A Touch Of The Orient


Sometimes it’s a long way up from the floor. I have to lean back and pull hard on your arm to get you up off the tatami. “I’ve been sitting in the position too long” you say with a chuckle. “Yeah, right! That’s it, Terry!” I tease. We have both been sitting cross-legged for over an hour eating too much food and drinking too much sake to be able to stand with anything less than great care, and you take your time. The dinner was traditional, as all things are at this inn, with many tender delicacies and an unstoppable flow of the clear rice wine that seems to spread warmth through your entire body.

Finally on your feet, we follow the kimono-clad attendant to the bathhouse. I am disappointed when we are led to separate changing rooms, but still hold out hope that we will share a bath. Guided by the attendant, I take off my clothes and place them in a basket, taking a towel that is not quite adequate covering from the attendant, and walk through the bathing area to the outdoor hot spring. As I slide back the door, I gasp and offer a nervous laugh as the cold takes me by surprise. It’s October in the Japanese Alps, and at this time of night the air is frosty.

The hot spring is large and nearly empty, framed in natural stone and ringed by a forest dressed in fall foliage. The steam rises off the water steadily and a light breeze off the trees makes it swirl and dance. I hear another door slide open and can sense that you are near. I walk closer to the water in total awe of my surroundings. I see you in my peripheral sight but am mesmerized by the romance of the evening. Peering out around the doorframe you can see me standing at the edge of the pool. The inn is even more less kind to in giving its male guests smaller towels, and you have only a small washcloth, which you hold in front with one hand to cover your genitals as you step out to meet me. Still in a trance, I whisper a slow, quiet “wow” as I look out over the spring. I turn and gaze up into your eyes. My eyes filled with awe and wonder is deep pools of blue shiny with a touch of tears. Smiling you take my hand and lead me to the water’s edge.

Suddenly aware again of my surroundings, I shiver from the chill of the frostiness around us. The cool night air has begun to press against us and drive us both forward. With the first step into the pool, the water temperature doesn’t seem to register, and it takes two more until we are in up to our thighs. Then the heat takes hold. The water is extraordinarily hot. We are both frozen on unsteady feet, still holding hands, our breath taken away by the thought of being boiled pink. It feels like moving even a fraction will cause pain; as if our legs are acclimated only to the water molecules they touch directly. It takes several minutes, and the chilliness of the air, before we can begin to move in further. Bit by bit, we ease into the steamy ripples sharing smiles and gasps as the heat travels up over our bodies.

Eventually, we are in up to our necks, but still can hardly move, fearful that any movement might restrict our lungs’ ability to suck in a steamy breath through tightly pursed lips. It’s an uneasily comical moment. The fear of movement makes us speak in short gasps and whispers, and we try very hard to keep from laughing. The sexual intensity that usually lies so heavy between us has faded and been replaced by our survival instinct. It’s not until several minutes later, after our bodies have finally grown accustomed to the water, that I can even turn to look at you.

The rising steam makes your hair glisten and sparkle in the reflected moonlight. I am aware that mine is curling softly about my ears and probably makes me look very mischievous. I notice that you’re eyes have discovered my towel is draped over the rocks beside you, and pretend not to see you looking at my breasts through the water. You bend forward to kiss me, and I respond. Closing my eyes and opening my lips to your more firm ones. Your lips feel even warmer than the water that surrounds us. My mouth gives way, soft and pliant, and we both seem to melt a little further away.

A door nearby slides open and an attendant enters with a tray of sake. The sake is poured into boxes made of Japanese cypress and left for us along a rocky wall at our backs. We sit with our heads tilted back watching the stars and moon above, speaking occasionally in soft tones, sipping on sake, pushing our sake boxes around like little boats, and kissing. At times you have to pull yourself up onto a rock to take respite from the boiling temperature of the water. I watch your movements Mersin Escort with desire tightening my abdomen each time your lower body lifts from the water. It is easier for you to watch me from your perch, and I take advantage of it. Pretending not to notice your rising desire, I gently tease you by leaning back as if looking for a star, arching your back, letting the pink tips of my breasts break the surface of the water for just a moment. I maneuver myself between your legs and facing away from you and you place your hands on my shoulders.

I tug at your ring and suck gently on your fingers, willing you to slide your hands further down my body to grasp my pink breasts beneath the water. Still holding your hand, I turn slowly to face you. You then drop your eyes to mine and the look between us speaks volumes about our thoughts. I stand before you frozen in time and gentle lick and suck each of your fingers while you watch. Standing this close between your thighs, I can see the effect my gestures are having on your body and want to lean that slight bit closer to pull your pink cock in between my lips. I resist and continue to play with your hands, thighs, and legs as they dangle in the water. Eventually, you can take no more and slowly ease back into the water, sliding the full length of your body down against mine as though in slow motion.

