A Girl in Errol Street

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I was sitting in an almost empty bar in North Melbourne enjoying a cold beer and people watching out the plate glass window. It was a beautiful day made all the better as it was the second day of my retirement and I was savouring the delights of lazing around on what would normally have been a work day. My private thoughts were interrupted by a young woman who was sitting at the bar. She had been there for some time but when she took off her jacket that she got my attention. What was revealed was how her tight fitting red top emphasised her breasts and exposed her midriff. It also showed what seemed to be nipple rings outlined by the tightly stretched red material.

She eyeballed me directly, smiled and lifted up her empty glass. “hi …. want to buy a girl a drink”

Normally I’d just ignore people trying to sponge a drink, but this was young woman and her voice was so sexy. She had a husky almost sultry tone. I just nodded, gulped down what was left of my beer and waved to the barman who was sitting at the other end of the bar doing a crossword.

As he approached she said in a soft, seductive voice “I’m drinking cowboys”.

I sat there apprehensively and engaged in disjointed small talk as she drank and I bought. She had had a plain face framed by very short jet black hair. The piercings in her nose, ears and tongue gave her a sluttish look that I liked. She must have been around six feet tall with large, perky tits and a brazen attitude. After I bought her a third drink I was beginning to relax and enjoy watching the lewd way her breasts moved, under that tight red top, every time she lifted her glass to greedily gulp the creamy cocktail. I learnt that today was Kelly’s 23rd birthday and she had dropped out of university 2 years ago to pursue her interests in painting. I also found out that she lived alone in a converted garage off a laneway in West Melbourne. Kelly was telling me how hard it was to make a living out of her art and how she found it almost impossible to get work that paid enough to support her art.

About fifteen minutes later her tone changed abruptly and she leaned forward and in a honeyed voice said “Phillip I need $100 to pay my electricity bill or they’ll cut off my power”.

After a long pause she continued “Can you lend it to me?” then almost as an afterthought “I’ll pay you back” I just sat their in disbelief. I’d just bough her six cocktails and here she was asking for $100.

I leaned back in astonishment before blurting out “What lend you $100 bucks! Why would I do that?…… and how on earth could you pay it back!”

She just slumped, dropping her head and then started spinning her empty glass around on the bar. Kelly was very quiet for what seemed like ages. Then she stood up, took a deep breath and leaned toward me.. When I looked up at her face, she planted her lips against mine, I didn’t try to pull back as her lips pushed into mine. A few moments later she broke the passionate kiss and whispered in my ear “well if you give me that $100 I could make sure you get beylikdüzü escort something back in return” and as to underline what she meant her hand fell to my lap and squeezed my hardening cock.

Ten minutes later I was following her swaying arse up a laneway and into a garage that had been converted into a bed-sitter. Then she spoke again in that sexy, husky voice “if you could give me three hundred dollars you could stay until six o’clock”.

I quickly glanced at my watch and saw it was just after two. God fucking this young slut for less than a hundred an hour, it was a no brainer. In seconds I was counting out six crisp fifty dollar notes and handing them to her. Moments later my hands were moving over the red top where it covered her breasts. I was fondling at the hidden mounds, grabbing and twisting those rings through the material.

Kelly was unbuttoning my shirt so I released my grip on those luscious tits and helped her undress me, tossing my clothes onto the floor until I was totally naked. My cock was rock hard and I saw her eyes dart to it and watched her tongue flick across her lips, she slowly dropped to her knees before me as she murmured “god it’s awesome” her breathing had deepened and she reached out and caressed my balls before running her long fingers up and down my quivering cock.

“Take your clothes off,” I instructed her.

She looked up at my face for a second before throwing her top off over her head and then standing to step out of her jeans. When her breasts became exposed I had taken in a sharp breath at their youthful beauty. Her nipples were hard and erect like large acorns. Once I tore my stare from those beautifully pierced nipples I gasped! What I saw now excited me even more! Kelly was totally bald between her legs and another larger golden ring was protruding from between her bulging pussy lips. It was awe-inspiring, this depraved young woman had a pierced clit as well!

“My… my, Kelly,” I exclaimed “we are full of surprises”

She looked up at me for a moment and grinned. Her hands were now stroking my hard cock. Then she kneeled down again and slowly sucked my bloated cock head into her mouth. At first she only slipped the head in, stopping as her lips closed around the helmet like head. I could feel that she was sucking hard. I saw her look me in the eyes as she started to move her mouth further down the shaft. I watched as she slowly took more and more of my big cock it into her mouth. She slid an inch or two down, pulled back, then sucked even more of my glistening cock into her eager mouth. The way she was working at it, her sucking, the obvious swirling of her tongue and the deliberate pauses…… it was evidence that she was very experienced in this act. It was also obvious from the way her hands were caressing my balls and the way she would occasionally push a finger deep between my arse crack that she wanted me to cum.

I was moaning now and watching in amazement as her mouth embraced my member. “God that’s good.” Was all I could manage.

Kelly’s beylikdüzü escort bayan head was moving quicker now, sliding my cock deeply in and out of her mouth. “Finger my arse” I instructed her.

