The Manor Pt. 04: Roxi

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Roxi, twenty years old and Latin. Quite short with a good figure. Medium size breasts long black hair. Roxi like the other girls has a bad attitude, and what with her Latin hot streak is quite demanding.

Tutorial was finished for the day. I remained in the classroom to write my monthly reports on the girls, Miss Fernandez needed them by the end of the week, I chose to stay in class as going back to my rooms had many a distraction.

The door opened and in walked Roxi, I had made a point of checking her out during class, over the knee black socks, blue check skirt and grey pullover with blue shirt, her hair was loose and her slightly tanned tone made her a very hot piece of Latin. I looked up at her from my work.

“Hello Roxi how are you?” I asked.

“I am ok sir, I was wandering about I am bored as hell.” She replied.

“I see Roxi why are you so bored? there are plenty of things to do around here, why not go to the gym or have a sauna you know something like that?” I replied.

“I am always in the gym, sir can’t you see I am in great shape?”

“Well yes Roxi yes I have noticed.” I replied.

I need to get out of here, get away for the evening.” She replied sitting herself on the edge of the desk opposite me.

“Well why don’t you go out then? I mean your free to go where you like, it’s a big world out there Roxi go out and find it.”

“What on my own? I really would have no idea where to start sir.”

“Oh so why not go with some of the girls, I mean you all seem to stay here day in day out, well that is apart from a few.”

“They all bore me sir, it is bad enough spending all day with them, the last thing I want to do is go out and spend the evening with them.”

“Fair enough Roxi, now you have told me that I can now see why you don’t really mix with them in class time.” I replied.

A sudden thought then entered my head, take her for a drive and go and get a pizza or burger.

“Tell you what Roxi why don’t we go and get some food somewhere, I have my car let’s get out of here for a bit, I could do with a break myself.”

“Yea why not sir that sounds great, let me go and change and I will meet you outside.” She replied smiling.

“No Roxi you look lovely just the way you are no need to change.” I replied. I wanted her in her uniform just in case things went further.

“Oh ok shall we go now then?” She asked.

“Yes sure lead the way.” I replied.

We got into my car and off we went, I had no idea where to go, so I asked Roxi if she had a favourite place to go. She suggested a plain and simple burger bar so we headed for that. As long as she was happy.

We arrived and chose a table out of the way. Roxi picked her meal and I chose the same. There was a brief silence until Roxi broke it.

“So how are you finding it at the Manor?” She asked.

“Well Roxi to be honest it was not what i was expecting, I mean it has had its moments but yes it is enjoyable.” I replied.

“Yes so I have been hearing, you really need to be careful in what you get up to you know.”

“Really Roxi? why do you say that?” I replied.

“Oh come on Sir you know what I am talking about.”

“Well yes, there is no point me making out I don’t know what your talking about.” I replied feeling slightly embarrassed.

“exactly, some girls in that place can cause you a lot of trouble. One male tutor went to court because one of the girls reported him all because he would not sleep with her. He got in a lot of trouble.”

“Oh I see it wasn’t one of the girls we know was it?”

I felt my nerves surface thinking to myself shit what have I done? But Roxi eased my worries by saying the girl in question had moved on. But she then went on to warn me about Miss Fernandez. There was that name again Fernandez, Roxi not being the first to mention it, but none of the other girls would not go much further than the name. I decided to work on Roxi to try and find out some more about her things had been mentioned but it was all quite tame.

Our food arrived, Roxi opened up her burger and smothered it in ketchup and pepper. She took a mouthful as though she had not eaten for days.

“How is it Roxi all ok?” I asked.

“Mmmm yes epic sir.” she replied with a full mouth.

“Good, now Roxi can I ask you about the Manor, I have heard some rumours about the place but what is going on there, could you tell me?”

She looked up at me as she took another mouthful of her burger.

“Like what sir? what have you been told?” She mumbled.

“Well why don’t you tell me about the other wing, I have heard Miss Fernandez is running some sort of brothel there is that right?”

She swallowed her mouthful of burger, took a drink and composed herself. I was beginning to feel a shy nature to Roxi which is not what I had been led to believe.

“Well yes sir that is true, but the girls there go out, no one comes to the house. It is all done from outside. Fernandez pleases herself with your group, she has her way till she is fed up with whoever then moves on to the next.”