Lowering your lips to mine for a final hot kiss, you whisper, “I want you, now, Anna. It’s time to get out.” I step out with the aid of your hand and stand shy and naked in the moonlight, steam rising off my skin. I reach out to pull you near, wanting to feel you against me with nothing but the patina of spring water between us. You hold me at arm’s length, causing me to gaze up questioning at you. “Just savoring the moment.” You say. Finally, you pull me close and I nestle my body against yours, warm and wet, soft and firm. The embrace is intimate and tender until I teasingly hook my foot around your leg and pull you closer. I push the mound of my smooth, trimmed sex against your thigh while your hardened penis presses against my side. You move your hands lower to my waist and pull harder, rubbing our bodies together lewdly in the moonlight. The serene and peaceful atmosphere around the spring has now given way to sexual tension, and suddenly we both feel anxious to return to the privacy of our room.

Moments later we both emerge from our changing rooms in thin yukata robes. As we barefoot back to our room along the cold, twisting corridors, I stay a half step behind you and watch your body with sidelong glances. A bare calf emerges from the folds on odd steps; the thin cotton ripples as my breasts sway and jiggle. You reach for my waist with your right hand and pull me back to meet your cadence, finally resting your hand on the full mound of my ass cheek. I reach back with my left hand, as though I will encircle your waist also. My hand brushes against your stomach and then catching you by surprise quickly darts lower, rubbing firmly against your genitals. I grab tightly at your penis in its thin cotton encasement and stroke it firmly, confidently. The result is quick and predictable. Your surprise and desire combine to strengthen your erection as we continue walking back to the room. Teasingly, I smile over my shoulder and see that your eyes are closed for a moment as we walk along together, thinking of what is to come this evening. Your erection now conspires to poke through the folds of the robe, and you must use both hands to clutch the cloth.

As we round a corner, your worst fears are realized: a group of middle-aged Japanese approaching us from the other end of the long corridor. Faces reddened and courage stoked by the cheery atmosphere and ample sake, I know we will attract attention. Tall enough to have to duck through doorways, yukatas so short they hardly reach our knees, we will be the perfect foils for these merrymakers. You imagine that I will sense the same, and therefore release you from my grasp, but again I surprise you. I slacken my grip only for an instant as I snake my hands into your robe and bare all that you pack to the world. I continue leading you like a dog on a leash, swinging my hand, and with it your bare sex, behind me so that we must walk single file, my body offering the only protection from the eyes of the approaching horde. You reach to grab your robe and try to cover yourself, but the movement only makes things worse, with the belt loosening and the robe nearly falling open completely to your sides. I am almost shaking with mirth and tugging gently Mersin Escort Bayan at your erection so as not to allow a decrease in your desire. The only cover left is I, so you take two quick steps and close the gap between us, grabbing my hips in both hands and waddling with wide steps abreast of my feet. We scamper past the drunken band that way, you holding me like a hostage, and the spectators’ stop for a moment with glasses raised in ignorant tribute.

We tumble through the door into our room with me erupting in laughter over the plight I had engineered for you. Not sharing the joke, you kick the door closed behind us and grab my wrist, peeling my fingers from your hardness and pushing me back against the wall in the entrance way. With your other hand you grasp the belt of my kimono. Pulling it sharply and throwing it to the floor, allowing my robe to fall open, and my body is exposed in the dim light of the room. Although aroused by your tactics, I am still mischievously smiling into your eyes. Until, taking both my wrists in your hands, you pin my arms to the wall above my head while prying my naked legs apart with your thigh. Our eyes lock and the mirth dies form my lips as I see lust written in the depths of your eyes.

You’re head moves slowly towards mine as though in slow motion. You wanting to taste some part of me, to feel our skin touching, our breath mingling as our lips mesh but you stop inches from my lips. Stopped cold by the look on my face. Here I stand, in complete repose, pinned to the wall my hands above my head, my back arched against the wall and my breasts thrust forward in the yellowish light. My legs are splayed open and unyielding on either side of your stronger ones, but the look on my face is in complete contrast to the position of my body. My lips are pouted in a smirk that is echoed in my eyes. The look tells you that you may control my body, but you will never control me. You will never be able to pin down that which is locked away and held precious deep inside me.

You are not in the mood for such looks. It’s frustrating and annoying to see that you possess so little of me, and at this moment you don’t need the reminder. Stepping back, you lower my hands a few inches before spinning my body away from you and pressing me forward against the cold wall. The suddenness of the movement and the coolness of the wall against my pink tipped breasts make me gasp. Then my breath is released in a rush as I feel your body crushed against mine. I squirm and moan as your chest is pushed against my shoulders and your hot tight erection firmly seated between the cheeks of my ass.

You loosen the grip on my hands and allow them to press flat against the wall for support as you take my hips in hand and begin to back away from the wall. Pulling me away from the wall, I am forced to shuffle my feet backwards to keep up with you and my hands slide down the wall as you firmly press my torso forward, bending me at the waist until my torso is parallel to the floor. Then lifting the hem of my robe you expose my ass and the lips of my dew sprayed pussy to your view. You can no longer see my face, and can only hope that the smirk is gone, that I am now ready to bow before you and let you take me on your terms.

