What Happened That Summer Ch. 03

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Claudio was kissing me frantically and I returned them with singleminded ardor. I wanted him so badly. Dressed in my favorite flowered sundress, it was no problem for him to lift it over my head. I unsnapped my bra as he pulled down my panties.

When I went to kick off my sandals, he said, “No. Leave them on. You look so sexy wearing only that.”

Melting into his arms again, I pressed my breasts against his T-shirt, rubbing my hardened nipples across the fabric and sending sparks down to my throbbing pussy. Without hardly breaking our kiss, the Tee was removed and I felt the warmth of his skin now on my flesh.

I dropped my hand to his jeans and squeezed his hard cock through the fabric.

“Take it out,” he groaned. “Please!”

Stepping back, I did just that, kneeling on the floor. Peeling his jeans and briefs down his legs at the same time, I soon had him naked. His cock was just as I remembered it: long, fat and very hard as it pointed upward, that marvelous curve at the end. Standing up again, I wrapped both hands around it as we resumed making out.

I was on fire. I wanted Claudio so badly it hurt. I came almost immediately when his hand snaked down to my pussy, lightly brushing my swollen clit. My orgasm was intense as I writhed against him, but it was too short to give me much relief.

Our sofa was nearby, so I pulled away from him and lay down on it, throwing one leg over the back and resting the other on the floor, my legs splayed obscenely wide. My pussy was a river, juices flowing onto the fabric of the couch. I didn’t care.

Claudio looked down at me with lust burning in his eyes. Between his legs, his hard cock bobbed with each beat of his heart, its huge purple head showing how much he wanted me.

Using both hands, I spread the lips of my pussy. “Please, Claudio, fill me. I want you so much!”

He knelt between my legs and brushed the tip of his cock up and down my slit, moistening it. Resting his hands on the armrest behind me, I felt his cock settle near my opening. With my right hand, I lined him up, then with both hands on his waist, I pulled him towards me.

No problems this time. My cunt, remembering his girth, easily opened to welcome him. It only took a few push/pulls to have him fully inside me, stuffing me to the eyeballs. We rested then, kissing some more, our tongues dancing together, letting the erotic heat increase before our fucking began.

“I’ve wanted you so much, Jilly. All I’ve been able to think about all these months is having my cock inside you like this, feeling your pussy gripping me. You have the sweetest pussy imaginable and you are so beautiful with a cock inside you. God! I’ve missed fucking you.”

“And I’ve missed it, too. You feel so good inside me like this.”

“But doesn’t it feel better when I do this?” he asked as he withdrew almost to the end, then rammed it forward.

My exposed clit vibrated when his pelvis crashed into it. I couldn’t contain my loud moan.

“Take me. Take me! TAKE ME!” I screamed.

Claudio did just that. It was almost violent as his cock plunged in and out of my helpless cunt. I came over and over and over again before he rammed it in one last time and I could feel it swell and pulse inside me.


I woke up covered in sweat, the covers thrown off me, and one hand between my legs. My pussy was a river. Fortunately Davy hadn’t been woken up by my oh-so-realistic dream, not the first that I’d had since returning home the previous summer.

The past six months had been a blur for me as I tried to get my life back on an even keel. I was continuing to take lessons, but with a new teacher and that involved hours of practicing. Gigs were thin on the ground, but recently I’d begun getting hired a bit more frequently. I also had taken on a few high school students. My husband was out of town a fair bit, playing with his band and others, but not on extended tours, thank the lord.

My return home from the summer program had been fraught with difficulty. After a really horrendous delay to my flight, I’d arrived home late on a Sunday night finding Davy waiting at the airport gate with flowers. It was everything I could do to not break down in front of him. Even nine hours alone waiting for planes had left me inadequately prepared to face him.

I’d decided to not tell him what I’d done, just lock what had happened with Claudio in a dark recess of my mind and throw away the key. I had been so stupid and selfish. Somehow I’d have to overcome the shame that consumed me now that I was away from the program and Claudio. I came home determined to be the best wife I could from here on out.

Whatever Davy wanted in the bedroom I would try. I’d shot him down on so many things during in our sexual relationship, all of which had more to do with my hangups than anything he wanted to do. I saw clearly now that I hadn’t been fair.

