Unfinished Business Ch. 02

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As I look back on it now, two things are really clear about the entire series of events. First, my friend and I clearly were drinking too much and second, I would have done it all over again.

Theresa and I were acquaintances in high school and were both accepted into the local university. It seemed right that we choose each other to be roommates. We shared many of the same pastimes and interests and both really wanted to put high school behind us and focus on doing well in college.

Dave was great to have around. A true hottie, he stood over six feet tall and was built very well. One time during a heated flag football game outside, he had grabbed both of us and carried us over his shoulders up four flights of stairs. Besides providing me with a fabulous lover, my friends loved having him around as eye candy and his size scared away unwelcome visitors and he was very low maintenance himself. He was protective of us when it was girl’s night in our apartment, but not in a disruptive way.

Dave had served eight years in the Army and was now working on a doctorate, but was still actively involved in the Army Reserves. On one weekend when he was off on maneuver with his unit, my friends and I had an interesting and thoroughly alcohol soaked discussion about our sex lives, including my sex life with Dave. It seemed that all of my friends wanted to fuck my boy. Not liking to admit that the idea more than turned me on, even in my inebriated state, I was able to steer the conversation away. Or so I thought.

I have often fantasized about sex with multiple partners. I am comfortable with the idea of me with two guys or with a guy and another girl, but the opportunity never presented itself. Later that night Theresa — who was always a bit more abrupt about things than I was – slurred out the following words that we would come to describe as THE PROPOSAL. “Shelly, I think we should do it.”

“Ok, but I’m not that into girls,” I laughed.

“What? Oh, jackass! I meant, not us….I meant him.”

I knew to whom she was referring, but since the thought had been making my warm for the last two hours, I wanted her to say it.

“You think we should “do” him? Who him?”

“You know who I am talking about!”

I was now laughing hard. Theresa was having this conversation as she was off balance and in the process of undressing. Her last sentence had been spoken with her top over her head and one of her breasts hanging free of her bra.

“You want to have sex with Dave?”

“Are you kidding?” she countered. “C’mon, tell me you don’t know that he is the hottest body on two feet. When I see him wrapped in a towel or in less after a shower, it makes my heart skip a beat. Meghan nearly wets herself when he walks by and that is when he is fully dressed.” She jumped onto the couch in her pajama top and thong bottoms, laughing and making fake blow job motions.

“Listen Miss Thong. You are the hot one every boy covets, but I am not letting you seduce my boyfriend” I said this half-heartedly. While Theresa drunk was comical, she was beautiful and the idea was starting to be too much for me, because I realized I was starting to have mixed emotions about the idea. I realized the thought of it was intriguing, but that I was feeling a bit jealous of the new attention Eric was attracting.

“Almossht right!” She slurred. “You missed two key parts. I’m not the only hot chick in this room and I said ‘WE’ should do it….hishh birthday is coming up soon.” With that she leaned over to me and kissed me full on the lips and thrust her tongue into my mouth.

I kissed her back ever so, briefly and almost went over the edge. Almost.

“Get in bed and go to sleep, you’re drunk and starting to annoy me!” The great thing about ataköy escort telling a drunken friend to go to sleep is that they do that sometimes and after some funny sex noises and fits of laughter from her room, I soon heard Theresa’s regular breathing.

Sleep would not come as easily for me. My friend lay a hammering to me with her drunken honesty. My sleep was interrupted by very erotic adventures of what it might be like to realize this particular fantasy. Dave and I had deep roots, but were still learning each other in a sexual and fully intimate nature, he had come back into my life only six months prior and I wasn’t sure I could share him.

Theresa and I had been friends even longer and her body made me stop and look. One time she had greeted Dave by bouncing into his arms and wrapping her legs around his waist. He had laughed at the time as did she about it being sexy and fun, but I could see a bit more of a bulge than usual when he walked into our bedroom. He was really horny later and that night remains one of our most intense love making sessions.

I let the overall concept stew for a few days. One night Dave and I were halfway into a pretty hot encounter. I was riding on top of him, my body controlling his entries into me while he was standing and holding on for dear life. He can normally last quite a while and I always seem to get off really fast in this position as my clit rubs against him. That is the moment I chose to bring up THE PROPOSAL.

