Alexa’s Tales: While Mom’s Away…

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I returned home after jogging, removed my shoes and socks, looking forward to a long shower awaiting me upstairs. I spotted Joe’s truck in the driveway and wondered why he hadn’t taken the opportunity to hang out with friends since Mom would be out of town for a week.

I dashed upstairs to the bathroom, stripped my jogging attire, and tossed everything in the clothes hamper. The shower felt relaxing and the exact thing I needed, easy to lose myself the heat of the shower. I shaved my legs, armpits, and pussy; the feel of smooth skin was wonderful and turned me on but barely restrained myself from self-pleasuring, not knowing where Joe was in the house. He had a habit of walking into the bathroom without knocking whether the door was closed or not, much to my and Mom’s chagrin.

Wrapping myself in a towel, I cautiously looked outside the bathroom door before going to change in my bedroom. Since I had no other plans for the evening I threw on cutoff shorts and a pale blue bikini top, then looked for Joe to ask if he’d had dinner.

I heard strange moaning coming from his and Mom’s bedroom, noticed the door ajar and peeked inside. My mouth dropped seeing Joe sprawled on the bed stroking his cock with a towel beneath him, eyes fixed on a poolside scene playing on TV of a curvy, large-breasted blonde around my age being fucked doggy style by a man at least ten or fifteen years older.

Seeing Joe hard naked body and erect penis – it had to be at least eight inches – and the porn scene holding his attention aroused me. I knew lusting over my own mother’s boyfriend and fantasizing about sex with him were wrong, but at that point I no longer cared.

I barely composed myself and softly knocked on his door. “Joe?”

“Jesus, Lexi, you scared the socks off me! Just a minute.” He rushed to turn off the porn DVD and whipped the towel around his waist. “Come in.”

“Hi there. I wanted to ask something but you seemed rather…occupied.”

“What do you mean ‘occupied’?”

“Joe, you left the door slightly open. What were you doing…uh…messing with your dick?”

He laughed. “No law against a horny man wanting to get himself off.”

“Damn, Mom’s been gone less than a day!”

“Come on, missy. Enjoying sex has no expiration date, even if it means sometimes doing a solo act.”

“Yeah…too much information. Anyway, I wanted to ask if you wanted to grab a bite if you didn’t already have dinner. I’ll check back later.”

Joe patted a spot on the bed. “What’s the rush? Sit.”

“At least put on some pants.”

“Why? I’m already covered. Come on; promise I’ll keep my hands to myself and won’t bite.” He winked. “At least for the moment.”

Was he flirting with me? I thought and sat beside him. “Okay, I could hang out for a bit.”

“So any plans while Mom’s away?”

“If you’re indicating I lined up any dates or wild parties, the answer is no.”

“What? I figured a young lady like you would have guys lined up dying for a chance since you ditched the wannabe frat boy.”

“I wish. Seems most of the good ones are either taken or gay and only losers remain. I thought I finally found someone decent, but Brandon turned out to be an asshole too.”

Joe patted my knee. “Good riddance to bad rubbish. Now that you’re out of high school, try expanding your horizons and date men a little older.”

“When did YOU become an expert?” I asked with a laugh.

“Since I’ve been with your mother. She and you are the best things that happened to me since my divorce. Mom also had more than her share of jerks after your dad died.”

“No kidding. The guy before you was the biggest of all. I still think he only bothered with Mom thinking he’d get a slice of the assets from Dad’s estate. Once he figured she wasn’t giving him squat, that’s when the cheating started. He wasn’t exactly charming to me either. Mom said the few times they did have sex it wasn’t exactly mind-blowing, which reminds me, um…how can I say this?”

“Spit it out, missy.”

I cleared my throat. “I heard you and Mom fucking last night.”

Joe’s face flushed. “I guess we got a little carried away.”

“A little?” I burst out laughing. “You guys woke me!”

