Workout Clothes

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Workout Clothes

(Amelia x Chloe)


“When are you going to finally buy some new workout gear, Amelia?” Looking down at my worn out workout clothes, my friend couldn’t be more right. A couple times a week for the last three years, Riley and I attended yoga classes, and the passing joke being how my yoga outfits consisted solely of two sets of bras and a pair of yoga pants.

“Yeah yeah, I know. I just can’t ever find the perfect fit, everythings either too tight or too baggy. Ol’ reliable here will just have to do.” I had a short hourglass figure, 5’4″ with 36Ds, a small waist and big ass. Sure it seems appealing to some, but meant there were only a few brands that really worked for me, comfort and support wise.

Whispering playfully, she said, “As your friend, I’m going to tell you the best kept secret. I always get my clothes from the small boutique on 21st, you should check it out. They have a wide range to choose from so you’re sure to find something. They can even help you find what’s best for your body. Listen, I know we always joke about it, but I seriously don’t think your clothes will last another wash.”

Sighing, “Alright, fine. This Saturday I’ll stop by, but no promises I’ll buy anything, okay?”

“As long as you try girl, because if I have to see those pants one more time, I might burn them myself!”


“Ohh shit!” I was so close to bringing myself to orgasm, for the fifth time this week. Damn, was I horny. My normal lay just hadn’t been cutting it lately. Like every other guy I slept with, after a while it gets boring. Not sure if it’s them or me, but regardless it’s becoming an issue, and it doesn’t help that masturbating isn’t enough for me. Looking at the time and knowing the sportswear store closed within the hour, I forced myself to stop. I’d just have to deal with this later…

Opening the front door to the quaint clothing store in my baggy sweats and loose fitting t-shirt, I found a lone woman working. I decided rather than roaming around and wasting time looking through clothes, I would go straight to her and ask for help. Standing before her, she was beautiful to say the least. Two inches taller than myself, she had long blonde hair with bangs, soft blue eyes and pillowy pink lips. Although she must have been at least thirty, making her eight years my senior, she looked young and sweet. Similar to my own body, she had a perfect hourglass shape, with naturally full breasts and wide hips.

“Umm, hi. Can you help me find some new workout clothes? I need some new sports bras and workout pants.”

“Absolutely, follow me.” Geez, even her voice was attractive. Walking behind her, I couldn’t keep my eyes from following her swaying hips. Stopping at a rack of clothes and turning sharply, the saleswoman caught me staring at her lower region. I looked away, sheepishly, as if my hand had been caught in the cookie jar. She smiled and said, “I’m Chloe, by the way.”

Blushing, I replied, “Amelia.”

“So Amelia, what’s your favorite way to sweat?”

“I mostly do yoga, but every now and again I get in some swimming. But I’m just looking for yoga clothes today.”

“Ahhh, so you like getting yourself wet? Personally, I love it, swimming that is. Yoga, on the other hand, I could never get into it. I know a lot of other ways to have fun and get your heart rate up.”

Meeting her eyes, I was slightly bewildered, trying to read her expression to find out whether she had really been bold enough to make such a blatant pass at me. I decided there was no harm in having a little fun. “You never know how sweaty and wet a new position can make you, especially in front of other people.” Before turning away from me, she grinned and dragged her eyes up and down my body, as if she was undressing me. As straight as I was, I couldn’t say I didn’t enjoy being under her gaze.

Looking around, she pulled a few items from the racks and said, “Okay. I’ve picked a couple of pieces that are very popular with our female clientele, so now all that’s left to do is to get you naked.” Before I could react to her undisguised sexual innuendo, she handed me the clothes escort bayan and instructed me to first start trying on the bras in a dressing room. In the largest of the rooms, I closed the door, set my bag and the clothes down and took off my shirt. Before I could undress further, I heard a knock and then the door opened, “Hey, mind if I come in?” Ogling at my bra covered chest, the grin on her face widened, “Wow, I knew you had some big tits, but these are just perfect.”

As horny as I was, I decided to keep flirting with her. Taking off my bra and pushing my breasts together, I uttered, “Thank you. All the boys seem to like ’em, how they’re always bouncing around. They can never seem to keep their hands off.”

“Oh I bet. And I’m sure if you let any girls try them, they would like them even more so.”

Pouting my lips, I seductively whined, “Well, I can only imagine. I’m straight. Never been with a girl.”

She lifted the first bra and stopped. Smiling, she leaned and whispered in my ear, “You know, I don’t think I pulled the right sizes for you. Why don’t we skip the bras for now and move onto the workout pants.” Before I could respond, put her hands on the waist of my sweatpants and slid them down my legs. Our eyes never broke contact. In a matter of seconds, I was standing in front of Chloe only wearing a thin pair of blue panties. Kneeling in front of me, she began to lightly massage my thighs, her lips a few inches away from my crotch. She said, “So beautiful but so tense. Is it because men just aren’t good enough in bed?”

