The Blue Life Ch. 30: Moving Day

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The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission, bisexuality and some homo-erotica. If any of that offends you, just move on to another story. All characters are 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. Thanks to John and Jake for their help with suggestions, editing and proofreading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are very much appreciated. Suggestions for kinks, characters or plot are often worked into future chapters. Thanks for reading.


My mom left for my grandmother’s this morning, my father’s mother, Blue’s mother-in-law. I don’t know why we don’t visit Grandma more. She only lives four hours away. And my mom’s parents are both gone now. Anyway, I got a text from my mother, my lover, and my submissive slut, Blue.

Blue: On my way to your Grandmother’s. I don’t know about this business of trying to seduce her. I don’t even know where to start.

Bobby: Don’t text and drive! When you meet her, hug her longer than usual. Try to touch her butt, and kiss her cheek, maybe her lips. Use the word, “SEXY,” some way.

Blue: Sexy? She’s not SEXY! She’s an old bag! And I’m not driving. I stopped for coffee and a bathroom break.

Bobby: OK. Say, sexy dress. Sexy eyes. Sexy legs. It doesn’t matter. Plant a seed in her mind. Text me your progress later.

Blue: Yes, Daddy. **kisses**

I called Blix Johnson, the black Private Detective Man-Giant. He told me where Ian and Gina’s home is. Blix was also very grateful I had set him up with Gina, my newest submissive, a beautiful little person with oversized, fake hooters. He wanted to give me a play by play on their loving. I told him, I would get an update from my sub, Gina, later.

So, I met Gina and Blix at her house around 9:35 AM. I had decided to skip my school lectures that Friday, and hope I could catch up by studying the texts. My Calculus Professor actually has all her lectures in video files and available online. Sometimes the online lectures don’t match up exactly with what got covered live in the lecture, but it’s generally close.

There were two guys with Blix who had a moving van. They had boxes and a tape gun. We went through the house, taking stuff and carrying it out to the truck. We got all of Gina’s clothing, a dresser, and an antique roll-top desk. We left the dining room and kitchen furniture. The only piece we took from the living room was a recliner sized for Gina. Gina is a little person, less than four feet tall. We took a china cabinet, with a set of china that had been Gina’s mothers. We left all the kitchen utensils, pots and pans. Gina said she hated the stuff anyway. And then we raided a room in the basement that was filled with clown props! There were stage magic tricks. A tiny bike and unicycle! A mascot badger head that was stuffed with the rest of the badger costume. (Why a badger? I didn’t know. And we were working so quickly to get the stuff that Gina wanted, I didn’t take time to ask.)

At one point, I asked Gina, “Where would Ian keep his tattoo needles?” Gina’s husband had given her a terrible, amatuer tattoo that covered the small of her back.

Gina shook her head. “I don’t think Ian ever had any tattoo needles, Bobby.”

I rolled my eyes. “Shit. OK. Then show me where your sewing kit is.”

Gina took me to the laundry room. Up on a shelf too high for her to reach without a stool was the sewing kit. And sure enough, inside the box was a bottle of India Ink! This was the stuff that Ian had used to do his fucked-up tattoo on Gina’s lower back, reading, “IAN’S LITTLE FUCK-DOLL!”

Gina didn’t have a car. She doesn’t know how to drive. She said Ian did all the driving. I guess it was another way Ian maintained control of Gina. Since last night, Ian had texted Gina fifteen to twenty times. He had called and left half-a-dozen messages on her cell phone. Gina said each one sounded angrier and angrier. Gina didn’t want to return his texts or calls. She didn’t know what to say to her husband (and twin brother).

We left Gina’s house a little after 11 AM, and drove straight to the offices of Coulson and Coulson, her law firm. There was some confusion there. Ian wasn’t in the office, but there were two secretaries there. We took Gina’s desk, while Gina spoke to her secretary, a mousy blonde with Coke-bottle, horn rimmed glasses. Kinda cute. She looked meek, like maybe she’d be easy to dominate. But I really shouldn’t think of every new woman I meet as a potential sexual conquest. It was a habit I needed to break.

We were in the middle of taking Gina’s filing cabinets when her phone rang. It was Ian again. I told Gina she should take it this time. Gina told Ian she was leaving him. Ian was furious. He was threatening to call the cops. He said that all of the office furniture was owned by him. He controlled the business, and that all the furniture, files and clients belonged to him alone. çankaya escort

Gina was flustered. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know how to stand up to her husband. She just kept repeating, “I don’t care. It’s over, Ian. No, it’s over.”

