A Breakfast Meeting


It’s been a while since I wrote anything. I’ve been waiting for inspiration to arrive and although this is pure fiction, the inspiration came from observing a couple of strangers in a German hotel breakfast buffet.

* * * *

I was in Germany on business and stayed overnight at a nice hotel in the center of the city, in order to meet the sales manager from a partner company, the following day.

I slept very well and was looking forward to eating a good breakfast before the meeting.

When I arrived at the breakfast buffet, my heart sank through the floor. I am the kind of person who, when I’m away at least, prefers to eat quietly alone, in a corner, reading the news on my tablet.

The buffet was packed and noisy.

I spied out a table with a setting for two, by a wall, that was free.

I hoped that I could take the table and keep it for myself.

I grabbed a tray and began collecting the items I wanted to eat. I had a plate with scrambled egg, ham, cheese and some salad items, alongside a plate with a bread roll and a croissant. I grabbed a glass of orange juice and decided to leave getting a coffee until after I had eaten.

I came to the table and made myself comfortable.

I was halfway through eating when my solitude was interrupted by a woman’s voice asking if the seat opposite me was available.

I looked up and took in all her details. She was in her 60’s, I guessed. She had shoulder length, blond hair with some grey highlights and was dressed in tight, denim jeans and a thin sweater, which did little to hide her ample bosom. She was slightly rotund around the midrift, but I wouldn’t have said she was overweight. She was attractive and I thought that she would have been a knockout in her youth. I smiled and I told her that the seat was available.

She thanked me, set her tray down and made herself comfortable

I could tell by her accent that she was American and she introduced herself as Grace and I told her my name was Richard.

She told me that she was with a bus group and they were leaving later and heading for Frankfurt, where they were catching their flights home. Without even asking a question, I received her complete life history. She was 68 and widowed 5 years before.

“I didn’t want to come on this trip,” she said. “I hate travelling on buses as a rule and I certainly wasn’t too keen on the idea of touring all over Europe in one. I’d have preferred to have made my own plans. But my son bought me the trip as a Christmas present and so I could hardly turn it down could I?”

“I suppose not,” I replied, breaking open my roll and spreading some butter onto it.

She leaned forward and in a whispered voice said, “Between you and me, I’ll be happy to get home. The lot I am travelling with are a bunch of whiners. Moaning all the time about how their legs hurt or their feet ache. To be frank, I was hoping to meet a nice widower and get laid.”

I had a fork, loaded with food, Fatih escort poised at my open mouth as she said this. The mouth remained open but I put the fork down.

“Half this lot have forgotten what sex is,” she continued.

She saw the look of surprise in my eyes and said, “What? Do you think that once you get passed sixty your sex life ends?”

I was shaking my head in disbelief. This was a little too much for breakfast conversation, even with someone that I knew, but with a complete stranger…

“Let me tell you,” she continued, waving her fork at me. “My husband, God rest his soul, was no great shakes in bed, but we have two wonderful children from that union. But he’s been gone five years now and I have to tell you that I have found a complete new lease on life now.”

The interesting and somewhat disturbing aspect, to what she was telling me, was that my fertile imagination was sending messages to my cock, giving it information which made it twitch into life.

The kicker came when Grace cut a bratwürst in two and stuffed into her mouth saying, “What I wouldn’t give for a thick meaty sausage right now!”

Whatever plans I had for making my meeting suddenly flew out of the window, because I found myself telling Grace that I had a phone call to make and would be right back.

I called my appointment and pushed the meeting back a couple of hours and then went back to see that Grace was still sitting at our table. I sat down and told her that if she had time after breakfast, she could come to my room and I would happily give her the “sausage” she desired so much.

Ten minutes later I was in my room and five minutes after that there as a knock at my door.

I opened it to find Grace standing there.

“We leave in one hour, so we can’t waste any time.”

She pushed passed me and walked into the room. Slinging her handbag over a chair, she began to get undressed. I watched with fascination as she pulled her sweater over her head. Her huge tits were encased in a white lacy bra, which she asked if I could unhook for her.

I was only too happy to oblige.

She removed the garment and it joined her handbag on the same chair.

As she turned to face me, I admired her breasts. They were large, pink, rounded fleshy orbs, adorned with darker pink areola and large berry like nipples that were hard and erect.

My cock was at full hardness and she could see the bulge in my jeans.

“Don’t you think you should do something about that?” she asked pointing a the front of my jeans.

I unbuckled my belt, undid the button and my jeans fell to the floor.

My cock was straining against the material of my boxers. Grace sat on the edge of my bed and motioned me to walk to her. Standing in front of her, she reached out and pulled down my boxers. My cock sprang out at attention.

“My oh my!” she exclaimed. “I do not believe I have ever seen such a specimen before.”

I Fındıkzade escort bayan shuddered as I felt she ran her fingertip along my shaft, before closing her hand around it. I let out a gasp when I felt her hot breath on my cock, as she closed her mouth around my shaft and swallowed me whole.

Her tongue wrapped around my head and she moved backwards and forwards, sucking as hard as she could.