“Perhaps Mom and I should tone down things a bit, huh?”

“To şişli escort put it mildly. There’s something else.”


“You guys kind of made me…” I paused before continuing, “uh…horny?”

He raised both eyebrows with a gleam in his eye. “Oh? How?”

“Whatever stuff you two did. You aren’t embarrassed I’m telling you?”

“No, you’re not exactly a little kid and Mom occasionally needs to get laid. Have to keep my woman happy.”

I gave him a skeptical look. “‘Occasionally.’ Sure, Joe.”

“You never said why you’re really staying home tonight.”

“As you probably noticed, guys aren’t exactly beating a path to my door at the moment. You should see the scrawny pierced and tattooed bitch with blue hair Brandon was screwing behind my back. Seems her kind of girls have better luck drawing men than I do. Maybe my luck will improve if I diet and jog more often before college.”

“Bullshit. You’re perfect.”

“Now you’re only being nice.”

“No, see I learned from boyhood no woman is ever satisfied with her appearance. Tall, short, skinny, fat, curvy; blonde, brunette, redhead; small or huge tits, big or little asses, whatever. I have yet to meet anyone who views herself the same way we men do.”

“You men also tend to think with a different head.”

“Don’t get smart. It’s time to stop fooling around with boys and find a real man who appreciates you.”

I scoffed. “Name one who’d show a remote amount of interest.”

Joe ran a hand over my leg. “For starters…me.”

“Quit joking. You’re a lot older than I am and already with Mom.”

“I think it’s time we got a little closer.” He stroked my hair while nuzzling my neck. “I can’t get over how beautiful you are.”


“Do you ever think about me? Because I’m always thinking about you. You have to let loose once in a while, baby. Remember what I said earlier about expanding your horizons?”

“Sure, but-“

Joe cut me off with a deep kiss and squeezed my breasts. “Doesn’t mean you and I can’t have our own special relationship.”

“Joe, I’m not sure about-“

“I’ve wanted you for a long time, Lexi.”

He kissed me again before I could say another word, his tongue probing every part of my mouth before it entwined with my own. I no longer resisted; it was the hottest kiss I received from any guy. I moaned as he moved to my neck as his hand slid inside my shorts.

“So wet…your pussy is so wet.” He trailed kisses down my neck. “Get undressed, baby.”

I immediately removed my clothes as Joe threw off his towel and admired my nude body.

“Oh my God, Lexi, what fantastic tits. Some women pay good money for a set like yours. You definitely got your mother’s body.”

His hand roamed over each breast, taking in their fullness. I loved how he gently squeezed them, curling his tongue around my nipples, sucking, gently nibbling, and licking every inch as his other hand rubbed my pussy mound.

“Feel good?” he murmured.


“Want to put your pretty lips on my big hard cock?”

“Mmmm, I thought you’d never ask.”

“Come here and show me what a good girl you are.”

I moved to the bed’s end and slowly took his entire cock into my mouth. Joe closed his eyes and groaned with pleasure while my head bobbed faster and faster. I loved how he felt in my mouth and proceeded to suck deeper.

“That’s it, baby. Been wanting to do this for a while?”

I stopped long enough to respond. “I have.”

“That pretty mouth is also a talented one.”

“I love sucking dick!”

“I love watching you. Bet the wannabe frat boy didn’t enjoy it as much.”

“Forget the loser. I did things to him his latest whore probably never dreamed of trying, yet he didn’t appreciate shit.”

“His fucking loss. Want to do some more?”

“Yes. I love your cock.” I gradually took him back into my mouth until most of his length lodged in back of my throat. I continued deep throating for several minutes before moving to his balls, sucking and licking one at a time before tracing the outer area of his asshole with the tip of my tongue.

“Jesus, that’s fucking hot!” Joe gasped.

“Mom never gives you deep throat or rimmed your asshole?”

“No, only two on the mecidiyeköy escort short list of things she won’t do.”

