The Weekend at the Lake

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Anal Play

It was two weeks ago that Ray and Emma first told us about Jon. He was someone they had known for a little over two years and felt that our relationship had reached the point where they could tell us about him. My wife, Gwen, and I have had a sexual relationship with Ray and Emma for almost a year and have become very good friends during that time.

“We have a friend named Jon,” Emma began, “he’s divorced and lives in a beautiful lakefront home in Bicton. We met through a mutual friend, a former neighbour actually, and spend the weekend with him several times a year. We’ve told him about you both and he would like to meet you and we think you will be interested in meeting him, especially you, Gwen.”

“Why do you think I would like to meet him, what’s so special,” Gwen asked.

“Well. . .” Emma paused and looked at Ray who nodded. “It’s his endowment, he is quite large…er…very large, in fact,” she said, raising her eyebrows and smiling.

“Oh, how large are we talking about?” Gwen asked with interest.

“I’ve measured it when it’s fully erect and its thirteen inches,” Emma said and Ray agreed by nodding again.

“Oh my god!” Gwen blurted, placing a hand over her mouth, “Thirteen inches!?”

“Yes…and he knows how to use it. It’s rather fun and very exciting. He likes me to dress up for role playing sex games just like we do sometimes. He also likes light bondage which can be very erotic and he can keep it up all night when he is really horny, which is pretty much all the time. I’m sure you will like him. We are going down next weekend and we’d love you to join us,” Emma said unable to hide her enthusiasm.

Gwen looked at me and without saying a word asked the question. “You want to go don’t you?” I said.

“I really think I do,” she replied.

Ray called me on Tuesday to say that Jon was very excited about Gwen coming down and wanted her and Emma to bring their schoolgirl outfits.

It was a 20 minute drive to Ray and Emma’s place and they were ready when we arrived. With their luggage stowed in the trunk we set off for Jon’s lakeside home an hour and a half away. As we sped along the highway there was an air of excitement in the car but no one mentioned our destination or Jon.

Like me, I’m sure Ray and Emma were thinking how Gwen would handle Jon’s large cock and I’m sure his endowment was on Gwen’s mind also but we all kept our thoughts to ourselves and chatted about other things. We left the highway and drove through Bicton to the lakeside road. It wound back and forth, coming close to the lake then veering away before coming back again.

“Next road on the left,” Ray instructed and I turned down the narrow lane cut through the pine forest.

We traveled for a couple of minutes before clearing the trees and came the lake and Jon’s home. It was considerably more than a cottage and was in fact a substantial house. It occupied a prime spot in a secluded bay and I could see no other homes nearby.

Jon must have heard the car pull in and was coming down the front steps as we were getting out of the car. He was average height and build, in his early 50’s with short, black hair and had a Mediterranean look about him, perhaps of Italian ancestry but his appearance gave no hint of what had brought us here.

“Welcome, welcome,” he said beaming as he hugged Emma and shook Ray’s hand and slapped him on the shoulder. He turned to me, shook my hand heartily then turned to my wife. “So this must be Gwen, welcome,” he said as he gave her a warm hug. “Lunch is almost ready, let’s go to the veranda and have a cool drink in the shade; it’s going to be a hot one.”

He was, of course, talking about the weather but I was thinking about the sex that would soon take place. I must admit to wanting to see my wife with a huge cock and had thought of little else all week. Our luggage was placed inside the front door then we settled around the table on the veranda that overlooked the lake.

I was impressed with the seclusion and peace and quiet, there was only the sound of birds in the forest and the clink of ice cubes in our glasses of fruit juice. Jon excused himself and returned presently with a large tray full of cold cuts and salads. We spent an hour over our delicious lunch and chatted about the usual topics with no mention of sex. While we drank coffee and a liqueur, Jon busied himself clearing the table then he joined us.

“If you are all finished we can. . .um. . .get started?” Jon said. There was momentary silence as everyone understood what he meant then he added, “Emma, you know where to go to change, we will be in the Headmaster’s office when you are ready. Give Gwen some instructions, you’ve done this before.”

“Yes, Headmaster, Sir,” Emma responded as she rose from her chair and she and Gwen went into the house.

Ray and Emma had told us of Jon’s love of role playing and the ‘Headmaster and Naughty Schoolgirl’ was one of his favourites. He had played this game with Emma a few times but now he had two naughty girls to deal bursa escort with and I was looking forward to watching it.

