waist and pressed her on my cock. She was grinding her ass hard and my cock was going out of control.

I grabbed her thighs and got up taking her in my arms. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. We didn’t break the kiss. I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist and held her tight against me. I was so turned on that I wanted to fuck her right there but I wanted to enjoy her fully this time. So I walked towards my bedroom with that beautiful babe wrapped around me.

I kicked the bedroom door close behind me and threw Anjali on the bed. She settled on her back, folded her knees and raised her upper body on her elbows. Her hair were now loose and were scattered on her shoulders. She was very turned on and her face told it all. Her breathing was heavy. I held her ankle and pulled her towards the edge of bed. She sat on the bed with her feet touching the flood. I held her face in my hands and put my burning lips on her open lips. She grabbed the belt of my pants and pulled them down with my briefs. My long hard cock sprang in front of her face. She grabbed it with her one hand and gave it a squeeze. A moan escaped my lips. She was taking the charge and showing me what she wanted.

“Where you want it baby?” I asked her kissing her cheek.

“Let me tell you where I want this sweet cock of yours, Viren.”

She looked in my eyes and without breaking eye contact, she slightly got up from the bed and settled on the floor on her toes and knees. She pulled my cock to her lips, took her tongue out and touch the tip of my cock with her tongue. All this she did while making heavy eye contact with me. My face turned tense with excitement. I didn’t want to shoot my cum on her face too soon but that pretty face was too much to bear. She opened her lips and wrapped them around my cock head and gave it a soft suck. My head fell back and I groaned. Her too small actions were becoming too much for me. I needed to calm my mind. I raised her up by her shoulders and made her lie on the bed. I put my knee behind her ass on the bed and pushed her up. She moved up until she was fully on the bed. I came upon her and supported myself on my elbows on her.

“You are unbearably hot, Anjali,” I said kissing her neck “Let me just control myself or I may come too soon, baby.”

“You are very hot, Viren. You make me lose my grip my myself,” she kissed me on cheek.

My cock was leaking precum and was staining her dress.

“Lets make you more beautiful,” I said to her grabbing her dress and reising it above her head.

“You find me prettier naked, no?” she asked.

“Yes baby,” I said pulling her dress up.

She adjusted herself and raised her arms so that I could pull it off her body. She was wearing a red bra which looked very hot on her fair skin and gorgeous boobs.

“All red?” I asked her smiling.

“See for yourself,” she replied.

“Now I can’t wait to see,” I pulled her pants down and yes, she was wearing matching red panties.

I got up and kept looking at her. She was perfect. Tall frame, toned slim body, pretty boobs and very fair smooth skin. I was staring at her like a hungry baby and admiring every curve her body. There was already a wet spot on her panty and her chest was heaving.

I could not notice when she grabbed my wrist and pulled my onto her. I supported my weight or I would have fallen on her.

“Your eyes admire me a little too much, Viren,” she said.

“If only they could write a book on you, Anjali. I can’t tell you how beautiful you are,” I said trailing my fingers on her flat tummy.

“Tell me, Viren,” she whispered.

“You are beyond words baby,” I kissed her.

“Then tell me by your actions,” she whispered in my lips.

I held the elastic of her panty and pulled it down. Anjali lifted her ass to help me. I pulled it to her knees and then with my toes pulled it off her legs. I adjusted myself between her legs and she raised her body on her elbows.

“I want to see,” she said.

I threw some pillows behind her and made her relax. She opened her legs wide and bent her knees. She was soaking wet. There was so much juice from her pussy that the bedsheet was already wet.

“Its too bad to waste that nectar,” I said and lowered Escort Hatay my face on her pussy. I licked her pussy with my tongue. She threw her head back and cried with pleasure. I licked her pussy lips clean then opened them and began to lick her clitoris. Her taste was fabulous. So untouched, so pure.

“Oh Viren! You are making me mad, baby,” she cried.

She held my hair and began pulling them. She was hurting me and I began to lick hard. She was beating the bed with her hands, her legs were fixed around my head and she was throwing her head around. She was experiencing that pleasure for first time so I decided to give her more of it.