“You have no idea what you’re missing, big man.”

Joe inhaled with a shudder as I gulped his entire length. I enjoyed working him with my mouth, lips, and tongue to point of coming, backed off, and then brought him back to the brink. I repeated the moves for fifteen or twenty minutes until his cock quivered and began to swell.

“Shit!” he groaned seconds before exploding in my mouth. I swallowed every spurt of hot cum until his dick was completely drained and slid my tongue over his cock head, cleaning off the last drops of semen.

“Lexi, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to-” Joe began.

I gave him a puzzled look. “You never had a woman swallow cum? That’s the best part of sucking dick.”

“Not since college; my ex-wife hated giving blow jobs and your mother isn’t exactly a fan of swallowing. She got pissed after I blew my load in her mouth the first night we had sex. I’m surprised she kept seeing me afterward.”

“You moved in with us so Mom apparently thinks you’re doing something right.”

He winked. “Well I couldn’t pass up the chance of living with two hot women.”

I stroked his shaft. “Wow, you’re still hard after coming.”

“Don’t tell me you’re complaining.”

“Not in the least.”

“Then get on all fours, baby. You’re about to have the night of your life.”

I giggled and positioned myself on the bed. “Okay?”

“Perfect.” He slapped my ass. “God, you are the sexiest eighteen-year-old on earth. If I love anything more than big natural tits, it’s a plump round ass like yours.”

Joe spread my cheeks wide and I felt the tip of his tongue teasing my asshole, working its way around the rim of my anal opening and pushed it hard inside. I gasped and clenched my ass, feeling my anus slightly pinch his tongue and then gradually relax as Joe left in his tongue deep as possible.

It felt so fucking good! As if he knew what I wanted, Joe shoved his tongue farther into my asshole. My hips rocked back and forth while he orally pleasured me, his tongue now caressing my crack and the entire perimeter of my asshole while three fingers thrust in and out of my soaked pussy.

He was the first man to eat my ass and I loved every minute. My asshole instinctively clenched around Joe’s tongue as he pushed it back in deeper and deeper. I thrust back harder against his face, gradually building my orgasm.

“You’re going to make me come!” I cried.

I shuddered and moaned as Joe continued the tongue assault on my butt hole, experiencing the most intense orgasm I could remember, and sounds of ecstasy grew louder until my climax subsided.

He pulled out his tongue and lightly planted kisses my butt cheeks. “Did you enjoy that, baby?”


“I’m only getting started.” Joe kneeled behind me, teasing my slit with the tip of his cock before entering me in one swift stroke. I gasped at the feeling of his entire length inside me, losing myself in the sensations of my pussy being stretched to its limit when he began fucking me.

Joe stopped mid-stroke. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah…you feel so good.”

He resumed thrusting. “Your pussy is really tight, baby.”

“You like how it feels around your hard cock?”

“Hell yeah. You going to give me more of that tight little pussy after Mom comes home?”


“My good girl.” Joe leaned over and kissed my neck. “I’ll spoil you for younger guys yet.”

“Yes! You’re such a man!”

“Who fucks you better, they or I?”

“Oh my God, you!”

“Damn right. Too much time wasted fooling with boys when you could’ve had my dick.”

“Spank me again, Joe,” I said in a husky tone.

“You love getting your ass smacked?”

“Yes!” I squealed with pleasure. “More!”

He gave me a few more whacks as I pushed my hips back toward his, forcing his penis deeper inside me. We continued that way before the sensations of being spanked combined with his hard thrusting intensified my orgasm.

Joe pulled out after I finished, giving me opportunity to shove him onto his back. I climbed onto him, guided his cock inside me, and began bouncing on top of him. “I presume istanbul escort this is one of your favorite positions.”

“And I presume you’ve done it many times.”

Then his phone rang.

“Fuuuck,” Joe groaned and glanced at its screen. “Your mother. Keep quiet but don’t stop what you’re doing.”

