The Peeper and the Bitch Ch. 08

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His arms crossed, the eighteen-year old Min-jin kept his focus on the ceiling.

He was on a bed, an object Min-jin’s dead, youngest uncle never slept on during his life.

It was Min-jin’s dad’s youngest brother who had witnessed a Chinese boy kidnapping Min-hee in an rural village in South Korea.

After the kidnapping, Min-jin’s uncle had told Min-hee’s parents what happened to their daughter, how he was too incompetent to save her.

After that, Min-jin’s youngest uncle committed suicide.

Min-jin exhaled an trembling breath, rubbed his forehead.

Beside him, Yuri moved into a sitting position.

She placed a hand on Min-jin’s clothed chest.

“You okay?” Yuri said, concern in her voice.

Min-jin nodded. He said, “Yeah.”

He had lied.

Yuri smirked, gave Min-jin’s cheek a light slap.

“I know you’re not,” the eighteen-year old Japanese girl said. She turned her head to Dachi, who faced Min-jin with closed eyes. “Min-jin, do you remember what I used to do to you when you were depressed?”

Min-jin blinked.

He filled his mind with the fact Min-hee was a possible sex slave.

He couldn’t have utter joy while having sex while his sister was a possible sex slave.

Yuri placed her palm on Min-jin’s cheek. She said, “Do you remember what I did when you were depressed?”

Min-jin didn’t reply, his current mental state preventing him from intending on chatting with anyone.

Yuri sighed, pulled her hand from Min-jin’s cheek.

She sat on Min-jin’s clothed cock after facing the wall, rubbed her ass against the Korean’s cock, grinding on him.

Min-jin blinked.

His cock hardened.

His pupils dilated.

The longing to pull his cock out, thrust into Yuri’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pussy built inside him.

He didn’t have to talk while having sex with Yuri.

It was possible to thrust your cock in and out a girl’s pussy while both partners did not speak.

Yuri stopped grinding. She said, “Now, I’ll remind you what I used to do to you when you were depressed.”

Yuri turned, removed Min-jin’s pants, took off his boxers.

She faced the wall, threw her panties onto the floor after removing them, squatted.

While keeping black skirt raised, Yuri let Min-jin’s cock into her pussy, their sex position reverse-cowgirl style.

Min-jin’s cock should have experienced the warmth radiating from his Korean girlfriend’s pussy, not his former girlfriend’s Japanese pussy.

But Min-jin’s twin sister was gone, his youngest uncle was dead.

With each catastrophe that occured in Min-jin’s life, surviving to old age seemed like a stressful chore, like a person igniting their own money because a arsonist cannibal demanded them to.

The depressed Korean did not lift his head to view Yuri’s ass.

“Come on! Say something. Talk about how we’re fucking when a guy is sleeping in the next bed! He can wake up any second!” Yuri said, trying hard to muster enthusiasm in Min-jin.

The Japanese girl slapped her ass with both hands.

Min-jin blinked twice.

Soon, cum jets emerged from his cock.

The cum sped into Yuri’s pussy as it shot upwards.

“Oh, yes!” Yuri said as Min-jin lied with quick breaths leaving his mouth. “I wish you could see me fingering myself right now!”

Min-jin yawned.

Yuri squirted on the Korean’s softening cock, the girl moaning in pleasure.

Min-jin güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri turned his head to Dachi, whose eyes were open.

The Yakuza winked, sweat leaking from his forehead, the fever gripping his body.

When Yuri collapsed next to Min-jin, the Korean shut his eyes.

Yuri pressed her lips against Min-jin’s.

But Min-jin did not move his lips against hers.

He hoped deep depression failed at securing itself inside his sister.

Min-hee did not deserve pain.

Wei slammed his fist into Reo’s stomach in Tokyo.

From his position near the warehouse’s entrance, Bo shook his head.

“You violated my girlfriend, tricked her into taking your pathetic Jap cock in her ass!” Wei said, more furious than the moment he tried tearing out Tina’s eyes. The Chinese gangster pulled a spoon from his pocket. “And with this, I’m going to take your eyes out! Then, I’ll cut your cock off, send you to gay Arabs in the Middle East.”

The Chinese gangster who donned sunglasses each time Reo seen him, kept Reo pinned to Bo’s car’s hood.

Warm tears dripped off Reo’s face.

A life without eyes, without a penis, involving Reo pleasuring gay Arabs in the Middle East, was a life the Japanese eighteen-year old would rather die than experience.

He hoped having his eyes gouged and penic severed would give him a death involving blood loss.

He longed for death.

“He still didn’t apologize.” Hana said, standing next to Wei with her arms crossed. She hurled saliva onto Reo’s face. “Tell me you’re sorry!”

Reo was aware apologizing might not make Wei and Hana as forgiving as a nun, like a sadistic murderer apologizing after slaughtering eighty people in güvenilir bahis şirketleri an crowded mall.

But the Japanese boy had to try easing his enemies’ stress, their rage.

“Hey. Sorry. I’m really sorry. I’m sorry Hana-san. And I’m sorry, Wei-san!” Reo said, sounding as pathetic as a bullet-ridden deer.

Wei shook his head, smirked, raised the spoon in the air, let the sunlight reflect off it.

“Tanaka, you’re going to wish your weak mom never had a pathetic loser son like you.” Wei said before moving the spoon towards Reo’s left eyeball.

Reo struggled.

The sunglasses-donning, Chinese gangster gripped his thin arms tighter, causing Reo to yell in agony.

“Stop!” Bo said in an yell before charging. Wei stopped moving the spoon but didn’t lower it. Bo placed a hand on Wei’s shoulder. “I now of a better alternative.”

Wei released an frustrated sigh. He said, “This better be good, Bo.”

Reo took quick breaths, longed for Bo to rescue him.

Bo nodded, gestured to Reo.

“We sell him to the Mongolians. Do we really need to waste our time, waste your time, with trying to get him to the Middle East. And dammit, what if he bleeds out after you rip out his eyes, then take off his penis? The Mongolians will be here soon. You can sell him for cheap. We’ll never see him again.” Bo said.

Five seconds passed.

Reo remained pinned to the car as the Chinese sex trafficker held the spoon.

If Reo managed to survive having his penis severed and eyes ripped out, there was a chance Reo would send him to be a sex slave for gay Arabs in the Middle East.

If Wei sold Reo to the Mongolians, Reo doubted he wouldn’t suffer.

Reo would suffer, regardless of the two choices Wei could make.

Tears leaking from his eyes, Reo longed to have see Saya a final time.

Wei move the spoon into his pocket. He said, “Okay, Bo. I’ll go with your suggestion. We’ll take Tanaka’s phone, keep him with the three others in the office.”

Reo shut his eyes, despair overwhelming him as he longed to die.

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