A Kitchen Fit to Party in Ch. 05


We strolled back to the car, me laden with parcels, her practising her ‘fuck-me’ walk. I noticed that she had the top two buttons of her dress undone and also the bottom two as well.

‘Well, tell me then?’

‘Tell you what?’

‘What took you so long to get dressed and say good-bye to Terence?’

She went quiet. ‘Nothing.’

‘You are a truly dreadful liar. No wonder Alan trusts you to tell him what you get up to.’

Now she did go pale. ‘Oh I never thought about telling Alan.’

‘Oh, so you did let him fuck you then?’

Truth to tell, I was a bit pissed if they had. I hadn’t had her yet, although I did feel it was only a matter of time.

‘N..n..noo. I just gave him a little kiss, which turned out to be quite a long kiss. And well I touched his… well you know… only though his trousers, of course. But then when he touched me back, my dress wasn’t completely done up down the front, in fact it wasn’t done up at all so he put his hands all over me and I … well.. I …’


‘I came. He put his fingers in me and I came all over them. I am so embarrassed.’

I felt it was time for me to move up a gear so I put my hand in her lap, parted her legs and felt her sopping slit. She was telling the truth. There was no sign of semen.

She seemed to accept it as my right to check. I wondered whether Alan checked her out from time to time.

‘Did you enjoy it?’

‘Well, yes. I came didn’t I? I don’t often do that while making love even.’

‘Then that’s all right then. We had an enjoyable morning shopping. Did Terence come?’

‘No. I did sort of offer to help him, but he said he was frightened in case he could not get hard again when Sophie came back.’

She laughed her good humour now re-established. ‘And I don’t blame him. She is a scary one isn’t she? But fun though.’

I concurred. I did not think it was the time to tell her of my appointment next week.

‘Right, next mall for two more shops and lunch. More underwear. This one is a bit further away.’

We travelled another twenty minutes before pulling into an up-market mall with a Victoria’s Secrets.

‘Come on, lunch first,’ I said, turning into a nice Spanish wine bar. It has long been a particular favourite of mine, partly for the tapas which are excellent, but also they have a table top and stools set against the window with no modesty rail.

I collected a menu and a bottle of white Rioja and guided her over to the window stools. The senorita came over for the tapas order and while waiting we sipped our wine. The white Rioja has a characteristically nutty flavour which goes particularly well with the Iberican ham. I have been told that is because the pigs grow up eating a lot of acorns but that is probably just Spanish marketing bull.

Anyway the wine and the lovely tapas were enough to make Rosie forget that she did not have a modesty bar in front of her legs. While she was a lady and was never going to spread her legs to give the sort of view that recommended me to this place, she was showing a fair amount of thigh.

We were halfway through the bottle when I felt that the time was right to proceed. She was either beginning to read my mind or more likely I took a deep breath, or gave some other sort of ‘tell’ before putting into action my next plan.

‘So what is it now? We can never just relax and enjoy our time together without you putting me under a bit more pressure.’

‘How well you know me,’ I said.

I leaned over and undid another button, this one just below her bust. She held her breath. She had no underwear on of course but you could now see that she had not even got a support bra on. The areolae were just about still hidden as the top folded itself back.

She began to breathe again. ‘I cannot believe I am doing this. I am sitting here exposing my body to the world. What have you done to me? I would never have done this, even a week ago. You must know that you frighten me. If you can do this to me in a week what could you do in a year?’

That had never occurred to me. I know I had been keeping the pressure on her, but I had never forced her. Well, maybe once or twice at the beginning.

‘The thing is, this is you. I am only releasing what is inside. I am making you realise that your last six or seven years, in fact ever since puberty, have been wasted. You could have been enjoying this all earlier and still have done well at Uni. Swivel to face me.’

She did and I leaned forward and undid the third button from the bottom. This one was the challenge. The next button up was right on her pudenda, which meant that everything below that was now open. You would be able to see her compressed lips and dripping slit if she opened her legs.

‘Christ Tom.’ Now I knew she was suffering. This was the first time I had heard her blaspheme.

‘Christ Tom, that’s me showing everything, I can’t walk around the mall like this.’