Blix finally said, “Let me talk to him.” Gina looked at me. I shrugged and Gina handed the phone to Blix. Blix took the phone and said in his deep, raspy, unmistakable voice, “Hello, Mr. Coulson?…Yes, this is Blix Johnson…Yes, I recognized your voice too, Sir… Yes, I’ve done some work for your firm, several times…Yes…Well, this time, I’ve been retained by Ms.Coulson, exclusively…Yes, that’s right. In fact, she’s has had me put you under surveillance for a number of weeks…That’s privileged. No…I was wondering about your working relationship with Judge Nash…I know that you know her daughter, Cynthia, very well…How old is Cynthia?…Well, I know, Sir. She’s seventeen, a High School Junior…Do you remember escorting her to a bar a few weeks ago?…Yes, she could barely walk when you two left together…Oh, it was you. You can clearly see it’s you in the photographs. You can also tell that it’s your car parked outside the Shangri La Motel…No. No, I haven’t…No, I am not blackmailing you, Sir. I have not asked you for anything. I’m just wondering, do you really want to call the Police and have them interview Gina and myself now?…No?…No…We haven’t decided…Yes. Ms. Coulson will be seeking a divorce, and a separation from your firm. Will you be contesting either of those moves?”

I touched Blix’s arm and whispered, “Tell Ian, we’ll have a Forensic Accountant go through the firm’s and Ian and Gina’s personal finances, to make sure there is an equitable division of community property.”

Blix said, “Mr. Coulson, Gina will have her accountant contact you to go over your finances, so the business and personal assets can be fairly divided…Yes, I do recognize that the property and business is entirely in your name, but do you think that is fair? I don’t…Well, if you don’t agree, we will have to bring the matter before a Judge. Maybe we can get before Judge Nash…No. I am definitely NOT blackmailing you, Mr. Coulson. If you feel I am, please, contact the authorities. I am just letting you know what I think is fair. And that Regina’s accountant will be contacting you next week…Yes. No, she won’t be coming back…No…Fine.” And he handed the phone back to Gina.

Gina took the phone and looked at me. She said, “Goodbye, Ian…That’s none of your business now…No. You don’t need to know…You can show those records to my accountant…Next week. Probably Monday or Tuesday…No, I don’t. That’s over…Not anymore. Goodbye, Ian…No. Goodbye…I will remember that’s the last thing you ever said to me!” And she hung up.

“What did he say?” I asked.

Gina shook her head and wiped her eyes. “He told me to go to Hell.”

I knelt beside her and said, “Come here.” She melted into my arms, and we kissed gently. I gestured to Blix and he knelt next to Gina too. She turned and hugged him and kissed him too.

Then Gina looked up at her secretary, and said, “What, Vicky! It’s like you’ve never seen a girl kiss her two boyfriends before!” Then Gina giggled. She asked Vicky to come come with her and continue on as her secretary, But Vicky hemmed and hawed, shuffled her feet and said that Ian would probably fire her if she did that. Gina said that Ian might fire her anyway, even if she stayed. She warned her that there would not be a position for her in the new office if she changed her mind later. Vicky asked if there would be a raise involved. Gina thought a moment and said that there would probably be an initial cut in base salary, until her firm got on it’s feet, but she could offer her a percentage of the new firms profits, essentially part ownership, and a raise when finances looked up. But Vicky passed on the offer. Gina shrugged and said, “Your loss, Vic. I would’ve shared Blix with you too!” Then she winked at the shocked girl and kissed Blix again with even more passion.

I laughed.

We drove to Dad’s office in town and set up Gina’s desk and files in an unused office off the street. Dad was there. So was his Personal Assistant, Stephanie Bahl. They wanted to introduce Gina to the rest of the people working in the office, but I said that we had to get going. Blix had to be at Dr. Shapiro’s before noon, before Eugene and Nancy arrived. And Blix and Gina were both getting the Twilight Special, a general exam and a battery of STD tests, so that the Family could have sex with Blix and Gina without using condoms. And Gina was having her breast enlargements reduced to a less painful size.

Dad and Stephanie hugged Blix and Gina and me. Stephanie was more stiff. She called me Bobby, not Sir, or Master. Then again, we were in her workspace, not naked and making out.

Blix thanked the guys in the truck and gave them about fifteen hundred dollars escort çankaya cash for their time. Blix just had a wad of hundreds in his wallet! As a poor college kid, I found the flashy display pretty impressive.

