Woken in the Night

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I awoke. I tried to figure out what had roused me. I didn’t think I’d been dreaming; it was still dark; it wasn’t the alarm clock.

I rolled over, and hooked my arm over Em’s side, under her arm. I listened: there it was, a noise from next door. It came again: a little moan.

“Em?” I whispered.

“Yeah, I’m awake,” she murmured back, wriggling back towards me slightly and nestling her butt on my crotch enticingly. I shifted my hand, searching for and finding a breast. I cupped it, lazily, my thumb nudging her soft nipple once. There’s a casual pleasure in having a naked—or nearly naked—woman to hand in your bed.

“I’m not hearing things, am I?” I checked. She chuckled, softly.

“Nope. They’re at it. Again.”

“Well, Mel is. Though if we’re awake, there’s no chance he’s not, even if she was going solo to start with,” I mused.

The moans were coming more frequently now. Irregular, quiet, but inescapable.

“Oh, he’s awake. He’s eating her out,” Em clarified, calmly.

Drowsy, I couldn’t see how she would know. After a long, perplexed pause, I made a quizzical noise.

“That’s the noise she always makes when someone’s gone down on her.”

No, this still didn’t add up. How would Em know…ah. Keeping my voice steady, and holding back my amused interest, I had to ask.

“And when was the last time you went down on her to find that out, pray tell?”

She sighed at me. I suppose I asked for it.

“I know it’s hard, but don’t jump to conclusions led by your second head. We’ve been flatmates a long time, I’ve heard this before. Besides, you know I prefer to have a dick involved in my sex life.”

Em rolled over, onto her back, and turned her face to mine.

“I didn’t have you down for a lesbian fantasist, hon,” she smiled.

“Nah; no place for me in a lesbian tryst, so it’d be a bit pointless.”

We fell into silence, peppered by Mel.

“Poor lad,” I observed, “he’s getting a work out.”

” ‘Poor lad’,” scoffed Em, “pull the other one.”

Her hand reached across, and traced its way down my side, across a hip, and down my thigh.

“You can’t be telling me you wouldn’t enjoy being in his shoes. I bet you’re lying there, silently thinking about what it’d be like, getting your mouth on her pussy…digging your tongue deep between her lips and finding that secret little button…feeling her hips rock as you hold them?”

Her hand now found its way into my shorts and down to my balls. She gave them a squeeze, and a soft tug, and laughed quietly at my surprised silence. Em’s a quiet girl: generally softly spoken and—as she’d say—brought up proper. Her use of the vernacular was…uncommon. And her hand was telling its own story. An evolving story, as it wrapped around my shaft, and began to stroke.

“What’s wrong, honey? Not what you were thinking?”

“Uh…well, it’s all I could think when you gave me the idea. And what’s come over you, anyway?”

“Maybe Mel’s not the only one whose horny. Besides, if we’re awake anyway, you probably can.”

Her verbal non sequitur threw me, until I realised my own unintended double entendre had been matched, and answered her grin with my own.

“So, if that’s not what you’d been thinking,” she continued, impishly, “maybe you were imagining her pretty blonde head bobbing up and down on your cock? Perhaps she was laid out on her back, taking you all the way down her throat? She’s only little, and it’s such a big dick,” she teased me, squeezing the lamentably average organ, “it’d be a wonder she didn’t choke…

“Or maybe you thought she’d be straddling you, riding you while you watch her get off above you, pushing herself hard onto you?”

My cock, hard and extended now, was pushed by her hand, mirroring her description. Her eyes bright as she stroked slowly along my shaft, she made one last postulation,

“But then, since it’s just in your imagination, maybe you think she must a dirty girl, maybe she’d let you fuck her in the arse? After all, you probably think she’s quite insatiable, shagging Andrew all the time…and now you’re thinking of spreading those pert little cheeks, and pushing deep into her butt?”

The breath hissed from my lips, as Em giggled at my obvious enjoyment of the lascivious visions she was supplying, and the hand gently pumping me.

“Now, I’m not sure you should really be thinking of Mel, when I’m lying here next to you: I think I feel quite neglected,” she pouted. I had to agree. “Shall we see if you can make me as loud?” she asked, her eyes aflame.

I do so love a challenge like that. I rolled her back from where she’d lain on her side, and kissed her. Her mouth, hot and passionate, reacted to mine, her hand still pumping, and the other clutched in my hair. I moved down her body, forcing her hand out of reach of my crotch, as I nibbled my way down her neck, and tickled a path to her breast. Her small breasts were tipped pink, with nipples that were no longer soft, but engorged and pointed to the roof. I covered escort tanıtımları one with my mouth, nipping, then circling, while the other I twisted slowly between finger and thumb. Her back arched, and her head went back, as the first sigh broke her lips.

