The Family Camping Trip Ch. 03

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Later that night they were all sitting around the campfire eating smores and talking. Callie was sitting back against Jacob’s chest and was talking to Nick and Trevor about school when she yawned. “Sorry, early morning.” She said looking at them.

Nick patted her on the leg and smiled. “Why don’t you call it a night sweetheart, you look like your about to fall asleep there against your brother.”

Jacob hugged her to him and leaned down to whisper in her ear. “Go to bed sis, I’ll wake you up when I come to bed.”

Callie snuggled against him and yawned again. “But it’s too early.” She protested weakly.

Jacob moved out from behind her and grabbing her hand pulled her to her feet. “To bed.” He said swatting her on the ass.

Callie smiled and wiggled her ass. “Fine.” She walked over and kissed each of her parents then climbed into the tent.

She didn’t realize there were a pair of dark blue eyes following her as she climbed into the tent. Frank licked his lips and took a drink of his soda. He looked over at Jacob who had sat back down and was continuing his conversation with Nick and Trevor.

Frank waited a couple more minutes to give Callie time to get undressed and into bed then he leaned over and wrapped his arm around Joanne’s shoulders pulling her close. He acted like he was going to kiss her ear, but instead he whispered in it.

Joanne’s eyes widened and she looked at him. “Really?” She asked quietly so only he would hear her.

He nodded and whispered in her ear once more. Joanne licked her lips and looked over at her son, then patted Frank on the knee and smiled. “Okay, have fun.”

Frank kissed her quickly then finished his soda and stood up. He stretched and smiled as JoAnne stood up and walked over to Jacob. She whispered something in his ear and he smiled and stood up. JoAnne looked at her sister and brother and law. “Jacob is going to show me some of the sites.” She hooked her arm through Jacob’s and they headed out into the darkness.

Michelle looked at Frank, “going to bed?” She asked watching as he headed towards the tents.

He just looked over his shoulder at her and smiled. “Nope, going to check on Callie. Night everyone.”

Michelle opened her mouth to say something but Nick just reached out and grabbed her hand. Michelle looked at him and he just shook his head and smiled. Michelle looked at him in surprise as she put two and two together and she smiled. She looked over at Trevor and winked. He stood up and walked over to her and pulled her to her feet, kissing her softly. Michelle wrapped her arms around her son and led him to her tent. Nick watched them go, then looked at Jessica. She giggled and stood up walking over to him. “Looks like it’s just you and me daddy.” She said climbing onto his lap.

Nick pulled her close and captured her lips with his as he ran his hands down over her body. Jessica moaned and pressed against him as she returned the kiss hungrily.

Frank stood outside Callie’s tent and looked at Nick and Jessica in surprise. When he reached inside her shirt and cupped her breast, Frank shook his head. “Why you sly dog.” He murmured as he unzipped Callie’s tent and slipped inside.

He let his eyes adjust to the darkness, and then looked around. Callie was lying on top of her sleeping bag fast asleep. Frank licked his lips as he realized she was naked. She had one leg pulled up and her hand resting just above her pussy. Frank smiled and quickly stripped out of his clothes. Then he moved over towards her, he lay down between her legs and pushed her legs gently apart. Callie moaned in her sleep and shifted so her legs fell open but she didn’t wake.

Frank watched her for a minute then looked at her pussy. It was sincan escort glistening with pussy juice, either she had fingered herself before she went to bed or she was having naughty dreams. He brought his hand forward and slipped his finger between her pussy lips. He flicked at her clit a couple of times and looked up at her face.

Callie moaned and lifted her hips then relaxed. Frank smiled and spread her pussy lips open. Her clit was peeking out of its hood and Frank leaned down and ran his tongue over it. Callie whimpered and lifted against him once more. Frank ran his tongue lovingly over her clit a few times while he slid two fingers inside her and slowly sawed them in and out.

Callie whimpered and slowly opened her eyes, she reached down and tangled her fingers in what she thought was her brothers hair. “Mmmmm, Jacob, that feels good.” She murmured rotating her hips.

Frank wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked at it while he moved his fingers a bit faster inside her. Callie cried out and ran her fingers through his hair. When the realized his hair was shorter then it should be, her eyes flew open and she looked down between her spread legs. Her eyes widened and she gasped as she saw her father with his mouth on her cunt. “D…Daddy?”

Frank lifted his head and smiled at her. “Hi honey.”