‘I’ll tell you what. I will be fair. Stay like this for now and when we leave I will go a kuşadası escort moment or two before you. You follow me out and walk towards me and if I can see any flesh down there I will tell you and you can do up that last button again. I know you are showing a lot now, or at least you would be if your legs were open, but by the time you stand up and the dress settles I reckon the done-up button will be at least one inch below your crotch.’

She nodded and swigged back her glass of wine expecting a refill.

I topped her glass up.

‘Where’s the toilet?’ she asked.

‘Up the stairs to the left of the bar.’ I laughed.

Her lips pursed. ‘Those steep straight steps under the low ceiling which covers your upper body after only three or four paces?’

‘I nodded. ‘Those very selfsame steps, oh look there is someone coming down them now. See how they hide your upper body until almost the bottom four stairs. Do you see how everyone looks to see what the body is like that accompanies the legs? Can you imagine what will be happening if the button is not an inch below your crotch? Can you feel the wind now on your lips as your dress separates above your crotch.? Can you see your lips shine, dewy wet, and open as you walk down the stairs?’

‘I don’t think I can go.’

‘I think I will order another bottle then and we can wait until you do want to go.’

‘Bastard,’ she smiled. The unspoken dare was on. She climbed the steps. Hardly anybody looked. Even though she was attractive the dress fell almost to the back of her knees.

Now I held my breath to see whether she chickened and did that third button up before descending.

I had to breathe. If I had not I would have been dead twice over before I saw her shoes appear below the low ceiling line.

Another step and ankles and calves appeared. There was no way she was hurrying. I expected her to have done up that last button. But no. The button was still undone.

She was taking it slowly, the advantage being that the wind caused by her very movement was less, but she was so slow that it gave the entire wine bar the opportunity to turn around.

I could not tell you whether I saw flesh or not. If i did, and I think I did, it was no more than a fleeting glance. She had made the bar go quiet. Certainly every man in the establishment, including the manager and the two barmen were looking. One of the barmen raised a glass to her in acknowledgement.

She rejoined me at the table and I heard her exhale.

‘Wow, that was a rush. I am so horny. I need Alan right now. I am so wet I am sure I felt something trickling down my thighs. I just don’t like to look. I mopped myself up once before I came down. You must think I am dreadful telling you all this. I have never felt like this.

I laughed at her. ‘You need Alan you said? Would Terence do?’

She gave me a dirty look. ‘Don’t be disgusting. You know as well I do that of course he would do. I would just rather it was Alan. For fuck’s sake even you would nearly do.’

‘Only nearly?’

‘Yes, I would rather cut my nose off to spite my face than give you any pleasure. You are the bastard that got me into this state.’

I called the waitress for the bill and yet again presented Rosie’s credit card.

‘Now I am going to buy you a present. Let’s go. Do you want me to check out the hemline as I said I would.’

‘No, let us just go. Nobody raped me on the way down the stairs. I will know by the expression on the passer-bye’s faces what they can see. So what is this present you are going to buy me?’

‘Well we are going to Victoria’s Secrets, so it will come as no surprise that it is underwear. Here we are now, you go off and see if there is anything else you want here while I buy it. You can try it on for me later.’

I picked up my purchase, and put it in my pocket. It did not take up a lot of space. I had a quick look around but could not see her. The store was busy so I did not feel I could call into the changing rooms until I found her, so I just sat and waited.

I must have waited nearly half an hour, by which time there was only one cubicle that I had been unable to identify as not her. She came out with a small armful of beautiful lingerie. She had simple strings another basque, a tiny corset with a matching set of panties, bra and suspenders, and two camisoles with suspenders attached to the hem. I realised that we now did not need to visit Ann Summers, which was to have been my last port of call for the camisoles with suspenders. I knew we also could have got them there but this would save me the journey to yet another mall. While I wanted to visit a sex shop of some sort with her in the near future I thought that I might leave it until tomorrow when Emily was with us again.

Alan’s card took another drubbing, which did give me some satisfaction, particularly as he was away and unable to benefit from the purchases.