God, was I turned on with her between my thighs. “Well, I haven’t been with anyone in a while, so that could be it.” Grinning, I added, “But when you find a guy with the right equipment, boyyy, you could be sweating in the sheets for days.”

“Mhm, I’m strictly clitly so I wouldn’t know about men. But women, whether experienced or not, they always know how to make you cum, using her tongue; fingers or a strap. Because only a woman knows how to please a woman.” Standing up slowly, when we stood face to face, Chloe uttered, “No need to put your bra back on, I can grab some more bras after we finish,” which brought me out of my daze and back to the realisation that I was practically naked in front of this stranger.

I had never even kissed a woman, and although I was straight, I had come to the understanding that lesbian porn was the only porn that was able to take me over the edge. When Chloe touched me, spoke to me, looked at me, I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter. I’m sure she could see the effect she was having on me. And yes, I encouraged her, but that didn’t mean I wanted to sleep with her, as beautiful as she was. Putting aside my conflicting emotions, the next thing I knew, Chloe had grabbed my waist and whipped me around so I faced the mirror and had my back to her. She had me step into a perfectly fitting pair of yoga pants. Through amazement, I said “Chloe. These. Are. Amazing! They feel so good and not to mention they look fantastic!”

With a straight face, I heard the blonde announce, “Well Amelia, I’m glad you say that, because I won’t be able to sell these to anyone else.” Looking at her puzzled in the mirror, she answered my question before I could ask it. “You’ve ruined these pants with all your pussy juice.”

Astonished at her brazen words, I gasped and spun to face her, “Excuse me! Listen, I’ve let you cross the line a few times, but now you’ve gone way too far! Give me back my clothes because I’m leaving right now.”

Chloe pushed me back against the mirror in the dressing room, bringing our faces within an inch of each other. Softly, she responded, “You mean to tell me, you’re not wet at all?”

“I – well. I think that’s besides the…,” I was cut off by Chloe’s hand diving into the yoga pants and sliding between my lips. Breathlessly, I mewled, “Ahh, what are you…”

“Mhmmm. It seems I was right. You’re so wet that you’ve soaked right through to the new pants.” Her free hand grabbed one of my globes and started to grope and pinch my nipple as her other hand began rubbing against my rosebud. All I could do was moan. This enchantress had trapped me in a prison of bursa vip escort pleasure where my body refused to move on its own accord, instead only in response to her command. “And correct me if I’m wrong, but you also crossed the line today. What was it you said, you never know how wet a new position will get you? Why don’t we test out some of those positions right now, or do you wanna start from the basics, being as I’m about to be your first female fuck?” She started to kiss and suck on my neck and her hand steadily rubbed faster.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good. Please, don’t stop,” I begged with my arms wrapped around her neck and one of my legs around her hips.

“Ah, little Miss Straight likes that, does she? Tell me how much you like having another woman rub all over your clit? Tell me how you want me to make you cum.” Her mouth moved from my neck to my nipple as she sucked and flicked, turning me on even more. Her fingers moved from my clit and began ramming in and out of me.

Screaming, “Aghh! I love your hands all over me! Please make me cum, I need it. I’m so close. Pleeeaase Chloe!” I squirmed under her hands, my body writhing in pleasure.

Our lips finally locked before she looked into my eyes and commanded, “Cum for me.” At that moment, all the pressure that had been built up was released. I screamed out as my back arched and gripped her shoulders tightly. Her hands never stopped, making me cum and writh longer than any man ever had.

When the storm in my body finally calmed down, Chloe took her hand out of my panties and licked my juices off of her fingers. “Mhmm, You taste delicious, I can’t wait to make you cum with my mouth now.” Smirkingly, “But before that happens, you’re gonna taste your first pussy.” Immobilised with shock, she, without protest, took my hand and led me to the front of the store. At this point, I noticed how the glass planes were heavily tinted, meaning no one from the outside could see inside the store. She locked the front door and stripped quickly yet seductively. Unhooking her bra, she let it fall to the ground, before sliding her panties to her feet. Damn, she was gorgeous naked. Her huge tits had huge pink areolas and her crotch was hairless. Taking me behind the desk, she sat on a heavy stool, grabbed my hand and dragged me into her body. Our lips connected, taking my breath away. After kissing me, she guided me onto my knees where I was inches away from her opening.

Trying to rationalise the situation I had gotten myself in, I nervously rambled, “I know you made me cum, but I seriously am straight. Like this was a complete first for me and I know I liked it, but I really just want to be with men, I don’t like girls like that. In fact, I think I should probably go.” That’s when I heard her laugh.

“You can pretend to be whatever you want. But don’t you wanna try it? See what all the hype is about – why so many women prefer to fuck women.” She wasn’t wrong, it had crossed my mind, not to mention her smell was alluring. “Come on baby, lick my pussy.” And with her hands on either side of my head, she gently guided my head into her crotch.