Callie just looked at him, he was still slowly sawing his finger inside her. “W…What are you doing?” She asked softly.

Frank chuckled and looked at her. “Isn’t it obvious sweetheart.” He lowered his head and flicked his tongue against her clit.

“Ugh,” Callie moaned and lifted against him. Her brain was foggy from sleep but she knew she wasn’t dreaming, her father was actually eating her out. “W…What about mom?” She asked as she rotated her hips.

Frank lifted his head again and looked at her with a smile. “She is probably getting fucked by your brother at the moment.”

Callie’s eyes widened again. “J…Jacob is fucking mom?” She asked in surprise.

Frank pulled his hand free and pushed himself up on his arms. He looked at his daughter with a soft smile. “I heard you and Jacob this morning.”

Callie blushed and lowered her eyes. “It…I…that is…” she stammered.

Frank just rubbed her leg. “Relax, I’m not mad.”

Callie looked at him in shock. “Y…you’re not?”

Frank chuckled. “No honey, I know I probably should be but…” He just tilted his head and looked at her. “Actually it turned me on something fierce. I ended up fucking your mother so hard she could barely move.”

Callie giggled and put her hands under her head. “So now you decided you want to taste what Jacob had?” She asked with a giggle.

He ran his hand up over her pussy. “Yeah, something like that. When I heard you fucking your brother I came to the decision that I was going to get in your sweet pussy and hell with the consequences.”

Callie felt her breath stick in her throat and looked at him. She licked her lips seductively and lowered her hands to her stomach. “Uncle Nick fucks Jessica.” She said in one breath.

Frank laughed and his eyes twinkled in the darkness. “Yeah, I discovered that. I was coming to visit you and saw Jessica climb into Nick’s lap and he start touching her.”

Callie just looked at him. He had actually watched Uncle Nick with Jessica, she was speechless.

Frank looked at her for a minute then smiled softly. “So are we going to debate this all night or are you going to relax and let me show you how good my mouth and dick feel?”

Callie giggled and wiggled her ass. “I want more of your hot mouth daddy.”

Frank’s eyes darkened with desire and he licked his lips. “I thought you might sweetheart.”

Callie sincan escort bayan reached down and ran her hand over his face. “Make me cum daddy,” She purred.

Frank smiled and kissed the inside of her thigh. “Oh I plan to do just that baby.” Then he lowered his head and proceeded to drive her crazy with his lips and tongue.

The things he did with his tongue were driving Callie to the breaking point. She was writhing around and crying out over and over. Frank slammed two fingers inside her and furiously worked them in and out as he attacked her clit with his lips and tongue. “D…daddy, oh fuck daddy, what are you doing to me?” She whimpered her hips rocking back and forth like they had a mind of their own.

Frank didn’t answer, instead he attacked her body with more gusto. Callie squealed and slammed her body hard against his face as she tangled her fingers in his hair and held him tight against her. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and she was sure she was going to break into a million pieces. She humped her pussy hard against his face and was rewarded with his tongue working almost lazily over her clit. “Fuck, ugh, oh god daddy, I’m cummmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg…” She screamed as she went flying over the edge.

Frank didn’t let up; instead he attacked her cunt even harder. Callie’s eyes widened and she squealed as she felt her orgasm rising once more. “Ugh, oh daddy, you’re going to make me cum again.” She cried humping hard against his face.

Frank slid a third finger inside her and worked it in and out with the other two while he devoured her clit with his tongue and lips. He tortured her with pleasure that had her mewling and whimpering like a bitch in heat. She felt her body heating up once more and screamed as she went flying over the edge once more.

Frank kept at her cunt until Callie had gotten off three times. Then she reluctantly pushed him away. “Daddy please, stop.” She panted pushing on his shoulders.

Frank pulled his face and hand away and chuckled. “I bet you didn’t push your brother away.” He said with a grin.

She looked at him through half closed eyes. “He didn’t make me cum as hard or as much as you did either daddy.” She said self-righteously.

Frank laughed and kissed the inside of her thigh softly. “Awe, is my little girl all cummed out?”

Callie glared at him and he laughed even harder. “Hey, I never heard your mother complain.”

Callie just shook her head and tried to control her breathing. When she was able to take a breath without it breaking into pieces before it left her mouth she looked at him. “Okay, you can drive a girl insane with your mouth.” Frank grinned. “Can you do the same thing with your cock?”

