Amy’s Christmas Guest Ch. 09

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As we ate, we discussed plans for the following day. Laura was determined to finish her canvas, and Amy wanted to carry on picking my brains to get ready for her placement.

“I’m sorry, Pam,” I said. “Tell you what, the day after tomorrow, all studying, painting, seriousness of any kind is banned. We’ll all go out somewhere for the day, then I’ll bribe these two to go out to the cinema for the evening and you and I can have the place to ourselves.”

Amy and Laura pantomimed knowing expressions. “That’s enough, you two,” said Pam, smiling. “We did have a life before you two girls gatecrashed, you know.”

After breakfast the next day, Laura disappeared back into the dining room, while Amy and I went through to the extension and picked up where we’d left off the previous day, working steadily all morning. Pam made us all sandwiches for lunch; she was careful to let Laura take her plate at the dining room door, so as not to risk catching an unintended glimpse of Laura’s canvas.

When Pam came back through to the extension to collect our plates, she said, “I think I’ll pop into town myself this afternoon, have a look round. Perhaps I’ll find something to go with that lovely necklace, Tim.”

“Great idea,” I said. “Might it have something to do with tomorrow night, by any chance?”

“Could just be,” said Pam smiling. She left, and we heard the car door shut and Pam drive away.

“Ready for a break?” asked Amy, her face giving away what she had in mind.

“Definitely,” I replied. “How about upstairs?”

Amy nodded. “Can I go up first, though?” she asked.

“Of course. How long shall I wait?”

“Mmm, count to…. two hundred, slowly,” she said.

“Gosh, that’s quite a long time. You could have hidden anywhere by the time I finish.”

“Oh, I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding me,” she said, her voice already full of promise.

She walked back through to the house, and I started to count.

“A hundred and ninety-eight, a hundred and ninety-nine, two hundred.” I was tempted to call “Coming ready or not!” but I decided it would distract Laura.

I climbed the stairs, and first looked in the girls’ room. No sign of Amy. I checked the bathroom, but it was empty. I went into the master bedroom, but the bed was disappointingly vacant. Then I realised that I could hear the sound of running water from the en suite bathroom. I walked over and looked round the doorway. The generously-sized corner bath was filling, and Amy stood, unclothed, with one foot on the raised side of the bath.

“Mmm,” I said. “Leonardo missed a great subject by being born too early to sketch you.”

Amy dimpled. “Flattery will get you everywhere,” she said.

“I’m hoping so,” I said. “Looks like the water’s deep enough now.”

Amy nodded and turned the taps off. “You first,” she said. I quickly undressed, then stepped into the bath and lowered myself onto the submerged seating. Amy followed, sitting opposite me and stretching her legs out.

“Remember the first time you ever turned me on, in the hot tub at Mum’s house?” she asked. “Actually, that’s not really true – you turned me on before that without even knowing it.”

“Really?” I said. “Tell me more.”

“It was the previous summer – you and Pam had come to visit – and I was just beginning to recognise what being aroused felt like. When you came through the door, before you even got near me, I felt it, then you came over and gave me a hug, squeezing my breasts right against your chest. I’m sure you did it just to be friendly, but I’m still surprised you couldn’t tell that I was suddenly very turned on indeed.”

“I had no idea,” I confessed.

“I couldn’t talk to Mum or Sally about it, so I just wrote in my diary.”

“Hmm, that’d make interesting reading,” I said. “Will you show me?”

Amy went even pinker than the warm water had already made her. “Maybe,” she replied. I wondered if her embarrassment was related to what she’d written about me, or whether she’d recorded other thoughts and fantasies.

“Anyway,” she said, “when you visited last Christmas I’d already decided that I’d risk showing you how I felt.”

“Well, now you know some of my previous story, you’ll understand why I didn’t put up any resistance,” I grinned.

“I was so relieved when you weren’t angry with me,” admitted Amy. “And then when we got in the hot tub, I was wondering how we were actually going to start – how I could get you to begin touching me without it seeming contrived. Your way was perfect.”

“I’m glad,” I said. I stretched out a foot and touched her ankle.

She smiled. “Nothing wrong with using a tried and tested solution.”

“Of course, variety can be helpful too,” I said. I reached for a bottle on the side of the bath, and put a little liquid onto my fingers. I reached over to her and gently slid my soapy fingertips over her breasts and onto her nipples.

She gasped, and said, “Mmm, you’re right.”

