A College Education Pt. 01


Josh was utterly bored.

The shift at the bar couldn’t be going much slower, and his tip total for the evening until then stood at a measly few bucks. The club was empty, a new DJ in the booth getting in some useful practice, only serving to annoy the entire bar staff. Josh wandered along the length of the bar, trying to look busy but his mind wandering to one of his co-workers, the beautiful Sara.

Her long brown hair fell in waves across her shoulders, occasionally flicked back with a casual toss of her head. Her deep blue eyes could trap any man, and her body was that of a supermodel. Many guys coming to the bar would tip her hugely, just for the chance to peek down her top at her giant breasts, and she knew it. She was smart, confident and utterly dripping in sexual desire, and Josh could never summon the words to talk to her properly.

Josh had always been shy, more of a nerdy type than most. His passion for studying was only outweighed by his love of swimming, and his wealthy family indulged this passion with a custom built pool, in the basement of their house. He spent hours in the pool, enjoying the flow of the water on his skin as he powered along the lanes. He found it helped him focus his mind, sort out his problems and think clearly, preparing for the day ahead. Medals on the swim team followed, as well as academic honors thanks to his hours of meticulous studying. His success on the swim team was short lived, however, thanks to a group of jealous and vindictive parents. His custom made swimming gear was criticized, called into question for supposedly giving him a time boost. No matter how many scientific tests and time trials he put himself up for, he was barred from the high school team.

Josh was used to this kind of treatment though, he knew he was different. From about the age of 12, he had tried to remain in the shadows, hidden from the gaze of others who might see him as a freak. The doctors couldn’t explain it, and he knew it was not from his genetics. During his pubescent growth spurt, he had bulked out, grown to be very tall and developed an unnatural gift, hidden away in custom-made boxer shorts. His hormones had driven him wild through his teens, often running from the dinner table to his room without a word to his family. His parents put it down to mood swings and stress from work, and never wondered why they always ran short on tissues.

University was different though, and Josh finally felt at home. He was able to study as much as he wanted, and with the privacy of his own room, satisfy his cravings away from prying eyes. His clothes were all made to order, and by avoiding any tight fitting jeans, his secret was safe. Many girls had asked him out, as his broad chest and warming smile attracted the attention of many of the most beautiful women on campus. Josh avoided dating though, afraid of what people would think when they witnessed his hidden secret.

“Hey Josh? Can you pass me that stack of glasses please?”

The angelic voice of Sara whipped Josh from his daydream, blinking a few times to realize that he was still in the company of the buxom beauty, along with the incompetent DJ. He grabbed the stack nearest him, passing them to Sara’s side, where she was busy with a group of horny nerds, all staring at her chest, barely covered by her tight shirt. Sighing, he went back to cleaning the bar, willing the hours to pass. His crotch was throbbing just being in the same room şişli escort bayan as Sara, and he was in desperate need for release. Concentrating hard, he closed his eyes for a moment and breathed deeply, feeling his body relax as the stiffness hidden in the inside seam of his jeans abated. The end of the shift couldn’t come soon enough.


Josh practically sprinted back to his dorm room, slamming the door closed behind him and collapsing on his bed. The last few hours of work had been torture, his lust for Sara almost boiling over as she bent over to retrieve dropped change. The pink thong riding up between her cheeks had almost made Josh pass out, having to grab hold of the counter for stability.

Now safe in his room, he could relax. Flicking on his computer and sliding off his shirt, he wandered his room, thinking of Sara. She was the hottest girl he had ever seen, but he had never uttered more than a sentence to her. Awkward stares from a distance and the occasional accidental bump in the process of serving drinks was the closest he had ever been.

Frustrated, Josh threw his balled up shirt at the wall, slumping in his chair and checking his emails. Only one had come in, from the guy across the hall Josh had barely talked to, only awkwardly a few times in the corridor. Skimming through the contents, his heart began to beat faster.