With my other hand, I pushed down my encumbering shorts, kicking them from the bed, and then reached for her crotch. I laid my hand, shield-like, over her mound, and rubbed her softly with my palm. Em rubbed back, pushing herself against me. Leaving one hand to toy with those rigid nipples, I wrought a trail of small licks down her flank, down to her hip. I paused on the bony crest of her hip. An insistent moan came from above, and her pelvis shifted as she rubbed on my hand with new urgency.

However, I was intent on listening, and I made her wait. I increased the pressure, just slightly, that my fingers made against the depths of her crotch, and pinched the other nipple. The moan came again, a little louder, and her hand, still in my hair, encouraged me down.

“Get a move on, Chris, she’ll come before long,” Em begged. I had to agree: Mel had shifted key, and a rhythmic series of moaning squeals was coming from the room next door.

Looping a finger in the waist of her panties, I softly nudged them downwards. Ever cooperative, Em lifted her hips. The black lacy triangle slipped down, and, inches from my face was her pussy. A small squared patch of auburn hair crowned her slit, leaving the beautiful lips bare. My work so far meant that her outer folds had flared, exposing her inner pussy. I savoured the view, as I worked her underwear down her legs and away. Then, loosing no more time, I plunged in, tongue first, in pursuit of her clitoris.

The response was immediate, as a growl emanated from the girl beneath me; back curving up once more, and legs thrusting out to extend down the bed. As I found my pace, and flicked her clit back and forth, I brought my right hand round, alongside my head, and sought the opening within her lips. Blindly, I fumbled my left hand up her arched back, locating her tit, and plucking the nipple.

Em’s urgent moans were my guiding counterpoint to the stretched out squeal that Mel produced, climaxing noisily and yet unseen. Rising to the opportunity the following silence offered, Emmy’s vocalizations grew louder, as her hips began to buck under my mouth, and her hand pushed at my head. Focussing with new vigour on the sensitive nub I couldn’t afford to lose, I tried to hold her roughly in place with the two fingers I had stealthily inserted into her.

It worked, as her chestnut-topped pussy pushed up into my mouth, her cunt clamped around my fingers, and Em came, deliberately loudly and long. My tongue slowed, and my fingers stilled, as she relaxed, gracefully, under me.

“Good work,” she giggled, “Who won, do you think?”

Before I could answer, though, there was a knock at the door, which, unlocked and unguarded, immediately opened. I froze, buck naked on the bed, with my hand in my girlfriend’s twat, and her juices on my mouth.

Framed in the doorway, and silhouetted against the hallway light, stood a small, feminine figure. One hand on a hip, and pelvis and head cocked to one side, Mel practically purred at us.

“I see you’re awake.”

As she answered, Em fumbled for the light switch, as I tried to discreetly extract my hand from between her legs.

“Your fault, hon, you woke us up with your performance.”

“I shan’t apologise,” smirked Mel, stepping into the light. If ever the phrase ‘freshly fucked’ was appropriate, it fitted her then. A pink flush stood out against her light skin, spreading from neck down over small, delicate tits; her pussy lips, smooth and naked were pink and slightly spread; she moved with a poise that spoke of orgasmic languor.

“You didn’t just come over to gloat,” pointed out Em, “What’re you after?”

Mel smiled, mischievously, then recomposed her face into one of innocence.

“We thought you’d like to join us in person, seeing as you made it obvious that you were joining us in spirit, you noisy girl.”

I choked with laughter at her brazenness, and she looked at me for the first time. My erection, which had subsided somewhat while I concentrated on racing Em to an orgasm, twitched as her gaze ran over me, and smiled.

“What do you think? Come round, if you’d like,” as she turned, and sashayed out of the room, my stare locked on her departing arse. Only when it disappeared from view, did I drag myself back to Em, looking at me with raised eyebrow.

“Can’t say I’d object,” she murmured, “It was fun last time, after all.”

“I thought that was probably a one-off,” I mused.

“Well, it appears not. Mel and I were brought up good girls, and we like to share,” she reached across to grab my cock, serious but smiling at me, “so we’ll have fun, and you can put this where you like: but I’ll want you myself, so don’t wear yourself out, ok?”

I nodded: gaziantep escort tanıtımları this was a rule I could work with. Em stretched her lithe body out, and elegantly swung her legs off the bed and rose.

“Come on, then, let’s see what she’s done with poor old Andrew who you worried about so much,” she teased me, leading me through the door.


