Tempting Fate

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This is a mother-son fantasy. All characters in the story are over the age of eighteen.


Jenny stood in front of him wearing a white see-thru caftan with no underwear. The hard nipples of her perfect 35C breasts poked little dimples in the thin white cotton. Long dark hair hung down her shoulders framing a face with big brown eyes that was beautiful beyond description. Her full lips glistened. Jason was looking at a piece of heaven.

Jenny pushed the caftan from her shoulders. It fell to her feet exposing the swells of her naked breasts. His eyes traveled down her flat stomach to the cleanly shaven mound puffing out from between her legs. The glistening petals of her pink folds peeked out invitingly. Her hard clit throbbed with excitement. Jenny turned around. Jason stared at her perfectly rounded cheeks separated by a dark cleft down the middle.

Jenny was the most beautiful girl in school. Jason lay in bed with his eyes closed drinking in the image of this goddess. His hand gripped his cock tightly as he stroked. She turned and stepped closer pressing her naked body against his and kissing him on the lips. He could practically feel her hard nipples digging into his chest. His hand moved faster. Jenny kissed down his body until she was squatting in front of him. Her lips parted. She took him into her mouth.

Jenny used her lips and tongue to drive him crazy. She knew just where to lick and just how hard to grip his cock with her mouth. Her fingers massaged his testicles and rubbed his scrotum. With her other hand Jenny fingered her pussy. Her big brown eyes let him know just how much she enjoyed what she was doing.

With spit dripping down her chin, Jenny stood and leaned over a table in the imaginary room. She tilted her perfect ass upward. Jason stared at the swollen pussy puffing out from between her thighs like a juicy peach. She begged for his big hard cock. Jason could almost feel the heat of her tight wet cunt as it slid deep into her body. His hand went faster. His cock plunged deep on each powerful thrust. She moaned and told him how much she loved having him inside her.

As Jason got closer and closer the fantasy took a sudden turn. The woman he was fucking was no longer Jenny. It was his 39 year old mother. Her hot pussy was dripping cum all over his balls. She looked over her shoulder at him and begged him to fuck her harder. Her fingers flew across her swollen clit. Jason slammed into her like a madman. He grabbed her hair and yanked her head back.

His mother had an orgasm. He imagined her cunt clenching his cock as his own grip tightened. She begged him to cum inside her. Her hot pussy pulsed and twitched against him. Jason could no longer hold back. He grunted and sprayed hot thick cum all over his chest. He imagined pulling out of his mother’s cunt and watching the strands of his creamy ejaculate dripping from her pussy. The last ounce of cum oozed onto his hand.

Jason was unable to prevent his mother from invading his fantasies. He couldn’t cum without her appearing. The endings were all different. Sometimes he would cum inside her pussy. Other times she would drop to her knees and he would shoot in her mouth or all over her face and tits. Once in a while she begged him to cum in her ass.

It wasn’t just fantasies of the mind either. When Jason watched porn his mother would often appear just as he was about to cum. He would close his eyes and the woman with a cock in her mouth and two more in her pussy and ass would become his mother with her eyes looking at him to let him know how much she enjoyed what they were doing to her and practically begging him to cum while he watched.

His mother also appeared much too often when he was with his girlfriend Beth. It would become his mother’s lips he was kissing, his mother’s breasts he was sucking, and his mother’s pussy that his cock pounded senseless. When Beth put him in her mouth, it was his mother’s lips wrapped tightly around his cock. The fact that she looked like a younger version of his mother didn’t help.

Jason knew why his mother invaded his sex life the way she did. It was lust. He tried to fight these unnatural feelings towards her but it was a losing battle. No matter how hard he tried to satisfy his sexual cravings through fantasies or watching porn or being intimate with Beth, his mother was always lingering in the background waiting to pounce.

It was her fault. His mother had the body of a model that she kept fit by teaching aerobics. She often strutted around the house in tight yoga pants that molded shamelessly to the contours of her shapely butt and the swell of her puffed out pussy. She wore tops without a bra that stretched firmly around her 36D-cup breasts with her hard nipples poking little dimples through the front.

His mother was careless about her privacy. Jason was sure it was on purpose. She often left the bedroom door open when she was undressing or coming out of the shower. Jason had seen her naked on several occasions. kartal escort Sometimes she wore short skirts and thongs, and would bend over right in front of him pretending to be looking for something in a bottom drawer. Once she did it without any panties. Jason snapped a picture with his phone before she noticed.