I caressed her leg with my foot, and continued to touch her breasts, sometimes escort bayan using my hands to cup them and rub the slippery soap over them, then gently bringing my fingers together till both her nipples were sliding through my fingertips.

“I think I want you in me now,” she said.

“OK,” I said. “Turn round.” She shifted position, kneeling on the wide submerged shelf with her back to me and parting her legs to give me full access. I stood, my hips level with her, and positioned my tip at her entrance.

“Mmm,” she said. “Enter me.”

I slid myself into her, penetrating her as deeply as I could. Then I stroked her back with my still-soapy hands.

“Move in me,” she begged, her voice taking on the throaty quality I knew meant she was extremely aroused.

I started to slowly withdraw then thrust again, my hands now holding her hips in a gentle grip.

She started to gasp, and I moved more quickly.

“Do you and Pam do it this way?” she managed.

“Sometimes,” I said. “Would you like to watch us again?”

“I’d… like… tha…” she tried to say, then “Ohhhhh!,” she climaxed, her muscles rippling around me, triggering my own orgasm, and I used my hands on her hips to draw us together, penetrating her as fully as I could while spurting into her depths.

I withdrew from her, and drew her into my lap as I sat down again in the water. She put her arms around me, and we sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes.

“I think the water’s going a little cold,” she said.

“Hmm, we’d better get out,” I agreed. “Probably Pam will be back in a bit.”

We dressed, and were back in the extension, me drawing flowcharts rapidly and Amy making notes, when Pam returned.

“Still at it, you two?” she said. “Laura was just cleaning her brushes, I assume that’s a good sign.”

“Must be,” said Amy. “Let’s go through and see if she’s ready to reveal all.”

Laura was in the kitchen putting her damp brushes tidily away in their case when we went back into the house.

“Hi,” she said. “Do you want to see?”

“Is it really finished?” said Amy. In answer, Laura walked to the dining room door and pushed it open. “Go in and look,” she invited.

Amy was first in, and Pam and I followed. Laura had positioned the easel so that her canvas was illuminated by one of the ceiling spots, and all three of us stopped in our tracks as our eyes fell on the picture.

As I’d anticipated, the image was of a girl, nude, reclining. The viewpoint was from behind her right shoulder, so her face was not seen. In front of her, almost as though she floated above it, was an azure sea, strangely lit, not warm or tropical, but not stormy or forbidding either; simply calm. Above her, a blue sky at the horizon, fading to darkness above – not the velvet of space, but a flat, almost dull black.

There was nothing soft or sentimental about the picture, every line was sharp, the light somehow penetrating, the colours bright. It was totally realistic in one sense, yet utterly unworldly.

Though the girl’s face was not shown, somehow the way she was depicted conveyed a profound impression; she was an unfallen Eve, and Mary face to face with the angel, and yet – to Tim’s eyes – unmistakeably also Amy herself. Although the girl was unclothed, there was nothing erotic about the painting.

We stood transfixed, as though time had stood still. Then, as if waking from a dream, I said, “Laura, that’s remarkable. I can see where you got at least part of your inspiration from.” Laura nodded.

Amy looked puzzled, and Pam said, “I’ll show you later – I have an art book with the picture in that Tim has in mind.”

“Does it have a title, Laura?” Pam continued.

Laura thought for a while, and shook her head. “Not yet,” she replied.

“Your show is the day after tomorrow, isn’t it?” asked Amy.

“That’s right,” said Laura.

“Are you all prepared?” enquired Pam.

“I am now,” smiled Laura. “This was the last piece, and the centre of my show.”

“Great,” said Pam. “Well, let’s have something to eat, and we can talk about where we want to go tomorrow.”

She made spaghetti bolognese, and we sat down at the dining table, occasionally looking over at Laura’s now-uncovered canvas, picking out features we’d not noticed at first glance.

“How about something really simple tomorrow, like a long walk in the country with a stop at a pub?” suggested Pam.

“Sounds great,” said Amy. Laura nodded.

“Settled, then,” I said. “I’ll look at the map and work out something not too strenuous, with somewhere to have lunch about half way.”

We all went to bed early; Amy and Laura disappeared into their room, and Pam and I went through to our en suite.

“Want a bath?” I asked Pam. She nodded. I started the water running as Pam undressed and sat in the corner bath, the water rising up her legs and then past her thighs to her waist. As the water lapped at the bottom of her breasts, I climbed in opposite her and watched her soap herself, altıparmak escort bayan her hands running over her breasts and nipples, then down over her stomach and between her legs.