Hey man,

A friend of mine in class needs help with the algebra, and having seen your books stacked up I figured you for an expert. I told her to come around after your shift at work, she can’t wait!


Almost right on cue, Josh heard a knock on the door. Quickly throwing on a T-Shirt and collecting his thoughts, breathing deeply and hoping to get it over with quickly, he opened the door. In front of him stood a sweet, smiling girl, wearing a pair of black rimmed glasses, a white top and jeans, showing off her shapely body. Leaning against the frame of the door, her eyes wandered over his body, her plump lips forming into a smile at the sight in front of her.

“Um, can I help you?” Josh said, breaking the silence hanging over the corridor.

“Hey, I’m Lexi…Dave sent me? He said you could help me with some Maths. I know it’s late, but with the test tomorrow I’m desperate…”

Josh beckoned her inside, feeling his trousers tighten as she brushed past him, her breasts pushing against his chest for a second as she made her way into the room. He followed her inside, closing the door softly behind him and taking up a position on the bed, trying to hide the growing bulge in his jeans with a Math book quickly picked up from the desk.

“So, what part can I help you with?” Josh asked, smiling softly at her. She had eyes unlike any he had seen before, and as she spoke, her eyes shone with mystery.

“Ummmm…mainly differential calculus. I just haven’t been able to concentrate lately in class, and the last few weeks has gone far too quickly for me” Lexi murmured shyly, sitting next to him on the bed, a position which only helped to showcase her breasts. Josh took a deep breath, focusing on the Math. Speaking about work and not looking at her body would help, and she would be gone soon.

He helped her through the chapter, stopping to explain when she had questions, always making sure to focus his eyes on a poster behind her, rather than her copious cleavage on display. After an hour of intense discussion, fındıkzade eskort she was satisfied.

“Thanks so much, I totally get it now!” she exclaimed, celebrating with an impromptu dance in the middle of the room, her shaking breasts like a bolt of lightning to Josh. He grinned shyly, holding onto the books for cover still. With the images of Sara fresh in his mind and Lexi bouncing around in front of him, Josh felt as though he might soon pass out from the lack of blood currently operating his brain. He stood gingerly, trying to hide the prominent bulge in his jeans, snaking down to his knees.

“Er Lexi, do you mind if we call it a night? I have to catch some sleep for the test tomorrow…” Josh stammered, shyly meeting her gaze with his. Her body screamed sex, and without any time alone all day, Josh was ready to burst.

“Oh I’m sorry, I forgot what time it is!” she gasped, still smiling widely. Suddenly, she hugged him tightly, thanking him for his help, pressing her body tightly into his. Josh groaned softly, trying to contain himself, though he knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. Lexi pulled away finally, reaching down to check her phone, tucked away in her jeans pocket. Then it happened, a faint touch, accidentally with the back of her hand, grazing against his throbbing shaft, hidden for so long in his custom jeans.

“Oh, my…” Lexi exclaimed, her eyes tracing the outline of his bulge, normally hidden well away from prying eyes. Josh groaned, blushing profusely, desperately trying to think of an explanation, backing away onto the bed and covering himself with a pillow. Lexi sat next to him, a look of surprise and curiosity in her eyes, as she licked her lips softly, her breathing heavy.

“Can I see it?” She asked softly, her curiosity getting the better of her. The thought of his potential size was too much for her, she had to know. He was nervous, but her whole body screamed with instant lust, she couldn’t resist. She pushed him softly down onto the bed, straddling his body and leaning down, kissed him firmly, sliding her tongue into his mouth and along his.

Josh reacted immediately. For so long, he had hidden himself away, behind baggy clothes, shunning of social activities and focusing on studying. But this girl had seen the size, and wanted to see more. A sudden wave of confidence rushed through him, which was a feeling he hadn’t felt for a long time. Josh smiled, rolling over and kissing Lexi passionately, moving down her body with his lips, admiring her curves before standing in front of her, his hand on his belt.

