Amy’s Evening In The Hollywood Hills


Perched high in the Hollywood Hills, our generous host’s home offers a million dollar view to match it’s multi-million dollar price tag. The perfect setting for a brave new adventure long in the making.Seductively smiling at you, I pull you closer.  I can feel the heat of your body while I trace your face with my fingertip, pausing for a moment as it traverses your lips. Your eyes close as I continue down your neck to your collar bone, tipping your head back as I place both hands on your shoulders and gently slide them down your arms until I reach your slender hands.  As I do, you squeeze mine in return, letting me know how much you like my touch.Breaking your grasp, I move both hands lower again, down each hip until reaching your upper thighs just below the bottom of your delicate sun dress. I slide them around you to lightly graze your perfectly round ass before returning to your hips to grasp the hem of your dress.  Slowly I lift it and you raise your arms for me, allowing me to pull it above your head and off of you.  It’s too pretty to just throw on the floor, so I gingerly toss it onto the back of  a chair that is near us.Your body is spectacular.  Nicely tanned and with not even a freckle of imperfection, you look like you’ve been air brushed.  I love your simple white thong and matching push up bra.  A light breeze blows in the open windows and I can see goose bumps raise on your arms and thighs, along with two larger bumps beneath your bra.You turn away as I watch and slowly walk outside before stopping and placing your hands on the deck rail. Your body is perfect.  I can see an alluring amount of space between your thighs and the heart shaped curvature of your bottom.  Your waist is to be envied, as is your perfect amount of side boob.  Your brunette hair blows in the breeze, occasionally falling again to cover your back to a place just below your shoulder blades.I follow you outside now.  My husband is sitting near the fireplace to our right, where he had gone a little while ago to give us Kuşadası escort some privacy.  You don’t want privacy do you?  You wouldn’t have come out here if you did.  He didn’t want to make me nervous by watching me as I tried to figure this all out tonight, but you don’t care if I am.  It’s ok actually, because surprisingly I am not.I move closer to you now before my body makes contact with yours.  I smell your wonderful fresh hair before lightly kissing your neck, my hands wrapped around your body.  I slide them up higher over your rib cage until making contact with your bra.  I cup the underside of your breasts gently before lifting and pressing them togther more firmly.  I hear a small moan escape your parted lips.  A finger slides beneath your bra, searching for more.  I find it in the form of your hardened dime-sized nipple. A louder moan comes from you now.My other hand slides down your tummy until my fingers find the top of your tiny G-string.  I slide them inside, exploring the freshly waxed smoothness and tiny target that you have prepared for me tonight. Hooking a finger in the waist, I pull it downward until it falls to your ankles.  You step out of it as my hands reconvene at your bra, unclasping it and removing it as well.I glance back at my husband now.  His belt is unbuckled and his pants are open.  He’s stroking his cock slowly, which is just beginning to harden.You turn to face me now, your perfectly rounded breasts standing firmly at attention. You pinch your nipples lightly as you wait for me to disrobe for you.  Your eyes glance over at my husband for the first time yourself and you smile at the sight of his beautiful erect penis while he enjoys your body.I slide the spaghetti string of my feather-light sun dress from one shoulder, before following with the other.  Gravity does the rest as it falls to the floor.  Unlike you, there are no undergarments to remove since I came here tonight fully aware that I would not be needing them.  You smile seductively Kuşadası escort bayan with a sparkle in your eyes and I can see that you approve of my body as well.  You move forward and gently grasp the sides of my face before placing your warm and wet lips against mine in a soft and lingering kiss.You drop a hand slowly, tracing down my body, over my breast, and to my side before finding my hand and moving toward the door to return us to warmer confines. As we walk bare-footed back inside toward the sofa, the sound of my husband’s dress shoes on the floor behind us tells me he knows I am no longer nervous.  I want him to follow.  I want him to watch.You direct me to sit on the sofa and lie back, never losing contact. My hair cascades around me and I open my knees so you can crawl closer.  You hover above me, your hair dangling just low enough to brush my skin as you survey my body. My breasts tingle as your hair drags across them, my nipples hardening and shrinking to show you I want more.  You touch one with the tiniest amount of contact, your tongue begging you to allow it to move it closer, your teeth wanting to join in as well.  All in good time.Your head lifts, searching for my mouth which it finds with an additional move upward.  You lower your lips in a teasing kiss.  I lift my head and press back harder. Much harder.  Your lips are soft and warm. They feel better than a man’s.  Our tongues dart in and out of each other and I hear myself give a muffled moan. We breathe in and out through each other, not wanting to break the contact.Our breasts press together.  We are both so well endowed that there is little room for them between our petite frames.  I’m hot, really hot and can feel the sweat beginning to start between us, our skin sticking together. I lift my knees and wrap my legs around you. If you had a cock I would be begging you to fuck me by now, but you don’t and I could care less. You’re soft and perfect, not prickly like a man.  No wonder bodrum escort bayan men love women, we feel incredible!I can feel my pussy growing wetter as we finally break our kiss.  I turn my head, realizing I have been oblivious to my husband’s presence.  He is reclined in a large leather love seat and is no longer dressed.  He’s stroking his now rigid cock very slowly, enjoying the action but in no hurry to pleasure himself.  I know what he’s thinking, that he’s never had a threesome before and hopes this is the night.  I don’t know if it will be yet, this is my fantasy, not his.  Can I mix my first experience with a woman with our first threesome, or will it have to wait for another fantasy night?  I’m not sure yet, so he’ll have to wonder for a while longer.You slide down my body now, breaking the hold my legs have on you. Your breasts slide easily over my skin and brush my belly piercing. I grab at you to resist, knowing what you want but not sure that I do. You push my hands away, not to be denied what you desire.  I feel the warmth of your hands again as they gently push my thighs open to my feined resistance.  My body accepts its fate. I want this.You brush your hair back over your shoulder to get it out of the way for yourself.  It has the additional benefit of allowing me to watch you as well.  I feel my head being lifted and realize it’s my husband. He places a small decorative pillow under it to allow me to watch without effort.  I give his cock a thank you stroke before he sits on the end of the couch to watch.  Sly move.  Not yet honey.I had myself waxed this morning for you and it’s probably the best one I’ve ever had by pure luck.  I want to be perfect for you. I have a very compact vagina with the smallest of slits – Barbie like in appearance. Your breath is hot and moist as you look up at me with the kindest of eyes that tell me I’m safe. You extend your tongue and touch me with the slightest contact, so close to my clit but yet miles away.  You’re torturing me.  Before I can beg you to, you kiss me on my magic spot before plunging your tongue forward with more forc. My body wrythes. Bliss.Your face is so soft as it touches me, unlike the roughness of a man’s face that is all I have ever known. I love this. I feel myself growing wetter as you attend to me and I lift my hips in approval.

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