‘I think it is home time,’ I said. ‘It will be five before we are home. Not that I am in a particular rush if you have anywhere else you want to go. We could just have one small diversion. You need shoes. I was going to do that tomorrow with Emily, but we can probably do a different shop while we are here.’

There was an up-market shop that I knew sold some Manolo Blahnik’s, Dior and Kurt Geiger at improbably expensive prices but they did have a good selection, if only to look at.

As we walked through the door to the shop she whispered in my ear, ‘I have no underwear on, can I do the button up please?’

I surprised her by saying, ‘If you really need to.’

She didn’t but just had a good look round. Eventually a sales lady approached her and asked if she could help. I saw her indicate a couple of pairs and discuss sizes. The lady disappeared to the stock room and Rosie went to take a seat where she had been pointed. No button. I saw her pull on the dress, to lower it as much as possible before seating cross legged. She was showing a lot of thigh but no pussy. She had also wiped herself free of drips while in Victoria’s secrets.

I silently applauded her aplomb as she tried on, and eventually purchased, the two pairs without ever separating her legs and allowing the sales lady to see her lack of underwear.

We left the store with her in a high old mood. I was so glad that it was not my card that she was using.

Now at last we got back to the car and stowed all the new packages in the boot.

As we waited to exit the down ramp onto the one way system, I reached across and undid the fourth button from the top of her dress. Now you could see the areolae fairly clearly, and even a hint of a nipple. As I said to her, it was not as if even her nipples were anything but dark pink. They were not deep brown or even almost black as you would find on a girl with Latin roots.

We were just about to join the motorway when I said, ‘Oh look there is a pink car. There are not many that colour on the roads. What colour do you think there are least of?’

‘Pink I guess,’ she said idly, as if it was unimportant. Which at this stage to her it was.

‘Okay I will bet you every button on your dress against seeing three pink cars between now and home. One car, one button.’

‘Okay,’ she said.

That surprised me.

‘And you have five buttons on your shirt. You get yellow. Not as rare as pink but still unusual.

We had spotted three yellow cars before we saw our first pink one.

My shirt was now flapping a little bit with the wind from the open window.

‘Top button please,’ I said, just to remind her.

She grinned and the now open button gave here tits their first real sign of fresh air. The wind from the windows had easily pushed the sides of the dress either side of her breasts.

Two more yellow cars came by us and suddenly my shirt was completely open. One of the advantages of working for myself when times are quiet is to be able to go to the gym. I was not twenty five any more but I was pretty fit generally. No love handles.

‘Right how many articles of clothing do you have on,’ she said.

‘Three plus shoes and socks.’

‘Well you cannot take those off while you are driving. Every future yellow car is now an article of clothing.

It was looking like I was going to be naked before she was. So far we had seen five yellow cars and only one pink one.

Then my luck changed and we saw another pink one, a small Fiat.

I cheered as she undid the bottom button.

Now the skirt would flap open around her crotch, I thought.

Two yellow cars in quick succession saw me driving in my boxers. My trousers were round my knees. I was still five miles from her house.

As we turned off the motorway I saw a pink car heading the other way.

‘Yes,’ I shouted, getting slightly carried away.

‘I didn’t see it,’ she said with a sly look. ‘Still I guess I will have to take your word for it. You wouldn’t lie to me about something that important would you?’

I acknowledged that no, of course I wouldn’t.

She undid the last button, the one just below her belly button and the dress flapped wide open. At the risk of having an accident I allowed my fingers to brush her left breast, the nearest one to me and run my finger down to her thigh.

She eased her legs apart. As we entered her village my finger entered her. She looked slightly nervous. If we had to stop now, at traffic lights or the crossing in the middle of the village, there was a strong possibility that she might know someone. We didn’t. We sailed serenely through the village and into her road without seeing another yellow car.

As we sailed up her driveway my finger was making squelchy noises in her slit.

Now was my time. If I couldn’t fuck her now I was never going to be able to.

For all my normal confidence, with her I just did not know how to suggest it. The fact that I was practically there already should have made it easier but somehow, knowing how faithful she wanted to be made it difficult for me.

Rosie did not even bother to go to the boot to pick up her packages. She pulled her keys from her purse opened her door and said, ‘Hurry, I need you. Now.’

