A Widower Dreams


I had known Debbie since she was a very small child, when her mother, Rachel, had moved in next door following her divorce. Over the years I had watched Debbie grow and blossom into a very attractive and poised young woman, and I have to admit that I had often fantasised about what it would be like to see her naked, especially in the summer on those rare sunny days, when she would sunbathe in the back garden wearing a very skimpy bikini. Recently my fantasies had grown rather more erotic, especially since the death of my wife a couple of years earlier, but after relieving myself by masturbation, I would dismiss them from my mind as the impossible delusions of an ageing widower.

The events I am going to relate took place while Debbie was still a student at university. After two years living in a hall of residence she had decided to move into a flat for her final year. She had met a slightly older girl from somewhere in America, Ohio I believe, called Lynda, who was in the UK for 18 months doing a Masters degree. Debbie’s mother had asked me if I would help by transporting all the paraphernalia that is thought to be necessary by young women when they set up home in their first flat, as I had a large estate car compared to her small saloon. I had readily agreed, and on the day of the move helped her to pack the car with all her do all her things and when she went back indoors to do all those things women find so essential before setting out on a journey, I went to sit down in the garden in the warm autumn sunshine.

The university in question was about 3 hours drive away, and after we had finished unpacking everything it was rather was late, so she suggested that I might like to stay the night, and drive back home in the morning. Whist we were unpacking, I had the opportunity to look round the flat, which was in truth not very large, although it was comfortably furnished. The kitchen was in the kind of mess typical of student kitchens, and I promised myself to wash up all the dirty dishes and generally tidy up in the morning. The bathroom was festooned with stockings and other items of ladies underwear, some of them rather sexy and revealing, I couldn’t help noticing. I glanced into the bedroom and was interested to see that there was only one bed – a large double bed in fact – and also intrigued by what looked like a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs on the dressing table amongst all the other paraphernalia of a woman’s make-up kit.

The living room was fairly tidy, so I sat down in the one large chair, the other items of furniture being a comfortable looking sofa, a dining table and four chairs in an alcove, and in the corner a large television and video player. As I made myself at home, Debbie came out of the bedroom and sat on the arm of the chair beside me. “I’m sorry Uncle Will,” she said, “but there’s only one bedroom, so you will have to sleep on the sofa, but I think you’ll find that it’s fairly comfortable.

Just then the front door flew open, and in walked a young woman of above average height with very striking looks. He lipstick and eye make-up were very dark, almost black which contrasted with her pale skin and extremely pale blonde hair. She glanced over at me, and said, “Hi, you must be Will,” before marching over to Debbie, throwing her arms around her, and proceeding to kiss her on the lips very passionately; a kiss that went on for several minutes and which Debbie returned with equal fervour, their mouths open and their tongues entwining in a dance that promised greater pleasure to come.

As they pulled apart from their embrace, Lynda looked over at me again and said, “Hello, I’m Lynda, and your friends’s daughter and I are lovers, but please don’t tell her mom, I’m not sure she would approve. Since we haven’t seen each other for ages, I’m going to fuck her senseless, starting now, and we will probably go on well into the night.”

Turning to pull Debbie closer to her, she bağdatcaddesi escort continued, “By the time I’m finished, Debbie will have been to the edge of extreme ecstasy at least a dozen times, and her cunt will take days to recover. I’m told that you’re a kinky mother-fucker, so you can watch if you like, but you mustn’t interfere in any circumstances. Debbie loves everything that I do to her, and she certainly likes a bit of pain to spike her pleasure.”

I am not sure where she had got her information about my sexual proclivities. It may have been that Debbie had seen me watching her with lustful eyes, although I had always been rather careful, or perhaps Debbie’s mum had told her about some of our drunken conversations after an evening of conviviality. These had grown less frequent since my wife’s death, but Rachel had taken pity on me a few times, and stayed the night, so Debbie might not have been totally ignorant about my kinks.

She then turned and went into the bedroom, returning a few moments later with some silken cords, the blindfold, and a box from which she pulled out a large, black, double ended dildo. “Right mister,” she commanded, “get your kit off and sit on that dining chair facing the sofa.”

I did as she told me, my cock starting to tingle with anticipation. Giving it a dismissive flick, she went on, “Tonight I’m going to show you why these things are redundant. In fact once we have worked out how to make babies without men, we can get rid of the Y chromosome altogether, because that’s all men are good for.”