He had played out this moment a million times in his mind, but never been this close to it. His heartbeat was pounding in his ears, his whole body tense with nervous excitement. Josh loosened his belt slowly, tossing it onto the bed beside Lexi, as she stared intently at the throbbing bulge in his jeans, stretching the fabric down to his knees. Josh breathed deeply, slowly sliding his jeans from his waist, revealing his tight boxers, made to hide him from the world.

Lexi gasped loudly at the sight, as Josh stepped from his jeans shyly. His boxers were like none she had ever seen, almost resembling thermal underwear in their length. Tight to his thighs, they acted as strapping, holding whatever he was hiding against his leg, even in his most aroused state. She moved from the bed, standing close to Josh and running her hand down to his crotch, besiktas escort teasing her fingertips along his length. With a kiss on his cheek, she spread her palm and grasped his shaft, hardly able to get her hand around the girth. Josh groaned with every touch and stroke, his heavy balls ready to burst as Lexi teased him, tracing his full length with her hands, yearning to see it in all of its glory.

Licking her lips, Lexi grasped the top of his boxers, tugging eagerly. Pulling them down over his muscular thighs, she stared in awe as inch after inch of manhood was revealed. She couldn’t believe her eyes, and with every tug expected to see the tip. Eventually, Josh stood before her, naked and blushing, his giant cock throbbing between his legs.

“Jesus Christ…you’re hung like a fucking stallion!” she exclaimed, going down to her knees to investigate further. Lexi had never seen anything like it, and gingerly stroked his length, cupping his gigantic testicles, swollen to the size of apples with his monstrous load waiting to blow. Lexi looked up, giggling as Josh stood with his eyes closed, a look of concentration on his face as he desperately tried to hold off his oncoming orgasm.

With a mischievous grin, Lexi began to pump his shaft with both hands, barely able to circle his girth. Grasping his shaft near the tip, she slowly began to jerk him off, watching as the throbbing length grew longer and thicker still. She squeezed his balls softly with one palm, her other hand pumping his cock toward her face as she teased her tongue over his sensitive tip. Hesitantly, she took his length into her mouth, barely able to open her jaw wide enough, flicking his purple head with her tongue, eager for his load.

Josh had never felt anything like this before, and the combination of the movement of her tongue and hands with the warmth of her mouth was too much for him. He could feel every muscle in his body tensing, a stirring in his crotch as Lexi jerked him faster, pulling him from her mouth with a soft pop and licking her lips seductively. Soon, her hands were jacking him furiously, begging for his load, yearning to taste him. Josh groaned loudly as he braced himself on the desk, feeling a rush of electricity over his body as Lexi pumped him relentlessly, moaning softly as the first burst of cum shot across her cheeks. His orgasm lasted for what seemed like hours, blasting huge wads of sperm from his swollen balls, coating Lexi’s face and body with his fresh cream as she purred, licking her lips to catch as much as she could.

Eventually, his orgasm subsided and he collapsed back onto bed. Lexi knelt in front of him, a look of bliss on her face as she scooped the cum from her face, licking her fingers clean with pleasure. She had given her fair share of blow jobs, but had never experienced a facial quite like this. She stood quietly, checking herself out in the mirror by the bed, gasping in awe at her reflection. Her top was plastered with cum, sticking to her chest, while several wads of cream had pooled in her cleavage, allowing her to lick up more of his load. She quickly unhooked her bra and slipped out of her sticky top, giggling at the dirty sight in front of her. This boy definitely knew how to bring out her inner nymphomaniac.

She looked over to Josh, flat on his back, still breathing deeply. His monstrous shaft hadn’t shrunk at all, and by the look of his balls he would soon be ready to go again. Lexi checked her watch, cursing the exam in the morning. Reluctantly, she leaned down to kiss Josh goodbye, swirling her tongue in his mouth, breaking away from the kiss suddenly, leaving him yearning for more. She smiled playfully, promising to come back for a lot more next time.

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