The Boat Trip Ch. 01

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* Note to the reader: This is just the first chapter for these characters, so please be patient! 🙂 *

Banking had been good to David Meyer. Very good, in fact. His long standing friendly rivalry with my boyfriend, Steven Harris, didn’t hurt either. Friends since boyhood, the two were basically inseparable. Steve was the star quarterback in high school, and Dave was his go-to wide receiver. They each studied finance at competitive schools in same city, and eventually took jobs at rival banks. Their competitive natures drove each to rise up to successful positions in their companies. Steve maintained the best of his big frame and sandy blonde good looks. Dave was as long and lean as ever, with the same smooth, rich black complexion.

Dave had bought a boat which he docked in the Florida Keys, that quickly became his favorite toy. He and his new fiancee, Rachel, spent most of their vacations and long weekends in the sun and salt air, and had invited us down numerous times. This year was the first time we could actually take them up on their offer, as all the work schedules lined up. We would all head down on Thursday, the boys would spend the day prepping the boat, and Rachel and I would get to have a girl’s day out. Rachel and Dave were delighted to finally have us out on the water with them.

The trip crept ever closer, and timing couldn’t have been better. Stress at work, combined with dismal weather at home and a great forecast for our weekend would make the vacation even sweeter. The time came to get ourselves ready to go, so I hopped in the shower, shaved my legs and my pussy, threw on some panties and a t-shirt, and started to pack. As I sorted a couple of slinky bikinis, I felt Steve’s arms slide around my waist.

“Looking forward to having some girl time with Rachel?” he murmured as he nuzzled into me.

Rachel and I had become fast friends once we were introduced through Steven and Dave. We even had a bit of sexual tension between us. I’ve been openly bisexual since high school, and Rachel had some unexplored interest in girls. When the four of us would go out, Rachel and I would share a few sexually charged dances. A handful of times, we had made out on the dance floor or in the cab on the way home. And once, to the delight of our lecherous boyfriends, got topless in a hotel jacuzzi and did some kissing and groping. We both enjoyed it, and never felt weird about it after. Plus, we both benefitted from horny lovers once we made it back to our respective beds!

Steve had always told me that I had a free pass to play with girls, should the opportunity arise, and I loved to tease him with stories of what I’d like to do with Rachel, should our “girl time” get friskier than it had previously. She was exactly my type, 5’5″, beautiful wavy chestnut hair down to her shoulders, deep brown eyes, flawless porcelain skin, perfect handful breasts with cute pink nipples, and the fit body of a dancer. I pressed myself back into Steve and reached back and caressed his hair.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” I asked him playfully. He answered by spinning me around, holding my wrists firmly behind my back and kissing me hungrily.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I would like to know, missy,” he said, smirking. He pushed me back on the bed and kissed my neck, knowing just how much it turns me on.I knew exactly what he wanted to hear, and was more than happy to indulge him.

“Well we’ll be shopping for some sexy dresses or lingerie to impress you boys, so we’ll have been ogling some skin all afternoon. We’ll get home and want to relax, so maybe we’ll trade massages. I’ll slide her shirt up a bit, massage her lower back, then slowly slide her shirt up and off as I massage her shoulders.” As I was spinning out this fantasy, Steve was kissing my neck, cupping my braless breasts through my t-shirt, fingertips teasing my ribs and the sides of my breasts. As I teased Rachel’s shirt off in the fantasy, Steve toyed with the hem of shirt, dragging it up to expose my small tits, then quickly pulled it up over my head.

“She’ll be showing off those great legs in some little shorts, and I’ll start to massage the backs of calves, then start to rub her thighs.” Steve sucked each nipple in turn, and gave each a gentle bite, tracing patterns on my sides and stomach.

She’d give a little sigh and squirm, and I wouldn’t be able to resist. I’d plant some kisses behind her knees, then all up and down the backs of her legs.” He took my cues naturally, kissing his way up the inside of each of my thighs.

“I’d unhook her bra and she’d flip over, inviting me in. Kissing up her torso, I’d tease at the skin just at the waistband of her shorts with my tongue, then work up her to her belly button, and finally kiss and nip and her breasts.” Expertly replicating everything I described, Steve had me panting for more.

“Oh God yes Steve. Then I’d finally slide my hand into her panties make her scream.”

Steve stood up, and he slipped his hand into my damp panties, putting delicious pressure on my nub. With his free hand, he slipped out of his boxers, his thick manhood standing proud out of his naked frame. He grabbed me by the legs, güvenilir bahis yanked my panties down and off, and positioned himself between my legs. I spread my legs wide, fingers teasing my clit as he slid easily into my wetness.

