The Family Reunion Ch. 00-02

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Nicholas and Brenda arrived a little before two, with their children in tow. Neither of the younger ones seemed very happy about being dragged to a reunion. “I don’t see why we had to come.” Nathan complained as he helped his father bring in the bags. “I mean we’re not kids anymore.”

As Jessie looked at her cousin Nathan, she definitely agreed that he was no kid. Standing at nearly 6′ and maybe 160lbs if he was lucky, he had his father’s dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She couldn’t tell how big his cock was in his tight jeans but from the bulge she saw there, she figured he was pretty well hung.

“It’s a family reunion Nathan. That means the whole family.” Nicholas told his son as they met up again in the living room.

“But Marty is gonna miss me.” Elizabeth whined as she lowered her slender body down to the couch and crossed her arms across her chest.

“More like Marty is going to miss your pussy.” Brenda replied to her daughter’s tantrum as she hugged Crystal. Of all the cousins, Nathan and Elizabeth were actually the oldest. Nathan at 23 and Elizabeth at 21, they lived on their own and weren’t thrilled with being dragged along on this trip.

Elizabeth stuck her tongue out at her mother, and then continued to pout. While Jessie had been checking out Nathan’s body, Timothy moved his eyes over Elizabeth’s. He had to admit that she had become a very beautiful young woman in the couple of years since he had seen her. She had the natural hourglass figure. Her long strawberry blonde hair was pulled back from her face in a ponytail. Her full lips were formed in a pout while her sapphire eyes sparkled with unhappiness.

Jessie caught her brother’s eye and smiled. As soon as Jessie and their father returned home earlier, the twins had gotten together and compared notes. Timothy admitted that he had fucked their mother while Jessie told of the ride their dad had given them. Now they had two very nice looking cousins and the twins decided to take advantage of the fact that the house wasn’t completely full of people yet.

“Why don’t we go down to the pond?” Jessie suggested looking at her cousins with a smile. “It is a beautiful day and we can go in the water, it is always warm.”

Nathan immediately agreed but Elizabeth just continued to sulk. “I didn’t bring my bathing suit.”

Timothy grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet. “That’s okay. We skinny dip anyway.” He pulled her from the house yelling over his shoulder to their parents where they were going and that they would be back soon.

When they reached the pond, Nathan and Jessie stripped quickly and dived into the warm water. Timothy quickly followed but stopped on his way into the water when he saw that Elizabeth was still dressed. “I’m not showing you guys my naked body.” She said sternly as she turned to head back to the house.

Timothy ignoring the fact that he was naked grabbed her by the arm and dragged her struggling body away from the pond and into the woods. “Let go of me Timothy.” She screamed as he pulled her along.

Timothy didn’t release her until they were deep in the woods. He knew she wouldn’t be able to find her way back without his help. Finally releasing her hand, he turned to look at her. “Look, I don’t care if you don’t want to be here. If you are that fucking horny I will be more then happy to fuck you, so quit whining.” Timothy said determinedly.

Elizabeth looked at her cousin in shock. “You want to fuck me?” Her eyes traveled down his naked body to his hard cock resting against his stomach. “Oh my.”

Elizabeth stood there frozen as Timothy moved towards her. When he was within arms reach, he grasped the bottom of her tank top and pulled it over her head before she could react. “Timothy…” She squealed covering her bare breasts.

Timothy pulled her hands away to look at her body. “You are beautiful Elizabeth.” He said softly as he lowered his mouth to take one of her 36B tits in his hungry mouth.

Elizabeth tried to pull away but he just wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly against him. “Timothy, you’re my cousin.” She protested as she felt his tongue move over her nipple. “We can’t do this.”

Timothy nipped at her nipple then lifted his head. “Get off it Elizabeth, Jessie and I have been fucking ever since we turned 18 last year.” He grabbed her hand again, pulling her deeper into the forest.

She didn’t try to get away, but she was slow to follow him. She couldn’t grasp the fact that he had been fucking his sister for a year. She gasped when he suddenly pushed her down on the soft grass.

