A Maid adventures in Masturbation

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The cupboard mirror was angled in such a way that I could see him stroking his dick as he sat at the desk in front of the computer and he cold see me finger my pussy as I sat on the bed.

Ours was one of the weirdest but interesting relationships you will ever hear about. I am a maid servant in her early 20s, one among millions in this vast country of India and he was a typical house owners’ son also in his early 20s.

He and I hardly exchanged words, and while doing it, while masturbating together, we hardly looked at each other face to face. It was always in the mirror. The first time it happened, I was sweeping the house and I walked into his room. His back was to me and he was something that looked like porn on the computer. He didn’t notice me, but I stood there for a minute or so looking at the porn.

The next time it happened, I walked in, and this time he noticed me, but the look on my face said I wasn’t offended and that I was fine with staying watching with him. This time he put on a sensual passionate video, and he slowly started masturbating. I looked at the mirror and he could see me looking at him. I just smiled and walked off.

This continued periodically over the years. We could do this only when his mother and family members weren’t at home and he was home from college. And I could not do something like this at my house since it was really small and I lived with a big family. Initially, when we masturbated together I would pull down the bottom part of my salwar kameez or lift my saree all the way.

I was very conscious to show my pussy entirely in the early days but we developed a level of comfort where later I felt thrilled displaying it all it hairy glory and glistening in the juices that dripped down my thighs after our sessions. On the days I wore a sari I wouldn’t wear any underwear.

On those days he would remove his underwear bahis siteleri and I would place it under me and I sat on it so that my pussy juices could flow down and be soaked up by his underwear. I would then give it to me and stand next to him maybe as he used that same underwear to stroke himself and would have his cum explode on it and there at least, if not in flesh, we mingled.

On the days I did wear underwear I would have it on and masturbate and leave it on the bed before leaving. He would keep it for a few days and return it to me washed. I don’t know what he would do with it when I was away but the few times when I could get some privacy I know I imagined him doing some deliciously sexy things to me like eat my pussy, while fondling my brown breasts and twisting my dark nipples as I moaned.

From this we graduated to something a bit more sophisticated. One day he placed a few vegetables on the bed. So as I entered the room when no else was in the house with the broom sweeping I saw the vegetables on the bed and I immediately understood what we were to do. He unzipped his pants as he sat on the chair. I sat on the bed and lifted the sari up to my waist.

And first with my fingers I started to insert and tug at the pubic hair to get myself moist. Once I felt the inside opening up I picked up a carrot and carefully inserted to get the most pleasure. It took me a while to figure out but it got to a point I was even comfortable with the cucumbers. Immediately after each time I played with a vegetable I would walk up to him and hold it for him to suck on it like I would his dick if we ever did that in real life. One of the most beautiful sights in my young life was to see each vegetable glisten with my juices before I placed it on his tongue and mouth to suck.

A few months later, to my surprise I saw a vibrator placed on the bed. I was surprised and canlı bahis siteleri a bit hesitant since this was new to me and I felt I was going to be inadequate. But he played a sort of instructional video of a woman using a vibrator and now felt a lot more confident. So I turned on the vibrator and ran it first over my nipples. It was an incredible sensation. But I felt my pussy open up and eager to swallow the vibrator. So I ran the vibrator up and down my slit which was now soaked before I started to thrust it inside me.

And I positioned it just right feeling the vibrations on my clit. I didn’t want to cum immediately and so I had to pace myself. I worked my clit with the vibrator in small circular motions and my body was shaking. I started bucking my hips and with my free hand grabbed my breast and started squeezing. And as I would occasionally glance in the mirror to see him continue furiously stroking himself as he watched me writhe and shake in uncontrollable pleasure.

But like all good things, this too was going to come to an end. The guy was going to get married. I don’t know the details of his marriage but his mother told me the day and other such details. I felt a bit sad. Not that I ever thought I was going to marry him, but that our sessions would be no more. I knew I would get married one day, maybe even to a nice guy, but I wasn’t sure my sex life would be as weird, interesting, intense and orgasmic as my masturbation sessions.

On the wedding day I was at my house. There was no work since the whole family had gone to attend the wedding. Then late that night I heard the sound of a motorbike horn beeping outside my house. I went out and saw that they guy had come and was calling me to come with him. This was bizarre. I was confused. Shouldn’t he be with his wife right now? But as I sat behind him, I realised we were going to his house and canlı bahis he merely said, “There is some work in the house.”

When we reached home there was no one inside. I then realised that he wanted to have one more session. After he opened the door and we both entered, he turned to me and said, “One last time.” We then both quietly walked into his room. I sat on the bed, and he brought the chair opposite me and sat in it. For the first time we were face to face. For the first time we were looking into each other’s eyes.

We then both started undressing ourselves, even as we locked into each others’ gaze. This time I stripped naked. And he did too. He reached for his dick and very slowly stared stroking it. I close my eyes just for a moment and bare my teeth. I spread my legs wide apart and slid my fingers up and down my wet pussy, pushing my hips up and rubbing my clit.

Soon my breathing gets ragged and I speed things up. I squeezed my breasts, pinched my nipples and my sharp fingernails dug the soft flesh. I like the pain. We both continued together for quite a few moments. I can’t remember all that I did but I remember the ending perfectly.

While I was going at it, he was stroking himself but did not cum. I realised that he was pacing himself and wanted to cum the same time as me. And so I picked it up. I was planning on making myself squirt. I had done it a few times before and this was going to be our last time together and so I wanted to make it special.

Soon I was just about to squirt as my moaning increased. Noticing this he got up and stood near me. He then took my free hand and made me open my palm. He motioned me to hold it open below his dick as he continued stroking. He then made me stand and placed his free hand below my pussy.

And when he climaxed and his cum shot out I collected it in the palm of my hand, and when my squirt juices leaked out he gathered it in his palm. We each had each other’s juices. We looked at each other for one last time. And I stepped back, bowed my head and cried. We had not touched each other even once. And then it was over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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