Anita’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 05

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Chapter Five: Fantasy Lingerie Model

After that weird Steven and Bubba incident things took a twist. I was now spending more time with Steven, mostly due to his constant bribes. It started a few days later when I came home from school and found a present on my bed. I opened the box and found some revealing lingerie with a note from Steven to model it for him. Of course the modeling sessions ended up in touch and feel sessions where Steven would tell me to take the “braw” off, leaving me topless. Then the bottoms came off and Steven would fuck me on his bed.

There wasn’t much foreplay in all of this except for the modeling and seldom was there any oral or even kissing. It wasn’t like when I was with Billy. It would seem every few days there was a new piece for me to model. I liked the light blue see-thru panties with the small skirt which let my butt cheeks stick out. I think Steven’s favorite was the sheer black bikini with the nipples and crotch cut out. The darn thing had bright “yallow” tassels along the hems. This went of for a few weeks. I was getting quite the lingerie collection and needed a few more draws to store all this stuff. I could just imagine asking Pa for a larger chest of drawers to store all the undergarments Steven was buying me.

One day I came home and Steven had gotten me the black bikini outfit I had previously mentioned, the one missing some key material. Like Pavlov’s dog runnin’ for the bell, I put the outfit on and headed to his room where he sat istanbul escort waiting and grinning on the edge of his bed.

I walked and pranced in front of Steven with my nipples and poontang poking out from the material. What kind of Yankee pervert designs this stuff? I strutted back and forth, did a few turns, a couple of bows from both angles and then the request. “Remove the braw, Sunny.”

I didn’t exactly know why. My bare nipples were already poking through. I could count the square inches it covered on one hand, I think. I undid the “braw” and let Steven see my “neck-ed” boobies. Steven patted his leg and I sat on his lap. He played with my titties and then sucked on them. I pretty much knew his routine. The crotch rub came next. I grabbed his crotch, gave him “oohs” and an “aahs” to make his male ego feel good and then he would plow me. I would kiss him on the cheek and thank him for the lingerie, although this one would take an acting job. This wasn’t my first rodeo.

Something different happened this time. Billy walked in on us. He was very nonchalant and eating an apple. I was laying cross-ways on the bed with my head half off the edge of the bed. Billy came up to me, gave me a kiss on the forehead and said, “Want a bite as he held out his apple toward my face.”

I was both bored and a little hungry and said, “Sure.” Billy held the apple to my face as I took a bite and chewed it practically in Steven’s face while he was fucking me. Billy said, “Pa is looking ataköy escort fer ya. Should I tell him you’re in Steven’s room?”

I looked at Billy as if he was crazy and said, “NO!”

“Just kidding,” Billy continued. I was wondering why Mr. Six O’clock hasn’t seen you in a while.

“I’m sorry Billy,” I responded. “I have been spending some time with Steven to kind-a even things out.” I didn’t want to blame Steven while he was slipping me his pork.

“Mind if I join in?” Billy asked, not seeming to direct the question to either one of us.

“I have no problem if Steven doesn’t mind,” I said.

Steven said between grunts, “Sure kid, just grab an open hole.”

Billy slipped his pants down and put his dick in my face. I opened my mouth to accept generous offer. I sucked on Billy while our brother fucked my pussy. I was really giving up the poontang today. I was giving Billy the treatment: long licks up and down his shaft, some ball sucking, followed by a hard face fucking with Billy having a hold of me by the pony tail.

Steven watched me sucking on Billy while he hammered my pussy. “Damn! Sunny has gotten real good at giving head. Mind swapping places with you brother?”

Billy obliged Steven. “Well, being family and all, I guess it’s all right.”

Billy and Steven swapped places. Billy had no trouble entering my already wet pussy. Steven stood there with his dick in my face. It was covered with my pussy juice. avcılar escort It tasted rancid. “Go wash this off, if you want it sucked.” I instructed him.

I discovered that all men would be willing to wash their cock for a blow job. Steven came back from the bathroom, drying himself off with my towel, the little shit. Steven stuck his clean cock in my face. It smelled a little like Chantilly, my usual perfume.

Since Steven went to all that trouble for me, I decided to reward him with a great, shaft tonguing, ball licking, cum swallowing blow job. I eagerly went to work on his Game Cock, sucking, licking, slurping and burping while Billy was busy at the other end keeping my poontang happy and smiling.

Billy’s huge cock slamming into me brought me off. I got Steven’s bed wet like never before. Steven’s cock just didn’t make me that wet. You would think a ten inch cock would get me off as well as a twelve inch cock, but for some reason that was not the case. I guess that’s what makes us who we are, and that is why I am Anita Biggerstaff.

My pussy was tight around Billy’s big dick. He came in me and shortly after his cum oozed out of me onto Steven’s bed; Steven blew his load into my mouth. I laid there for a moment loose as a goose, enjoying the afterglow of my orgasms.

Steven declared, “We will have to do that again soon.”

Billy agreed, “That was more fun than a monkey at breakfast.”

I just laughed. That was a new one on me. Billy had more sayings than a politician has excuses. I sat up and pointed down toward my brother’s feet. “Okay,” I said. “But next time we will both lose the socks.” They nodded in agreement.

I bolted out of the room with my clothes. I had a quick urge to lock the bathroom door.

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