Alpa, A Sweetest Thing


Hi guys, this is Sujith, doing my first submission to Although I wanted to submit another story of mine as my first one, but I haven’t finished writing it. Will come soon with that, for now I would like to share one of my true experience here.

This is about me and one of my friend’s sister, Her name Alpa. My time with her when I was 21 and living in Mumbai, India. I was working with a media company than. If I tell you about myself in brief, 6’1″/195lbs/good looking etc. Anyways, me and Alpa were very good friends. If I describe her, she is Indian version of Keira Knightley, 5’5″ height, 100 lbs (about 45kgs) very slim, her waistline was only 24″. Shoulder length hair, beautiful eyes and the best part on her were her breast. They were not very big, but they were so firm and upright, she had wonderful pair of nipples. I actually happened to have glimpse of them through thin material of her clothes often.

Alpa, being my friend’s sister, we were very good friends as well. I never had any sexual attraction towards her. But when things have to happen they happens somehow. It was the time when I was recently broke up with my girlfriend. It was so painful for me. I regularly used to visit my friends home. My friend and his sister Alpa were both knew about my brake up with my girlfriend. Both of them were very sympathetic and consoling to me. We used to hang out together. During those days me and Alpa came more closer to each other. We used to go out together. For movies, for shopping or for many other things. Sometimes we used to meet to just talk for hours.

During those times, we used to talk about so many things. Love and sex were also topics of our talk. Eventually we grew attraction towards each other. Both us knew we like each other. Both of us were more sexually attracted to each other. We often used to ride on my motorbike, she set behind me holding by my shoulder firmly, she used to give me a tight squeeze of her tits on my back. Many times we traveled by pick hours train, I happened to be behind her holding her by her waist and giving her butts feel of my hard on. I could feel the heat and being her so horny by the time we get off the train. Both of us wanted to feel each other but none of us wanted to rush and spoil the relationship. We were happy with what we were, but we wanted more, a lot more. We had to wait for the right moment.

And the right moment came soon….

One day we were to meet out and so I called her to confirm the time and place.

Alpa said “I know we were to meet today, but Sujith I am by self at home today and some work to finish, why don’t you come to home? We will be all alone I can do my work and we can talk!”

I said “well…”

“Oh, come on now Sujith! Guess what I am gonna cook something good and we can have nice dinner at home, coming?!” Alpa enthusiastically.

“Alright you win. I will see you in couple of hours” and ended the phone.

Got off my work…and on my way to her home. I stopped by at a wine shop and grabbed a bottle of wine. Alpa loved wine, and so I bought one of her favorite wine. After an hour of getting through the traffic of Mumbai, I reached her home. Parked my bike and entered the elevator, their home was on 5th floor. Wrapped wine bottle in a gift wrap I ringed the doorbell, and there she was opened the door and welcomed me in with a warm hug.

She wore a tank top and a short skirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, I felt that when she hug me. Her upright tits even without a bra were like she was wearing a push-up bra. Her nipples were popping through it’s thin material of her T-shirt. Her T-shirt was short enough to show her bally area.

I hugged back and gave her the bottle of her favorite wine.

“wow!…that’s so nice of you…it’s my favorite one…you remember it!!!” she exclaimed. And gave me a pack on my cheek.

“I am glad you love it!” I responded.

“I am gonna open it now…my favorite is yours too…right?!” Alpa went in kitchen to get the wine opener.

“You bet!” I replied.

She Escort bayan came back with two glasses and the cork opener. Before she tried to open it I said

“Let me do that” and I took the bottle from her hand and the opener. I pushed the screw deep in the cork and twisted it and looked at Alpa, she smiled at me and I smiled back.

I served and filled both our glasses she were holding. We tossed and set down on the sofa. We began talking about things of days first and then many others since we met last time. The wine was getting good on us and feeding us with words to talk.

It’s been almost an hour now and we have ad finished half of the bottle by now. Alpa have almost stopped working on her project and kept talking with me. All of a sudden she realized I must be hungry…”oh my god Sujith, I completely forgot. I have to prepare something for us for dinner!” Alpa said ” join me in kitchen, we can talk while I cook something”

“Great! I am right behind you” I replied.

She got up from the sofa, and tumbled a bit. The wine got on her now. I hold her and she put her hand on my shoulder leaning on me. I could easily see her cleavage through the opening of her top. I could see her hard nipples, could be the moment or the effect of wine. She knew where my eyes were, she smiled and pat on my cheek “Hey mister you better watch!”

