A Mentor’s Love

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“We loved with a love that was more than love.”
-Edgar Allan Poe


A thin, lanky boy with a thick head of shoulder-length black hair hurriedly walked off the campus of the University by twilight with only a bag of possessions in one hand, and in the other, a letter he intended to drop off at the post office on his way out. The hurriedly-penned letter was Jules’ last loose end to tie up before he left for his new adventure. He didn’t write much:

July 15th, 1847

Dearest Father,

I am writing this to you to inform you that I have plans to leave Paris for a while during my Summer break from classes at law school. I realise that you do not wish for me to make my money pursuing the literary arts, but I feel it is my true calling. Please do not look for me, as I am looking for my mentor to teach me how to be the best author I can be. I hope someday I may make you proud.


Jules Gabriel Verne

Jules knew where he had to go to meet this mentor. He had read all about him and knew just where he would be and at 9pm, he hopped on the ship to the Americas. Boston, to be exact. The trip was long and brutal, and many of his crewmates did not survive. At night the only thing that kept his spirits up was a picture of a sullen mustachioed man. A mister Edgar Allen Poe. Some nights he would look at his picture by the flickering candlelight, imagining himself under his… tutelage.

Poe sat on his bedside weeping. It had only been a few months since the death of his wife and cousin, Virginia. He didn’t know what to do but to drink cheap wine and soak in his misery. Yes, many people died from Tuberculosis these days, but that didn’t make the pain of losing the love of his life any less painful.

A pile of letters accumulated at his door, most from the landlord, some from the local newspaper he owed money to, and more than a couple hastily and fanatically written letters penned by a mister Jules Verne.

Poe didn’t know what any of the letters said. He did not have the time nor the energy to read silly little fan letters, even if the latest one announced an admittedly obtrusive visit.

Poe awoke from his drunken slumber to a pounding on his door.

“What do you want?”, he slurred as he held his hungover head.

“Terribly sorry to wake you, sir but it’s me.”

“Me who?”, Poe barked.

“Jules Verne, sir”, Jules replied, in admittedly a more discouraged tone.

“Never knew a Jules Verne. Fuck off.”

“B-but, I sent you those letters.”


“Well of course sir. I was hoping you could take me in for a while as a… mentor?”

“Hang on a second…”

Poe sat up. This annoying kid wasn’t going to leave, he could tell. He had to think. Fuck his head hurt. His eyes scanned the room. He noticed the pile of letters first, but then more importantly, he noticed that his wine bottle was empty. He devised a plan to get him away for a bit.

He stood up and shuffled over to the door, picking up the wine bottle as he went. Using his feet he shook the papers around.

“OH! Yes, Jules Verne! Well if you’re to be staying here could you uhh… do me a favour?”

“Oh anything sir!”

He unlatched the heavy oak door and shoved only his arm out holding the bottle.

“Fetch me another one of these then.”

Jules was ecstatic! He got to help out Edgar Allen Poe! He snatched the bottle and ran off to the tavern he saw on his way to Poe’s home.

Meanwhile, Poe picked up the papers and quickly organised them, making it seem like he had read them. His headache pounded, but at least that annoying kid was gone… for now. Slowly he nodded off.

Poe awoke with a start. Knocking again! Surely that kid hadn’t gotten his wine that fast.

“Hold your horses…ehh…John!”

“It… it’s Jules. And I have your wine”

Poe ripped the door open and snatched the wine out of his hands in one quick motion.

“Brilliant.”, he responded, not bothering to cover up the fact that he didn’t care for his feelings. He went to shut the door but was stopped by Verne’s foot.

“The fuck do canlı bahis şirketleri you want?”

“Sir, I explained in the letter… I came from Paris-“


“So… I was… well hoping I could stay with you and learn from you.”

“Learn from me? Learn what?”

“Well see I’m a huge fan of your work and I wanted you to teach me how to write.”

“What’s in it for me?”

“We-…well uh, I have money… I could pay you.”

Poe eyed the stack of bills on his table.

“All right then. Get in here. But you stop paying, or you get on my nerves and I’m throwing you out. Got that?”

A lightning bolt of excitement spread through Jules’ 19 year old body.

“Oh yes, yes! I mean… yes. I can agree to that.”, he responded, trying to not upset his new host.

After some negotiation, Poe was finally satisfied with his new guest. Verne was to pay the bills, buy him wine and in general keep up the household while Poe did whatever he wanted so long as Verne could tag along. Verne was to sleep on the cold floor, but he didn’t mind. Anything to finally have the mentor of his dreams. Verne’s first task was to go get some groceries, which he swiftly knocked out. Ecstatic that he finally met his mentor, he offered to take him out to eat.

They went to a nearby tavern that served soup and sandwiches. Verne felt like it was a good time to finally interview his idol.

“So… mister Poe”

“What is it?”

“What… what’s your inspiration for writing?”

“Oh, life experience… history… love, sometimes.”


“Well yeah back before…”

Poe trailed off and looked down.

“Mister Poe?”