Linda Johnson heard Jason grunt through the closed door. Her fingers flew across her clit as she imagined his cum splashing across her face and shooting into her open mouth. Seconds later she squeezed her legs together and gasped. Her pussy clenched in a series of spasms that sent a trickle of cunt juice running down her thighs. Linda went back to her room before she was discovered.

Linda knew something was wrong with her. It was unnatural to have these kinds of feelings for her son. She had tried so hard to make it go away. Her husband wasn’t much help. He was always traveling. If they had sex more than once a month it was a lot. She masturbated all the time but it left her frustrated. She needed a man.

Linda tried sex appeal to get her husband to fuck her more often. She tried dressing provocatively hoping he would notice. Instead, she realized that Jason was staring at her body. He tried to hide it but she knew he was looking. It gave her a thrill. After all, someone had noticed her. Linda considered it harmless. Jason was a young adult. Of course he would look at a woman flaunting her assets, even his mother. It didn’t mean anything.

Knowing her son was watching and enjoying it, Linda began to wear more provocative outfits. She even let him see her naked on occasion by leaving the bedroom door open when she took a shower. In the kitchen, Linda liked to wear short skirts and thongs. When she bent to get something out of a bottom cabinet she made sure Jason had a perfect view. One time she “forgot” to wear panties giving him a nice view of her pussy and ass.

It didn’t bother Linda that her nipples swelled and her pussy got wet from letting Jason look at her. It was just her body reacting naturally to a male’s admiring gaze. She was sure it had nothing to do with actual desire for Jason. Still, she did find herself masturbating more often. It wasn’t Jason’s fault. It was her asshole husband who only fucked her once or twice a month. She needed some way to relieve the sexual energy.

At first her masturbation fantasies were not directed at anyone in particular. All she could see was a cock. It was just a big hard slab of meat throbbing in her mouth or pounding her pussy or fucking her ass. Sometimes it filled her with cum. Other times it blasted her face and tits. She never looked up to see who belonged to the cock.

Everything changed the day Linda saw Jason masturbating in his bedroom. She wasn’t supposed to be home. Jason left the bedroom door open. He was standing at his desk completely naked and staring at the computer display. A photo of Linda bent over in the kitchen with her exposed ass and pussy filled the screen. Jason’s hand pumped his cock in rapid strokes. Linda could hear the words spewing from his mouth.

“I love your pussy mom. It feels so good wrapped around my hard cock. I love fucking you. Oh god… I’m going to cum inside your pussy mom. I can’t help it.”

Seconds later she saw thick ropes of cum shoot from his cock and splatter the screen. Linda felt her pussy spasm. She ran to the bedroom and threw herself onto the bed. She quickly pushed her jeans and panties down to her knees and plunged two fingers deep into her cunt. With her other hand she rubbed her clit.

In her fantasy Linda saw the cock that was fucking her. It was big and hard and plowing deep into her cunt again and again. This time she looked up and saw Jason hovered over her body driving his cock straight down into her pussy. Her legs were pulled back and pinned to her shoulders. The words she was thinking came spewing out of her mouth.

“Fuck me Jason. Fuck me with your big hard cock. Make me cum, baby. Please.”

Moments later she arched her back and screamed. Pussy juice drenched her hand and trickled over her asshole. Her fingers continued to rub her clit. Another series of spasms sent her spinning into orgasmic bliss. Linda was breathing hard when the last orgasm finally subsided. Afterwards a wave of guilt consumed her. She had cum thinking about her son.

During future masturbation sessions Linda tried to keep her mind focused on the cock fucking her and not look up at the face but that didn’t work. She could hear Jason’s voice telling her how much he loved driving his cock up her cunt or down her throat. Even when she watched porn her mind would often wander to Jason. It got so bad that on the rare occasion her husband fucked her she imagined it was Jason inside her pussy.

Linda was obsessed. There was nothing she could do about it. She finally gave up trying. If he was going to be there when she masturbated she wouldn’t fight it. Instead, she made a vow to never let it actually happen. maltepe escort bayan Fantasies were not incest. No forbidden lines would be crossed.


“What do you mean there is only one bed? I specifically asked for a room with two beds.”

Nothing had gone right that day. Linda’s husband was supposed to come with them on Jason’s college hunting trip but had cancelled at the last minute because of an urgent business commitment. Then the plane was delayed for several hours. They had arrived at the hotel just off campus at 9PM. Now she was being told the room she requested wasn’t available.

“Do you at least have a roll-away bed?”

They didn’t. Jason and Linda were going to have to share a bed. It was everything she had been trying to avoid. Just being together with Jason in the same room was dangerous enough. It was why Linda had asked her husband to join them. Sharing a bed would be pushing temptation to its limits. She would have to exercise strong self-control.

