The Walk

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Do you remember the night we went for a walk? I realize that is not very specific, but I suspect you know the night I mean. It was a hot night, too hot for the little window unit air conditioner in our living room. We both sat on the couch reading, trying to take our minds off the heat. I glanced up from my book to look at you, your black hair pushed back, sweat glistening on your pale skin. The blue, old-fashioned dress of the type you favored nearly matched your eyes, and clung to your body from the heat so that I could clearly see the outline of your breasts beneath the fabric. Your legs were crossed at the knees so that your dress rode up a bit, and I could see the light freckles that dapple your calves. You held your book in one hand, while lightly stroking your neck with the other. I must have stared longer than I intended, for your suddenly looked up at me.

“Let’s go for a walk.” you said, “It can’t be any hotter outside.”

You stood up and took my hand, and I followed you to the door. In fact, there was a slight breeze, and it was a bit cooler in the open air. We walked without speaking, and I let you lead the way as you guided me to the house on the corner, the one being remodeled that neither of us liked, where you finally broke the silence.

“I bursa eskort wonder what the back looks like. There are lights back there.” And you led me around the house to the backyard, which was unremarkable save for a small raised porch and two large patio doors. As we moved towards the porch, the light was such that I could see our reflection in the heavy glass.

We walked to the edge of the stairs leading up to the porch, then you turned and pressed against me, your breasts pushing into my chest, then tilted your head up and softly kissed me. Your lips were a mix of your usual sweet taste and the salt from your sweat, and I felt my pulse quicken as you pushed your tongue into my mouth. You still held tightly to my right hand, so I slipped my left up between our bodies, unbuttoning the top of your dress. Your skin was slick and hot to the touch, and your nipple hardened as I stroked it lightly with my fingertips, causing you to let lose a small moan into my mouth.

You took my right hand and slipped up under your dress and between your legs. You weren’t wearing panties, and my cock hardened as I felt that you were already wet. You continued to guide my hand, rubbing my fingers between your pussy lips and up to your clit, then bursa bayan escort down, pushing two fingers inside of you.

You sucked my tongue into your mouth, then suddenly stepped back, and fell to your knees. You looked me in the eye as you unzipped my jeans, pulling them down and freeing my cock. Then, never breaking eye contact, you slowly swirled your tongue around the tip. Grabbing me by the hips, you took the tip of my cock into your mouth, and slowly pulled me forward until your lips were at the base of my shaft, then gently pushed me back, then forward again more quickly, and I gave an involuntary moan as I fucked your mouth.

I closed my eyes and was lost to the world for a few minutes as you sucked me, but just when I felt I couldn’t take much more, I felt your lips leave my cock. I opened my eyes to see you standing up and turning around. You spread your legs a bit, then, looking back at me, you pulled your dress up over your hips, and bent down resting your hands on the stairs. I stepped forward, grabbing you by the hips, and slowly pushed my cock into your pussy until my stomach was flat against your ass. I paused for a moment, overwhelmed by the heat of you, then slowly began to fuck you. You bursa ucuz escort turned away from me then, but I could see your face reflected in the glass. Your eyes were closed and your bottom lip was between your teeth. As I continued to fuck you slowly, you opened your eyes and saw me watching your reflection. Softly, so that I could barely hear, you said, “Harder.”

I slipped my hands from your hips, up your back, and grasped your shoulders, then pulled you back as I pushed into you. Your eyes closed again, and this time your mouth opened slightly and you began to make soft noises in the back of your throat. Hearing you only increased my urgency, and I began to thrust into you, my stomach slapping against your ass as I fucked you as hard as I ever had.

Soon, I too closed my eyes, and I knew nothing for a while save the feeling of my cock inside you, the heat of you making all other sensations irrelevant. Then I felt your pussy tighten, and I knew you were about to cum. But you told me anyway, softly, and with a catch in your voice, “I’m cumming”, and hearing you say it, I was too, for longer than I thought possible, still pushing into you and cumming inside you as you gave the little whimper you always make when you orgasm.

Then, I don’t even remember how, we were on the ground, wrapped around one another in the damp grass, gasping and holding each other, oblivious to the rest of the world. After a time, you pulled me up saying, “We should go home”, and you led me back to the house, which somehow seemed less hot that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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