“WHAT? Nothing. Nothing at all. Eat your damn food and shut up.”

The dinner was finished in awkward silence and they quickly left and walked home.

It was a chilly October evening as they made their way back to the Poe residence. Storm clouds appeared to grow in the distance, but they payed it no mind.

When they got inside, Jules lit the fireplace and sat in a creaky wooden chair while Poe sat at his luxurious desk chair and pulled out his half-empty bottle of wine.

“So, uh, mister Poe, are you going to write tonight?”

“Oh yes, I was definitely going to write tonight. Ever see someone write with a corkscrew?”


“Me fucking neither”, he crossly barked and then promptly emptied the bottle’s contents into his mouth. “Go get me some more, boy.”


A harsh rain started falling as the thin, long haired Verne scurried out to get more wine for his mentor. Poe stayed behind, thinking deeply about his recent loss at first, but other thoughts began to come in.

Verne. The way his hair draped to his shoulders. The timid way he spoke. The way Verne would do anything for Poe.

“Oh fuck no. This is not fucking happening. I need this boy out of here.”

Poe got up to his feet and staggered over to the heavy oak door and slammed into it. He fumbled for the lock and found it. He wasn’t about to let that little shit back into his house. How dare he remind him of Virginia? He had no right!

He shuffled over to the bed and laid down, paying no mind to the raging thunder and pouring rain outside his window.

Poe fell into a fitful, wine-induced slumber and began to dream. He dreamed he was in his chambers, and across the room lit by candlelight. He saw a silhouette. Virginia! It was really her!

Quickly he jumped up and started to run to her, but the room began to stretch. After only a few steps, Virginia seemed miles away. He kept running. He had to see her. Had to at least be able to tell her goodbye.

“Thunk, thunk, thunk!”, a noise came from behind him. Quickly turning around he saw a giant wine bottle rolling toward him. It was massive and would easily crush him. The same wine bottle he was drinking from, complete with the branded black raven on the label. Poe doubled his speed, rushing to Virginia, while the bottle quickly thunked behind him against the uneven stone floor. He was terrified, and frantic as he rushed to find his love.

After what felt like canlı kaçak iddaa hours he finally reached the silhouette and grabbed the shoulder of it, turning it to him quickly only to find it was not his Virginia.

It was Verne! But he was not the Verne Poe came to know. He was… beautiful.

“Please sir! It’s so cold.”, he pleaded crying. “I promise I won’t bother you any more just please.”, he cried pitifully.

Poe woke up to a crash of thunder and sprinted to the door and unlocked it. A soaked and crying Jules Verne sat on his doorstep holding the bottle of raven wine he bought for Poe hours ago. He grabbed Verne and pulled him in.

“Mister Poe! Oh thank you! Thank you so much! I am so sorry!”

“No no, Verne. I am the one who is sorry. I took you for granted.”

Poe looked Verne in the eyes. They were deep brown, just like Virginia’s.

“Jules… you’re soaked. Here.”

Poe reached his hands to Verne’s quivering, scrawny shoulder and slowly pulled off his soaked shirt, exposing his toned and glistening chest, droplets of rain dripping from his perky, hairless nipples.

“Mister Poe, I…”

“Shh… It’s okay.”

He slowly reached to his waist and unbuttoned Verne’s sopping wet trousers, pulling them off of him and exposing his pale, strong, young legs, his beautiful, shapely (not to mention cute) butt and behind Verne’s shivering, nervous hands was Verne’s cold, shrunken penis and wrinkeled, cold scrotom.

“Wait right there”, Poe quietly commanded, and Verne didn’t dare question him. Jules stood in front of the fireplace trying to dry his relatively hairless body in the heat.

Poe came back into his living room after a few minutes of searching for what he brought back for Verne to wear.

“I know this may seem strange, Jules, but it’s the only thing I think will fit you. It used to be… Virginia’s…”, Poe said and he handed Jules an old looking white gown.

“But sir-“, he began to protest, but Poe quickly shushed him and urged him to put it on to warm himself. Poe then offered Jules some wine to help him warm up, which Jules gratefully accepted.

The two men sat together in the heat of the fire drinking wine and chatting. Not particularly about much, in fact, Poe just answered all of the questions Jules wanted to ask the second he got there. After that, there was a length of silence, eventually broken by Jules.

“You know… I’m awfully sorry about your wife. I know you must be grieving her intensely.”

Poe got up and walked over to the now-dry, fairly drunk Verne in Virginia’s nightgown, and leaned in to his left ear whispering “…Nevermore” while he sofly caressed Verne’s chest.


“I don’t need her any more…”

“Why not?”

“Because… I have you”

Verne looked up excitedly with watery eyes.

“Err… Mister Po-“

“Call me Eddie”

“Okay… E-Eddie… is everything okay?”

“For the first time in a long time, everything is okay.”

Poe leaned in and touched lips with Verne’s, slowly slipping his wine-coated tongue into his mouth, wrestling with Verne’s. Verne began to protest a little but then grabbed Poe’s suit jacked and pulled him in closer.