I got another text from Blue.

Blue: I just arrived. I gave Grandma Kate a long hug, hello, and felt her butt a little. I kissed both her cheeks and complimented her dress. I said the color made her eyes look sexy. She laughed at that.

Bobby: Keep finding excuses to be affectionate. When it comes time to discuss Red and Nick, explain how being free of Nick has liberated your husband’s libido.

Blue: Do you want me to tell her about you, Daddy?

Bobby: No. Not yet. But say that Your sex life has improved dramatically over the past few weeks. And ask Grandma Kate about her dating life and sex life.

Blue: She doesn’t have one!

Bobby: Don’t assume. And if the opportunity presents itself, talk about masturbation.

Blue: I can’t! Not with my mother-in-law!

Bobby: You will, Blue. That’s an order.

Blue: Yes, Daddy. I love you. Tell Red and Sunny, I love them too. I’m very jealous, you know.

Bobby: Don’t be. When you get back, Blix, Red and I will triple-team you!

Blue: Is Blix a member of the Family? Is he your submissive now, Master?

Bobby: Maybe I’m working on it. **kissess** Bye.

Blue: Not fair! Now I have to go back to that bitch and I’m all wet and horny!

Bobby: Use that to your advantage. Tell Grandma you were texting Red and it made your horny. Text Red something sexy so that will be true.

Blue: I will text Red that you have plans to triple-fuck me with him and Blix Johnson! Ha!

Bobby: He will be very excited.

Blue: I want him to be jealous!

Bobby: Love you. Go!

Blue: Yes, Daddy. Love you.

We drove to Dr. Shapiro’s and waited for Eugene and Nancy to arrive. It was just before noon when they walked up to the front door. Blix was alarmed. He asked, “Where did you park your car?”

Eugene said, “I don’t have a car. I’m 70 years old. I don’t even have a license!”

“Then how did you get here?” I could hear the concern in Blix’s voice, but I didn’t understand it.

“We walked. I only live two blocks from here,” Eugene explained.

“That won’t do. That won’t do at all,” Blix muttered.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“It’s not secure. It would be too easy for someone scouting this location to follow them home. As it is, I will drive them home tonight, going several miles out to make sure we aren’t followed before bringing them back.”

“Is that really necessary, Blix? We’re just dealing with a jealous husband,” I argued.

Blix shook his head. “We have to assume the worst. Red claimed Bill Stockton was homicidal.”

Nancy said, “My husband might not even be in the State! And couldn’t we pick up my car, so I could just drive us back after work? We could go by some roundabout route, if you insist, Mr. Johnson.”

“Why don’t you have your car with you now?” Blix asked.

Nancy looked irritated. “Because I was taken down to the Police Station with my husband and Red. Later, Terri picked me up. And then, I was told it was too dangerous to even go back home to get a change of underwear!”

Nancy called the Power Company her husband works for to see where he was assigned for the day. He’s a lineman who works on repairs. Yes, they had him scheduled to work line maintenance on a high voltage branch coming from a hydroelectric plant out-state. It is a specialized skill set. Few linemen want to make the long treks into the middle of nowhere to risk their lives, only to drive back. Still, Blix wasn’t convinced that’s where Bill Stockton was.

Nancy told us, her husband has a Phone-Finder App on his phone. And she could see his location from their home computer!

Blix said, “You should have mentioned that you could track your husband’s location before now.”

Nancy replied, “Well, excuse me, Mr. Magnum Dick! I’m not used to playing Spy. I’ve just used the program to estimate what time my husband might get home. Sometimes he stays overnight on a job. Other times he comes home late. But, when he shows up, no matter how late, he always expects dinner to be fresh coming out of the oven. No reheats or leftovers for Bill!”

I told Blix to take Nancy home. She could pick up her car, get a change of clothes, and they could peek at where the computer said Bill Stockton’s phone was. I would wait at the Doctor’s office, just in case Ian Coulson or Bill Stockton showed up here. Gina would work from her laptop and cell çankaya escort bayan phone, trying to contact clients, and get started on Nancy’s order of protection and divorce papers. And I would try to study.

About a half hour later, I got a call on my phone. It was Nancy, and I could hear she was crying. She said, “Bobby?”

I said, “Yes, Nancy. Are you OK? Was your husband there?”

“No, Daddy. I’m fine. Just shaken up. Bill keyed my car and slashed the tires. Then, when we came inside, we found some of my clothes stabbed.”

