A New Kind of Love Ch. 03

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Steve sat in his bedroom on his computer, searching for the song Stoph had been playing. He never gave him the name but he figured he would be able to find it. After about 15 minutes of searching he found the song he had heard when he enter Stophs room. He added it to his playlist and then set it on repeat. As far as he was concerned he could play that song all damn day. Anything to bring back the memory of the curve of Stoph’s hips. But with that memory brought back so was the painful one of Stoph’s reluctance to have a relationship with him.

‘Why wouldn’t he want me?’ Steve asked himself, glancing into the mirror that was on the back of his bedroom door. ‘I think I look fine.’ Steve pondered his appearance for a moment before recalling Stoph’s exact words.

“You don’t know me. And you shouldn’t know me. I-I’m just not a nice guy,” he had said. Steve wondered what he could have done that would make him think about himself that way. God how he wanted to use his tongue to trace each of the black tattoos. Steve didn’t know what they were of. They looked like writing in some foreign language. He made a mental note to ask Stoph about them next time. If there was a next time.

Steve went and sat down on his bed. He thought of the feel of Stoph’s stiff erection rubbing against his thigh. The tight jeans he wore trapping his swollen member away from Steve. He slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. He started stroking it leisurely while thinking of the soft curve of Stoph’s lips when he smiled. He wondered if Stoph was cut or uncut. He looked down at his cut dick and decided he wouldn’t care either way.

He thought about what Stoph would adana escort look like bent over his desk, exposing his tiny pink rosebud. He wanted more than anything to kiss Stoph’s virgin opening, to thrust into his warm… tight channel. Having him milk the cum from his dick. They would climax at the same time, Steve still thrusting inside of him.

With that thought Steve let out a loud groan before bathing his shirt in warm spunk. He laid still and let his breathing slow until it was back to normal before taking off his shirt and putting it in the bottom of his clothes hamper.

He walked into the bathroom to wipe the remaining cum off his hand. He paused before washing it off and wondered what he would taste like. He hesitated before bringing his hand to his mouth and licking a small amount of cum off. He found he liked the taste and licked another glob off his hand rolling it around on his tongue.

He tasted salty and a little bit bitter. He wondered what Stoph would taste like. His dick jumped at the thought. He quickly washed off the remaining cum and crawled into bed. Having sweet dreams about Stoph all night.


Tuesday~ 6 days until the Deal expires

Steve found Stoph sitting in his normal seat first period. He walked to his usual seat and sat down.

“Hey,” Steve said to Stoph. Stoph turned suddenly and looked at Steve. An emotion Steve couldn’t identify crossed his face. Was it remorse?

“Hi. Uh… I’m sorry about… last night,” Stoph said looking at his desk uncomfortably.

“Yeah, uh, I don’t mean to put any pressure on you or anything but did you decide what adana escort bayan you want us to be?” Steve asked, hoping Stoph wouldn’t get mad.

” Yeah, see the reason I hesitated is because my dad doesn’t really… want me dating. But I talked it over with him and he said its fine,” Stoph said.

“Great! I mean, you had me worried there. I like you a lot and I know you’re a good guy and I really want this to go somewhere. And I’m babbling so I’m going to shut up now,” Steve laughed, thinking of when he first asked Stoph out.

“Ha, I’m glad too,” Stoph smiled. But there was something behind his eyes that said otherwise. He covered it well though. Right when Steve was about to respond, Mr. Townsend stepped into the room and quickly told them all to quiet down. Stoph smiled and scribbled something down on a piece of paper before handing it to Steve.

‘Want to talk at lunch’, it read. Steve nodded OK and turned to listen to the project they were getting. Steve and Stoph ended up being paired for a group project. And had agreed to meet at Stoph’s house that night to work on their project.

The bell rang for lunch and Steve was walking towards his table to see Stoph and Francis already sitting there.

“Hey, guys,” Steve said as he sat down between them.

“Hey,” They both replied, Francis stuffing Cheetos into his mouth. Stoph had no food in front of him.

“No lunch?” Steve asked as he pulled out his own.

“I… uh… woke up late. Forgot it. Not a fan of the cafeteria food either,” he winced and nodded his head in the direction of the lunch lady.

“You can share mine if you escort adana want,” Steve smile taking half of his sandwich and setting it on the paper bag in front of Stoph.

“No I’m fine. Really,” Stoph pushed the food back. “But thanks.” Steve shrugged and took a bite of his sandwich. Steve and Francis got into an argument about their favorite sports teams. While Stoph stared out into space, wondering what in the hell he was going to do about the deal with Lucifer.

‘What am I going to do? Should I just get it over with an tell him now? No, I’ll wait as long as I can. The better he thinks of me the better chance I have… no, he has,’ Stoph corrected himself.

He decided he would spend as much time with Steve as he could before the week was up. It was Tuesday, so that gave him until Sunday to tell Steve. Assuming the devil would count the stroke of midnight as the end of their deal, and then tell Steve the truth.

“Whatcha thinkin ’bout?” Steve interrupted Stoph’s train of thought.

“Huh? Oh, just what we are going to do for our project in geography,” Stoph lied.

“Oh yeah,” Steve began talking about their project, but Stoph hardly listened. He felt a flare of anger.

‘You insolent mortal. Your soul is on the line and all you think of is pathetic high school classes.’ Stoph raged in his mind. ‘No that’s not fair. He doesn’t even know about the deal,’ Stoph scolded himself.

“You okay? You seem spacey today,” Steve asked him. He placed a hand on Stophs leg. A move that didn’t go unnoticed by Francis.

“Ooooh!!! You two a thing now?” he asked. Steve beamed and looked at Stoph.

“Yes,” Stoph said simply, giving Steve a reassuring smile before putting his hand on top of Steve’s.

“Congrats, guys,” Francis said smiling, returning to his food. Steve smiled even brighter and turned to Stoph. Squeezing his hand before also returning to his food.

‘I am so screwed,’ Stoph thought before the bell rang.

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