The Headmaster’s office was in fact Jon’s home office, a spacious room overlooking and expanse of lawn and the forest at the rear of the house. The large desk was situated kitty-corner in front of a high-backed leather chair from where one had a view of the trees through a bank of large windows. Jon directed Ray and me to a couple of easy chairs, “You will have a good view from here,” he said and went to the bar cabinet and returned with two glasses half full with whiskey. “Sit, relax and enjoy,” he said and put on a jacket from his desk chair and sat down.

We chatted idly and no one would ever have guessed by our conversation that this man behind the desk would soon be having sex with Emma and my wife. I had a strong erection thinking about what was to happen and I wondered how Gwen was feeling. Dressing up in erotic outfits and lingerie always made her horny but I was sure her mind would be filled with thoughts of Jon’s endowment; what it looked like and how would it feel inside her.

My heart rate increased when the door opened and Gwen and Emma entered. They stood in front of the desk and looked very erotic. Their outfits were almost identical except for the colours; white stilettos, fishnet stockings and blouse tied beneath her breasts, skirt in white and mauve and mauve garter belt for Gwen; black stilettos and fishnets, same blouse as Gwen, black and red skirt and red garter belt for Emma. Neither wore panties and the skirts were so short that most of their bottoms were exposed and their tits overflowed the blouses.

Jon picked up a piece of paper from his desk, “Emma and Gwen, the naughtiest girls in the school. How many times is this you have been in front of me?”

“Sorry, Headmaster, Sir,” they said in unison.

“I’m afraid sorry just won’t do, detention has no effect you so it’s time to take sterner measures. Go and get those two chairs and place them in front of my desk.”

I had noticed the chairs against the wall when I had entered the room; they were unusual for the wide seats and low, straight backs. They were plush and padded in soft, brown leather. The ladies’ legs and bottoms looked very sexy as they strode across the room and my erection strained against my pants. I envied Jon that he would soon be playing with these two very sexy and horny mature ladies but was also excited to see it happen.

The chairs were placed with their backs facing the desk and Gwen and Emma stood in front of them. Jon stood and removed his jacket then took several lengths of rope from a drawer and moved around to the ladies. He eyed them from behind for several moments before saying, “I’m sorry it’s come to this but you need to be punished, now kneel on the chairs.”

He started with Emma and expertly tied her to the chair then did the same with Gwen. Their legs were spread wide exposing their bottoms and pussies in a deliciously lewd manner and their arms were secured to chair legs. They were bent over the backs of the chairs just below the breasts and I could see now why they were designed in such an unusual way. Trussed in this fashion one could easily access their bottoms, pussies, tits and mouths. Jon seemed to know his business and I was eager to see more but what he did next surprised me.

“Let’s go,” he said and led me and Ray out of the office. We walked down to the lake and sat down on a bench. “I guess you are wondering why we are here. If I leave them for a while they will think about what is going to happen and wonder when it’s going to start and that will make them hornier, believe me, it works.”

Ray nodded and added, “It certainly does for Emma; she says it makes her so horny waiting for you to come back and start, it’s the anticipation and not knowing and not being able to do anything about it.”

We spent about ten minutes on the bench then sauntered back to his office. Gwen and Emma wriggled a little when we entered and I thought maybe Jon was indeed correct; they did look very horny and ready to be fucked. Ray and I sat back down and Jon went over to the ladies. “Now you’ve had some time to ponder your misbehaviour it’s time for your punishment to begin,” he said. Standing beside Emma he caressed her bottom, spreading her cheeks and lewdly displaying her anus and pussy for Ray and me.

Gwen was then fondled and exposed in the same manner and even from my chair I could see that her pussy lips were swollen and spread open. Jon spent some time looking at it and for the first time I saw a bulge in his pants. He liked what he saw and I wanted to see that that big cock drilling my wife more than ever before.

“Remember this is for your own good, before we are finished here today I’m going to give you something to think about,” and with that Jon approached Emma and gave her six sharp spanks on each cheek. They were designed to tease and arouse rather than cause pain and he mixed his spanks with soft caresses bursa escort bayan so she was never sure what was coming. Emma squirmed and writhed, oohhed and aahhed, really playing up the role of a naughty schoolgirl and pleaded forgiveness in a way that was very exciting and erotic.

“Ooh, I’m sorry, Sir,” she whimpered as he caressed her slightly pink cheeks when he had finished.