“Oh canlı bahis I see Roxi, and what about the head mistress, she must know what is going on.” I replied.

I have to say this talk was beginning to arouse me, but for some strange reason and I had no idea what but my original plan to have Roxi had gone right out of my head, the attitude she was giving me was the total opposite of “fuck me.” She indeed was a very strange girl.

“What her? have you met her yet? its a wonder she has not had your trousers off yet sir.” She said laughing.

“That bad? well it is a good job i have not met her yet. I have not seen her, I don’t even know where her office is in the building.” I replied.

“So who was it who hired you then?” Roxi replied.

“Well Miss Fernandez, she interviewed me.”

“Oh well don’t worry sir you will be called to the head’s office at some point.” Roxi informed me with a some what cautious tone.

“So I may look forward to that. So what else can you tell me about the place?”

“Why do you want to know so much sir? are you making notes? I mean come on you have not exactly been a good boy have you?”

“True Roxi but no I am not making notes, I mean it seems to me that you all are up for anything. You all are a bit of a handful, and believe me or not it is you girls that have come onto me.”

“Oh really sir, is that what you think? It sure is not what I have heard, I heard that you came onto Stella, then Natalie.” She replied smiling.

Shit I thought to myself that is so untrue, was Roxi playing with me? I needed to get off the subject and fast.

“So err Roxi tell me about yourself, you know why your at the Manor, your plans for the future you know, I have read your report but tell me yourself.”

“Why would you be interested in me? I mean you have read it all, there is not much to tell.” She replied.

“Well I want to know from you Roxi I mean lets face it anything could be said about anyone in that place.” I replied.

“Well that is true I guess, so Why am i here? that is quite simple I lost my place at uni two years ago, lets just say I was not a good girl, i caused trouble, and could not leave the boys alone, my parents did not know what to do, until one day mum came home and caught me in bed with my boyfriend, well she flipped, you can only imagine how she kicked off, you know being as she is a Catholic Spanish woman. So after she beat shit out of me they threw me in the Manor, thinking the place could sort me out.”

“I see Roxi, that is a very different description of what happened on your report.”

“Oh is it? well that is the truth you believe it or not I don’t really care.”

“I believe you, do your parents keep in touch with you? do they help financially?”

“Ha you must be kidding I don’t hear from them, I get no money, I don’t even get a birthday card. It is like I don’t exist to them, mind you they must like me a bit to keep the money coming in to keep me in that place.” She sighed.

“I guess so Roxi. So what are your plans? have you got any ideas what you would like to do in the future?”

“Nothing really, I will probably end up in the other building at the Manor, you know the one, the one with the hoes in it.”

“What? I don’t understand, you mean to tell me you girls could end up in that place?”

“Well yes all the girls in that section started where your working, if they got no plans or job to go to after three years they offer you it all Fernandez is very persuasive.”

Roxi had told me more than I imagined, any thought of taking her back to my place had vanished, she really seemed too fragile to make a pass at.

We finished eating, I paid the bill and we left. While driving back to the Manor Roxi continued to tell me more about the place, this head mistress seemed to be more like a madame of the house than a head teacher, Miss Fernandez just as bad, Roxi told me again that they both have my girls, it was as though they both were breaking them in, I know sexually my girls know what they were doing but these two heads were like vampires feeding off them.

We finally arrived back it was quite late and Roxi had fallen asleep her head on my shoulder. I woke her gently and she rubbed her eyes and asked me not to tell anyone what she had said. I promised her I would not repeat anything to anyone. We got out of the car and walked into the building. While walking towards the entrance though I had this feeling we were being watched, no idea by whom but there were loose eyes watching from somewhere.

“Thanks for a great night sir I really enjoyed it.” Roxi kissed my cheek and went full throttle up the stairs and walked along the landing looking down at me quickly then she was gone. I stood for a couple of seconds to work out if she wanted me to follow her to her room, Roxi just did not seem to be like the other girls, I let it go and went to my rooms.

Class the following day was interesting, we had a new member, her name Katie, she looked interesting huge breasts, long black hair, medium build and bahis siteleri quite tall, she did not take long to settle in, but my attention, now this is complicated, my attention was drifting to Tina, not Roxi but a girl called Tina. She was polish but had good English she was very short and slim, I had not really paid her much attention to her before.