She followed the direction of my eyes, and said, smiling, “Remember, your surprise is not till tomorrow night.”

“I might die of frustration before then if you keep doing that,” I said.

“Wups, sorry,” she said. She rinsed, then stood up, dripping, and got out of the bath to dry. I followed her, and held her close for a moment, body to body, skin to skin, then released her. She lay down in the bed, and I lay beside her.

“Till tomorrow then,” I said.

“Tomorrow,” she said, with a note of promise in her voice.

I reached for the light switch, then pulled the duvet over us and we slept.

In the morning the girls were ready early, in jeans, sweaters, and woolly hats, carrying their walking boots and a rucksack each. We had a quick breakfast, then all got in the car for the drive to the starting point of our walk. The day was cold, but clear, and when we left the car park the frosty grass crunched under our feet. We made good time, and the bar staff were only just putting out the menus when we arrived at the pub I’d selected.

We had a good lunch and a couple of drinks each, and took the afternoon’s walk at a slower pace to begin with. Our route took us through a wooded valley, and after a short while Amy said, “Oops, I really need to pee. I’ll nip behind a bush. Uncle Tim, will you stay on the path and warn me if anyone comes?”

Laura and Pam walked on ahead, chatting, and Amy took a few steps off the path. Instead of going out of sight behind the bushes as I’d anticipated, she stopped where I could see her, and did what she needed to do, looking at me with a conspiratorial smile on her face. Then she walked back to me, and glancing up the path to make sure Laura and Pam were out of sight, kissed me briefly on the lips. “Miss you,” she said. I nodded.

We caught Pam and Laura up after a few minutes. “OK now?” asked Pam. “Definitely,” nodded Amy.

When we reached the car, I could tell that the girls were beginning to tire. “Bet you’re bushed, Laura,” I said.

She nodded. “In a good way, though. I enjoyed today, it took my mind off being nervous about the show.”

I drove us home, and said, “OK, girls. When you’re ready, here’s some money to go out – you can tell us about the film when you get back.”

Amy and Laura quickly changed, and were gone.

“Now,” said Pam, “for your surprise. Give me fifteen minutes, then come up.”

She went up the stairs, and I went into the dining room. I looked at Laura’s picture of Amy for a few minutes in silence. Then I turned to climb the stairs to where I knew my wife would be waiting for me.

Pam was standing by the window, her back to me, wearing a simple but sexy black dress. The back of the dress was cut low, and she had put her hair up, so I could see the chain of her new necklace.

She turned to me as I entered the room and I saw the diamonds sparkling at her throat. I moved toward her and she came into my arms. I kissed her on the lips and she responded warmly.

“Now for the surprise,” she said. “Unzip my dress, it fastens at the front.”

I slowly lowered the zip, and as the dress drew apart, it revealed the curves of Pam’s bare breasts. “Now that is a nice surprise,” I said. I bent to kiss each breast. Pam made a low sound of appreciation, and shrugged the dress off her shoulders. The garment slid to the floor, and she stepped out of it.

She moved over to the bed, and lay down on her side, one leg bent to open herself to me. “Come over here and show me how much you like your surprise,” she said. I went to her, quickly undressing, and lay down beside her.

I bent to take one nipple in my mouth. She closed her eyes and made a low moan of pleasure. I moved one hand between her legs and started to touch her; she was already very wet.

“Move round behind me,” she asked huskily. I complied, and she shifted position, remaining on her side and drawing her legs towards her body so that her opening was fully accessible to me from behind. I put the tip of my penis against her entrance. “Mmm, in me,” she said. I flexed my hips, and was deep in her. She gasped.

I began to move in her, and reached my hand around to stroke her breasts and nipples. She began to moan quietly, and reached her arm round behind her to stroke my thigh as my hips thrust against her.

“I’m so close,” she whispered. I moved more rapidly, and suddenly she cried out. I felt her muscles ripple around my penis, and climaxed almost immediately myself, releasing into her.

Her panting gradually slowed, and she pushed her hips back against me as I wrapped my arms around her to hold her close.

“Nice surprise for me too,” she said. I turned out the light, and soon I could tell by her breathing that she was asleep.

I lay awake for a while, and eventually heard the front nilüfer eskort door open and close quietly, and whispered voices coming up the stairs, then silence again. I drifted off to sleep.

Early the next morning I helped Laura get her picture into Amy’s car, and they set off to prepare for the show. Pam and I had a leisurely breakfast, then I drove us to the Art School on the campus to meet the girls, and to see all of the pieces that year’s students were showing.