That first night, since my period hadn’t arrived, I lied and said it had, and vowed it would be my last ever lie to him. Fortunately, gölbaşı escort he didn’t ask anything more (even playfully) whether I’d been a good girl during my two months in that program, because I don’t know how I would have addressed that.

But that first night, I’d given Dave the handjob of his life. We had some of that sex lubricant, so I tied him to the bed (which I knew he’d like), blindfolded him and tortured him for nearly an hour before I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, tickled the underside of it with my tongue as I used both hands to slide over his cock and balls, tugging hard just the way he liked. He would have levitated off the bed when I finally let him cum, if I hadn’t tied him so tightly. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and it was everything I could do to keep from crying.

After a month, my treachery wasn’t on my mind fifty times a day. Davy was delighted by my new-found enthusiasm for everything his wicked mind came up with. I knew he liked it when I was more aggressive, so aggressive I became. We had sex nearly every day he was home, often several times. I let him take my ass one especially horny night after we’d smoked some weed, and surprisingly, I found I enjoyed it. I couldn’t help but think of Claudio the first time Davy’s cock was fully inside me. This was something that my summer lover would never feel, and that brought a smile to my face. My husband deserved something that was only his, even if that didn’t include my pussy or mouth any longer.

The night it happened, Davy had me worked into quite a lather with his teasing tongue and very naughty fingers, keeping me at the edge for over an hour. I was desperate for some kind of relief. Clearly he was turned on to the max, as well, because his cock was sticking straight out and quite flushed. He really got off on making me squirm.

I remember whimpering, “Please, Davy, put your beautiful cock inside my pussy. Shove it in! Shove it into me right now! I want to get fucked.”

(I’d begun using more spicy language in the bedroom since my return. I’d known it turned him on, but until that point I’d had a problem with it. I worked it in slowly, but within a month we were saying some absolutely insane things to each other.)

“Show me how much you want it. Show me what a horny little bitch you are!”

I flipped over onto my stomach and stuck my ass in the air as if I was a she-cat in heat. My legs were spread, and having just shaved myself that morning, I knew Davy could see my juices dripping out of me. Our bedroom was heavy with the fragrance of my lust.

I looked back over my shoulder. “Please, Davy, fuck your wife’s horny cunt. She needs it.” I wiggled my ass seductively.

He reached over to pull something from under the bed.

“Close your eyes!” he ordered.

I did just that and felt him slip our velcro straps around each wrist, fastening the other end to the bedposts. The same was done to my ankles. That left me face down on the bed, my arms forward and stretched to the sides, my legs were also stretched open, but not uncomfortably. I was pleasantly trapped on my knees, and would be unable to get out on my own. My butt was in the air and exposed. Davy could do what he wanted to me — and I could do nothing to stop him. My heart was pounding.

Something a bit cold, but soft was run between my pussy lips. Mmmmm… Our vibrator. I was going to be teased some more. But something felt a bit different. I couldn’t lift my chest to allow me to look behind.

“Do you like that?” my naughty boy whispered in my ear.

“Yes. But what I really want is your prick inside me.”

“Oh, you’ll get it inside you in due course.”

Using the length of the vibrator rather than the tip, he ran it through my lips and sometimes over my clit. In no time, I was panting and moaning again. Then I felt his fingers, sliding inside me, rubbing my G spot, taking my arousal even higher.

It was at that point that I felt the tip of the vibrator at my opening. It was slick with my juices now. Davy pushed it at me, but it wouldn’t slide right in the way it normally did. I suddenly realized that it wasn’t our usual vibrator. It was something much bigger.

“What’s going on?”

“Relax, Jill, I have a little treat for you.”

In the past, he’d asked a couple of times if I’d like a larger dildo. I’d always told him no, it would be uncomfortable. I now knew differently, of course, but couldn’t tell him that. I was definitely interested in having him slide this one into me, but I had to maintain a bit of a charade.

“It feels so big. Please don’t hurt me, Davy.”

He kissed my left butt cheek. “I would never do that. Just relax and let’s play with this.”


“That’s my girl.”

When he finally pushed hard enough for my pussy to dilate open, a couple of inches slid right in, which I think it took him by surprise. With a lot of pelvic exercising over the past few months, my pussy could grip Davy’s erection with a lot of strength, so he probably keçiören escort thought I was very tight. But I could also relax it at will now that I’d been fucked by someone who was very well hung.