“God Steven,” I moaned. “I need you babe. I need it hard tonight.” Steve didn’t need a second invitation, and settled into a hard, quick rhythm. He knelt at the edge of the bed, sitting up with my legs on his shoulders, fucking me hard. I arched my back, grinding my hips back up into his thrusts as I moaned and pinched my nipples. Our orgasms built quickly, I felt the tension rising in my loins as I squeezed and twisted my nipples harder, and I felt Steve swelling harder inside me. I wrapped my legs around Steve, moaning loudly as I pulled him further into me as I shook with an intense climax. He gave a few deep thrusts, groaned, and filled me with his cum. We lay there, sweaty and panting, for a few minutes, before I slid to my knees in front of him. I licked his soft, sticky cock a few times, and gently sucked him clean, savoring the mixture of his salty cum and my sweet muskiness. Once he was clean, I stood up, kissed him, and dragged him off to bed.

“This is going to be a fun vacation my love. We’ll need to rest up.”


Our trip to Florida was uneventful. We met Dave and Rachel and the airport with excited hugs and kisses all around. We didn’t have too much time for pleasantries, as we did have some work to do getting supplies and prepping the boat for the weekend. Dave drove us all to the boat so Steven and I could drop off our bags. When we pulled into the dock, my jaw dropped. It was easy to see why this boat was Dave’s favorite place to spend vacation time. Rae’s Song was a beautiful, sleek 50 footer, sedan cockpit with a luxurious rear deck, and an additional smaller deck for sunbathing towards the bow.

“Let me give you the dime tour, and then we’ll get to work!” Dave said happily. The boat had all the amenities we could need for a great weekend.

The aft deck was even nicer than it had looked from the dock. Plenty of lounges, ample room to sprawl out in the sun, a table for eating and playing games, even a well stocked wet bar! The top deck had the flybridge, a covered seating area and another lounger in the sun. The salon area was lavish, housing the helm, an additional dining area, and the galley. Dave made sure to point out the blender for margaritas, with a smirk a face. We had our own stateroom and head, next to the master suite Dave and Rachel were taking. Steve and I stowed our things in the storage area, and I gave him a quick peck before heading out to go shopping with Rachel.

Rachel and I got a full compliment of food, wine, and booze for the weekend.

“One more stop,” Rachel said, just when I thought we were headed back to the boat. “I want us to get something special to surprise the boys. I know a place where we can get some really sexy bathing suits for this weekend, and maybe even some nice dresses for dinner tonight.” I just smiled and shook my head, knowing she wouldn’t take no for an answer. We drove past the marina and into a ritzy shopping area, and Rachel parked in front of a quiet little boutique shop. She was so excited for this shopping trip she practically jumped out of the car and ran into the store, leaving me bemused and behind.

I opened the door to the shop and found Rachel happily shopping among the bikinis. She was like a kid in a candy store. Neither of us were shy about our bodies, and we each loved showing some skin during the summer or a on a night out, but the bathing suits here were risque, even by our standards. My surprise must have shown on my face as she held up a semi-sheer halter top. Rachel just smiled conspiratorially.

“It’s just us and the boys this weekend honey. We’ll both benefit from keeping them ogling us, if you catch my meaning. And plus, it’s not like there’s anybody on that boat who hasn’t seen my ta-tas,” she said, giggling. “So come on, pick out one or two suits, and let’s get dresses to wear tonight.”

As Rach happily flitted around the racks of bathing suits, I quickly realized she had a great point. Having three sets of eyes drinking in the sight of my exposed skin would get me worked up for Steve in our cabin, and he’d love having two good looking girls showing off for him and his friend. Hell, with how frisky Rachel was being, we would probably put on a show for the boys, and might even push our own boundaries. We shopped around the store, marveling at how small and sheer some things were. Both of us ended up two bikinis and a dress. I bought a lavender halter top that would hint at showing my nipples and almost certainly show them off once I got it wet, and a very skimpy pale blue bandeau top that wouldn’t do much to hide what little skin it covered. Rachel got a bright pink semi-sheer string top and, to my surprise, a black mesh bikini that would leave her pretty much naked. I could tell by her devilish grin when she picked it out that she was getting aroused just thinking about having all our eyes on her in it.