At first, I was nervous, every lick and kiss being intentionally placed. But the more I ate her out, the more I became consumed with the need to hear her moans and bring her to an orgasm. It turned me on so much, I even heard myself moaning. I wrapped my arms around her thighs to bring my face closer to her sweet nectar. Breathlessly, I heard her moan, “You’re so good at that Amelia, don’t stop using your mouth. Mhmmm. I bet you had no idea you’d be a natural born cunt muncher. You’re making me feel so good, baby.” Grinding against my face, her moaning became louder. I looked up to see her grabbing and fondling her breasts. “Yes, yes, yes. Aghhh, oh my goshh. Keep eating my pussy, I’m so close. You’re gonna make me cum. You want me to cum all over your pretty face so you can lick up my cum, slut? Fuck – fuck – fuckkk. I’m – gonna – cum!! Ahhhh shittt!” Writhing in pleasure, her hands tightly gripped my hair and held my face firmly against her crotch. She screamed and moaned so loud, I wonder now if she could be heard outside bursa elit escort of the store. Just as she suggested, I continued eating her out, licking up all her cum. I was so turned on, I realised I was now dripping.

Releasing my head from her opening, I stood up and we kissed, exchanging her juices with our tongues. Breaking off from me, Chloe reached into a drawer in the desk and pulled out a strap-on. My eyes bulked out from my skull. Not only was I surprised this woman carried a sex toy on her person, but the wide dildo must have been at least 8 inches long, bigger than any man I had slept with. With little effort, the strap-on was attached to Chloe and she bent me over the desk. After slapping my ass, her fingers grazed up and down my vagina. “You’ve been such a good girl for me so far Amelia, I just want us do one more thing and then you can go back to your plain and boring sex.” I felt cold air hit my wet lips as she blew on me, before her warm tongue invaded my opening. In and out, in and out, she kissed and dove into me. “Mhmm. I just had to spread you wide and put my tongue inside you. I needed to lick up your sweet juices. Since you’re so soaked and lubed up already, I don’t even need you to get my dick ready.” All I could do was squirm and moan.

Turning me around and sitting me on the chair, she positioned the plastic tool in between my legs. “Please Chloe…,” not knowing what I should do as I had been treading in uncharted waters since entering the store, I was trying to stall her so that I could rationalise the situation at hand. However, before I could get any words out, she rolled her hips and slowly pushed the object inside of me.

Her strokes progressively became deeper as I reluctantly moaned, dragging against my g-spot. “Stop resisting, baby. You know you wanted to get fucked and that’s exactly what’s happening. And as much as you wanna say you’re not into women, you keep proving yourself wrong. No man can do what I’ve done to you here, and you know you don’t want me to stop because this is probably the best sex you’ve ever had. Let go, Amelia, give in to me.”

She was right, this is exactly what I needed. I was turned on by her, from the moment I entered the store. This was the best sex I’d ever had. No man had given me better head, no man had tasted as good as she, I’d never wanted to make a man cum like I her and she was turning out to be the best dick I had ever had too. And at that moment, I let go. My stiffness dissolved and my hips widened and began to move with hers. I grabbed her neck and kissed her deeply. “Mhmmm, yesss.” Her strokes became thrusts, powerful and fast. “Please Chloe, I need you.”

“My hands, my tongue and now my dick. You like being fucked with my girl cock, don’t you, Amelia?”

Breathlessly, I let out, “Yes! I love your cock baby, mhmmm, yesss.”

“I want you to know that from this moment, your pussy is mine.” Rubbing me, she added, “This wet pussy is all for me. Remember that, remember how soaked with pussy juice you are for another girl.” With my tits bouncing uncontrollably, she grabbed my globes and pinched my nipples, making me moan louder. “Your body was made for a woman, men just aren’t for you, that’s why they can’t make you feel the way that I do. Now I want to hear you say it Amelia, say you’re my little dyke.”

“Yessss, I’m all yours, I’m your little dyke! Ahhhh fuck. I’m so close Chloe, pleaseee, I need to cum! Ahhh yeahh, keep fucking me just like that baby. You’re making me feel so good, pleaseee don’t stop…”

Chloe leaned forward, her hands on either side of my head grabbing onto the desk, our tits rubbing against each other, our bodies meshing with one another and her dick fucking me harder and deeper than before. “Tell me you’re my lesbian slut and then you can cum for me.”

Arching my back, I obeyed and I screamed out, “Yes, yes, yes, I’m your lesbian slut! Oh that’s it, fuck, fuck, fuck…aghhhhh!” I came and came, my screams and juices pouring out as Chloe milked me ruthlessly.

I felt different, like a new being sexually. Chloe fucked and sucked me as I did her until the sky turned dark. I thought I had been going for a fitting, but in reality it was the best workout I had ever had, paired with the fact I didn’t even have to wear any clothes. I left with a whole new outfit and a smile on my face. And from that point on, I made it a habit to come back for a regularly scheduled workout with Chloe whenever yoga just wasn’t enough.

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