The space Laura had been assigned was perfect, and seeing her canvas hung on a gallery wall, looking at it from a distance, I realised afresh what a brilliant piece it was. Amy came and stood beside me.

“It makes me feel quite humble, knowing that there’s at least something of me in that,” she said.

Her face fell. “Part of the point of the exhibition is for people to be able to buy the paintings,” she said. “What if someone wants to buy Laura’s picture?”

At that moment Laura arrived, looking absolutely in her element. She must have caught Amy’s words, because she grinned and said, “Don’t worry about that. The picture is a gift to you and your uncle and aunt.”

I watched Amy’s face as she realised what Laura was saying. Tears brimmed in her eyes, and she took Laura’s hand, pressing her friend’s fingers almost painfully. “Thanks, Laura,” she whispered.

“Gosh, Laura, I don’t know what to say,” I managed.

“How about, ‘Let me get you some lunch’?” she grinned. “The show’s finished now, and I’ll come back later to pack up. But we’ll take the picture with us if that’s OK – I can’t wait to see it hanging at your place.”

I looked around for Pam; she was admiring an abstract sculpture on the other side of the gallery. I waved her over and explained about the painting. She thanked Laura warmly.

“I’m going to treat us to lunch,” I said.

“Great,” Pam replied. “How about your favourite Italian place in town?”

A concerned look flashed across Amy’s face, but I grinned. “Perfect,” I said.

We made sure the gallery would be secure, then carefully put Laura’s picture in the boot and got in the car for the short drive into town. As I opened the door to the restaurant, Mario looked up and smiled broadly. “Three lovely ladies today,” he said in Italian. I grinned.

We had an excellent meal, then drove home. I went into the garage and found the items I’d need to hang the picture. Pam was in the dining room with Amy and Laura trying to decide the best location for it.

“Here,” said Pam, pointing to the longest wall. “It needs as much space to itself as we can give it.”

I nailed up the hooks, and carefully lifted the picture onto them, levelling it.

“Perfect,” said Amy.

Laura nodded. Then her face showed a sudden recollection. “Hey, Amy,” she said, “isn’t your car still on campus?”

“Oops,” said Amy, “we came back in Tim’s car, didn’t we. Laura, if Tim takes you up there, would you mind driving the Mini back for me?”

“Sure, if Tim doesn’t mind taking me,” said Laura. I thought I detected a message passing between the two girls, and decided to go along with whatever they had cooked up between them this time.

“No problem,” I said. “Come on, Laura.”

Amy handed Laura her car key, Laura and I got back in my car for the drive back to campus. When I got to the turning for the Art School, Laura said, “Can we pop up to my hall room first?”

I remembered the last time I’d been in Laura’s room, and began to wonder what I might be in for. I drove the car to the hall of residence, and parked. We walked through the door, and pressed the lift call button. The lift arrived, and we got in.

As soon as the lift doors closed, Laura was in my arms, trembling and kissing me. Then she broke off. “You don’t mind, do you, Tim?”

“Not at all,” I said. “I take it Amy is OK with this?”

She grinned. “Absolutely.”

The lift doors opened again, and she pulled me down the corridor to her room. She closed the door behind us, and again kissed me, her fingers deftly undoing my shirt buttons. She slid my shirt from my shoulders, and ran her hands over my chest, then bent to kiss my nipples.

“Mmm,” I said, “I remember you were good at this.” She smiled against my skin, and moved her tongue against my nipple.

I gasped, and said, “Or were you holding back last time?”

Her voice was amused. “Just different,” she said.

She unfastened my belt and took off my jeans and boxer shorts, then knelt to kiss my already-erect penis. Then she stood, and I watched her as she unbuttoned the crisp white blouse she’d worn for her art show, and unzipped her skirt. She stood before me in a lacy white bra and matching panties, her blonde hair loose.

I paused, enjoying both the solemnity of the moment and the anticipation, then slowly reached behind her and unfastened her bra, releasing her breasts as Amy had done the previous time. Then I gently pulled down Laura’s panties, and she was naked before me.

“If I could paint, I’d love to do a picture of you,” I said.

“Perhaps I’ll do a self-portrait to hang on the opposite wall to the one of Amy,” she mused, her gaze becoming thoughtful.

I leaned over to kiss her firmly on the lips. “I know what you’re like – don’t zone out on me now,” I smiled. “Plenty of time for painting, I’ll make sure of it.”

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