The Night Manager

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She took one last look in the mirror before leaving. Her locs fell around her face, their crimps perfectly framing her sweet features. Her brown eyes staring back at her only reflecting pure innocence. She admired her full lips licking them as she took in the delicious image before her. Smiling, she blew her identical twin a kiss and headed out the door.

Today was supposed to be her day off, her reprieve from working with demanding clients and incompetent coworkers. Instead she had spent the morning in the office as usual; phones ringing non-stop, pacifying angry clients, picking up the slack of her lazy coworkers. She was now spending the evening taking care of a few last minute items on her to-do list. She was throwing a dinner party tonight, much needed time with good friends, good food and good wine. As excited as she was, she was that much stressed. She wanted every little detail to be perfect. This would have been a breeze had she been able to stay home from work, but duty calls. She hadn’t been able to spend time with her friends in quite a while, this was very overdue.

She arrived at the grocery store and quickly found a place to park. She pulled her shopping list out of her purse and started making her way around the store. Flour is here, the wine is there, need another package of butter. She was briskly making her way through these last minute items until she came to the last item on her list. She pushed her shopping cart to the appropriate aisle, looking for the black olives; she needed them for her famous pizza. Finding them, she was a bit surprised at the dust covering the lid. Just to be safe, she decided to double check the date. Shocked, she found the contents were out of date almost 6 months. She reached for and checked the next cans on the shelf to reveal all of them were already expired. Frustrated, she asked the next store employee she saw to check for any additional cans in the store’s stock room. The girl disappeared for about 15 seconds and came back empty handed. “We’re out,” was the short, curt response given as the young employee shrugged, walking away.

Shocked, she stood mouth agape in the middle of the aisle trying to figure out what just happened. A voice behind her surprised her from her trance, “Can I help you, miss?” She turned around to discover the source of the question. His sweet smile was the first thing she noticed, next was his height as he towered over her. She sighed, attempting to release a bit of her frustrations before talking to this so-far, innocent man. He introduced himself to her, said that he was the night manager of the store and he would look into the situation for her. This time instead of mere seconds, he was gone for a few minutes. Irked; she checked her watch several times, tapping her toes that yet again, her time was being wasted. Finally, he resurfaced – empty handed. Yes, his hands; they were quite large, she caught herself staring as he started talking to her again. “Sadly, we are fresh out of the olives you were looking for. I won’t be able to get them in until later next week. I can however, give you a discount on the rest of your order,” he reported.

She locked eyes with him for several uncomfortable seconds güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri before saying anything. She actually felt bad for this man. He only worked here, much like she only worked at her job. But enough was enough, she couldn’t hold in her frustrations. Finally, she rolled her eyes, pinched the bridge of her nose and put her hands on her hips. “You mean to tell me,” she loudly sighed again, “that there is no way I’m leaving this store with a simple can of olives?” She continued before he could speak, “No, no. You’re telling me that no one in this entire store thought that a customer could possibly want to eat olives? Olives! That not one competent individual could be bothered to check the expiry on a can of non-perishables. You do know that they actually DO perish, right? No, that can’t be what you’re saying.”

“Miss, this really isn’t necessary. I would be more than happy to -“.

“To what? ‘Offer me a discount’? A discount doesn’t put dinner on my table! I want,” she pushed her tongue into cheek and then used it to moisten her lips, “to file an official complaint with your location.”

He took this time to practice his best customer service behavior. Two employees had called off this afternoon; another had been caught stealing money and was fired. Not to mention the three customers they caught trying to walk out with items they hadn’t yet paid for and he was at his wits end with today. “Of course, miss. There’s just a little paperwork I’ll have you fill out and I can submit it to our corporate office. If you’ll follow me, I’ll take you to my office and we’ll get everything squared away. I apologize again for this inconvenience.”

He calmly led her into what was obviously an area few customers had seen before. There were miscellaneous items and boxes lining the walkway. They finally arrived at a bank of offices; he held the first office door open for her before following her inside. “Let me just find the forms here. We haven’t used them in so long,” he explained as he shuffled through files and folders on the messy desk. She took this chance to take in her surroundings; the computer desk took up the entire right hand wall, directly in front of her were several banks of file cabinets, and over her shoulder she saw a small table and chairs sitting along the left side of the room. She hadn’t noticed before that lining the left side wall was a long pane of security glass providing a view of the back supply room they had just walked through. She sighed and set down her purse on the chair beside her, she was resigning to her fate of not having dinner done on time. She could feel the tufts of steam starting to come out of her ears.

“Here we are,” he finally held up the long awaited complaint forms. He turned to find her meeting his gaze. Her stare direct and contemplating, unnerved him.

“Now, let me just get you a pen,” he said clearing his throat and shaking off the uneasy feeling he was having from being alone in the room with this petite, seeming harmless otherwise, woman.

“I don’t know about that,” she said coldly.

“You’re not upset? You don’t want to file a complaint anymore?” her response caught him off guard, he looked güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri at her quizzically.

“Oh no, I’m still very upset with this situation. I’m being extremely inconvenienced in return for my consumerism here. I feel that this store, you,” she emphasized, “have a duty to keep me, the loyal customer happy.”