She then tied my ankles to the front legs of the chair, and my hands behind my back, before sticking a pair of silken panties in my mouth as a gag. That done, she went over to the sofa, pulled off her miniskirt to reveal a pair of almost transparent panties, and sat down. Putting one hand between her legs, and cupping her left breast with the other, she turned to Debbie. “Right lover, I want you to do a very slow strip for me. Show him how much you like performing for other girls rather than men, and if you’re very good I’ll lick you to your first orgasm within minutes of your panties coming off.”

Debbie then started to do what can only be described as avery sensuous and erotic striptease, looking Lynda straight in the eyes all the time, and licking her lips in a lewd gesture of sexual invitation, a look in her eyes of pure, uninhibited lust. As Debbie swayed and gyrated a couple of feet in front of Lynda, her lover slipped her hand inside her panties and rubbed her pussy and clitoris in a vigorous circular motion, whilst kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples. At last, when Debbie was naked except for her panties, she turned round to face me, leaned forward and slowly slid her panties down over her bottom, until they fell on the floor at her feet. Parting her legs she slipped one hand between them and opened the lips of her pussy to reveal the pink wetness within to Lynda’s lascivious gaze.

Lynda put her hands around Debbie’s thighs, and pulled her close to inhale the delicious scent from her excited pussy. Debbie was bent almost double, her hands gripping her ankles, giving her lover free access to the delights of her pussy and anus. Parting the cheeks of Debbie’s bottom, Lynda started to lick from her clitoris to her lovely little anus, savouring the taste of her juices, which were now flowing in such profusion that they were trickling down the inside of her thighs. Debbie was moaning with pleasure as she was thoroughly tongue fucked, crying out in her bliss, “O Mistress, make me cum, please, please, make me cum for you.”

As Debbie got more and more excited, and was very close to her first orgasm of the evening, Lynda slid a thumb into Debbie’s wide open vagina, and flicked her clitoris with the first two fingers of the same hand, whilst continuing to lick her anus. This drove Debbie wild with ecstasy, as exquisite beykoz escort sensations washed through her body, overwhelming her senses. As her orgasm subsided she went limp, and, catching hold of her around the waist Lynda lowered her onto the sofa. But far from letting her rest after her climax, Lynda was merciless. Pushing Debbie’s knees up to her chest, she picked up a wand vibrator that was on a small table beside the sofa, and proceeded to drive her to an even more violent orgasm. As she began to cum, Debbie started shaking all over, her head thrown back and her mouth wide open, as she screamed incoherently in her rapture

For the next few minutes the two girls cuddled on the sofa, exchanging passionate kisses, and giving no thought to me, tied to my chair with an erection that felt as if it was going to burst, such was my excitement and arousal at what I had seen. Looking over at me, Lynda laughed, and said to Debbie, “Look at that useless piece of male shit over there. Let’s show him what a real cock can do, rather than that apology for a fuck toy between his legs. One climax and it’s all over for the next couple of hours, while a real woman needs to be fucked to orgasm after orgasm for hours on end.”

Standing up, she stripped off the rest of her clothes, and picking up the dildo, inserted one end into her cunt. She sat down on the sofa, and said to Debbie, “Come on bitch, straddle me facing the audience, and slide the rest of this proper cock deep into your tutu, and let him see you in ecstasy, without any need of a man.”

Debbie did as her Mistress told her, and inserting the tip of the massive dildo in her tutu, slowly slid down it until she was impaled on at least nine inches of shiny black rubber. Leaning back against Lynda she started to ride up and down in a circular motion, the lips of her pussy clinging to the rubber each time she pulled out. Lynda also started to rock her hips backwards and forwards in harmony with Debbie, so that both girls were getting the maximum stimulation of their vaginal walls. With one hand Lynda was pinching the nipple of Debbie’s left breast, and with the other vigorously stroking her clitoris. As their passion mounted, Debbie turned her head so that they could kiss, their tongues jabbing and probing in time with the movement of their hips, until after only a few minutes they both thrust hard into each other, their muscles taut, as their mutual sensory stimulation carried them over the edge into a shared wonderland of sexual bliss, their bodies and minds one in an infinite moment of ecstatic joy.

I was helpless, and increasingly desperate for release, my mind pushed to the limit by the beauty and rawness of the passion the two lovers had released in each other. I was not forgotten, however, and as their climaxes subsided, Lynda murmured to Debbie, “I suppose we ought to do something for the old goat now, before his balls burst. I will untie him and you sixty nine him, whilst I fuck his brains out with my monster cock. I’m certain he won’t last long, and then we can leave him to sleep it off on the sofa, whilst we go to bed for some more fucking.”