“Too late for that, girl, there’s more to come after I deal with your naughty friend,” Jon replied as he moved over to Gwen. He fondled her ass then also gave it six spanks interspersed with caresses eliciting the same pleading.

“Please, Sir, no more, I’ll be a good girl, I’ll do whatever you want, Sir,” Gwen cried which made me very horny, I wanted to see her spanked more before Jon fucked her with his huge cock.

“Yes, you will do whatever I want, both of you will before you leave my office,” he responded sternly.

He returned to Emma and commenced another spanking but this time he added a new wrinkle. Not only did he mix in fondling as before but fingered her pussy and clit at the same time.

Emma had told Gwen that Jon was very good with his fingers and could quickly bring her to orgasm with them. From the escalating moans and squeals he was doing just that as his hands worked on her ass and pussy.

“Do your boyfriends do this to you?” Jon asked.

“Ooh yes, Sir but not as good as you, oohhhh, yes, yes, yes,” she screamed as an orgasm overtook her.

Jon now turned his attention to Gwen, he fondled and spanked her ass a few times then spread her pussy lips apart, “You’re nice and wet, Gwen,” he noted, “did Emma’s orgasm excite you?”

“Yes Headmaster, Sir, her cries and the sound your fingers made inside her was exciting; I watched her face and know how much she enjoyed it.”

“Do you want me to bring you to orgasm?”

“Oh Sir, yes please.”

“You still need to be punished.”

“I know. . .spank me and finger me, please Sir,” Gwen begged.

Jon gave her the same treatment as Emma had received. Whatever his fingers were doing Gwen was enjoying it, she wriggled as best she could and whimpered. I could hear just how wet her pussy was as Jon brought her closer and closer to a shuddering climax.

I looked over at the ladies; their bottoms were tinged pink and their pussies looked swollen and gaped open with arousal. Emma had been right; Jon did know how treat a woman and even two naughty schoolgirls and I wanted to see his cock in action and especially deep in my wife’s pussy.

Both Ray and I had our cocks out and were stroking them as Jon moved the chairs. Our wives were now facing one another, there heads almost touching. Jon stood several feet to one side and began to unbutton his shirt. “I’m going to give you something I’ll bet your boyfriends don’t give you,” he said.

The ladies turned to look at him as he slipped off his shoes and socks then his pants and underwear. “Oh my god!” Gwen sighed as she saw his cock for the first time. It was indeed huge; long and thick but not yet fully erect. It hung down almost to his knees and he picked it up and moved his hand back and forth over it. It was a magnificent specimen, not only had Jon be blessed with a huge cock but it was beautifully contoured. When he pulled back the foreskin, he exposed the smooth, large head.

It hardened quickly and looked immense as he stroked it and moved towards the ladies. Their lips clasped on to either side of the big knob. Their lips and tongues explored the entire length of his mighty shaft then he directed it first into Gwen’s mouth then Emma’s, back and forth he went giving them more cock each time.

“Naughty schoolgirls need to get plenty of this and Headmaster is going to give it to you,” he said as they mumbled in response and choked on his cock.

He fucked their mouths for several minutes then swivelled Emma’s chair around beside Gwen’s. He knelt down behind them and inserted his fingers into Emma and his tongue into Gwen. Changing back and forth several times the ladies yelped and cried as he expertly teased and aroused them. He stood and looked at their wet and highly sensitized vaginas.

“Let me see, which naughty schoolgirl needs to be fucked first?” He probed each of them with his fingers before making his decision, “Gwen, your lovely tight little pussy will be fucked first, do you want Headmaster to fuck you?”

“Yes Sir, fuck me, I’ve been a bad girl and need to fucked by your big cock. Fuck me, teach me to be good,” she panted.

He moved behind her and slapped his cock on her ass then rubbed it over her pussy lips and clit.

“Yes, yes, that’s it, stick it in me, Headmaster, please Sir fuck me, fuck me,” Gwen whimpered, then, “Ooohhhh,” as he pushed into her.

I watched Jon fuck my wife and listened to her cry and moan as he moved faster and deeper. I stroked my cock and heard myself say, “Fuck her, Headmaster, fuck that naughty schoolgirl, give it to, yeah, fuck her, bursa merkez escort give her that big dick.”