His confused expression betrayed him before he could speak. “Ma’am, I’m not following. If you don’t want to file a complaint, what is it that I can do for you?”

“I want you,” she paused, “to satisfy your customer.” She stared at him contemplating his reaction. “I want you to please me.” If there was any doubt for him in what she was referring to, it melted away when she took off her coat revealing the blouse and pleated skirt below.

“Miss..” he tried to interject, but she ignored him as she continued by placing the toe of one calf high boot on the chair, right at his crotch.

She pulled up the edge of her skirt exposing one chocolate thigh, she pointed to a spot right above her knee, “Now, kiss”.

He examined her face, reading the seriousness in it. And there was that thigh.. He took a breath, smirked and leaned in to kiss her exposed flesh. “More,” was the instruction he received. A peck turned into a smooch, he nibbled gently and her knee. He reached up to pull her leg closer to him, but his hands were smacked away. “Let’s get one thing straight here, okay? I am the customer. I am right. It’s your job to serve me and I will call the shots. Am I understood?” she barked at him. A head nod was her only reply. “Good, now sit back” she said as she started unbuttoning her shirt. All while maintaining eye contact, she stepped in between his legs, turning and pulling herself up onto the desk behind her. She placed one heel onto each of his legs and leaned back against the wall. Without words, she spread her legs and gently tapped her thigh.

He took the hint he was given and dove back into devouring her sweet flesh. A sigh of relief this time, she thought about how her dinner guests would probably be satisfied with wine and Chinese takeout. She had plenty enough time to spare for this. Boldly, he started zoning in with his efforts. She could feel him getting closer and closer to her ever dampening panties. She smiled at his boldness, and encouraged him by hiking her skirt up around her waist. She took his glasses off his face and set them down on the desk beside her. She took a moment to watch the people walking by his office. She smiled thinking of what they would do if they noticed what was happening in the next room.

She relaxed under his ministrations, loving the feel of his tongue against her flesh. She reached between her legs to pull her panties to the side, giving him full access to her now wet pussy. He groaned into her crotch, moving to lick up her honey leaking down to her rosebud. She moaned as he slid his tongue past her folds, penetrating deep into her tight love. He used it to fuck her like a pseudo-penis. She pumped her hips to meet him with each stroke. He rolled his tongue up to her little button. Her hips spasmed and she cried out as he held her clit between his teeth, flicking just the tip güvenilir bahis şirketleri of his tongue across its sensitive nub.

He reached up, grabbing one of her round ass cheeks in each hand, easily palming them. She held the desk and wall for support as she fed him her throbbing clit, pushing it further into his mouth. He took it between his lips, and began sucking it intently and rubbing the flat, firm bit of his tongue against her clitoris. She melted into his mouth; literally and figuratively, she became mush under his manipulations.

Her moans became louder as she got closer and closer to her peak. She reached behind her unhooking her bra, she shrugged it and her shirt off. He noticed her now bare chest and groaned again, mouth full. He ran his hands up her stomach, squeezing her full breasts before twisting her nipples. She couldn’t hold back any longer. She threw her head back as she screamed her orgasm. She twitched with pleasure and pain as he continued to lick her delicate little nub.

Relaxing, he leaned back into his chair, sweet smile back on his face. “Satisfied?” he asked confidently.

“Not even close,” she growled back. She put her feet on either side of his legs and slid down off the desk onto his awaiting lap. Reaching between her legs, she un-did he pants as she cleaned her juices from his beard. She pulled out his erection, holding his girth firmly in her hand. With her other hand, she pulled her panties aside allowing her to rub the tip into her moisture, coating the head of his penis in her juices. A moan rumbled in her throat as she slid herself down onto the shaft, feeling every single inch open her up more and more. His thick dick filled her tiny pussy as she sat down onto it. Sighing, she looked him in the eyes again before meeting lips and kissing for the first time. His full lips felt amazing on hers; she pulled herself up and sat back down on his thickness. She slowly started grinding her hips onto him and he raised his to meet her. They moaned into each other’s mouths. His hands wound up in her hair, fingers intertwining with her locs. Her hands found their way to his sides as she used his hips for balance.

Their matched tempo was getting faster and faster, their moans more desperate and pained. She arched her back when his mouth met one of her breast. His expert tongue easily dancing on first the right, and then the left nipple, making them rise to meet his intrusion. She cried out, panting her orgasm, desperately grinding her pelvis against his.

That was all it took for him. He wrapped his arm around her waist and tightly squeezed her body closer to his. His other hand held the back of her neck; her body pinned to his as his orgasm took hold of him and he pounded into her again and again. He growled into her ear as his body shook with the sensation, his penis erupting into her, their combined fluids leaking back onto his lap.

Completely exhausted they both lay there in each other’s arms recovering for a few moments. Finally she whispered, Now.. Now I’m satisfied,” as she stood up and started dressing. He fixed his clothes as well, remembering he was still on the clock. She checked her hair and makeup in her compact mirror. Returning it to her purse, she picked up her coat and turned to him kissing his cheek, “Thanks, that was great.” She opened the office door and as she walked out she heard “Anything for a loyal customer, miss.”

Today, was definitely the best it had been. She looked forward to doing this again next week…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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