A submissive Meal


We arranged to meet at The Rogano, in Exchange Place, for dinner. I recognized you from the photo you had sent and I smiled as you walked in, amused to watch the reaction you got from the other diners. The women watched you enviously – the men lustfully. I saw one husband get a wrap on the knuckles from his wife’s soup-spoon when his staring went on a little long. The attention was not surprising. You were wearing a business-like skirt and jacket in soft wool. But the shortness of the skirt might make an observer wonder what sort of business you were involved with.

I stood to greet you. Having come straight from the office I was wearing a Hugo Boss double breasted suit, monogrammed linen shirt and a blue, silk tie. I kissed you on the cheek, inhaling a lovely hint of expensive perfume. Moving slightly back I looked you up and down before saying softly, ‘You look good enough to……eat.’

I gestured to a hovering waiter. ‘Please take the lady’s jacket.’ I saw a blush rise from your neck as you broke my gaze and looked down. I could see you were nervous, but you only hesitated a second before unbuttoning the jacket and shrugging it from your shoulders.

A smile spread across my face and I felt my cock harden as I saw that you had obeyed another of my requests. Under the jacket you had on a very sheer white blouse and -very obviously – no bra.

A hovering waiter came to take your coat and his eyes flew open wide when you turned to pass it to him. Your blouse was very see-thru and your lovely breasts very much on display. It was also very apparent that your nipples very crinkled fikirtepe escort bullet hard, either with cold or excitement.

I pulled out a chair and helped you sit, facing away from the other diners. A young waiter fussed over you bringing an un-needed napkin and topping-up your already full glass of water, desperate to ogle your breasts. It was amusing for a minute but eventually I had to wave him away after we got two menus and a couple of drinks.

The initial nervousness wore off as we chatted, finding much in common. I ordered for both of us. Oysters for myself to start, smoked salmon for you with lobster for a main meal. Between those 2 courses I beckoned you to lean closer to me across the table.

‘Go into the ladies and take your knickers off. Bring them back to me at the table.’ Then I passed you a gift wrapped box. ‘Open this when you are in there and put them to use.’

I heard you gasp quietly, then slowly stand to obey. Your progress through the restaurant held everyone’s gaze as your unfettered breasts swayed slightly under your blouse. I enjoyed your stately return trip as well, watching a little smile play across your lips as you kept your eyes on my, ignoring all the others staring. (The victim of the soup spoon attack nearly got a steak knife in the ribs from his wife this time around.) It seemed to me that you swayed your hips more coming back than you had when going. I just knew that this was to get the maximum effect from the love-balls now deep in your pussy, the gift I had given you before your trip to the ladies.

When you got back gebze escort to the table you dropped a fragrant scrap of black lace on the table. I placed it in my pocket and helped you with your chair. Still behind you I leant down to whisper in your ear, ‘How do they feel?’ Your tiny whimper that escaped your lips and the slight squirming in your seat were all the answer I needed.

When the meal was finished I declined the offer of coffee and paid the bill. Having collected your jacket I enjoyed the sight of your arse wiggling as I followed you up the stairs. Outside I took your arm and turned left, crossing Buchanan St into Mitchell Lane. As we passed down the narrow, deserted laneway I halted you with a pressure on your arm – before pushing you into the doorway of the Lighthouse Design Centre. I gently placed a hand over your mouth and you felt my hand on your thigh. I watched your eyes go wide as my hand moved up, over your stocking tops, and felt for the loop I know I would find. With a sticky squelch I pulled the love balls from your pussy. I held them up in front of your face. Your juices glistened slightly on them in the dim light of the alley.

‘Lick them clean’ I hissed, before removing the hand from your mouth. You tried to look down but I cupped your chin so I could hold your gaze as I pushed the balls against your unresisting lips. I pressed my aching hard cock against you as I watched you taste yourself on the plastic globes. When they were properly clean I slipped them into the pocket of my suit coat. Then, taking your arm again I lead you the short distance to the içerenköy escort car-park.

There were four or five people waiting for the tiny lift, which was on the 5th floor. Taking your wrist I lead you towards the stairs. Between the 2nd and 3rd floors I tug you to a halt. I turn you around and with a hand between your shoulder-blades I push you forward. You feel me hitch up your skirt from behind, exposing your stockings and bare arse.

‘I have to use you here and now slut!’ Without another word I unzip my trousers and thrust my cock into you from behind. You are so turned on by the situation, the build up and the extra excitement of the love balls that your pussy is dripping. I drive into your inviting wet cunt with one thrust. A second thrust is all it takes to trigger your long postponed climax. Your cries of passion echo in the stairwell and I feel my balls tighten as my own orgasm approaches. Withdrawing I spin you round I push you to your knees on the dirty floor. My hand tangles in your blonde hair as I push my bulging cock head against your lips, then into your mouth, then your throat. Ignoring a few chocking noises I uses your mouth like it was a cunt, fucking it, until I can hold back no longer. With a long groan I pull my cock from your mouth, smeared with your lipstick, and stroke it as I explode, spraying your upturned face with my hot, salty jizz.

My knees start to feel weak in the aftermath of a huge cum. I wait till my breath slows, all the while looking down all the while at your slutty, cum covered face. Then I see you start to poke in your handbag, looking for a tissue.

‘No’ I croak and pull you to your feet. I tug down your skirt and take your hand again, leading you to my car and the hotel room that awaits us.

The look on the faces of the 2 guys we passed on the way will stay with me for a long, long time.

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