With my mouth on his ear and my dripping pussy slamming his cock deeper and deeper I asked him:

“Have you ever had sex with more than one person?”

“What? Ugh, um….no!”

I slowed my position down to look him in the eyes and said: “Would you ever want to?”

His concentration now broken, we lay on the floor and with his hard cock still pumping a bit more slowly, Dave asked me what I was proposing.

I told him the story from a few nights before and when I got to the part of Theresa’s admissions and when we kissed, he came harder than he had in a while. His face contorted in absolute pleasure as his load drained from him at surprising speed. I felt it splash deep inside me when he thrust home.

“I’ll take that to be you are interested?” I quipped with a giggle.

We talked about it over the next few days, and in between some monumentally strong fuck sessions, we both determined that we would find the right time to make it happen. At one point, right in the middle of taking me from behind, he stopped and pulled my torso up to his chest and from behind me he whispered those words.

“I love you Shelley, and I’m willing to do this, but not at the risk of ever losing you.”

We fucked repeatedly that night and at one point Dave told me that he would even find a way to do it with another guy if that turned me on. The night was so emotionally charged that I lost count of my orgasms.

The hard part of this was trying to find the right time to bring this fantasy to reality. For her part Theresa had been hard to talk to since her admission. I swear I could still feel her kiss burning my lips. Since Dave had moved in to the apartment and Theresa now lived on her own, we decided to bring her over for some candid seduction. Most of time Dave was now joking about the arduous task of having to prove his love and how hard the task was, and also mentioning it was okay with him if he had to do it more or with different women like Meghan too, but I could tell he was nervous and just as excited as I was.

We decided to let nature take its course on the next girl’s night in. Dave and I plotted for him to come home early from the library. I picked a hot outfit that showcased his physique and sent him to the gym to get ataköy eve gelen escort a good pump. He looked amazing. When he came in he gave them both a quick kiss and when he leaned in to kiss me, we let it be a little more lingering and sexual in nature. Meghan and Theresa could barely stop from drooling. With just a hint of cologne and smelling perfectly showered and really manly, I found it hard to blame them.

For the most part the night progressed well. The girls were more than happy that Dave was able to join us and he was clearly enjoying the flirting back and forth, but I could sense that the night would progress too well with four. Fortunately, Meghan whimpered that she had to go. Dave gave her an unusually big hug and Meghan let her breasts rub all over his chest. For his part his hands cupped her ass and he kissed her fully on the lips when he took her to the door. He was clearly in this for the fun. The look on her face when the door closed was hysterical.

Theresa, not nearly as bombed as last time, noticed all of this and when she noted my amused expression she started to realize something was up.

“What in the world is going on here?” She purred. “I never get a kiss like that, Davey.”

She may have been partially joking, but her nipples were now pointing out through her white tank top and clearly announced that she was game for anything. This was going to happen and it was going to happen now.

“Yeah, Davey,” I joked. “You never kiss Theresa like that.”

Dave walked over to her and sat down next to her on the couch. He brought his face within inches of hers and said “Well T, if you want me to kiss you, all you have to do is ask.” With that he gently took her face, looked at me for the approval nod I was now giving and kissed her.

It was a soft and gentle kiss that turned really serious when Theresa understood that we meant business. Soon she was kissing him fully and licking all over his mouth. Not wanting to miss out I grabbed her hand and brought her to me. “Hey don’t forget me.”

Our kiss was supercharged with electricity and Theresa and Dave and I engaged in a long three way kiss. Soon we found a way to remove our tops as Dave quickly found his way into Theresa’s tank and removed it to place his mouth on her rock hard nipples. With his mouth on her left I moved to take her right nipple and I heard a noise I’ve never fully heard before. Theresa growled with lust. Taking this as a pretty good sign I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down her legs, kissing towards her stomach and circling my hands towards her sex. She brought my face up to hers and kissed me and then brought us down to Dave’s zipper.