She was right of course, and as Debbie sucked my cock and fondled my balls, and with Lynda’s black dildo buried deep in my rectum, I soon felt that delicious familiar tension begin in my balls, and the tightening of the tendons in my groin, before I exploded in a moment of incandescent release, pumping stream after stream of my semen into Debbie’s willing mouth. Lynda went off to the bedroom

once she had pulled out of my backside, whilst Debbie tucked me up under a blanket on the sofa, and sweetly kissed me goodnight, before going to join her lover for more acts of sapphic fulfilment and delight.

I fell asleep almost immediately, emotionally and physically exhausted, but as it was getting light I was woken by a kiss on my forehead. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I looked up to see caddebostan escort Debbie, still stark naked, bending over me with a concerned look on her face. “I was worried about you, Uncle Will,” she said, “Lynda was a bit rough on you last night, but if you go and get into our bed with her now, I think you will find that she would welcome some real cock inside her. I will curl up here for the time being so that you two can get to know each other better.”

My cock was already half erect as I slipped beneath the duvet, and cuddled up to Lynda, who was lying on her side breathing quietly. My cock nestled nicely in the crack of her bum, hardening all the time, and I stretched my arms around her to fondle her nice pert breasts. “O Will,” she murmured, “I am sorry I was so hard on you last night, but I had been preparing the scenario for days in my head. I had heard that you liked to be fucked in the arse, and I thought that some female domination, and having to watch Debbie fucked senseless, would make your orgasm even better when it came.”

She pressed herself against me, her young body warm and soft, and putting her hand behind her wrapped her fingers around my shaft and placed the head in position at the mouth of her very wet and open cunt. “Fuck me,” she whispered, “I want to find out for myself if your cock is as wonderful as Debbie’s mom says it is.”

Slowly I pushed until I was fully embedded in her soft velvety vagina, whilst she fondled my balls, gently teasing teasing them, causing me to feel such wonderful sensations that I thought they were going to melt in her hands. “Oh yes,” she sighed, “that is so lovely. Debbie’s mom was right, it is sort of soft and hard at the same time, and it fits me so perfectly, as if it was made for my cunt. Now love me until we cum together in blissful union.”

We fucked gently and lovingly, our bodies working in rhythmic harmony, wonderful sensation following wonderful sensation radiating through our bodies from the centre of our physical union. Our excitement and passion built slowly, each stage on our journey to our goal of divine ecstasy a place of increasing wonderment and pleasure. Finally our orgasms seized us, and paroxysms of utter joy

swept through our bodies, as I once more exploded in streams of white hot fluid which mixed with Lynda’s copious juices o produce a divine nectar which the gods would have been proud to drink. As we slowly floated down from the heights of rapture, we whispered words of endearment into each other’s ears whilst exchanging sweet kisses of joyful love, until we fell into a deep and dreamless sleep still joined in carnal union.

That was how Debbie found us in the morning, as she came into the bedroom with a reviving cup of tea. “Hello sweet lovers,” she said, “is there room in that bed for me?” as she pulled back the covers and slipped in behind me.

There can be no more lovely sensation than to be cuddled by two beautiful naked women, and we lay there together, content just to enjoy the sensuous pleasure of naked flesh on naked flesh, my muscular hardness contrasting with softness of their womanly bodies. After a while it was wordlessly agreed, as if by telepathy, that we should start our day with one last, beautiful fuck. Both girls got on their knees, their faces on the bed side by side so that they could kiss, and with their bottoms in the air ready for my cock to enter the divine portals of their pussies once more. I moved from one to the other, fucking each one for a few strokes in succession, until they came in succession in sweet orgasms that lingered for what seemed like minutes. My two lovers then worshipped my cock together, licking and sucking until I too came in a long drawn out climax of surpassing sweetness.

Suddenly I came to with a start, to find Debbie shaking me by the shoulder. “Wake up, Uncle Will,” she laughed, “you fell asleep in the sun, but it’s time to go now,” and with that she walked out of the back gate to get in the car.

It was all just a dream after all, but I thought you would enjoy hearing about it. I didn’t say a word to Debbie, but I did find consolation in Rachel’s arms rather more regularly after that. It’s a strange old world, isn’t it?

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