So while class continued I went over to Tina and whispered to her that I wanted to speak to her after class. As i looked around Roxi I noticed was just staring at me she had a controlled look of “what the fuck are you doing?” I looked back at her and she quickly looked away shaking her head in disapproval.

Class ended and the girls left, Tina remained in her chair as the others left, Roxi again gave me another look as she walked out. I didn’t know if she was annoyed that I didn’t follow her upstairs last night or she was jealous of my attentions towards Tina. I walked round the desks collecting some papers that the girls were working on, Tina got up and walked to my desk and sat herself on it. She had a red sweater on along with her red tartan skirt and black stockings.

“So sir what is it that you want?” She asked.

I sat in one of the front row chairs and looked at her. Her dark long hair in ponytails, her lips covered in red lipstick, her red painted nails were very sexy.

“Tina I just want to see how you are doing, we have not really chatted much and you seem to be very quiet is everything ok?”

“I am fine sir, I don’t say as much as the others I don’t think I fit in.” She replied.

“Oh and why do you think that?” I replied.

“Well you know it is not very easy for me to mix with them, I mean they have lots to talk about and I think I do not have many adventures to tell.”

“Why should that stop you mixing with them?” I asked.

“Oh please do not take me wrong but I do talk with them but when we are all together I just can’t, you see they all seem very immature for their ages.” Tina replied.

“Well that is a good point Tina but we all are different aren’t we?” I replied.

“Well yes sir I know that, but also I have been offered a job here in the Manor, Miss Fernandez has given me a admin job, so now I feel even more distanced from the group.”

“Congratulations on your job offer Tina I am pleased for you, that is really good.”

“Thank you sir that is very nice of you, but I will miss you.”

“Miss me? why would you miss me Tina?” I asked.

“Well I like your teaching, I like your sense of humour, I like the way you look, you make my day sir.”

“Well thank you Tina but you will see me I mean we are still in the same building aren’t we?”

With that the classroom door opened and in walked Roxi.

“Sorry sir I need a word with you.”

“Ok Roxi can you give me a minute please.” I replied.

Tina got off the desk and excused herself I stood up and walked towards her, she was like a magnet, I wanted her and Roxi had spoilt my plans, so I said to Tina we would continue our meeting tomorrow and she smiled and agreed. While waking out she passed Roxi and whispered something to her, Roxi giggled so it could not have been too bad a thing that had been said.

I sat back in one of the chairs and Roxi stood by the front of the desk, I looked at her up and down yet again admiring her stockinged legs skirt then up to her chest hidden by her shirt and grey pullover.

“So Roxi what can I do for you?” I asked.

“What can you do? more like what didn’t you do?”

“What I didn’t do? I do not understand Roxi.”

“Last night sir why did you not follow me to my room?”

“Follow you? why would I have followed you?” I replied.

“Oh come on sir your not a fool I waited for you to knock on my door, but you never did.”

She had a look on her face, totally different from last night. I began to regret mis reading her ways she obviously wanted me last night.

“Why would I have done that Roxi? I mean if you wanted something from me your signals were not telling me that.”

“Really? someone like you wants signals? I really don’t think someone like you would need signals, by what I have heard you did not get any before.” She explained.

The famous girls corner had me again, these girls really know how to get me in it with no where to run apart from towards them. And lets face it as weak as I am for them the way the last three had come onto me that was beyond signals.

“I do not understand what you mean Roxi.” Was all I could say.

“So anyway sir forget all that, I am here to finish our evening. I want you to fuck me here and now.” She replied.

“Excuse me? could you repeat that.” No idea why I said that.

“I do not have to repeat myself sir you heard me so come here and let me show you.” She replied resting herself on the desk, one leg to the floor the other resting on the desk.

I sat and looked at her, the tanned skin, the skirt resting on her thigh, the stocking top. Roxi twisting her long black hair around her fingers, her pouting lips, I had no fight, I got bahis şirketleri up out of the chair and walked the short distance to her.

“That’s much better sir.” Her response as she grabbed my sweater and pulled me closer, her lips came close to mine delaying the meeting for a few seconds teasing me. My hand went to her left tit and I fondled it happily through her pullover.