Poor old Andrew was in a bind. I had to laugh, it was such an incongruous and unexpected sight. He was tied up, limbs extended to the corners of Mel’s bed. Mel, on the other hand: Mel was atop him, sitting on his stomach, fondling his balls while she absentmindedly stroked her twat. She smiled beatifically at us.

“I knew you’d join us.”

“Andrew, how the hell did she get you there?” I teased him, “She’s half your weight, and a good foot shorter.”

Andy looked diffidently at me.

“It didn’t seem such a bad idea, an hour ago. Of course, then she sat on my face and woke you up, and now I’m not as sure.”

His flagpole erection didn’t convince me that it was so bad. Mel twisted and pouted at him,

“I thought you liked eating me out.”

He laughed, rocking the little blonde riding him.

“I do, I do; such a pretty pussy,” he grinned at her, “And you do make such encouraging noises.”

Turning back to face me and Em, Mel grinned, and winked. What, I thought, did that presage? I didn’t have to wait to find out, as Mel leant forward, lifting her arse into the air, and enfolded Andy’s dick in her mouth. He groaned as his shaft disappeared into her warmth, and her exposed pussy danced in front of his view. He groaned again, realising his conundrum: his hands tied, and their height difference held the perfect cunt out of range from his mouth.

Andrew’s head sank back on the pillow, as Mel bobbed over his crotch, a curtain of pale hair blocking our sight. Bound to the sight, I reached across to caress Em’s taut arse, as she reached a hand across to once more, infinitely slowly, stroke my shaft. Her view similarly intent on her flatmate loving her boyfriend, her other hand lazily circled her snatch.

Mel looked up from Andrew’s hard and wet penis.

“Come on, you’re not here to just watch.”

Shuffling her knees forward, she matched her hips to Andrew’s, and, holding his cock by the root, lowered herself onto it. Her eyes, locked with mine, glazed slightly, as Andrew, unable to take any other action, lifted his hips to send the last few inches of his shaft into her. As one, Em and Mel sighed: Em, with one last friendly squeeze of my balls, strode forwards, mounting the bed. Straddling Andy’s face, she lowered her own pussy onto his waiting tongue, her eyes closing as he delved into her wet lips. Her hands rushed to her boobs, pinching her nipples and tugging her small tits upwards in time with Andrew’s lapping along her slit.

Mel beckoned me, as she lowered herself forward onto her hands, and her gaze shifted to my proudly carried shaft. I knew, now, what she wanted, and knelt before her. She led with her tongue, extending it out to whisper over the sensitive frenulum before encompassing the head with a circling lick. I watched, enthralled, as my cock vanished into the warm, swirling depth of her mouth, only to emerge for another pass of her tongue over the head, and then to plunge into Mel almost to its full extent. I looked up, to see Em, tits bouncing gently, as she looked back: her view of Mel’s pussy swallowing Andy’s dick, and her mouth swallowing mine. I recognized the sound she was making, even as I hadn’t recognized Mel’s, as Emmy’s pattern of moans asserted itself.

I wound my hand into Mel’s long loose hair, careful not to force her movements, or impede them, while the other rested on her shoulder. Her breathing came raggedly as her hips drove her cunt on Andy’s shaft, and her rhythm came more sporadically as she gently sucked on mine. One hand shifted from supporting her slight weight, and dove to her cleft. This, inevitably, did nothing to improve her rhythm, as her hoarse breathing changed to a panting squeal.

Expecting her orgasm to break over her at any moment, I was surprised when she pulled me abruptly from her mouth, locked bright green eyes with mine, and demanded more of me in a gasp.

“Fuck me: I want you both, now.”

While I computed what she meant, she twisted, facing Em, now, as she continued to ride Andy’s cock. Curving her back, her buttocks faced me. I watched as her cunt gripped his shaft: her hips were almost still, as he provided the lunging motion to drive into her. She looked back, plaintive,

“Please: now!”

I came to, in sudden shock at Emmy’s prescient vision of earlier. I scurried forward, and grasped a buttock in one hand. Spreading her wide, I could see her rosebud anus. Wetting my thumb, I pressed, gently, on this hidden hole. Mel groaned, from deep within, as my digit sank into her tight passage, past the two resisting rings of muscle, and into the gently gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları ridged depth. Andy’s motion had paused, and I could feel the rigid mass of his cock and her cunt beneath me through the thin wall of Mel’s gut.

“Chris?” Em interrupted me, “Use this: I want you clean to screw me next.”