She unbuttoned and unzippered his pants while I pulled them away. Dave’s erection was now bobbing right in front of our faces. His cock is truly beautiful and is much more than a mouthful. He was so erect that his cock was pointing right up at the ceiling and a bit of liquid was already oozing from the tip as Theresa smiled and kissed it right on the tip. Dave let out this ultra satisfied sigh as Theresa and I took turning bathing his cock with our saliva and kissing each other with his cock between our mouths.

I took the lead in sliding on him for several powerful strokes and then moved over to watch Theresa take her turns. Dave was in absolute heaven. Two girls sucking his cock and kissing in front of him was soon going to get the best of him and I wanted Theresa to taste his cum. She pushed Dave down onto the couch again and took a position right in front of him between his knees. I watched her work him over for a minute before I moved my hands to pull her panties down.

Dave’s eyes were locked on me as I moved my mouth to ataköy grup yapan escort Theresa’s curved backside and as I kissed my way down her cheeks I pushed my finger inside her for the first time. With a slow intake of breath, to show her reaction, Theresa started to move her hips back into my hand while she sucked my boyfriend’s cock. The sounds of my fingers and her slickness and her mouth on his cock we growing exponentially louder as we really got going. I moved to put two more fingers in, causing Theresa to groan. This sent Dave over the edge.

“I’m going to cum right now!” It turned out to be less a warning than an announcement as he had already started filling Theresa’s mouth by the time the word cum was used. Dave produces a lot of ejaculate. This clearly surprised Theresa and by the time his last pulses were happening, his cum was spilling over her lips and covering his thick cock.

“Oh my!” Was all she could say as she licked his cock clean. Dave is always a good boy who eats tons of sweet fruit, so I know that his cum isn’t too bad to swallow, but Theresa was licking it up like she hadn’t had anything to drink in days. Dave never softened as a result and was ready for me to mount him.

With Dave still on the couch I removed my panties and sat on his cock facing away from him. I wanted to cum so badly now and I wanted desperately to make out with Theresa too. As I rocked myself up and down on him, Theresa and I kissed. Her kisses traveled down to my nipples and she tongued and sucked them to the point of soreness. I nearly came from this sensation alone.

After two or three minutes she directed her attention to Dave sliding into me and from where she was she started to rub and then lick my clit. Within seconds my back started to arch and I began the longest orgasm of my life. Her tongue was making short stabs at my button as Dave picked up his pace. I came from the moment her tongue first pressed into me. Dave’s cock seemed to actually get even bigger inside me and my body convulsed. I started to really let the fluids go and I never believed that was possible. What was probably five minutes long seemed like hours and I fell off of Dave’s hardness and onto Theresa, pushing her on the floor and tasting my juices and Dave’s in her mouth.

Theresa rolled me over and we kissed. It was one of the deepest and most charged kisses of my life. The arousal we were experiencing was unlike anything else I have had before or since. I watched as Dave took a position above and behind Theresa and I watched her eyes as he moved her body to accommodate his cock. When he entered her from behind her eyes went wide and she slid her mouth away from mine to really feel his penetration. She pulled herself up so they were plunging at each other doggy style and I moved myself under her for a taste of both of them. I tried to touch her everywhere I could and eventually moved to trade her nipples in my mouth. Her breasts are lovely and large with beautiful brown and round nipples that were so erect that when I rubbed and sucked them her breath started to come in short gasps.

Theresa’s orgasm was every bit as powerful as mine, but I was so aroused watching her cum that I had a small orgasm of my own. The flush of her body and the sound of her grunts and gasps were too incredible. That had never happened to me. Hearing and watching both of us quaking pushed Dave past his point of no return and for second time that night my boyfriend filled my best friend with his cum.

We cuddled and nuzzled for a few minutes and I sucked Dave clean a little bit more and we all licked each other a little more softly for a few minutes. We seemed all a bit stunned by how forceful the last few moments had been.

“So, you told him?” Theresa joked.

“Told him what?” I tried to joke.

We all laughed for a minute. Dave stood up to excuse himself for a minute. I took the opportunity to suck on Theresa’s left nipple and asked her “So do you think Meghan could handle this?”

Hers eyes widened and she laughed a deep, happy laugh.

But that is another story.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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