We türkçe bahis drove back to the dock, and hid away our new bathing suits without letting the boys see them. Dave was showing Steve a few more things about the boat, since we would have to help him out to keep everything running smoothly. Rachel and I put away all the food, then helped with the rest of the cleaning. As the sun started setting, Dave fired up the small grill he brought and started cooking our steaks. I got the salad ready, Rachel set the table, and Steven got the wine decanting. He and Dave went inside to get cleaned up and dressed. I heard Rachel pad over to me, and felt her arms grab me in a hug.

“I’m really glad you two were finally able to come out here with us, Davey and I have been dying to have you come with us,” she said and pecked me on the cheek. She giggled and wolf-whistled once Dave and Steve came out in polos and khakis, looking cleaned up from the days work. “C’mon, lets go get sexy for our men!” she exclaimed, dragging me below deck.

I laid my new dress out on the bed and stripped off to wash up. Hoping that Steve and I would have some fun in our room after, I slipped into one of his favorite thongs, and was putting on some lipstick when Rachel barged in holding her dress.

“Sarah, I need some makeup….OH! I’m sorry honey” she said, surprisingly sheepish once she noticed I was topless. I invited her in, not bothering to cover my breasts.

“I’m just finishing up getting ready, what do you need girl?”

She told me that she needed to borrow some of my eyeliner to go with her dress. I rummaged around in my bag for it, and handed it over, giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

“Thanks so much for having us out here Rach, Steve and I are so happy about your engagement, and we’re so excited we could come out and celebrate with you.” Rachel blushed and looked a little bashful, and just nodded and went to the mirror to get ready.

I slipped into my dress and smoothed it all out. The dress was Rachel’s recommendation, and she did a hell of a job picking it out. A thin, pale green cloth, slim fitting from the waist up, short and flowy from the waist down, and a deep halter neck with narrow strips of cloth to cover my small breasts. Rachel glanced up at me in the mirror and gave me a Cheshire cat grin.

“Ow oww! Damn, girl, Stevie is going to LOVE that dress on you. He’s going to love it even more off you!” she said, laughing and sticking her tongue out at me. “I’m sure we’ll be keeping each other up, the walls on this boat aren’t exactly made of concrete, and I’ll be damned if I’m not getting some this trip. Something about that salt breeze makes me jump Dave’s bones.” I suspected it would be more than the salt air making her horny this week, but kept that thought to myself. When she took off her shirt and bra, it didn’t escape my notice that her nipples were hard. Rachel slid into her new dress, opting to go braless as well. She was a vision in her tight black and white floral pattern. Her legs went on for days from the short hem of the dress to her cute bare feet. I must have been looking a little too intently, since she caught my gaze and smirked.

“See something you like honey? You’ll have to wait, I belong to Dave tonight. C’mon, they’re out there waiting for us.” She walked past me and headed up the stairs, giving her butt a smack as she climbed.


Steve greeted me once I stepped out with a glass of wine and a kiss, telling me that I looked wonderful. Judging by the canoodling Rachel and Dave were doing, I’d guess he was saying something similar. As we sat down, Steve and I raised our glasses to congratulate our best friends on their engagement. The wine flowed as easily as the conversation, continuing long past anybody still having food on their plate. Dave and Rachel exchanged a look, nodded and raised their glasses.

“Steve, Sarah,” Rachel began, “you two have seen us at our best and at our worst. You’ve been there for each of us, with support, love, and the occasional smack of reality.” She got choked up, her voice trailed off, and Dave stepped in.

“It was only ever a question of how we would ask. There is no one else in the world who should be up at the altar with us. Will you be our maid of honor and best man?”

I jumped out of my seat, half laughing and half sobbing, and gave Rachel a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek as the guys exchanged their manly handshake. “Of course we will honey!” I exclaimed, once I calmed down a little bit. Dave came over and we had a friendly embrace, as did Rachel and Steve. We toasted again. and began discussing all the details of the wedding. They had a beautiful location on the cape picked out for an outdoor ceremony in the early summer. We drank yet another toast, this time the soon to be newly weds toasting our gullibility for getting involved in the wedding stress.

After a few more glasses of wine, Dave stood up a bit uneasily, and proclaimed as officially as he could muster, “Alright everyone, as your captain, we all need to get some sleep, we’re lifting anchor early tomorrow.”

Steve jumped güvenilir bahis siteleri to attention and gave him an “Aye, aye, captain!”, while Rachel just rolled her eyes.

“Alright then ‘captain,’ it’s definitely time for bed,” she said, eyes twinkling. As she dragged him by the hand down below decks, she gave me a conspiratorial wink as they vanished down the stairs.

