Afternoon Escape



I was at my desk when you called me on my office phone. You had anticipated my schedule well.

It was a Tuesday morning. The sun’s rays were still cutting across my desk at an angle, pushing Venetian shadows in their wake. It was 11:17—as much as my ancient Windows XP computer could be trusted.

You hadn’t called me at the office during normal work hours in some time; probably over a year. Seeing your number on the display had me worried that something bad might have happened.

But the tone of your, “How are you, Babe?” was full of warmth and confidence.

I was: “Okay. Just working away.”

You cut right to the chase, “Are you alone?” I was.

“In your office?” Duh.

“As soon as you can, find a private place… and take off your panties,” you said very seriously.

I laughed nervously—audibly. Such a command from you was altogether out of character. And more than half ridiculous. I was at work! And far too busy even for your phone call.


We’d had a lot of fun times in our decade plus of marriage—but this game was something altogether different. I’d never before gotten a call like this from you. Nor from anyone else in my life, for that matter!

“… put them in your purse,” I almost missed you persisting. “And meet me downstairs at noon, for lunch.”

“After which…,” you paused—before finishing, conspiratorially: “I’m. Going. To. Fuck. You.”

A hard fucking was suggested, if not implied. But during a workday? Where?

My mind wandered to the thought of you taking me from behind. My favorite way to finish. Mmm. I realized then you had already hooked me into your game.


Almost as unexpectedly, you ended the call.

Without meaning to, I indulged a memory:

I stood leaning against an upholstered chair in a dark hotel room. I was bent over at the waist, dressed only in my strappiest pumps. I looked back past my shoulder at your naked body. You were erect and full of confidence and purpose, as you strode toward me. I very much wanted you inside me. But you had another idea. Spanking me hard with your right hand you called me a slut for displaying myself so wantonly and made me beg you to strike your match to me. Then, only after I told you how badly I needed a hard cock—admitting that any cock would do at that moment—you pushed your full length in: where it belongs, deep inside me.

That night was a lot of fun overall. Despite my intoxication at the time, I still remember every detail so well. In the hour before I found the chair, we’d explored every inch of the canopy bed. Finding myself bound, at one point, kneeling on the bed in your leather handcuffs took me to a magical place. You had surprised me with those after convincing me to don a blindfold. The cuffs clipped, by apparent coincidence, perfectly into a pair of canopy tiebacks affixed to the wall above the bed’s pyramid of pillows.


A colleague at my office door drew my attention back to reality with a snap.

“Shall we head down to the meeting?,” she said—for perhaps not the first time. Had she perceived my inappropriate reverie?

Was it 11:30, already? I couldn’t yet remember what the meeting was about. Let alone what I had been working on before your call. A minute and a half on the phone and you had me completely flustered.

I stood from my chair to walk with her. The meeting turned out to be a critical project status meeting with my team; I was their manager. Four of my direct reports were gathered at the long conference table; a fifth, at home that day with a sick child, was on the speakerphone. My brain was distracted (and Kartal Grup Escort my body flushed) as I led the initial discussion. I wondered if anyone in the room noticed I wasn’t myself.


Realizing it was 5 minutes past the hour, I muttered something about being late for a lunch meeting and hurriedly wrapped things up. I practically sprinted down the long hall to my office for my purse before impatiently awaiting what seemed, then more than ever before, the world’s slowest elevator.

I was nearly ten minutes late when I finally exited the building. But you didn’t seem annoyed in the slightest. Your smile said you were just happy to be with me. Probably you were simply pleased at your power over me.

“Where are we going?,” I asked as I re-closed the car door properly behind me. It hadn’t latched fully the first time.

“Just a few blocks,” you replied then kissed me pertly as I leaned in.

“How is your day going so far?,” you asked. The question and your tone were so every-day that I half-wondered if you’d been pulling my leg on the phone. Was it just to be lunch, then? I felt a mild disappointment.

I said something about my meeting while buckling my seat belt. Then took your right hand into my left. That smallest of touches was, in that moment, electrifying. You were really here. It was so nice to see you on a workday.