“Use your finger like a little cock.” She quickly started to comply. At first she did it too roughly causing me to grimace but she quickly responded and lightened up. A minute later I was groaning happily as she stroked her finger in and out of my arse hole in time with way her head was bobbing up and down my cock shaft.

“Yeah its fuckin great,” I groaned, my hands holding the sides of her head.

“Suck it. Suck my cock. Oohhh yeah”. I was rapt by the sight and the sensations of her lips caressing my flesh, of her eager gobbling at my cock and the way she was fingering my arse.

My hips were humping harder and harder at her face each time she moved forward and I was desperately trying to hold back my climax. “Fuck no I’m gonna cum” I threw back my head and groaned loudly as I started to unload my semen and Kelly froze her movement except for her finger that she stroked in time with my ejaculation. I watched her gulp as she swallowed my cum.

“Mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm,” she mewed around my softening member.

“You’ve got a wicked cock Phillip” She rose to her feet and shuffled backwards to the bed at the side of the room and flopped onto it with her legs wide open. I was staring at her hairless pussy and was delighted to see the protruding lips were glistening with her moisture. I could see where some of her juices had leaked out onto her upper thigh. I could also she that her clit was large and protruding and the ring wasn’t through it as I first thought but through her upper labia. Her shapely breasts were topped by those big pierced red nipples and they were lifting and dropping with her breathing. I watched her eyes look into mine and she smiled for a moment before dropping her lust filled gaze once again to my crotch.

“Phillip come here…….” she whispered softly. There was desire in her voice and her facial expression was pure lust.

Three steps and I was at her side and my hand clamped over one tit with my palm covering the glowing ring that penetrated her acorn like nipple. Kelly’s eyes closed as I grasped her tit, her mouth dropped open a little as a soft moan slipped from her throat. I watched her hand go to her pussy and enjoyed the way her mouth hung open, her lip quivering as moan after whimpering moan slipped past it as her legs opened and I watched as more liquid dribbled from her pierced pussy as she busily played with herself.

Now I was suckling on her nipples, sometimes pulling on that ring and occasionally nipping her nipples between my teeth. I watched her grab the golden ring between her legs and gently begin to pull it, her entire body arched high and I watched her quake as she was rocked by an orgasm. I saw her hips jumping and jerking driven by our combined touches. I saw her pumping her pussy with her invading hand. My cock was now hard again and as her beylikduzu escort orgasm subsided I positioned myself with the head of my cock between her puffy pussy lips.

Then she said “Shove that big cock in me.” Her last word became a yelp as I lunged forward and rammed all nine inches of my cock into her hot pussy.

Her body was arching to meet me as I ground my cock into her, struggling to bury it as deep as I could into Kelly. I could hear wet sloppy sounds as I found my rhythm and humped into this delightfully sexy young woman.

Kelly was showing signs of reaching another orgasm and I locked my mouth onto her nipple and sucking hard as I pushed my cock deep into her pussy. That’s when it happened, I felt my cock head push into her uterus and Kelly groaned loudly and convulsed. I felt my balls tingling and knew that in moments my deeply planted cock would be shooting a load of semen directly into her womb.

Kelly was muttering “no… please not yet…. Oh fuck you bastard keep fucking me….. I want to fuckin cum again….pleaseee” Her sluttish pleading pushed me over the edge and I closed my eyes as I shot stream after stream of cum into her womb.

When I opened my eyes I noticed Kelly was struggled to catch her breath. Her lower lip was quivering and saliva was dribbling from her open mouth. My half hard cock was still in her well fucked pussy and I could feel her busy fingers between us as she played with her clit. A few moments later we were kissing and she bought her hand up from her pussy and pushed her fingers between our lips. I could taste her pussy juice and my cum and realised she was sucking her slimy fingers.

She broke our embrace and said “Phil will you lick me?”

I didn’t need to be asked a second time I couldn’t help myself. I let Kelly straddle me and in moments I was licking out the sweetest pussy I’d ever tasted. My mind was blown! Here I was feasting deeply on a pussy filled with my cum and it was the finest I had ever tasted.

Kelly was pushing down hard and from her gasping and the flow of her juices it was obvious she was enjoying what she was doing. I knew I was and to my delight I could feel my cock hardening again.

Just as I felt she was about to cum she moved onto her hands and knees and said “My pussy likes lots of cock” I quickly got behind her and guided my cock into her pussy once again.

I was mesmerised as we began to fuck once more. That wonderful sensation of her pussy and the delightful sight of her bum pushing back to meet my thrusts. I could see her rosebud and when I grabbed her buns and pushed a thumb into it Kelly just moaned. It was getting better and better! She was such a delicious fuck slut and she was mine for less than a hundred an hour. God life had just become so deliciously wicked.

I wanted to fuck her senseless and her craven sexuality was feeding my darker side. I was as horny as hell. So I pulled out from her wet slippery pussy and lined my slimy cock up with her brown hole. As my cock head popped past her sphincter it felt like I had died and gone to paradise.

It was fantastic, my first arse fuck and it was with a slutty young woman ………. I knew I’d pay to fuck her again……. And just maybe next time I’d get her to let me take some artistic photos of what we do………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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