I slid over to Steven and curled up comfortably next to him on the bench seat, head in his lap. “Best man and maid of honor,” I said dreamily. “I love those two, don’t you?” Steve just nodded as he ran his fingers through my hair.

“I’m happy for them, and I’m so glad we’ll get to be a part of their night.” I sat up a bit and kissed Steve, getting a passionate return. Right on cue, we heard a long, low, throaty moan from the main cabin, unmistakably Rachel’s. We each chuckled, and Steve pulled me up closer to him, slipping a hand down my back as our lips met again. Another groan of pleasure from our friend provided a soundtrack as our tongues danced together. Our intensity grew, and Steve’s strong hand gripped my ass firmly, pulling me up to straddle his lap. The wine, the kiss, and the sounds of lovemaking below us built a quick heat between my legs. As my hips rolled on the growing lump in Steve’s pants, his lips found the delightful spot on my neck as his thumbs toyed with my nipples through the thin fabric of my dress.

A moan escaped my throat, which turned into a gasp as Steve untied the knot of my dress, exposing my breasts to the crisp night air. He caught one nipple in his lips, and I moaned again, pressing my chest into him. I felt the gentle bite that turns me on so much, and all my patience was gone; I needed him right there. I slid to my knees and nuzzled his crotch through his pants, then undid his belt and fly and yanked them down to his ankles. As I flitted the tip of my tongue on the delicate underside of his cock head, a louder, higher pitch groan came from Rachel. I smirked at Steve, knowing we both enjoyed this little game. We had vacationed with Rachel and Dave enough to know that their sex was as noisy and frequent as ours, and that we all liked putting on a bit of an aural show for the other couple.

Neither Steve nor I needed to waste any more time; I cupped his balls with one hand and took as much of him in my mouth as I could, giving him a firm suck. My free hand slipped my thong off, then traced up the inside of my thigh and found my aching clit. I slid Steve’s hard cock out until I just caught the head in between my lips, then I ran my tongue around it and drew him back into my mouth. A few minutes of this, combined with light, rapid circles on my clitty, and I was ready to jump his bones.

As I stood up, I wiggled my hips out of my dress and straddled him again. I pushed him back flat onto the bench, put my hands on his strong chest, and sank down on his hard manhood. Leaning back, savoring the fullness in my pussy, I gently stroked my breasts. Steven thrusted his hips up impatiently, but I rolled my hips with him and held him down. “Simmer down there, big boy,” I said huskily. “How often do we get to fuck outside? Let’s make it worth our while.” I put my hands back on his chest and slowly rocked my hips back and forth, just barely sliding his cock in and out of me. Steve’s hands expertly teased my breasts, knowing exactly the light teasing sensations I needed in that mood. A moan snuck out of my lips as I threw my head and arched my back, gradually increasing my tempo.

If we had forgotten that we weren’t the only two going at it on the boat, Rachel and Dave reminded us at that moment. Two loud groans from Dave, the unmistakable sound of a palm meeting a curvy behind, a high, keening cry of orgasm from Rachel kicked our intensity up another notch. I ground myself harder on Steve’s cock, keeping a slow and steady rhythm. Sitting back, I pulled Steve up as well and held his head to my breast. His big hands found my ass and pulled me hard into his lap as he caught my pierced right nipple in his teeth. We locked our eyes, glazed over with lust, as our urgency grew. I swung my hips in a small figure-8 as I slid up and down the steel of his cock. His muscles grew taut and his groans took on the sounds I knew meant he was close. I was going to need more to cum myself, but I could tell he needed release. A delightfully naughty idea came to me.

I leaned in and nibbled his ear to get his attention. “I want your cum on me tonight. Wherever you like, just on me instead of in me tonight.” Steve always enjoyed giving me facials, or cumming on my tits, and I was happy to indulge him. For one reason or another, though, it had been a while. From the smile he gave me, I knew he was pleased to be doing two things we hadn’t done in a while that night. I rode his cock a bit more, then he easily lifted me off of his lap and gently settled me on the deck. I knew exactly what he wanted. Gathering my hair behind my ears, I knelt down and slid close to his standing frame. His manhood jutted out obscenely, as big as I’ve ever seen it, throbbing, purple, and angrily demanding satisfaction. I took his length into my mouth and slurped off the cocktail of our sex to his loud groan of delight. He clearly didn’t want any teasing, so I blew him in earnest, sucking quickly and firmly. His need was tangible on my tongue and before long, his strained voice came from above.

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