Ray joined in and it wasn’t long before Gwen screamed through a lengthy and intense orgasm. Jon withdrew and said, “Now for your friend. Emma, are you ready to be fucked?”

“Oh yes, Headmaster, I want it, teach me to be good like Gwen.”

Jon gave Emma as good a fucking as he gave Gwen with encouragement from Ray and me with the same result . . . a tremendous orgasm. He stayed buried in Emma as she convulsed then withdrew and turned to us, “Gentlemen, please join us, there’s enough pussy and mouths to go around and I’m sure these naughty schoolgirls wouldn’t mind, would you ladies?”

“No Sir,” they replied together.

Ray and I quickly stripped and approached the threesome. Jon stroked his huge cock as he went around to the front of our wives. I watched Ray finger Gwen’s swollen, deeply-fucked pussy then watched his cock disappear inside her. I knelt and tongued Emma’s still highly aroused clit and finger-fucked her as she squirmed as best she could.

Jon was giving their mouths a workout; he held Gwen’s head and pushed his giant cock in as far as he could and kept it there. She choked and gasped as he removed it but he immediately drove it back in again and repeated this process several times before moving to Emma and giving her the same treatment. Ray’s thrusts quickened and he grunted as he emptied his balls into my wife. Jon was back in her mouth again and I could see her taking it deep and could hold back no longer.

I watched my wife spluttering and choking on the huge cock and had a most intense ejaculation in Emma’s pussy. Ray and I stood beside the ladies and fondled their asses and pussies while Jon jerked off inches from their waiting, open mouths. When his ejaculation came it was in several big, forceful spurts that he directed into their mouths and over their faces.

Gwen and Emma were all smiles and very satisfied with what had just happened and we untied them from the chairs. Gwen went to Jon and put an arm around his waist, she took hold of his softening but still big, thick endowment and said, “You have a beautiful cock, I hope there’s more where that came from.”

“You can guarantee that there is,” he replied as he fondled her tits. He drew her closer and they kissed; a passionate, tongue-probing kiss. She stroked his dick and he mauled her ass until they broke off.

After everyone washed up Jon took us on a tour of the house and surrounding property then we gathered on the veranda and spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and just enjoying the peace and quiet.

We piled into Jon’s SUV and drove into Bicton for dinner and afterwards strolled through the picturesque little town that swells with cottagers and tourists during the summer months. Back at the house we went to Jon’s master bedroom where we all got naked. Gwen and Emma got fucked a lot more and I watched from very close up as Jon fucked my wife. I was amazed at just how much of his cock her pussy could take and he really did give it a severe pounding and she loved it.

We finished about 11:30 and went off to bed. Gwen and I always sleep naked and I cuddled up behind her and drifted off to sleep. I’m a light sleeper and was suddenly awake. I opened my eyes to see Jon standing on Gwen’s side of the bed, his cock was hard and sticking straight out from his body. He held out his hand and Gwen took it and slipped out of bed. She took hold of his massive erection and he put his arm around her and they walked towards the door.

Jon mauled her ass as they went across the room and they stopped near the door and kissed. They were in silhouette and his cock looked bigger than ever as my wife jerked it. They crossed the hall into Jon’s bedroom that was directly opposite and left my door open. I could see a dim light and knew that Jon’s bedroom’s door was also left open.

The bedside clock told me it was 1:10 AM. In a matter of a few minutes the noises I heard left no doubt that my wife was enjoying Jon’s huge cock again and I listened to her muffled cries until I fell asleep.

I awoke with a start and was still alone in the bed; I checked the clock, 3:17. She was still with him I thought then heard howls coming from outside. The moon was full and I thought it must be wolves. I got out of bed and went to the window. Below in the moonlight I saw Gwen on her hands and knees on the grass, Jon was behind her and thumping into her with long, hard strokes. It was them who were howling like wolves and their laughter indicated that they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

I had never seen Gwen so horny, she obviously loved Jon’s cock and he seemed to like having it inside her. She lay on her back and spread her legs wide allowing Jon to mount her easily. He continued to fuck her with long, deliberate thrusts and she curled her legs up over his back. I thought he must be very deep in her vagina and from her moans and cries of, “Yes, oh yes, oh god yes,” she liked it.

I watched as they rolled onto their sides and he took her from behind then she was on all fours and they began howling as her fucked her, appropriately, ‘doggie style.’ There seemed no end in sight, I pondered going down and joining them but decided against it and went back to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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