She moved to get back up but he tackled her with his own etimesgut escort body pinning her against the ground. “Timothy, get off of me.” She cried squirming under him.

Timothy held her down with his body as he reached between them and undid her shorts. “Timothy, no…” she squealed when she felt her shorts and panties moving down over her hips. “We can’t do this.”

Timothy moved off of her long enough to pull her clothes from her body then tackled her again when she tried to rise. He forced her legs apart until he was resting between them. “Look, you are the one who was bitching because your boyfriend isn’t here. Well I’m going to take his place. So you can either keep struggling or you can lay there and enjoy it because either way, I am going to fuck you.” He proved this to her by pushing partly into her body.

Elizabeth was struggling against him but when she felt him start to penetrate her, her eyes widened and she couldn’t hold back the moan. “Oh fuck…You’re bigger then Marty.”

Timothy chuckled. “Okay.” He pushed a bit more inside her, making her cry out then suddenly he left her body.

“No…” she cried suddenly wanting him back.

Timothy laughed as he rubbed her face with his hand. “Relax cuz, I’m not going anywhere.” He kissed her softly on the lips, then lowered his mouth to her neck and finally down to her chest again. This time when he took her nipple into his mouth, she pressed her body against him instead of trying to get away. “Oh Timothy…that feels so good.” She murmured when she felt his tongue move lovingly over her flesh.

She felt Timothy move over beside her but she was so horny that she wasn’t interested in getting away anymore. When she felt his hand reaching between her legs, she spread them willingly. “Yes…Touch me.” She whimpered in need.

Timothy kept his mouth locked on her nipple; he wrapped his tongue around it, and then nibbled at it with his teeth. He heard Elizabeth’s intake of breath and it come out a loud moan. He sucked at her nipple until it was a hard little pebble, and then moved his mouth to the other one.

While his mouth loved her breasts, his hand was busy to. When she willingly spread her legs open to his probing hand, he let his fingers move over her. He spread her lower lips open then teased her clit with his finger tip. “On Timothy,” she cried lifting her hips against his hand. “Yes…”

Timothy flicked his finger over her clit a couple of times then moved his hand lower. He had already felt her heat around his cock and wanted the same experience with his hand. When he found her wet slit, he didn’t tease her; instead he let his finger drive slowly into her body making her whimper. “Timothy, oh god, Please.”

Timothy lifted his head from her breast to look into her desire glazed eyes. He let his finger slide deeper inside her making her cry out. “What do you want Elizabeth?” He asked huskily.

Elizabeth tried to focus on his face and not what his hand was doing between her legs. His finger was slowly sliding in and out of her body. “I want you to finger me Timothy.” She panted as she lifted her hips against his probing hand. “I want you to make me cum with your hand, then with your mouth and finally with your cock. Please.”

Timothy knew from the look of pure lust on her face that she needed him. He had won. “Your wish is my command.” He moved his mouth back to her breast, nuzzling it, while he slid another 2 fingers into her little hole. When Elizabeth felt the other fingers slide into her, she cried out and started humping madly against him. “Make me cum Timothy…Make me cum baby.” She begged as her hips met his thrusting fingers.

Timothy kept his mouth locked on her breast while his hand drove deep inside her. He could hear her juices squirting against his thrusting fingers. “Damn she’s a hot one.” He thought to himself as he looked down at where their bodies were connected. His hand was slamming hard into her body and she was lifting her hips, driving her pussy against him every time he slammed into her. “Oh fuck…So close…Need to cum.” She cried humping hard against him. “Please, make me cum”

Timothy lifted his eyes to hers; they were closed as her breath came out in pants. He couldn’t stand to see her suffer, so while he kept his fingers buried deep inside her, he let his tongue brush over her clit lightly. It was enough and Elizabeth suddenly screamed in the quiet forest as her body shook with release.

Timothy kept his fingers driving in and out of her body as she came. He had no intention of letting her body cool down completely before he had a chance to etimesgut escort bayan bury his cock completely inside her. “Timothy, oh it’s rising again.” She moaned as she humped at his thrusting fingers again. “Make me cum again.”