“I sure am, Ma’am”

She hold my hand and walked to the kitchen, I followed her with the wine bottle in my other hand. The kitchen was not too big. It had platforms on both sides and a walkway type space in the middle. A breakfast table type corner at the edge with two tall tables. I settled on one, put the wine bottle on table and kept watching Alpa preparing the food. I was on her left side, and could see her left side. Her tits were making perfect shape from side view and her nipples were quiet erect through the thin material of her tank top.

The wine was setting its effect on me as well. The entire environment was intoxicating. I was feeling hornier now, and was lost in thoughts while watching Alpa cooking. My eyes were roaming all over her. I could not help getting a big hard on. Thank god I was wearing my shirt out and was covered.

“Hey, what you looking at?” Alpa strike me with the question.

I came out of spell. “You, who else?” I replied.

“Ok, now enough looking. Come here and help me with something. Get me the jar from the top self, you can reach there. Hurry its burning here” she said while stirring food over the stove.

I walked towards her. The jar she pointed was right above her over the top self. There was narrow gully between two platform. The one she was cooking on and the one was behind her. So to get the jar from the top self I practically end up standing behind her. But because she was standing there I could not reach to the top self.

“Can you move a little so I can reach over?” I asked her.

“No, I cant just do it. Hurry up”

“Ok, I am on it”

I had o choice but come right behind her and tried to reach the top self. I had to push forward. I was already so hard and my dick touched almost pushed to her butts. I let it go. I pushed myself more further to reach the top. My dick was now poking between the creck of her butts now.

“Ouch, Sujith” Alpa let out a moan ” Ahh, what you doing?!” Her voice was kinda teasing. She liked it may be.

I pushed more. I knew she was turned on as well, even before she felt me behind her. It was just the matter of where, when and how. It was there and now or never, I thought. I didn’t move and pretended to reach for the top self. I grind myself deeper.

Alpa let out a low sigh, and then moan softly.

“Ohhh Sujith, what you doing?…please hurry, its burning. Give me the jar quickly”

“I know its burning, Alpa” I said dug my nose in her beautiful hair and inhaled the smell. “its been burning for long” I added and lowered my hands, Placed them over her shoulders, caressed softly.

“Stop it Sujith, stop doing that” Bayan escort Alpa in very soft shying voice. But at the same time she pushed back to feel my hard on more deeper.

I got the signal. I fisted her shoulder and tighten my grip. Inhaled her again, pushed forward more, slowly stroked myself on her butts. Alpa moaned again.

“Sujith, pleassseee” Alpa threw her head up rested on my shoulder. The food was now really burning on the stove and so we were.

I slide my hands down from her shoulder to the length of her arms all the way to her wrist she was gripping tightly on the edge of the platform. I lifted her wrist and hold her hands sliding my palm under her palm. We hold each other hands with fingers tangled in fingers, she hold my hand so tight and so did I like we were drowning in the wave of lust and desire for having each other, holding so tight to keep together yet pushing back if we could stop where it was leading us to. Fastening the grip as we pushed our self more closer now, we didn’t wanted it to stop and that’s for sure. She was now breathing so heavy. I looked down her neck, down to her chest and her breast covered in her tank top. They were raising with every deep breath she take.

I released her right hand and placed my right hand around her waist. And pulled her closer. Holding tight I rose her top to feel the bare skin of her waist. I caressed my palms gently all over her bally and fisting the grip, pulling her more closer. My left hand still holding her left hand more tight grip now. I lowered my face and threw hot breath over her neck, planted my lips softly on her neck and trailing down to the shoulder.

“Ohhhh, Sujith” Alpa shivered with a soft moan.

I trailed my lips up back towards her ear, kissed her ear lobs and hold them between my lips. Releasing my left hand from her left hand and raised up, hold her face in my left hand from behind I turned to right and first time our eyes met since got this closer. We looked deep into each others eyes, we knew what we wanted. I lowered my lips and kissed her on her lips, and almost sucked it hard. Threw my tongue in her mouth meet with hers. While kissing Alpa, my right hand still caressing on her bally now moving its way up and had its first contact with her breast. I moved my palm up and hold her breast, caressed it gently and rubbed my palm over her very hard nipples.

“Sssshhhhhhh… aaaahhhhhh….. pleaseeeee…. mmmmmmhhhhh” that’s all Alpa could speak of.

I gently hold her breast and softly squeezed it. This time Alpa couldn’t speak anything cause her tongue was in my mouth, between my lips…and I was almost sucking her mouth. I stroke my prick between her butts at the same time. I needed to be released now. I had to finish what I started. I had to fuck her now, then and there. I kept holding her face while kissing her and slide my other hand down back to her bally and all the way into her skirt. Touched her crotch for the first time and stroke it a little. She was wet as river, as I slide my finger inside her pussy, she shivered and wriggled in my arms.