You are a perfect match for my height and I whimper a bit in hesitation as I feel you take your rock hard cock in hand and rub the head against the moist folds of your vagina and up along the crack of my ass to nudge at my tight ass hole. You hesitate there as though trying to decide whether you should enter my virgin hole. I whimper again as you nudge a bit deeper… then seemingly you decide to move your cock lower again rubbing the damp head of your cock between the folds hiding my moist vagina. I seem to be kissing at the length of your sex with warm, wet lips, and you spend little time before positioning the head of your cock at the entrance and then sliding inside of me with one hard, steady thrust that makes me gasp for air and spread my legs further.

You are filling me and controlling me, I give in as though I sense this to be your show and you give me no time to breath before building to a quick tempo of hard strokes. With your hands on my hips, pulling me roughly against you on each thrust. Your thrusts are strong and deep burying the length of your glowing cock with hard quick strokes. There is little I can do but brace myself against the onslaught of your cock against my ass. You bend forward over me and reach around to grab a breast in your hand, rolling the nipple between Escort Mersin thumb and forefinger before commencing sharp tugs and pinches with each trust of your hips. I groan loudly, muttering your name over an over widening the gap between my legs to accept your full length into my cervix. Your free hand searches out the distended folds of my pussy, moistening your fingers with my wetness before pressing hard against the swollen button at the top of my slit. The pressure makes me call out louder, begging you to fuck me. You begin to move quicker, your cock now sliding faster and harder inside of me, your fingers teasing and rubbing and scratching and clawing at me. The waves are starting to roll from the depths of my being resounding in the inner walls of my vagina.

We are not quiet. You grunt on each thrust as your cock bottoms out in my hot hole. I gasp and moan writhing and become more vocal with each thrust. At the moment when we notice the sounds we are making as we climb higher together, suddenly, there are other noises. A group approaches our room from down the hallway. I can hear three or four voices clearly, make out the words they are saying, hear the slap of their bare feet against the floor. You here the noises also and freeze within me. You suddenly conscious of the approaching crowd drop your hands from my body and straighten, holding your breath and waiting for the voices to fade past our door. Deep inside of me, my cunt muscles are grasping at your cock. I shifted my hands and feet slightly and you imagine that I am better bracing myself for the onslaught of your strokes once the coast is clear. Then just as the voices grow to their loudest, just as the footsteps sound right outside our door, I slide my body forward and then thrust back sharply against you, stretching my body to its fullest and pinning you backwards against the wall. The move catches you unprepared and off balance. As you move your hands to steady yourself against the wall, I thrust back again with a pointed, forceful effort and grind my ass against your abdomen. You now have the roughly textured wall against your palms, your shoulders, your back, and your ass. The slick smoothness of my pussy sliding up and down your cock contrasts sharply with the feel of the sandpaper texture of the wall against your skin.

The rhythm is mine now. You lie back against the wall and watch my ass and body sliding back and forth against you, my hair tumbling over my shoulders. I move forward until your slick prick is almost entirely exposed before once again pushing back hard and fast, burying you deep within me. You know as by watching me that I have taken control during your one moment of hesitation, and I’m unlikely to give it back. All beyond our room, beyond our union, is forgotten. As my tempo increases further and you resign yourself to the inevitable conclusion and rest your arms over your head, only the hottest parts of our bodies touching, melding into one. The slapping, squishing, moaning, panting noises our bodies now make signal the transcendence. I feel your response and increase the depth and tempo coming at you harder and faster. I feel your balls grow tight against the lips of my pussy. I feel your hard cock twitch inside me spasmodically and grind my ass into your body. Your hips buck against my ass as you seek to bury yourself inside of me. I feel your contractions and the eruptions of your semen filling my body. When you climax I feel like your entire body is expelling a loud gasping sigh deep, deep within me. Your hot sperm fires into me with powerful blasts that coat my slippery tunnel. When you open your eyes you see me looking back over my shoulder at you. I wiggle my hips, and smile a crooked smile that looks for the entire world like a smirk.

Later we lay together beneath a thick futon that offers our only protection against the winter cold. Naked arms and legs entwine; my head rests on your chest. Moments earlier we were fucking hard and fast. Now, we hold onto each other in a tender embrace that seems to make memories of the sex unreal. I like this moment. Being able to feel your skin against me, to stroke your hair, to feel my breath tickling the hairs on your chest. A moment that will last long after the intense passion has faded. That is in fact what you are thinking when you notice my lips pressed against your chest, and then I close my lips wrapping my hot mouth around your nipple, my tongue hard and insistent. Then my kisses begin to trail lower across your abdomen and you are no longer thinking about the romantic closeness of the moment, nor am I. I continue my journey down the length of your body moving my mouth lower, encircling the head of your cock with my wet tongue before sucking you in between soft full lips. And it is then that you begin thinking there will be ample time for quiet, tender moments later…much, much later.

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