She pushed against his body until he was lying on his side, with his face above her hot snatch. “Suck my cock while I eat you Elizabeth.” He ordered lifting his body over hers until his cock was resting above her mouth.

Elizabeth was still so hot that she would have done anything he asked if he just made her cum again. When she felt his cock pressing against her mouth, she opened it letting him slide inside. “Oh yea…” he moaned feeling her mouth engulf his length. He waited until he felt her tongue move over him before he lowered his mouth to her waiting pussy. He kept his fingers buried inside her and worked at her clit with his tongue. Elizabeth whined around his mouth as she humped against him. Whenever she stopped sucking on him, he pulled his mouth from her body until she started again.

Elizabeth’s body was on fire, the cock in her mouth tasted better then her boyfriend Marty’s and her pussy was being eaten so nicely. She felt her orgasm rising slowly as Timothy loved her with his mouth. She didn’t want him to cum in her mouth, she wanted him to fuck her, and so she sucked him just hard enough to keep him on the edge but not tip over. Timothy was moaning like crazy against her snatch as his hands worked their magic in her slit. When she felt his tongue slide into her, she screamed letting his cock slide down into her throat. She couldn’t pull back in time to keep from him cumming in her mouth and she felt his cum slide down her throat even as her own orgasm washed over her.

She screamed against his cock, almost gagging as her body convulsed in release once more. When Timothy pulled his still hard cock out of her mouth, she took a deep breath. Finally she looked at him through desire filled eyes. “Fuck me Timothy.” She said softly spreading her legs wide open.

Timothy’s mouth was covered in her juices. At her words, he moved over her quickly then positioned his cock back at the entrance to her body. “I have wanted this for so long.” He said softly as he let himself fill her with his heat.

“Oh Timothy, you feel so good inside me.” She purred as she felt him fill her more then any man had done before. “Fuck me…Make me cum on your hard cock.” She lifted her hips towards him as he slowly left her body.

Timothy pulled out until just his head was inside her then slowly pushed into her once more. He kept his strokes slow and long making them both want more. Finally after a few minutes, Elizabeth wrapped her legs tightly around his waist while she pulled his mouth to hers. “Fuck me…Make me cum.” She growled as she slammed her body hard up against him.

Timothy didn’t need anymore encouragement. He gripped her legs, throwing them up over his shoulders as he pounded her pussy with his hard, fast strokes. “Yes…Fuck me…” She screamed as he impaled her body. “Fuck me Timothy; show me how good you are at this.” She lifted her hips the best she could with her legs around his shoulders.

“Oh fuck…You feel so good,” He panted as he slammed hard into her. His balls were slapping against her ass every time he thrust into her. “Cum Elizabeth, cum for me baby.” He begged. He could feel his cum boiling in his balls and knew it wouldn’t be long before he was filling her with more then just his cock.

“Oh…Agh…Ugh…” She panted as he rode her. “A little more, so close. Fuck me deeper Timothy, fuck me harder.”

Timothy pressed closer to her body as he fucked her even harder then before. “Yes…that’s it. I’m cummminnngggg…” She cried out.

Timothy felt her body convulse around him and with a loud growl, he emptied himself deep inside her.

While Timothy was dragging Elizabeth into the forest, Jessie was getting ready to seduce Nathan. From the look in his eyes every time he looked at her, she didn’t think he was going to need much seducing. She watched her brother pull Elizabeth from sight, and then swam up to Nathan, letting her naked breast brush against his arm. “You like my body Nathan?” She asked as she swam away when he went to touch her.

“Please don’t tell me you are a tease.” He cried swimming after her until he had her body locked in his arms. “I have hungered for your body ever since we got here.”

Jessie was surprised but delighted at this twist of events. She wrapped her legs under the water around his waist as she lifted her arms around his neck. “I’m all yours.” She said with escort etimesgut a smile before she kissed him right on the lips.

Nathan pulled her body tightly against his own as he kissed her back. When she opened her mouth to his probing tongue, he swept inside.