I opened her pussy lips with one hand and began to lick her pussy from inside. With my other hand I began to finger her deep. I was rubbing her hole and was fingering her, my rough tongue was doing its magic. Anjali wanted to escape my grip as the invasion was unbearable for her. But she was not enough for me physically. I kept on working her for a while with varying speed and she gave in. She came like a volcano erupted between her legs. Spurts after spurts of her cum were flowing from her pussy. She was crying and hurting me with her heels. I was lapping all her cum and the taste of her cum was making me mad. I savoured every last drop of it.

When her orgasm got over, her legs fell on the bed and her cries stopped. She relaxed. I put pillows back behind her head and raised her head. Her eyes were closed but that wasn’t the time for her to relax.

I positioned myself between her legs. Placed my cock on her now red pussy and whispered to her, “you wanted to see it, right?”

She opened her eyes surprised.

“It’s not over yet, baby,” I pressed my cock on her pussy.

Her lips opened to make way for my big cock. Her eyes opened wide. My cock slid in a little and her pussy gripped it tight.

“Relax baby,” I said.

I pulled it out and push it back in a little deeper this time. Her pussy made room for me. I pulled my entire length out rubbed her juice on it and shoved it back in her pussy deep. She was looking at our union as a child. I gave one last push and it was all inside her. She bit her lip to supress the cry of pain. That last push was violent but I could not control. She was wondering how can that tiny hole take entire 7 inches of my fat cock.

I kept my cock buried in her for a while and began to kiss her on her shoulders and around her neck. I moved my hands under her back and unclasped her bra. Her soft boobs got free. They were moving like jelly on her chest. I held one and took the nipple in my mouth. She gasped. I pulled my entire cock out and pushed back in. She was taken aback by the double assault and she grabbed my shoulders by her nails. I moved my tongue on her nipple and began to fuck her with slow pace. Long deep strokes on my cock were fucking her tight wet pussy well.

“Didn’t you ask to tell you by my actions?” I asked her squeezing her boob.

“Yes Viren, tell me,” she moaned.

I took her boobs on my mouth and began to suck them. I place one hand of mine under her ass, lifted her ass up and began to plough her pussy. My strokes were deep and long. She wasn’t feeling the pain but she could feel every inch of my cock. My cock was now hitting her cervix deep inside her vagina. She let out a groan every time I got it. This began to give me pleasure and I began to fuck her harder. My strokes became deeper and more violent. Soon her groans turned into cries and this turned me on even more.

“You like it baby?” I asked fucking her hard.

“Go easy, Viren, please. You are hurting me,” her wide open eyes were moist and she was frightened.

I kept on thrusting my cock even deeper in her pussy hitting her back wall every time. I was enjoying her pain. Her boobs were spread on her chest and were moving like butter with my thrusts. Her lips were open and she was hurting my shoulders with her nails.

“You want to taste your pussy juice on my cock, baby? Maybe you can give some relax to your pussy,” I asked her.

“Please, Viren,” she pleaded.

I pulled out my cock from her pussy. It was dripping wet with her juices. I climbed on her and put my wet cock on her open lips. She opened her mouth wide and took my cock in. Her head was elevated on pillows. I began to move my hips and began to fuck her pink lips. Her mouth was as tight as her vagina was. I was fucking her mouth and inside her mouth her tongue was playing on my dick head. This was too much sensation to bear. My balls were on the verge of explosion. I didn’t want to cum in her mouth without her permission.

“I may cum soon, honey. Where you want it?” I pulled my cock from her lips. One more lick from her would have made me cum.

She spread her legs and invited me into a hug, “Let me feel you on me while I fill my pussy, Viren.”

I fell in her arms. Raised my hips and buried my cock deep in her pussy. As it hit the end of her tunnel, my cock exploded. The hot semen began to fill her love hole. She was squeezing her pussy muscles as it trying to milk every drop out of me. I fell dead in her embrace, it was like my soul was leaving my body through my penis.

“Ohh Anjali! You are so good, baby, so good,” only this could escape my lips as I came so hard.

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