(One time when Davy had been out of town and I was especially horny, I’d fucked myself with a fat cucumber. My pussy had not forgotten how to take a large cock.)

“I can see your pussy likes, that, Jilly.”

“My pussy loves it! More please.”

Not more than a minute later, he had that buzzing piece of latex all the way in. Sadly, it was an inch or so shorter than Claudio, and not quite as big around either. But it still felt fucking awesome — and I’m ashamed to say I responded shamelessly. Even though being somewhat immobilized by the straps, I could still push and pull a bit, so Davy just held the dildo stationary and allowed me to fuck myself.

If I angled my body just right, I could make it rub my g-spot pretty well, and so I could perhaps bring myself off that way. No matter how much we tried, Davy had managed to give me only a handful of vaginal orgasms. This dildo was an improvement, but nothing like what Claudio could do.

A few minutes in, I felt Davy’s slick finger near my bum hole. When he finally pressed directly on it, I gave him a loud moan to signal that I liked it. It wasn’t long before my limited fucking motion was also driving his finger up my bum.

“Do you like that, Jill?”

“Mmmm, yes. You’ve got me so hot. It feels really good.”

“Would you like something more?”

I stopped moving. “What do you have in mind?”

“I’d like to have my cock in there. Would you like to try?”

“I don’t know…”

“Can we try? Please?”

Just to inflame me again, I felt the dildo begin sliding in and out with long, hard strokes, the fake balls slapping my clit whenever it reached bottom. Davy also wiggled his finger inside me some more. The whole thing was driving me nuts.

“Okay, Davy, we can try. But please go very slowly and use lots of lube.”

He got off the bed, leaving the new dildo inside me, buzzing away happily. If felt lovely on my clit as I squeezed to hold it in place.

Back from my bedside table where we kept our bottle of lube, I jumped when I felt him squirt some on my bum hole. It quickly felt great, though as he got everything back there all moist and slippery, eventually giving me two of his fingers.

After another short wait, I felt the warm softness of the tip of Davy’s cock replace his finger.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Just go very slowly.”

He grabbed my hips and pushed at me. Nothing happened. It reminded me of Claudio trying to enter my pussy that first time.

He had his hand on the dildo, only able to move it in and out a bit because he was between my legs as well.

“You’re a little low, Jill. Let me release your legs so you can close them a bit.”

“My husband is asking me to close my legs?” I teased. “Unbelievable!”

We moved around a bit and he tried again. I stayed as relaxed as I could as he agains pushed his cock at my bum. This time, though, I also pushed back. Everything just sort of opened up in a rush, and the head and some of his cock slipped right in.

“Hold it right there, mister!” I said. “Let me get used to this.”

I realized I was panting. It hurt and felt good at the same time, with a slight burning sensation.

“Put more lubricunt (our joking word for it) on, please.”

He did so.

“Now pull out a bit and then push in some more. Let’s see how that works.”

Davy did as I asked. He felt huge back there, but as I realized it didn’t really hurt, I could relax more. It only took a few more minutes before his groin was tight against my butt. I’d taken in all of my husband’s six-and-a-half inches. The large dildo still happily buzzing in my pussy was also driving me nuts.

When Davy moved back again, I told him, “Just don’t get too frisky back there, mister!”

“If I do, I won’t last long at all,” he gasped. “You feel amazing. Like fucking a vise.”

The feeling of being helpless (regardless of the fact that I was giving my husband directions, coupled with being filled in two holes, quickly brought on one orgasm, then another. I hadn’t cum this intensely since Claudio. Every time Davy got all the way in, he bumped the base of the dildo right into my clitoris, making sparks leap through my body.

I don’t think that fuck lasted more than three or four minutes, but I came three times before I felt Davy swell up and pulse deep in my butt.

I didn’t take Davy anally all that often. I had to be in just the right, usually super-horny, mood. But whenever we did do anal sex, I enjoyed it a lot.

That large dildo became a large part of our sex life, though. Sometimes, after he’d cum in me, sensing I wanted more, my husband would pull out my “big buddy” and fuck me with it. This would usually got his motor going again and he’d wind up taking me a second time.

But there were other times when I was alone ankara escort that I’d make good use of the toy he’d bought me, fucking myself silly with it — and all the time imagining that it was Claudio pounding me.