“I didn’t have time to do what you asked me to,” I said—still wondering about our plans.

“No worries. I’ll just have to do that for you then!,” you replied instantly, and with a sly smile.

Your firm, quick comeback made my blood pump faster. I was feeling flushed again—my body’s way of readying itself for you. As you looked for a parking spot, I turned toward you and moved my left hand to run my fingertips through your neatly trimmed hair; my right hand now where the left had been.


As we walked up the broken city sidewalk hand in hand, I was reminded of our earliest days and weeks together. Many of our earliest experiences took place mere blocks from our current location, in my apartment. This included the first time I saw you naked, your muscled body silhouetted against the city lights in my window.

We were so young then; so naive about the struggles the years have made more apparent by middle age. But your presence in my life pleased me just as much then as it does now.

I felt some of that same youth and vitality coursing through my arteries as you led me into the lobby of the very lovely boutique hotel. The elevator ride up to the fifth floor, astride a suited man adorned with fine Italian leather black shoes and a watch obviously more valuable than either of our cars, brought time nearly to a standstill.

By the time we reached our room, I was yearning to touch you. I spied the flowers and picnic basket you’d pre-placed only briefly before spinning around to kiss you, with full lips. As our mouths opened, I backed you into the door. My leg relayed to my brain that you had something down there that was readying for me. But the kiss was too sensational to bother about anything further just yet.

When our lips finally parted, my hand went straight to your pants. It pleased me to no end that you’d planned all this. I wanted to get you out of your clothes. I wanted to put you in my mouth. I wanted you to tear the buttons from my silk blouse in your urgency to take me. I wished I’d worn a skirt for you; or the low cut green dress I’d worn the night last month you threw me playfully onto the sofa as we arrived home after a date.

I unbuttoned your pants and worked my hand down inside. But you stopped me, saying, Kartal Manken Escort “Let’s eat first.” I didn’t want to stop, but complied.


I excused myself to the bathroom to pee. It was as nice a hotel inside as out and it reminded me of others we had visited—passionately—through our years.

Another hotel room memory, in particular, stood out now. You had lured me to that one after work on a Friday. You’d secretly arranged an overnight sitter and every other detail as a surprise for me. The scene you painted that night of blackmail by another man scared me, which I know you still feel sorry about. But the sex had been hot and the experience of the vibrator I now so love, was brand new for me that night. Mmm that vibrator. You’re always so good to me.

I couldn’t believe how wet I was getting. Had I been stroking myself just then? How many minutes had I been in the bathroom? Too many for sure! You had to be wondering why I hadn’t come out.

I unclasped and slipped my bra out from my sleeve. Then hid it under a folded towel, flushed, and washed my hands.

The room looked lovely when I finally made time to see it. You’d spread a floral tablecloth on the floor beside the bed and opened one of the windows to let in the spring breeze. As the curtains lilted open, I took a seat close by your side and we ate cheese and bread and fruit while making small talk. The rechargeable candles from home were a thoughtful little detail, even if it was plenty bright in the room this time of day.


I probably shouldn’t have had the second glass of the Riesling; I had to go back to work after all. But for now I felt completely relaxed. I leaned into your shoulder and you brushed your fingers lightly across my neck. My nipples reacted to your touch and their sensation against the silk was divine. I hoped you’d wonder if I hadn’t worn a bra to work.

Looking down, I saw your pants were still unbuttoned. I unzipped them and put my hand back inside. You reached across to unbutton the top of my blouse. Together, we climbed up onto the bed.

“I have one more surprise,” you whispered in my ear before repositioning yourself on your knees above my reclined form and slowly made delicious kisses from my neck down to the intimate space between my breasts.

“Wha-at?,” I said more excitedly and breathlessly than I had intended.

You pulled a silk-soft blindfold from under a pillow and, as you slipped it over my forehead, said “I brought the cuffs.”


After removing my pants and panties in one motion you instructed me to get up and kneel on the bed facing you. I could hear you breathing and tell that our bodies were very close.