He turned his attention to Mom on the phone. “Hey, baby. How was your flight? Nothing much, just having a little fun with Lexi.” Joe laughed at Mom’s response. “Oh, you’re waiting to come home to your stud? Well, I’m certainly not going anywhere, beautiful. Meanwhile I’m working on finding a decent guy for your daughter. Wish me luck.”

I stifled a giggle, reversed my position, guided his cock back inside, and twerked my ass after I resumed riding him. I glanced back and could tell Joe barely remained composed during his conversation with Mom. “Miss you too; strange not having you home for a week. I’ll let Lexi know you made it to Chicago. Thanks for calling, Dana. I love you too.”

I laughed after he ended the call. “If Mom only knew exactly what kind of fun we’re having.”

He gave my ass another whack. “Look at you, riding Mommy’s boyfriend like a little slut.”

“I want to be your slut all the time. Seeing you naked and stroking your cock earlier made me so horny. You’ve always wanted to fuck me, didn’t you?”

“Since the first time I saw you by the pool in a white bikini.”

“Joe, that was my graduation party!”

“Yeah, and it’s still my favorite. Shows off your gorgeous body just right.”

“Dirty old man,” I teased him.

“You have no idea how much I thought about you.”

“If you’re good I’ll wear my white bikini tomorrow when you come home from work.”

“Don’t count on wearing it too long before it’s on the floor, baby.”

Joe flipped me on my back and thrust his cock in me. I arched my hips to meet his, forcing him to go deeper inside me. We passionately kissed while Joe continued pounding me hard and rough until he felt the urge to ejaculate.

“Lexi…Lexi…I’m going to come.”

I stared into his eyes. “Yeah, I want to feel it, baby. I want all your cum in me.”

“In your pussy?”

“You got a big load for me?”

“Yeah. You sure you want it in your pussy?”

“I want all your hot cum in me NOW!”

“Yes, my Lexi, my sweet fuck slut!” Joe yelled as copious amounts of sperm shot in me. My eyes fixated on his when we climaxed together, his body jerking uncontrollably as our orgasms blurred into one.

My orgasm never subsided as he continued coming inside me. I felt the intensity tenfold as Joe’s final thrusts pushed his cock all the way inside me, where it stood for a couple minutes after he finished.

“Wow,” Joe panted as he pulled out and flopped onto his back. “You’re just good as Mommy.”

“Did I wear you out?” I teased him.

He winked and patted my thigh. “Now don’t get a big head, missy.”

I propped up my head with my hand, facing him. “So…was it everything you imagined?”

“Oh hell yes; far exceeded my imagination. How about you?”

I reached over and lightly stroked his cock. “Much, much more than expected. You’re quite a stud for your age.”

“Uh…thanks. You won’t tell your mom about this?”

I shook my head. “I won’t tell anybody about this but I am going to need another shower.”

Joe sat up. “Makes two of us. Come on, let’s save water and share.”

We had sex again in the shower; I was amazed how Joe could be horny so soon after we’d just finished the last round in bed.

He pushed me against the shower wall, pulled my hips toward his, and slid his throbbing member inside me. I bucked against him while he thrust in and out of me harder while his hands squeezed my breasts. I was in total lust as several intense orgasms took over my body.

He slapped my ass while continuing to screw me from behind. Soon I felt him start to pulse and heard him grunt softly. He sped up the pace of his thrusts and shot another load of cum inside me.

Joe slowly withdrew his cock with a satisfied sigh and we finished showering. His stamina and ability to give me multiple orgasms didn’t fail to astound me. Despite the amount of past sex I’ve had, no one ever fucked me thoroughly with so much fervor or came three times in one night!

We finished drying off and I began heading to my bedroom before Joe caught my arm. “Where are you going?”

“Um…to my room?”

“No way. You’re coming to bed with me tonight, baby.”

We never did have dinner.

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