Frank grabbed her legs and lifted them until they were resting against her chest, then he lay down over her, pushing her legs tighter against her chest. “Hm…Let’s find out.” He grabbed his cock and rubbed it against her pussy. Callie sucked in her breath as pleasure coursed through her.

“Oh daddy,” she purred when he rubbed his cock against her clit.

Frank smiled. “Like that do you,” he said pushing his cock against her clit.

Callie smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Mmmm, oh yeah, that feels good.”

Frank rubbed his cock against her clit until she started wiggling around. “D…daddy, oooohhhhhh…” She purred closing her eyes as pleasure coursed through her.

Frank lowered his head and kissed her softly. “Do you want daddy to make you cum like this or fuck you?” He growled against her lips.

Callie opened her eyes and tightened her arms around him. “Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard and deep with that hot cock.”

Frank rubbed escort sincan his cock against her clit one more time then lined it up at her entrance and slowly pressed forward with his hips. Callie moaned as she felt him stretching her out. “Ugh, d…daddy, you are bigger then Jacob.” She purred feeling her pussy stretch to accommodate him.

Frank chuckled as he continued pushing into her. “That’s nine inches of pure steel baby girl.”

Callie giggled and wiggled around. “Feels like nine inches of hard flesh to me daddy.”

Frank just looked down at her and shook his head. “You decide to become a comedian now?”

Callie giggled again and pulled his lips to hers kissing him softly. “Fuck me daddy, fuck me with those nine inches of steel.”

Frank growled and captured her lips with his, kissing her hard as he started sliding in and out of her. He started out with slow, long strokes, but it wasn’t long before he was pounding her hard and deep. His body slapped against hers as he drilled into her hard and fast. Callie whimpered and wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him deeper inside her. “D…daddy, oh yes daddy fuck me.” She purred as he nuzzled her neck with his lips and tongue.

“God, you are so tight and hot.” He growled against her skin as he pounded her even harder.

“Ugh, oh daddy…” She sighed as she felt him bottom out in her with each in stroke. “You’re going to make me cum.” She could feel her orgasm rising hard and fast.

Frank bit at her neck with his teeth as he grabbed her ass and pulled her against him. “Oh yes baby, cum all over daddy’s hard cock. Show me how much you love getting fucked by daddy.” He pierced her harder and faster and Callie started panting as she rocked her body with him.

She grabbed his arms and clung to him as she lifted her hips pulling him hard inside her. She tipped her head back and cried out as she went flying over the edge. “Daddy, I’m cummmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg…” She squealed.

Frank growled a low moan as he felt her tighten around him. He dug his nails into her ass and pulled her roughly against him as he slammed harder and faster into her. “Oh fuck baby,” he growled piercing her repeatedly with his hard cock.

Callie cried out as she tightened her legs around. “Oh fuck daddy, make me cum again.”

He nuzzled at her neck and breast with his lips as he kept up the vigorous pounding into her body. Callie cried out repeatedly as he slammed hard into her. It wasn’t long before she was breathing heavy again and felt her orgasm stop right on the edge. “Ugh, fuck me daddy, make me cum.” She whimpered tightening her pussy around him.

Frank howled and slammed into her. “Oh fuck baby, I can’t hold it.” He bottomed out inside her and let go, his cum spilling inside her.

Callie screamed and raked her nails down over his back as she went flying over the edge once more. “Yes daddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…” She cried clinging to him.

Frank collapsed against her and softly kissed her lips. “So how was it sweetheart?”

Callie giggled and pressed her body up against him as she tightened her pussy around his softening cock. “It was wonderful daddy.”

Frank pulled out of her and rolled over onto his back, pulling her into his arms. “Think we can keep this up once we get home?” He asked kissing the top of her head.

Callie snuggled against his chest and kissed his nipple. “Sure, although you will have to fight with Jacob and Mark for it.”

Frank pulled her tighter against him and smiled. “I’m sure your brother won’t mind sharing with me, since he will probably be filling your mother’s hot pussy.”

Callie lifted her head and looked down at him. “What about Mark?”

Frank ran his hand lovingly down over her back and squeezed her ass. “I’m sure you can find time away from him to give me this hot body of yours.”

She giggled and snuggled closer to him. “Oh I’m sure I can daddy.”

She closed her eyes and within seconds was asleep resting on his chest.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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