Jessie moaned against him as he lifted her body until she was brushing her pussy over his hard cock. “Nathan…I want it inside me.” She begged pulling her lips from his.

Nathan smiled at her, “all in good time dear cousin, all in good time.”

She didn’t protest as he carried her from the water or when he laid her down on the warm bank. She watched him through half closed eyes as his eyes moved over her body. “You are beautiful Jessie.” He breathed cupping one of her breasts in his hand.

“Oh Nathan,” she cried lifting her chest against his hand. When he squeezed her breast lightly she moaned.

Nathan smiled as he let his finger flick over her nipple. When she whimpered, his smile grew. “Like that do you?” He flicked his finger over her nipple again.

“Oh yes…I love having my breasts played with.”

Nathan continued to smile as he lowered his face. “Then you will love this.”

When his mouth suddenly covered her nipple, Jessie cried out. “Nathan, oh yes…” She lifted her chest tightly against him as her arm surrounded his head, holding him against her chest.

Nathan moaned against her skin as he let his tongue move over her. His hand moved down over her stomach and when she parted her legs, slipped even lower. He let his hand brush lightly over her clit before he went after his main goal. When he found her slit, pulsing and soaked he knew that he had to have her.

He pulled his head from her breast and lowered his upper body down until he was lying over her pussy. “Yes Nathan, eat me baby.” She panted spreading her legs wide for him.

Nathan looked over his shoulder at her for a minute, and then dived between her spread legs. His tongue was everywhere; he flicked it over her clit, rammed it inside her a few times then attacked her clit again. Jessie was mewling with pleasure as her hips rose against him. “Yes…Make me cum.” She begged running her fingers through his hair.

Nathan planned to do just that. He lowered his head further down until he was able to bury his tongue deep inside her. He tonguefucked her a couple of times then lifted his hand to her throbbing clit. “Oh Nathan, I’m so close.” She cried humping hard against his sucking mouth.

Nathan brushed his finger over her clit while he slammed his tongue deep into her body. When he felt her tighten around her, his cock jumped. “I’m cummmminnnnngggg…” She screamed suddenly.

Nathan drank up her juices, and then turned quickly until he was laying completely over her. “Wrap your legs around my waist.” He demanded huskily as he guided his hard cock against her entrance.

Jessie did as he asked and squealed when he suddenly thrust violently into her body. “Nathan, fuck me.” She screamed lifting her body tightly against his as he slammed hard into her repeatedly.

“Oh you feel so good.” He moaned running his mouth over her breast while he pounded her body with his hard cock. “You feel so good Jessie.”

“I love having you inside me.” She whimpered as he drove her pussy crazy. Her pussy was on fire and she knew that he was the only one who could put it out. “Make me cum Nathan.” She begged as she thrust hard against him. “Fuck me hard and make me cum.”

“I’m going to make you cum so hard baby.” He growled thrusting even harder into her. “I*’m gonna make you cum so hard around my hard cock.” His butt cheeks tightened as he slammed his body hard against hers, pushing her against the rock beneath her. “Cum for me Jessie, cum all over my thrusting cock.”

He slammed harder and deeper into her body until Jessie was sure he was going to cum out of her mouth. “Fuck mmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee….” She screamed as her body once again shook with release.

Nathan felt her tighten around him and had to bite his lip to keep from cumming with her. “Oh yea…So good.” He groaned when her body started to relax. He pulled out of her suddenly and pulled her over onto her hands and knees. “Now like this.”

Jessie looked at him over her shoulder as he slid smoothly back into her depths. He penetrated her further this time then before and she cried out in pleasure as he rode her hard. “Fuck me Nathan…Oh fuck me.” He body slammed hard back against his. She could hear their bodies slapping together. “Feels so god damn good. I’m gonna cum again.”

She dug her fingers into the rock even as her body rocked against his own.

“Cum again baby. Cum for me.” He panted feeling his control slipping. “Cum now Jessie. Oh god, cum for me.”

He fucked her harder as his hand grabbed at her clit. When he felt her convulse around him once more, he let out a loud animal roar as he filled her with his seed.


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