Ten Years Older Pt. 02

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Coming to terms

Recap: Eighteen-year-old Alana moves in with her adoptive sibling and cousin, Twenty-eight-year-old Ben. In the first chapter, they end up confessing their love for each other and Alana loses her virginity to Ben.

Laying in Ben’s bed, feeling the afterglow of their lovemaking, Alana was sobbing softly.

Ben, looked at her kissing her tear-streaked cheeks, and asked “what’s wrong Alana?”

Alana replies, “nothing, I’m happy but embarrassed”

Embarrassed about what? Asked Ben.

Alana started with renewed more anguished crying and said “I peed myself.”

Ben smiling said “you didn’t pee, you came, you had an intense orgasm” it’s natural and means you have found pleasure in our lovemaking.

Alana, replied I’m sorry, I scared me yet I felt so alive, it’s very hard to explain.

Ben, looking at Alana lying in his bed naked, her chestnut hair disheveled, her legs splayed, one knee in the air was having its effect on ben’s cock that is now ready to plunder her pussy again. He starts kissing and fondling her breasts, leaving a trail of kisses down to her pointy nipples as his hand finds her pussy wet and receptive.

Alana spreads her legs even further and says “please, make love to me again.

Ben rolls on top of her and easily slips his cock into her cum filled slick pussy filling her as they both actively move in unison to complete their incestuous coupling.

Alana was the first to reach her climax again squirting so forcefully as if she were pissing herself. Alana screamed out yes, oh, oh, oh, yes, let me feel you squirt in me.

Ben couldn’t hold off any longer and screamed out I’m cumming, I’m cumming in your pussy sweet dear Alana. As he ejaculated into the unprotected tight confines of her recently deflowered vagina.

Spent, Ben rolled off as he and Alana drift off to sleep. Sometime later, Ben feels Alana’s hand and small fingers encircling his cock in an awkward motion to attempt to stimulate his growing cock.

Ben encourages her, by telling her how güvenilir bahis to handle his cock, followed by him urging her to kiss it.

Alana said I’ve heard other girls talk about blow jobs, sucking their boyfriend’s cocks. “Would you like me to do that?”

Ben said only if you want to, hoping she would suck his cock.

Alana said we need showers, and the bed is soaked.

Laughing they get up and go to the bathroom.

Alana says “who is showering first”

Ben replied there is room enough for both of us.

Alana giggled as she stepped into the shower followed by Ben.

Ben grabs the soap and wash rag first, lathering up Alana’s back then turning her around to lather her pert tits with their pointy nipples then soaping her stomach and vagina. Alana squatted down slightly allowing Ben to have full access to her vagina with the soapy washrag.

Alana then took the washrag from Ben, added more soap, and lathered up his back and ass turning him around while she kissed him and lathered up his chest and stomach followed by his rock-hard penis.

Slipping to her knees with water flowing over both of the Alana gets her first good look at a man’s cock and says, I would have never thought something so large would fit up inside of me as she takes hold of his cock and slips it into her soft warm mouth.

Ben puts his hand on her head speaking softly and encouraging her to suck in like a straw while moving his cock in and out of her mouth for added stimulation.

As his climax drew near, he told her he was going to come in her mouth if she kept doing that.

Alana doubled her efforts backing off long enough to tell him she wanted, needed to taste him.

A few minutes later, Ben came for the third time in less than twenty-four hours. This time, into his cousin’s soft warm suckling mouth. Ben yelled out, I’m cumming Alana, I’m cumming, while holding her head.

Alana’s eyes were tearing from the unaccustomed feel of a cock lodged in her throat and the sweet-salty taste of semen in her mouth. güvenilir bahis siteleri Ben had cum with such force she couldn’t swallow his cum and it dripped out and landed on her pert tits and nipples to be washed away by the cascading water of the shower.

They got out of the shower dried off and went to the kitchen to find something to eat. Neither one bothered to get dressed. It was now early evening, just last night, Alana lost her virginity and now she is standing here naked.

Suddenly they were both startled by a knock at the door. They ran to their rooms, quickly dressing Ben went to the door opening it to find his mom and dad standing there with a few bags of groceries.

His mom said what took you so long?

Tim replied I was getting dressed after a shower.

His mom said, “and Alana?”

She went into the shower after I was done.

Coming in and putting away the groceries She called out to Alana, “Alana, honey, dad and I are here”

Alana called out, “I’ll be out shortly.”

Their mom said that girl takes forever to shower and dress.

Ben said, tell me.

Their parents stayed about two hours sharing a meal prepared by their mom.

When their parents left, Alana aggressively kissed Ben pushing and pulling his shirt and shorts off to fall to the floor while ben aggressively striped his cousin of her clothes, pushing her back to fall over the end arm of the couch with her ass on the arm of the couch offering Ben a perfect view and position in which to go down on her pussy and taste her for the first time,

Wasting no time Ben got on his knees pressing his mouth to her pussy and inhaling her sent, followed by his licking and sucking of her vaginal hole and clit.

Alana was experiencing a mind-blowing event followed by another orgasm while she held Ben’s head as if to shove him up her pussy.

Alana yelled out, yes, suck my cunt as she gushed girl creme into Ben’s mouth.

Ben was blown away, he had never heard his cousin use the word cunt before. I was iddaa siteleri always her pussy or vagina. She said “cunt” sounded so dirty and degrading.

Ben’s cock was harder than a battering ram, he stood up and swiftly raising her legs over his shoulders buried his cock into her warm receptive wet pussy. Ben looked down and said I’m going to fuck your horny cunt until you beg for me to stop.

Alana giggled saying “never happening”

Ben was hammering away at her cunt watching his wet cock slide in and out of her cunt hole surrounded by wet matted chestnut pussy hair. Looked up and watched her tits giggle back and forth as if she were running naked in a field.

Alana grabbed at his ass yelling fuck me, fuck my cunt, fuck me with your beautiful big fucking cock, fill me with cum, as she climaxed yet again, triggering ben’s cum.

Ben pulled out, walking over to plop onto the couch while Alana rolled overtaking his softening shriveling cock into her mouth sucking the sweet taste of their mixed juices.

Looking up at ben, she said, just got my first taste of pussy and it’s mine, as she grinned.

They spent the next day and a half, fucking and sucking each other in every room in the apartment and every position they could muster.

Alana loved riding Ben’s cock. It gave her the feeling of being in control, allowing her to bounce up and sink down on his cock, grinding her clit into his pubic bone and having him roll her tits and lightly pinch her pointy nipples.

That night Alana went to shower and shave her legs. Only she didn’t stop at her legs. She trimmed and shaved every trace of hair from her cunt, dried off, and walked into Ben’s room where he was sleeping and straddled his face lowering her hot clean shaved cunt into his face.

En woke up surprised at the naked clean shaved cunt in his face and instantly got hard, rolling her over and filling her with his ridged cock, spewing yet another batch of cum into her womb.

They both fell asleep, never waking up until the next day when they both had to hurry in order for Ben to get to work and Alana to classes.

Alana never had a chance to bathe and just wiped her cunt with a wet washcloth and inserted a tampon to keep her from leaking into her panties. Never once thinking…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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