The Voice

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It had been a long day and at work, and her feet were sore. She breathed a sigh. Finally safe and home, she could let all her stress go. She opened the door to her darkened bedroom. Reaching for the light switch, she suddenly found herself pinned against the door. She couldn’t see anything, but felt the weight holding her arms against her sides. Momentary panic was replaced by a thrill running through her as she recognized the voice.

“Shhhhhhhhh…” it whispered.

The hands released her arms, but she didn’t move a muscle in the darkness. Pulling at her feet, her shoulders, her waist. Her clothes fell to the floor in a heap, piece by piece. Her bra and panties quickly added to the pile. She stood naked and blind in the still darkness, listening for movement, her back against the icy wall.

Hot breath rushed across her skin. It glided up and down and around her, sending goose bumps and chills through her. Fingertips — soft at first, then heavier as they moved — slid up and down her thighs. She was so excited. It had been so long. She had been waiting; unappreciated, needing this.

Hands reached for her, slid around her head, cupping her cheek and jaw. Her chin lifted and she felt his moist tongue lap at her ear lobe. It slid down, tracing across her throat to the other side, and up to her mouth.

They kissed; deep and long. She breathed deep into him, feeling his warmth, smelling his aftershave.

Her hands instinctively came up, but his hands wrapped around her wrists and pinned them back. He pulled his body back, their breath hot on each other’s lips.

“The bed,” the voice whispered. “Right fucking now.” The hands released her.

She obeyed, stepping over. The hands spun her around, facing the bed. They lifted her arms above her head. Their bodies touched for the first time. She felt him, warm and soft against her body. His hands slid up and down her hips. He pressed his hardening smoothness against her. She pressed back harder. She wanted him inside of her so badly.

He nibbled at her neck from behind, softly kissing each spot after each bite, working his way mobil porno across her shoulders. She shivered. She was wet, feeling him press against her butt. His hands wrapped around her stomach, found her breasts. Her nipples hardened under his fingers. He squeezed them between each finger, one at a time.

“Tell me what you want,” the voice commanded.

She was embarrassed, unsure. She felt awkward. He pressed against her, pressing his hands against the fronts of her hips, thrusting his firmness, making her feel every thick inch of him against her skin.

She couldn’t resist. “Take me,” she tilted her head back, feeling silly.


“I want you to take me,” she felt ridiculous.

“Bend over,” the voice commanded, absolutely serious. She felt a thrill up her spine.

She didn’t move.

Embarrassment overcame her. She stood, with her arms in the air, waiting. Suddenly, the hands were on her again; pushing her forcefully but calmly. Inexorably, the hands slid her down onto the bed. Her feet left the floor. She lay flat, her hands pinned above her head, her face in the sheets.

Again, she felt the breath on her ear. “I told you to bend over,” the voice said. “You didn’t listen. Maybe I’ll just leave you here like this, all exposed and wet. All spread out for me to take when I want.”

She felt her wetness expanding, her warm slit slippery with her juices, screaming for his attention. She breathed deeply a few tense moments. Deep down, she knew he was as powerless as she was, now. This was only going to end one way. He was trying so hard to be forceful, but she knew him better. He had worked her up so much that she began to feel the pangs of sexual aggression seep into her thoughts, too. It was her turn. Someone was about to be taken, alright.

She shifted her weight to her palms, lifting her hips off the bed. The hands released a bit, surprised. She lifted her butt up, finding him. She slid him between her legs. She knew he could feel her bushy wetness. It always drove him crazy.

Smiling in the dark, she began to slide him up and down her. She alman porno could feel how hard he was; the little twitches and jumps in him that she knew meant she was hitting the right spots. He tried to pull himself away, at first. Then, he stopped fighting.

“I want you to inside me right now,” the voice was hers, now.

She could hear him breathing loudly, forgetting himself completely. She slid a hand free, down; worked it between her legs. She felt for him, took him in her hand. He twitched excitedly. Slowly, she pulled him against her, waiting. One slight press and they would both be connected in pleasure.

“Do it,” she rasped. “Do it.”

He sunk himself in, deep and slow. She finally felt his balls press against her exposed clit.

She heard a gasp escape him and smiled. Who’s in control, now? She thought.

He pulled back slowly and put his weight against her again. Slick now, he began to slowly pump her; long, deep, slow strokes. His mouth pressed against her ear. She could feel his heartbeat, his hot breath again on her neck.

Slowly, he worked her wetness, each stroke bringing her closer to the edge. “Make yourself feel good, baby,” she gasped, knowing he loved it.

He suddenly slid out. He can’t take it, she thought. I know exactly how to stroke him, and he still can’t handle it, after all this time we’ve been together. She smiled, savoring the thought.

He slowly slid himself in again, pressing his full body weight against hers, pinning her.

“Baby, you feel so good,” he gasped out.

“You do, too,” she giggled, reaching back to caress his cheek. “You doin’ okay back there?” she joked. She knew exactly what he needed.

He leaned in and she craned her neck around awkwardly. They kissed. She smiled at the humor of it. Then, she felt it.

Slowly at first, then deeper. A tingling. She knew what it meant. Her breathing shallowed. Noticing, he flexed into her deeply, working around inside her, gliding across all the right spots. She lifted her feet, folding them back against his butt and pulling him deep into her. alexis texas porno She knew she couldn’t last much longer, either.

His long, slow strokes became quicker, his breathing heavier. “Oh, fuck,” he gasped. She knew he was all hers. Sensing his nearness, she squeezed him with her feet harder. His breathing came heavy on her cheek now.

“Come in me, baby,” she pleaded. “Come deep inside me. I love you so much.” She was right on the edge herself, waiting for that moment.

He reached up, taking the backs of her hands in his, interlocking their fingers. “You’re gonna make me come,” he sighed. “God, your pussy’s so good, baby.” His pumps were methodical now; deep and slow, but more urgent.

She felt herself begin to spasm. He let out a single, long groan. She gasped loudly. He rasped out a single phrase. “I love you.”

Then, they exploded together.

Warmth. Twitching warmth and his member emptied into her. With every spurt, he brushed against her sweet spot inside, sending jolts through her. He held himself still, unmoving, filling her as they spasmed together.

Her canal spasmed and he chuckled, the twitches sending sensitive sensations into him.

“Mmmmm…” he sighed. He leaned forward, kissing her cheek.

Gently, he took his weight off her, working his twitching manhood free. She felt his warmth slide out, down her full bush of hair, but she didn’t care. It was messy, but she was okay with it in the moment. She knew he loved it.

She turned around, sitting up on the bed. He kneeled down in front of her, his body between her legs, and rested his cheek against hers. He kissed her lightly. “You’re good, lady,” he joked.

They kissed again. She could feel his seed inside her, warm and wet, oozing. It was a lot. He always came so much, and she loved it. It wasn’t like in cheesy porn movies. It was beautiful that he came for her so much. Her eyes looked for the table lamp in the darkness.

“One, two, three!” she counted and flipped the switch, bathing the room in light. They winced, shading their eyes.

He looked at her, arching his eyebrow.

“Wait, where’s my girlfriend? Who are you, lady?!” he laughed.

She punched his arm playfully, giggling at her boyfriend’s joke. There were no more secret voices now; just lovers. Their bodies touching, they kissed deeply and held each other close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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