I moved my hand between us and opened my trouser and let it fall down to my knees with my boxer brief. My dick was in its full shape, hardest at the most. I rubbed it over her butts. And she mumbled in my mouth…”mmmmmmm…hummmmm”.

With my both hands I slide her top and took off her head and threw it away. She was only in her skirt and thong now. I hold her shoulders and pushed her slight to make some room between us. Holding a lock of her hairs, I kissed her neck and trailed my lips all the way down her back…and too her waist. Stick my fingers thru the sides I slide down her skirt along with her thong. Her ass was completely exposed to my eyes, her soft well shaped inviting butts. I kissed her butts and slide her clothes down her knees and up to her ankles.

Holding her waist I rose up trailing my lips their way back up to her neck and shoulders.


I knew she was ready Escort for action now. I stroke my dick on her butts.

“Ahhhh….Sujith…please…mmmm…take me to bed….not here…pleasssseee….ahhh”

But I didn’t want to waste time…I wanted it right there.

“No…lets have it here…let me in” I said.

I hold her waist tight and bent her a little. She helped with bending more to forward. She wanted this way as well. Resting her hands on the kitchen platform and holding its edge, she balanced herself and spread her legs a little to make room for me. I got the hint and pushed my dick further between her ass to meet her pussy. This was the first time she became aware of the size she was going to get in. she shivered a bit and said with a moan.

“ahhh…you feel so big..Sujith… I cant take it…please…ahhh…please be gental…pleasssee..”

Ignoring her words, I carried up my work. Spreading her butts more…I made my way to her pussy. She was wet as a pond…my dick met to her hole and pushed it in…I pushed it all the way in, with one stroke.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh… aaaaeeeeeeeee… sttttoooooppppppp….. uuuuuuuhhhhhhh”

I knew I was little rash, but couldn’t help it. Keeping my dick inside her, to make her accommodate with its girth, I hold her tight and kissed her neck and shoulder all over. This made her feel better. She threw her head back and we kissed again for few moments. It was now, I was sure she is ready for move. I begun stroking slowly. I pulled out completely and pushed back in half way only this time and hold her tight again.

“mmmmm…it’s feels so good Sujith….ahhhh…its so real…I cant believe we are doing this…ahhhh…please don’t stop…”

I didn’t wanted to stop now. Holding her slim waist with my both hands I started stroking in a rhythm full of motion and passions. Pacing up my motion at every stroke. My waist was hitting hard to her butts with every stroke. Alpa was light weight girl, with my every hard deep stroke her body was pounding up, her feet were almost getting off the ground.

Her hair were all over her shoulder. The heat of the kitchen and the heat between up making us dripping of sweat. I kept pumping hard and faster now…her moans were getting more and more louder. I knew she was getting closer and so was I. We both wanted to let it go….we both were in strong urge to cum at any moment.

“aaahh…Sujithhhh…I am close…I am going…tooo….cummmm…ohhhh…Pleaaasee don’t stop….yes…yes…ohhh yesssssss….”

Her body went tensed for a moment…and then she released it all…she sudderd, she shivered, she screamed, and she came…she came and she kept cumming. I had to held her tight again…and paused for a moment and resume stroking she hold the edge of the kitchen so tight, and begun pushing herself back so violently. I knew she wanted me to come now and herself cum again.

She succeeded. I was so close now.

“Ooohhh… yes… ohhh I am cumming tooo..ohh godd..yesss…” I came with a scream.

But Alpa was one step ahead of me…She came again with more loud screams and moans…she could not control herself and almost collapsed. I held her by her shoulder and her waist. We both held each other tight till the waves of our love ceased down.

She threw her arm back and hold my head and we just stand there in that position for few mints.

Both of us were panting heavy and trying to catch our breath. My hands were moving all over her and her’s in my hair. Finally we were calmed. Over eyes closed and lost in our own heaven.

After some moments, Alpa turned around and we came face to face. First time she looked deep into my eyes with a grace of contentment. She cupped my face in her hands and lift her face up to meet her lips with mine. We both kissed each other for long. She trailed her lips to my ears and bit softly my earlobes.

“Take me to bed now” Alpa muttered in my ears and started sucking my lips again.

Yes, we both wanted second round. I slid my hands to her back, down to her butts. And lift her up, she threw both her legs around my waist and tangled them behind my back. She cling to my body and I walked to the bed with carrying her in my arms.

For another round…..

To be continued…

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