An Office Affair Ch. 01


To everyone else in the office we are nothing more feuding upper management. I don’t like the way you go about business, bleeding hearts don’t make for profits. You think I’m a “hard ass that need to lighten up.” The office sees up bicker and fight. We had an argument in the break room today. We were arguing about how to handle some contracts. Since we both have the same job title we are equals in the companies eye no one can pull rank. But we both like being in charge. It ended with you telling me to mind my own business and storming out.

An hour later I tell my secretary to call you and as you to come to my office. She looks uneasy about it having heard about the blow up in the break room already. I tell her that you and I have something we need to finish discussing and that I other than your arrival I don’t want to be disturbed until we are done. As I walk into my office she picks up the phone slowly to call you. My office like yours is rather large, with a private restroom a great view of the city, my large oak desk a couple chairs and a comfy look black leather couch that I’ve been caught napping on more than once.

I grin as I sit at my desk, “If they only knew.”

The phone rings in your office. As you pick up you can already guess what this is about. As the message is relayed to you from my secretary. “What does he want?” You reply in an annoyed tone. My secretary timidly replies that she doesn’t know and was only told that we had things to discuss. Your reply is an annoyed “Fine I’ll be there in a few minutes.” You take your time leaving Escort Kız your office on the other side of the floor. You tell your secretary where you will be and that you don’t want to be disturbed there. This may take some time if it’s about what you suspect. Then you walk away knowing by the time you cross the floor most of the floor will know where you are and be expecting a blow up. “If they only knew” runs through your mind.

You storm across the floor into my office slamming the door behind you. “What is this all about” you say loud enough to be heard through the door.

“You know very well what this is about.” I say as I stand up and cross my office quickly. Now I’m nose to nose with you. “And keep your voice down you know how thin these alls are, I bet the whole office could hear your entrance.”

You just eye me, neither of use backing down. I take a couple steps forward forcing you back. “Now just calm down I asked you in here to talk.”

You back up against the door. “Yeah sure you did, you just want to try and pull rank but you know you can’t do that, we are equals here.” I reach behind you locking the door without looking like I had done it a hundred times before. “Fine 5 minutes that’s all you have then I have to get back to work.”

Our eyes remain locked for another minute. Then without warning we both break into a smile and share a long passionate kiss. While we kiss we make our way to the couch. “Good job in the break room today. I wasn’t expecting you do pull something so public and well loud. They’ll be talking about it for a week.” I say.

“Well you just have a way or making me … scream.” You reply as our lips lock again.

I lay you back on the couch and trail my kisses down your neck to the little exposed cleavage. I know I don’t have time to completely disrobe you as much as I would love too. So I hike up your skirt and kiss any available flesh. I slide your panties off and drop them to the floor right below me.

My kisses and licks circle your lady. Teasing her getting ever so close but never really touching her lips. I tease you for a few minutes. I figure by now your heart is racing and your worried that the people in the office might hear us.

I know how you worry about that, and I know how it turns you on that we might get caught. I run my tongue from the lowest point of our lady (nearest your ass) and slowly lick up wards to test your arousal. Noticing how wet you are already I decide it’s time to spread your lips. I use my lips to open yours, first one then the other, my left hand comes up to hold them open.

I give another long lick “bottom to top” and hear a soft moan escape your mouth. This time when I reach your clit instead of pulling away I leave my tongue there and begin “massaging” and flicking at your clit with my tongue. Slowly at first to make sure you aren’t too sensitive. Quickly my tongue speeds up. As it does you start moaning, your hips occasionally move. I can see you trying to find a way to quiet yourself.

That’s when I start sucking on your clit as well. I alternate massaging it with my tongue and sucking on it. Soon after I start massaging it while I’m sucking on it. Now I’m alternating massaging, sucking and both at the same time. I can tell that you are quickly forgetting about the people outside. I wonder if I shouldn’t have brought a ball gag for you.

That’s when I bring my right hand up and slowly insert my middle and ring fingers. When they are in there I gently curl them up and begin making a “come here” motion while looking for that elusive G-spot of yours.

I quickly find the spot I’m looking for I can tell by your reaction. My figures now massaging inside your lady, my mouth still massaging and sucking on your clit. You are quickly loosing yourself. Your hips begin to buck hard, I keep my face with it the best I can. It isn’t long before you’re ready to cum. Your breathing changes, your lady begins contracting, juices are flowing. You fight to not let yourself get too loud.

When it has subsided I sit back on the couch with you and kiss you again, your juices still fresh on my face. After a moment we wash up in the private bath room. You playfully ask me “Why do I never get to call you into my office?”

I simply reply “Because I like to pull rank.” And we both know that means you like being the submissive one. Then you go to collect your panties and I go back to my desk preparing for the rest of the day.

You realize you can find them, you look at me standing behind my desk holding your panties. You come walking over to grab them but I have them locked in my desk before you get there. “You’re going to have to come earn these back after work today.” We both smile wickedly at each other.

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