My prayers had been answered. I passed her dress halfway up the stairs.

Her shoes nearly made it to her bedroom door.

My trousers were left in the car. My boxers were with her dress on the stairs. My shoes mingled with her shoes on the landing. I must have looked an idiot hopping through the bedroom door trying to remove my socks.

She was lying on the bed, legs spread wide, one hands on a breast. The other was deep inside herself.

I moved it as I lowered my mouth to her clit. My fingers found their old hunting ground along her slit. Desire oozed from her lips.

She groaned at that first contact with her clitoris.

‘Oh Tom please fuck me quickly. This is not the time to prove how good a lover you are. I believe Emily, and so does Alan, so please just fuck me now and show me later.’

I was doing alright until she mentioned Alan, I didn’t quite go soft but it was a bit of a turn off.

I decided however just to humour her and fuck her this time around. I would make love to her later. She quickly achieved a rolling orgasm that I managed to roll for four or five minutes.

I knew that her clitoris would be sensitive so gave her some leeway before I started to drive again with hard long strokes. I was delighted to hear her call my name. It wasn’t Alan or even Terence. It was Tom.

It did not take me long to fill her with my seed. We had never discussed birth control. I just hoped she was on it.

We both fell asleep for a while. I awoke after nearly an hour with a very dry mouth. I hit the fridge in the kitchen before going out to the car, to retrieve the shopping bags and my present for her. I was still naked of course. There was nothing shy about me.

I managed to make enough noise quietly to wake her up. She smiled dreamily at me while I suggested we shower.

She nodded, but I was not sure whether she was agreeing that we needed one, or was looking forward to getting me into her shower.

If it wasn’t the latter she made a good job of pretending and my insecurities, my conscience, if the truth was known began to wither and die as she soaped my cock and began to finger my rear passage.

I have never been known as someone with too much conscience, so it was difficult for me to reconcile my worries, with my position as Adultery Tutor in Chief. She obviously loved Alan and I was not yet sure of my position in her firmament.

However she was making it fairly clear that I was her number one for the moment. At least while I was in the shower, I thought to myself.

She brought me back to erect by trying to swallow my cock down her throat. She was not an expert, but she made a good attempt. More experienced ladies than her have often tried and failed to take me all in their throat.

We kissed. I let my soapy fingers idly play with her nipples. I kissed her neck and shoulders. It never fails, and I enjoy it as well. A win double.

We had been a while in the shower and I was itching to get back to her bed. I turned off the water and started to pat her dry with one of the large soft towels that adorned the shower-room. She tried to dry me at the same time but I was little bothered that I was still damp as I picked her up and carried her to the bed.

‘Make love to me please Tom.’ She giggled. ‘Show me these skills that Emily hints at and that Alan is so jealous of, that he asks me every night if we have made love yet. Yet. Yet. That is the word. He assumes that we will. And of course now we have. Except we haven’t have we. So far you have only fucked me. Now we are going to make love.’

She giggled again.’ Oh just in case I miss any of these special techniques will you point them out to me. I would hate to miss them.’

‘You minx,’ I said. ‘Here we go then technique one. Do not miss this one it is very important.’

‘Oh really, she said. ‘What is it? Show me big boy.’

I sat on the bed, pulled her over my knee and started slapping her bottom.

‘Technique one. Always redden any bottom that you can get your hands on. Especially if it belongs to a teasing little minx that thinks she knows it all.’

I kept the belabouring going probably for a dozen more than I intended.

‘Technique two. Make their bottoms feel better after reddening.

I kissed her bottom and dried her crocodile tears. I rang my finger up and down her slit alternating a few seconds at either end. Her clit at one end and her bum-hole at the other.

Technique three. If one is at hand, now is the time to proffer a present that will take their mind entirely off the spanking. The result will be a happy young lady with a present in her hand and a warm and glowing bum. Paradise.

I handed over a little box from Victoria’s Secrets.

She opened it, and yes, technique three worked wonders. Her tears dried and she rapidly became happy and animated.

‘Oh it’s pearls. How lovely. But I thought you said it was underwear. But they are not a jeweller?’

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