I was having a hard time concentrating on trying not to come, but when her other hand massaged my full scrotum, I lost all control. My cock jerked in her mouth and I fired the first of a series of volleys down her throat. I held her each side of her head as she swallowed as much as she could of my semen. Her eyes were bulged as she fought to take it all down. When I was spent, she let my softening phallus slip from her mouth. Semen trickled from the corner of her mouth and she licked at it.

“Damn!” she exclaimed. “You had that stored up sometime, didn’t you?”

I didn’t have time to answer. Grace stood up and undid her jeans, letting them fall to the floor.

“Well, you’ve had your fun, now it’s my turn,” she said. “We don’t have much time. I wanna come and if you have the energy, I want to feel that monster inside me too.”

Her choice of undergarments caused my cock to re-inflate. She wore large, white cotton panties. As she rolled on her back. on the bed, I noticed the way the material had moved into the crack between her butt cheeks and had tightened into her vulva, revealing the shape of her womanhood and a dark stain in the gusset. There were faint wisps of blond hair poking from the elasticated legs.

My cock was almost iron hard again.

Her legs were draped over the end of the bed, so I knelt on the floor in front of her. I slid tongue along her inner thigh pausing when I reached her crotch. I breathed in the heady scent of her sex, that glorious musty aroma that secured the hardness of my manhood. I wrapped my fingertips under one of the elasticated legs and pulled it to one side. Her vulva was covered by a glorious mat of blond pubic hair, which glistened due the wetness of her pussy. Her thick, rubbery labia parted slightly, affording me a view of her pink wetness. Her clitoris was engorged and hard.

I ran the tip of my tongue along her soaking slit.

“It’s been a long time since a man has done that to me,” she moaned.

I flicked the tip of my tongue over her hardened bud and she reacted as though a bolt of electricity has passed through her body. She stiffened, shuddered, moaned and then squirted a tiny amount of pussy juice on my face.

“Do that again!” she exclaimed.

I pulled her panties off and Grace parted her legs as wide as she could.

Her pussy opened like the petals of a flower. Gorgeous, wet and pink. The strong scent of her sex assaulted my nostrils and a sniffed the air.

My head went down between her legs again and I fastened my Escort Gaziosmanpaşa lips and tongued around her clitoris. At the same time, I inserted two fingers into her drenched vagina. They slid in so easily and as I licked and sucked her clit, I finger fucked too.

Another moan, another shudder and my hand was covered in her sweet juices.

Her eyes, which until this time had been tightly closed, suddenly shot open and she sat up.

Grabbing my head, she said, “Put that thing of yours in me and fuck me hard!”

I stood up, grabbing her thighs and pulling her towards me. I gripped my hard cock and pointed the head at her soaking opening.

She gasped as I easily slid into her pussy, right up to my balls. Her legs clamped around my ass and she ordered me to fuck her.

Gripping her thighs and parting them enough to be able to maneuver, I moved my hips back and forth, speeding up with every thrust.

Her legs gripped me again and she looked straight at me.

“This ain’t working for me,” she said. “Fuck me from behind.”

She rolled over and thrust her shaply ass up in the air.

“Fuck my ass, while I rub my clit,” she commanded.

Her pussy was dripping and her cute starfish like anus was glistening. I slid my thumb into her first. She was tight, but I didn’t think there would be any trouble for me.

I pointed my cock at her asshole and pushed forward. The mushroom shaped head of my cock pushed passed her sphincter and disappeared inside her. The rest of my penis followed. She was tight, but it was an incredible feeling. I felt like I had slipped my penis into a velvet tunnel.

I gripped her hips and thrust back and forth, while Grace reached beneath her and started to massage her clitoris. Every now and then I would feel her fingers tickle my scrotum and it took every last ounce of control not to erupt inside her.

Suddenly I felt her ass muscles close vice-like around my shaft as she exclaimed, “That’s it…I’m fucking comiiiiiiiiiiiiing!”

Pussy juice erupted from her vagina and splashed against my testicles and thighs. The tight grip her ass had on my cock caused me to explode and decorate the inside of her rectum with more of my hot creamy seed.

When we finally recovered from our orgasms, with my deflating cock still inside her butt, Grace saw the bed-side clock and exclaimed, “Fuck! I am going to miss the goddamn bus.”

I pulled back as she shot forward and my cock was released from the confines of her anus.

I stood, naked and watched as she dressed again.

“Damn, you came a lot, didn’t you?” she said. “I can feel dribbling out of me and wetting my underwear.”

I told her that she could use my bathroom if she needed to freshen up, but she declined.

Winking, she said, “It will give me something to remember this by.”

When she was completely dressed, she brushed my cheek with the palm of her hand and kissed me on the lips. I could taste the faint traces of my first orgasm.

“Thank you, Richard,” she said, smiling. “I haven’t had sex like that in at least two decades and not even my dear departed husband could make me orgasm like you have. You have made this a memorable holiday for me.”

I watched, smiling, as she opened and closed the door behind her.

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