Always the clear thinker, she held out a rubber from the nightstand. Realising my one-handed predicament, she grinned, and unwrapped it, passing it across. Struggling only slightly, I rolled it on, realising that the extra lube would help. Slowly, I pulled my thumb from Mel’s butt, dragging at the same time another moan from her. I carefully positioned the head of my cock at the opening, and, inexorably, pushed forward.

If Mel moaned before, she positively squealed this time, as both her arse and cunt were simultaneously impaled. Long seconds passed, as I slowly transfixed her fully. Mel convulsed slightly, and I reached round her slender waist, down, and pressed a finger into the folds of her pussy. Andy dropped his pelvis, pulling from her; as he pushed back in, I timed my retreat so that we worked Mel in synchrony. My finger found her clit, and her head came back as she withdrew into the intensity of the fucking.

Mel’s squeals once more found an increasing tempo, her pace and pitch increasing as, held in place by my hand on her cleft and another on her hip, she was stuffed full in one hole then the other, over and again. Em watched in fascination, a finger furiously flickering across her engorged clitoris, as her little blonde flatmate was double-teamed before her.

A wail tore loose from Mel’s throat as she came. The convulsing waves shook her, and her arms buckled as her hips bucked involuntarily. Breaking down her frame, the convulsions shuddered through her arse, clasping tightly at my deeply buried cock. A hiss came from Andy, as his dick was caught in Mel’s pulsating pussy, but he managed not to break stride as she rode the waves of her orgasm, driving deep into her with every stroke.

I paused, conscious now of Em, quietly biting her lip as she watched, and of how close Mel had taken me to the edge. She nodded at me, needing more, now, than just Andrew’s steadfast tongue on her cunny. Lifting herself from his face, she laid a grateful hand on his chest, and undid his hands, then moved to his feet.

Andy, flexing his inevitably sore arms, and smiling round a tired jaw, enfolded Mel in an embrace as she crumpled onto his chest, still filled with his cock. I used her collapse to gently extricate myself. I felt the muscles of her stretched passage push, as I withdrew my cock, discarding the rubber into the tissue Em brought.

Smiling at me, Em lay back, and drew her knees up. Her inflamed clitoris, highlighted by the damp chestnut hair above it, seemed to beckon me on. As I knelt to enter her, Andrew positioned Mel’s lethargic frame next to Em, with him behind her. My cock in hand, I stroked the head along Em’s lips, lubricating it with her copious juices, as we watched. Andy lifted Mel’s leg with his, and, reaching in front to grab his shaft, pushed it into her pussy. With one hand meshed together above their heads, his dominant right slipped forward to delicately orbit her sensitive nub with his middle finger, while Mel tugged her nipple in time with his plunging cock.

As I lanced my cock between Em’s flared lips, her eyes danced back to mine. The long awaiting filling of her cunt forced a satisfied sigh from her, mirroring my own pleasure. Emmy’s raised legs stretched her passage out, and as it elongated to accommodate my length, I marvelled at the heat and pressure of it on me. I brought the mushroomed head of my cock almost out of her, before smoothly pitching back, balls-deep, into her trembling pussy, as I fought my instinct to rush, and only slowly increase the rhythm.

Andy, too, was struggling to defend his long-exerted control, and his thrusts into the slender girl before her were jolting her over and over: the smooth slight swell of her tits bouncing, and her hips jarring forward with every slam into her. Mel’s eyes were screwed shut, her mouth a perfect ‘o’, as Andrew’s pounding dick, and increasingly focussed finger-work drove them both towards a final climax.

My hands on Em’s shins to brace us both, I too was nearing a precipice, as I ploughed into Emmy’s warm, responsive cunny. Her breasts bouncing under the rhythm I imposed, her eyes bored into mine as she plucked at a nipple and fingered herself frantically. Finally, inescapably, my climax rushed through me, my knees buckling slightly as the release came, and I instinctively forced myself as deep as I could delve, the sticky warm seed juddering from me into Em’s welcoming, answering convulsions. Seconds later, I heard Andy groan as he, too, splashed his cum against Mel’s cervix, his hand clawing into her flushed cleft.

I fell forward, exhausted, onto Em, her legs splaying to bring me closer. Resting my head on her shoulder, I could look across at Mel; the tension of her last climax lost, and face in repose as she murmured.

“That was…grand,” as her eyes re-opened, “I’m glad I woke you.”

Em laughed, tiredly, but happily, “I know you: you always meant to.”

Cornered, Mel had the decency to blush, the pink of her face matching the post-orgasmic rosiness of her chest and throat: “And you were always going to be happy to watch!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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