Adventure in Fantasy Ch. 01


Chapter one


I could never predict what an evening with Eric and Renee would be like, except that I knew that it would be entertaining. When they suggested that I join them for dinner and drinks, I fleetingly thought (hoped?) that they were finally going to include me in a fantasy adventure. When Eric revealed that he had a friend in town that he wanted me to meet, I was actually a little disappointed. That only lasted for a moment. Eric gave me a detailed description of his longtime friend Sam that made the evening sound a lot more than just interesting.

I decided that even though it was a Thursday, I was going to wear a “weekend” outfit. It just felt like it might be one of those magical evenings. I knew Renee would be dressed to the nines as she always was when we went out. I am not sure that denim has ever touched that delectable ass of hers. I decided on my tightest and skinniest black jeans with a silver and black corset top. While I didn’t have the T and A that Renee did, I could hold my own and turned quite a few heads when I walked in a club. I knew Renee would be in four inch heels so I decided to contrast with her by wearing my Tori Burch flats. Sometimes being 5’9″ had its advantages. Jade earrings and necklace to highlight my green eyes completed my ensemble. I decided to wear my blonde hair up as I was sure Renee would be wearing her raven hair down.

Renee and I had been friends for just over six months. I had responded to an enticing ad on Craig’s List that simply said “Wanted: Passionate men and women willing to write about and share erotic fantasies.” I had been single for about three months and to be honest it seemed like it could be a great opportunity to meet a hot guy so I sent a response that included a paragraph of a fantasy dream that was stuck in my head from the previous night. It seemed to me that the longer I was single the more intense my erotic dreams became.

I was surprised at the response that I received. It was Eric that replied, telling me about the fantasy project that they were creating. The idea of the project was to create a group designed to help couples create and act out sexual fantasies. tuzla escort The concept that couples needed help to create erotic fantasies was absolutely puzzling to me. However I came to see that not everyone had the kind of filthy, creative imagination that I (and others on our team) did. As we tested our concept, it became clear to me that what we were providing was not only needed, but absolutely essential for many couples to maintain a healthy sexual relationship.

It was Renee that trained me about how to share a fantasy. I listened in on several of her phone conversations and watched as she communicated through messaging with couples in need of a sexual spark. She was so patient, open and kind as she helped so many couples to open up about their secret desires. And as she would create a fantasy for the couple, I could imagine the passion and desire that she was unlocking on the other end of the conversation.

The ecstatic feedback that they received was what pushed me over the edge to join them. The heartfelt gratitude and joy that was described as couple after couple described how their relationship had never been better.

My first clients were an older couple. Both were on their second marriage, and while they adored each other could not seem to unlock the door to find their sexual compatibility. As was our practice, I had read their profiles before our communication and then let them talk for a while before I said anything beyond my introduction. This conversation took place on Skype, and it was nice to be able to see their faces as we talked.

As they spoke, I let my mind wander to the place that I wanted to take them. He was fit and somewhat rugged looking. I pictured him working outdoors working with his hands in a forest. She was delicate, very pale and her makeup was perfect. I pictured her as a princess locked away in a tower. I suddenly interrupted their small talk and began describing a fantasy of him arriving back at their condominium unexpectedly in the late morning. She is sitting at the kitchen table drinking her second cup of tea. She is startled when he walks right up to her and kisses her deeply, and then orders her to take her göztepe escort clothes off right there in the kitchen. When she doesn’t comply, he tears her dress off of her and savagely makes love to her there on the kitchen table with the window blinds open for the entire world to see. I do not need to get into the details of that fantasy; however, it did involve spankings for her and a slap on the face for him.

When I finished the fantasy and came back to reality, I noticed that they were no longer visible on the screen. I sheepishly signed off and told Renee about my first “failed” fantasy experience. With a glint in her eyes Renee suggested that I wait before I made a judgment about the success or failure of the session. The answer came two days later from “Delilah” in an email addressed to me. In it she described our session and then went on to effusively express her gratitude. She had no idea how I had known their desires, but they left the session and had sex for four straight hours before falling asleep exhausted. I was understandably elated.

Over the ensuing months I came to admire Eric and Renee as individuals and as a couple. Their love for each other was simply amazing. I believe that as they both helped others to achieve their erotic desires, it brought them closer together. One night over drinks I mentioned that the fantasies that they created together for each other must be incredible. The awkward silence that followed left me feeling that I had said something wrong. Eric finally replied that they had never created a fantasy together. They were afraid those since their individual fantasies were so vivid and different, that it would create problems. “Besides” Eric said, “our sex together is wonderful.”

When we met at our favorite Italian restaurant, Renee immediately took me by the arm and led me to the other side of the bar. “I didn’t get a change to call you” she said, “I wanted you to know that this is going to be a fantasy adventure evening for Eric and I.” I think that she saw my surprise, and without me having to ask said “We talked in bed this morning after making love, and I decided to just let go and tell him of a fantasy that üsküdar escort I had thought of for us. Tonight we are going to make it happen.” I asked her about the fantasy but she just shook her head and said that it would be better to just watch and let it happen.

I was a little put off by what she had told me. My secret fantasy was to be included in THEIR fantasy. And I was nervous about the blind date. What if he was a jerk? The second part of my concern was alleviated when I met Sam. He was charming, funny and seemed to have a story to tell about any situation. Over dinner I found that most of my attention was focused on him, which is unusual whenever Eric and Renee are anywhere close by.

I began to create a fantasy in my mind where I was dominating this cheerful and pleasant guy. I wanted to tie his hands behind his back and place a hood over his head. Then I imagined taking the largest and sharpest pair of scissors I could find and slowly cutting the clothes off his body so that he could feel the cold steel against his skin, telling him that if he moved he would get cut. I imagined his body shuddering as I made the final snip to release his underwear. His cock would spring free and I would lay the cold blade against it. I was getting very wet. Somehow I knew that he would enjoy this. He was eyeing me carefully as I imagined squeezing his balls. I could tell that I was having a similar, if not entirely identical, effect on him, and began to relax. Whatever Renee had in mind for the rest of their evening, I now had a pretty good idea how mine was going to end.

I had actually forgotten about the fantasy when Renee suggested that we go to the lounge upstairs for an after dinner drink. I should have known that she had the situation well in hand. At the end of the bar sat a younger gentleman in a coat and tie. He looked like the typical travelling executive of which there were thousands in this city every day. He looked bored, and maybe he had a fantasy or two flashing through his head as he sipped his martini. He made no secret of staring at both Renee and I as we passed. I knew in an instant that he was Renee’s target. I had listened to enough of her fantasies to know where this was headed. Within fifteen minutes Renee had asked him to join our table to “settle an argument” about what men really wanted. His name was Nick, and I am absolutely convinced that he had no clue about the adventure he was about to experience.

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