“Mmmm that feels nice sir.” She whispered as our lips finally met. She kissed me slowly as her right arm wrapped it around the back of my neck. My hand worked down her front and found the bottom of the pullover, I pushed it up and over her breast. She assisted me by pulling the other side up.

We carried on kissing as I began to un do the buttons of her shirt from the top down. I felt Roxi’s leg wrap around my waist pushing me closer. I found her bra and pulled it off her right breast. I went down and took her nipple sucking it till erect. Impatiently she pushed down the other side her tits now fully exposed, I pushed them together and went from one to the other licking her nipples.

“Come on sir I want you in me” She whispered, pulling me back up and kissing me again. She began to fumble with my belt, once un done she un zipped me and pushed down my trousers and boxers. My tongue slid into her mouth as she found my cock and began to stroke it up and down slowly as we kissed.

“Mmmm oh fuck sir mmmm mmmm oh fuck yes. I want you to fuck me from behind mmmm.”

We stopped kissing and she slid off the desk and turned around. I looked at her skirt, took hold of it and pushed it up revealing her tight arse. I wanted her to want me more so I went down and kissed the cheeks of her arse, and worked my hand between her legs and found her pussy.

“Awww fuck finger me sir oh fuck finger me!”

I only fingered her for a couple of minutes I just wanted to fuck her from behind, Roxi was wet and ready, I stood up and ran my cock down the crack of her arse, she pushed outwards ready to take me, I slid myself into her slowly she felt so good, she was tight.

“Awww fucking hell sir oh fuck yes!” She yelled.

“You like that Roxi? you like that?” I whispered as I pumped into her and pulled back slowly and re entered her slowly letting her feel every inch.

“Yes oh fuck yes hmmm nice and slow hmmm yes.”

She raised herself pushing down onto my cock, her hands grabbing the edge of the desk. She turned her head and looked at me, her pouting lips and the sound of her moans drove me mad, I put my hands under her legs and lifted her, her heels resting on the desk she leant back onto my chest and I supported her as I pumped up into her. We kissed as I fucked her she took her tits in her hands and rubbed them in time to her fuck. As great as this was we could not keep this going for long Roxi came off me and climbed on the desk kneeling facing me she pulled open her shirt and cupped her tits, I walked to her.

“I haven’t tasted you yet have I?” With that I offered myself to her, leaning forwards her hands supporting her on the desk she took me, her sexy lips teasing the tip of my cock, then she took more then more, I grabbed her shoulders encouraging her more, I began to pump her mouth slowly, she wanted it quicker and began to increase her speed.

“Fuck Roxi I want to cum fuck yes!” I thought she would stop but she didn’t she wanted it in her mouth I carried on slowly my cock now beginning to throb, the rush began to increase, I could not hold it in she wanted it in her mouth she was going to get it.

“I’m cumin fuck yes aww shit yes fuck yes!”

I came into her mouth she moaned in delight as she accepted it happily, I carried on slowly fucking her as she licked and played with me.

“Oh fuck sir thats the first time I have had a load in my mouth, hmmm but you have forgotten something.”

“Hmm and what would that be?” I replied as I rubbed my hood against her lips.”

“You haven’t finished me off yet! so you need to return the favour!” She explained as she rose and laid back on the desk, lifting her skirt and offering her pussy.

“Oh fuck yes hmmm oh your tongue feels good.”

I ran my tongue up and down on her, sliding in slightly, She tasted good, I found her clit and teased her making her plead for more. I got up and leant forwards towards her mouth and we kissed, her kiss becoming more intense as I rubbed her pussy, her sexy moans mixing with our kiss as my finger entered her. I went down onto her tits kissing and sucking as my finger quickened.

“Awww yes fuck that’s so good oh fuck me harder oh yes!”

“You like that Roxi? you want it harder?” I replied as I returned to her lips, she grabbed my head and pulled me to her mouth again our tongues working each other.

“I’m gonna cum fuck yes let me cum in your mouth!”

I went back down on her my tongue entering her then returning to her clit, she hooked her legs over each shoulder pushing me hard on her pussy, and she began to orgasm.

“Yes oh fuck yes do me harder yes I’m cumin oh fuck oh fuck so good yes yes awww fuck yes!” She yelled as I felt her release onto my tongue and lips. I stood up between her legs and leant over on top of her and kissed her with my cum covered mouth, she grabbed the back of my head and pushed me hard onto her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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