Nearly a year after I’d returned from that fateful summer, we were lying around late one night (both of us having gigged), just talking before we went to sleep. I was feeling a bit horny, but Davy’d had a rough week and seemed pretty tired. We were on our sides and he was slowly and sensuously scratching and rubbing my back. Occasionally, his hand would descend to my butt, kneading the muscles a bit, but staying away from my “sensitive areas”.



“You know how much I love you.”

“And I love you a lot, too, honey.”

I could feel Davy’s cock against my butt, stiffening as he moved in a little closer. My tiredness moved to the background as my libido began to stir. Davy’s left hand slipped around to my front, cupping my breast.

“You’ve become such a wonderful lover. I can’t believe how much I desire you — even more now than when we first met. You’re all I think about.”

His thumb and index finger encircled my nipple, twisting it deliciously before he tugged on it and then then shook it — something that makes me crazy.

“Mmmmm… Are you trying to take advantage of me?”

“Could be. Would you like me to stop?”

In answer, I lifted my left leg and reached down for his cock. We shifted a little and together we made it slide between my nether lips, bumping my clit every now and then.

Davy was kissing my shoulder and the back of my neck as I rocked my hips. His cock felt so nice borrowing in against me.

“We’ve been doing so many things this past year,” he whispered into my neck. “I love the way you’ve become.”

“I’ve been loving it, too. I can’t imagine why I held back doing some of those things with you.”

He shifted again and his cock slipped into me.

“Oh, Davy…”

“Is this how you’d like me to fuck you, Jill?”

“What do you mean?”

“I was thinking it would be nice to take you from behind, but with you on your hands and knees.”

“You can have me any way you want, lover.”

“From behind, then.”

We shifted around. I was suddenly very horny. Generally, when we made love in this position, Davy would either bring out the large dildo and take my ass with his cock, or he’d use his fingers back there. Either thing would give me a huge orgasm or two — and I suddenly wanted that. For the moment, though, he felt great in my pussy, his hands on my waist, pulling me back against him. He was very hard.

“Jill,” he said, still moving me into him, “what do you think of when we’re doing this?”

“I think of you and your lovely cock going in and out.”

“Nothing else?”

“Not really.”

“How about when you masturbate?”

“I don’t need to masturbate that often. Your lips and tongue and magnificent cock keep me satisfied.”

“Even when I’m out of town?”

“Well… Sometimes I masturbate then.”

He was giving it to me harder now, and flexed my pelvis to drive him against my G-spot. Now that I knew the trick, when I was really aroused, I could occasionally orgasm from his thrusting alone.

“You had to masturbate this afternoon, though, didn’t you?”

I suddenly wondered where this was all going and lost my concentration. Davy was doing all the work now.

“You used the big dildo,” he continued. “I can tell when you do that because you feel different.”

I saw no use in denying it. We’d talked about masturbating several times and both of us accepted that the other did it on occasion. I began to push back again, trying the tightening and loosening trick.

“I was horny and you weren’t here to take care of me.”

“What were you thinking of?”

“Getting fucked.”

Davy shifted and his cock disappeared from inside of me. After a moment, I could feel the pressure of the big dildo. He must have put a little lubricunt on it, because it slipped in very easily. Or was this conversation making me that wet?

“Ohhhhh…” I gasped involuntarily as he plunged it all the way in.

“You like having something big, don’t you? I can tell.”

“Oh yes.”

His hand left the dildo all the way in for the moment, buzzing away happily, though. As expected, I next felt his dick against my back door.

“You’d like to have me in your ass, wouldn’t you, Jill?”


“Tell me.”

“I want you to take my ass, Davy.”

He pushed and I dilated open. With steady pressure and a few thrusts, he was soon all the way in.

I shifted to my usual position for anal sex, laying down on my chest but keeping my ass up. Davy started sawing in and out, using his pelvis when he pushed all the way in to bump the fake balls that were at the base of the dildo, causing them to slap against my clit. I wasn’t very far from a nice orgasm.

“You like have both holes filled, don’t you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You like having the big dildo in your pussy and me in your ass at the same time.”

I groaned.

“Bet you’d like it even more if it were two people doing you at the same time.”

If I weren’t so far gone, I probably would have been more circumspect, but he caught me unaware and very hot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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