“I don’t understand.”

“My schoolgirl outfit, my wedding lingerie, and maid’s uniform: my Fuck-Doll Uniforms, they’re all stuck to the walls with steak knives. Bill stabbed them to the walls! He wants to kill me!”

I tried to keep a calm tone to my voice. “Is Blix still with you?”

“Yes. I’m showing Blix how to locate Bill’s phone with the app-thingee. He says that if Bill is out of state, we can stay, pack, call the police and get a tow truck to take my car. But if Bill is in the city, we’re leaving immediately.” I heard shuffling, then, “See, Mr. Johnson. Just click the map icon there, and it shows you where the phone is. See? Now, zoom out. That just over the border, more than two hours away…No, Bill would never give his phone to someone else…OK, Bobby? It looks like my husband is out of town. I’m going to pack a suitcase and call the police and a tow truck. Blix is taking pictures of the stabbed clothes and the car. He thinks Gina will need those, in case we ever get in front of a Judge..”

I said, “Come back to the office as soon as you can, Kitten. Listen to what Blix says. And take care. We love you.”

Nancy replied, “Thank you, Daddy. I love you too.”

I stood up and started pacing. Tiny Gina caught sight of my distress, and closed her laptop. She motioned for me to come sit next to her. “Bobby? Is everything OK?”

I nodded. “Yeah. Bill Stockton left behind some evidence that he is violently angry, and homicidal. But he seems to be out of State, working on power lines.”

Gina climbed up and sat in my lap. “You seem very agitated. Would a spanking help settle your nerves, Sir?”

I sighed. “Are you suggesting you might spank me, Kitten?”

“No, Daddy. You’re the Dom. I’m the sub. You do the spanking. I thought you might like to spank me. And frankly, that would help calm my nerves too.”

I smiled. “I would love to spank you, Baby Girl. But, I’m afraid I would get too excited and need to fuck you right now. And, well, Eugene is expecting a patient for a nose job, and an anaesthetist. It wouldn’t be professional for them to catch us spanking or fucking.”

“Oh, I would be mortified. But the thought of a stranger catching me fucking my Master is also very exciting.”

“How about they just catch us making out?” I suggested.

“With some feels. I’ll let you get to second base, Bobby.” And Tiny Gina kissed me, warmly, affectionately, and then with growing passion and lust.

And we continued to kiss, cuddle and fondle each other for about ten or fifteen minutes, until someone did come into the waiting room saying, “Excuse me. But is the Doctor in today? Usually, there is a receptionist at the desk.”

I said, “He’s here. I’m sure he will be out in a moment. But, Gina, maybe you should run and check on the Doctor.”

At that moment, Dr. Shapiro appeared in the waiting room. I forgot that he had security cameras that he could access from any computer terminal in the office. Dr. Piggie had probably been watching Gina and I go at each other. I wondered if he had been masturbating while he watched. I shook the notion out of my head.

Gina said, “I’m worried that you and Blix won’t like my tits as much when they are smaller.”

I caressed Gina’s right breast. “Kitten,” I asked, “do these big, fake, Stripper Titties hurt?”

She nodded. “Yes. Like Hell!”

“I don’t like that. First off. I want your breasts to make YOU happy, Kitten. And that means making sure they don’t hurt you. Does my girlfriend Sunny have big tits?”

Gina smiled. “Sunny is model-skinny and gorgeous! And she’s got those killer nipples that I just want to…” Her voice trailed off.

“You just want to what?” I pressed.

“I just want to play with them and suck them. God, she’s so sexy!”

“I didn’t know you were attracted to women, Kitten.” I teased her.

Gina snorted. “I didn’t either. But I am now.”

“Would you and Blix like to share a bed with Sunny and me?” I asked.

Gina kissed me. “If it’s alright with you, Daddy. I would like my first time with you and Sunny to be with just me. Is that selfish?”

“No. That’s fine, Kitten. And that can be arranged.”

“Bobby, can I ask you about something I can’t figure out?”

I hugged Gina. Her giant, fake titties pressed into my chest. “I’ll help if I can.”

“Blix said that he has incriminating pictures of Ian. He made it sound like I had retained his services to follow Ian weeks ago. And that he has a lot of dirt on Ian.”

I sighed. This was something that Blix should probably have to explain. But I said, “Blix has had a crush on you for several years.”

“That would be from even before I got my breast enhancements.”

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