“I want you, Eddie”

“I want you, Jules”

Verne slowly got to his knees and unzipped Poe’s trousers. His telltale boner sprung quickly from his fly. A decent size of 6 inches of uncircumcised Poe meat hung in front of Verne’s face, below it two finely shaped testicles showing through a large scrotom hung below. Verne brought his left hand up to the scrotom and softly caressed it as he slowly brought his mouth to Poe’s penis.

Timidly and carefully, Verne put his lips over Poe’s head and swirled his tongue over it in a spiral motion. He felt a hand push on the back of his head and all of Poe’s length went into Verne’s mouth. Poe gasped with pleasure as he felt for the first time in a long time the mouth of another person on his throbbing cock.

Verne could feel his cock slowly growing aroused while he moved his head back and forth , sliding Edgar Allen Poe’s member in and out of his pleasurable canlı kaçak bahis mouth. Poe moaned with pleasure and began thrusting in and out of his mouth. He grabbed on to Verne’s head and thrusted his member in and out of Verne. He began to thrust harder and harder, skullfucking Verne while moaning like a wilderbeest. Verne could taste precum slowly starting to leak from the unproportionally large head of Poe’s veiny cock and quickly pulled away.

“Jules”, Poe protested, “I was about to cum!”

“Not yet. The party’s just beginning.”

Verne grabbed Poe’s wrist and pulled him to the bed. He bent over, pulling up the gown exposing his waiting boycunt. He shook his rear back and forth enticingly.

“Please, Eddie. Ravage me.”, Verne moaned.

Poe leaned down and got face to arse with Verne. Slowly he worked up a mouthful of spit and emptied his mouth’s slightly alcoholic contents onto Verne’s waiting hole. Verne shivered but said nothing, as Poe slowly reached his hand up and slowly pushed his index and middle finger against Verne’s backdoor. Verne moaned intensely as both fingers slowly moved into his tight hole and in a few moments Poe was fingerfucking Verne’s quivering, slowly loosening boycunt.

“Ooh yes, fuck me with those toned writing fingers! Fuck me hard. Get me all ready”

“I’ll do you one better”

Poe quickly pulled his fingers out of Verne and casually wiped the excrement off on a nearby newspaper. He then lowered his head to Verne’s loosened arsehole and slowly began licking the brown rim, holding both cheeks open with his large hands. Slowly he stuck his tip of the tongue in Verne’s ready arsehole and then pushed the full length of it into his newfound lover’s rectum. Poe made sure to slobber a lot to lube up Verne’s passageway for what he was planning to do next.

“Ooh Eddie, come on, fuck me with your real cock now!”, Verne cried excitedly.

“Always so impatient! Okay, it’s time”, said Poe and he pulled his head out from Verne’s arse and grabbed his still-moist, super-erect cock.

He lumbered over to Verne’s waiting arse and pushed his buttcheeks apart and slowly pushed his large uncircumcised head into Verne’s aroused, lubed arse. Finally, the pit and the pendulum became one. Verne gasped and Poe’s girth. He had never had a man’s cock in his arse before, but he was in heaven.

“Am I hurting you?”

“A- a little…”

“Oh! Do you want me to sto-“

“NO! Don’t keep going.”

Poe slowly thrust his entire 6 inches into Verne’s canal and both men moaned loudly in intense pleasure. The only thing louder than their moans was the thunder outside, which masked their animalistic sex noises from the rest of the neighbors. Poe quickly began pulling his cock in and out of Verne’s sex-craving boycunt, going at a moderate pace at first, and then quickening it.

Verne stayed bent over the bed, his cock raging between his belly and the firm mattress that was supporting the two men’s lively fucking. The motions of Poe’s hips slamming into Verne’s tender buttcheeks caused his hips to move and his erect boner to slide back and forth between his belly and the mattress. He was in total ecstacy, being filled from behind and pleasured with the same motions. Poe, on the other hand, was in anal fucking heaven, as his cock slid hastily in and out of Verne’s rectum. Suddenly Verne felt Poe’s cock twitch inside his arsehole.

“Oh my fuck… I’m coming Jules”

“Come inside me! Fill my boycunt with your love”

Poe shoved his cock hard into his arse once more, and then suddenly his boner spurted spurt after spurt of his hot sticky seed deep into Verne’s bowels. Poe came for what felt like 5 minutes straight and finally, when he was finally done he slowly pulled his cock out of Verne’s arse and Poe’s white thick spluge leaked from his loosened destroyed boyhole.

“Was that good, Eddie?”

“It was the best, Jules… Did you finish?”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“Yes it does.”

Poe rolled Verne over and saw that Verne had ejaculated all over his own belly. He slid his mouth down and sensually licked the still-warm fluids off of his sweaty abdomen. When his belly was finally clean he playfully licked Verne’s limp cock before going back up to his lover’s face. They embraced and tongued each other’s mouths.

“I love you, Eddie.”

“I love you too, Verne. Stay with me always?”


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