You put your right hand in the back of my hair and leaned in to kiss my neck just below my left ear, then moved your lips up to whisper, “You are irresistable.”

I moved my hands to your lap and felt your hardness through your underwear. You sat up on your knees too, so I could pull your pants down. I slid your briefs down next and their elastic band snapped loudly back onto your hip as your erection sprang free. Though I couldn’t see to be sure, I sensed it was angled right up toward my waiting mouth.

Having a similar thought, apparently, you stood up on the bed and I pulled your pants all the way down to your ankles so you could step out of them. But you were clumsy and nearly tripped, the length of your penis bouncing against my cheek before you regained your balance.

I reached out with both hands and found your cock as you righted yourself, then guided the tip over into my mouth. As I leaned back on my heels to get Kartal Masöz Escort more comfortable, I felt some of my warm juices against my lower leg. Your feet were now just outside my knees and I could feel the tails of your shirt against my face.

I tickled your length with my tongue. Still with my hands around the base of your shaft, I sucked hard on the tip of your penis. When it was deep inside, I could feel your veins throbbing; your heart was beating rapidly now.

The sensations were getting to you and I could taste your salty pre-cum. As I removed you from my mouth and flicked my tongue across your tip one last time, I felt your whole body shudder.


Leaving my reach for a moment, you moved until you were kneeling behind me. Your hands started at my shoulders, then moved down my upper arms firmly before ducking under my arms to cup my breasts.

“Pinch my nipples,” I begged. And you did. Squeezing them both tightly through the silk fabric. Then, after unbuttoning and removing this last item of my clothing, twisting them hard until I moaned with pleasure at the sensation.

“Sit up on your knees and bring your hands down near your ankles,” you commanded.

I obeyed, my shoulders falling back and my breasts arching up toward the ceiling.

From somewhere, I heard you retrieve the cuffs, the metal chains between them making their unmistakable sound.

You spread my ankles a bit and bound each to a wrist, then lowered my ass to rest between my legs. Finally, you leaned me gently forward until my head and shoulders came to rest comfortably on a soft pillow—my ass now high in the air and my pussy completely on display before you.

“Are you comfortable?”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned.

“Do you like being displayed like this for me?,” you asked as you rubbed the area around my clit gently with your fingertips.

“If you’re gonna fuck me, yeah.”

“Maybe I am. Or maybe I’ve invited another guy here to use you while I watch. You don’t really care who it is do you?”

“No. I just want to be filled up and used. I’m aching for it. Will you, please, hurry.”

“Which hole should I use first?,” you asked as you spread my lips open with the fingers of one hand and started the hum of a vibrator with another.

“My pussy—it’s so ready,” I replied. Then added, “but if there are two of you, I might as well have something in my mouth at the same time.”

And then you stuck the vibrator deep in my pussy and it felt amazing. And you said, “Maybe I’ll just leave you like this for a while and go run an errand. You wouldn’t mind would you?”

“Not really. It feels so good.”

After letting me enjoy what the vibrator had to offer for a string of minutes that ended with a big moaning orgasm, you removed it—slowly and gently.

Then, finally, you stuck your cock deep inside of me. Burying yourself inside my body you pumped hard until you exploded.


I must have fallen asleep in the minutes that followed. When I woke the blindfold was gone and I was no longer restrained. You were napping beside me.

Glancing at the clock on the side table I saw that it was already 2:21. I jumped up and woke you, saying, “I have to be back at work by 2:30—at the latest! I have my annual review today.” We dressed hurriedly and took the stairs to the lobby. I did what I could to fix my hair in the little mirror I keep in my purse.

As you dropped me in front of my building you gave me a quick kiss and said, “See you at home.” I hopped out and ran into the building.

Upstairs, I took my seat across the desk from my boss. It was now 2:37 and the old man did not look happy that I was late. But then, suddenly, he smirked. In a minute I realized why.

In the rush to get dress I’d left my bra behind at the hotel. My boss was able to see my nipples through the thin silk, especially when they hardened as I remembered what we’d been up to.

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