Jason finished his shower and sat on the bed while his mother showered. His cock grew hard listening to his mother soaping her naked body. He pulled off the towel wrapped around his waist and threw it in a corner. His hand curled around his throbbing shaft. Jason stroked it to images of fucking his mother’s mouth and eating her juicy pussy.

Linda stepped out of the shower and pulled on her pink satin nightie. She wished she had brought something more conservative now that she was sharing a bed with Jason. It showed a generous amount of cleavage and barely covered her ass. Not wanting to tempt fate, Linda pulled on a robe to cover herself before opening the door to the bedroom. Jason was so caught up in his masturbation fantasy that he barely had time to jump under the covers.

“Honey, we better get some sleep,” she told Jason shedding the robe after slipping into bed. “You have a full day tomorrow.”

Linda turned off the light. The room became pitch black. Sleep was futile. Visions of mounting Jason’s hard cock and impaling her pussy down its length danced through her head. Her swollen nipples felt like they were going to burst. The intense throbbing between her legs left her thighs sticky with juices of excitement.

Jason was also in agony. His cock was going to stay hard until he did something to relieve the tension. What he really wanted to do was slip it into his mother’s tight pussy. She was so close he could almost feel it. He wrapped his hand around his shaft and slowly stroked. A trickle of pre-cum oozed from the tip and onto his fingers.

Linda rolled onto her side facing away from Jason and slipped a hand between her legs. Her fingers rubbed her clit. She imagined his hard cock sliding between her cheeks and plunging deep into her pussy. Two fingers dipped into her cunt. She pumped them in and out pretending Jason’s cock was fucking her. Her thumb continued to rub her clit.

Jason rolled onto his side and scooted closer to his mother. He stroked his cock trying to be careful not to shake the bed. Linda’s fingers dug into her pussy unaware that Jason’s cock was now only inches away. She arched her back and tilted her ass towards him like she would if he was really fucking her. The knob of Jason’s cock slid between her cheeks.

Jason froze and pulled his hand away from his cock. He was sure he was busted. Instead he felt his mother rocking back against him. Linda had been too caught up in her masturbation fantasy. She thought she was imagining his cock. She leaned back further and moved her fingers to her clit. The tip of his cock slid between the slimy folds of her pussy. Jason didn’t know what was happening. Was he about to fuck his mother? Is that what she wanted?

Linda’s pussy exploded. As she bucked against her fingers, the knob of Jason’s cock pushed inside her. Jason took this as a sign that she wanted him there. He thrust forward and buried his cock deep inside her pussy. Linda, suddenly conscious of what had happened, didn’t know what to do. Her pussy desperately wanted him to fuck her senseless. If she pulled away, he would know that she knew. An idea came to her. It seemed to be the only way out of the awkward situation.

“Mmmmmm… John,” Linda moaned in a dream-like voice. “We shouldn’t with Jason in the room.”

Now Jason was really confused. Did his mother really forget that his father had not come on the trip, or was she dreaming? He had read an article by a therapist that people often have masturbation fantasies while sleeping, and that some couples actually have sexual relations while asleep. Could this be what was happening to his mother? The thought excited him. He felt his cock twitch. He pulled out and pushed back into his mother’s cunt. She moved with him. Soon they were fucking like two rabbits in heat.

“Yes, John. Fuck me, baby. Oh god…oooooohhhhhhhh…”

Jason’s thrusts were hard and deep. His mother pushed back against him driving his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. escort pendik Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she was committing a terrible sin, but Linda could no longer think straight. Everything was spinning out of control. The pressure in her belly continued to build until she could no longer hold it back.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck… uuuuunnnnggggggggghhhhhhh…”

Linda’s orgasm was loud and violent. Her body tensed and shook in a series of uncontrollable spasms. Jason slammed into her again and again sending his mother to new heights of pleasure. He could feel her pussy clench his cock each time he thrust deep. Linda dug her fingers into the bed sheets as if her life depended on it. Her shrieks and squeals finally turned to whimpers of submission.

Jason couldn’t have stopped if he tried. He rolled his mother onto her stomach and continued to pound his cock between her cheeks driving it deep into her pussy on each thrust. Loud squishing sounds filled the room from all the juices sloshing around inside her. Another series of violent spasms gripped her pussy. The pleasure became almost unbearable. She felt like she was slipping into another dimension.

Jason could no longer hold back. He thrust deep into his mother’s cunt and grunted. Stream after stream of hot cum spewed into her belly. It went on and on until he could feel it seeping out of her pussy and dripping from his balls. He finally collapsed onto his mother’s back completely drained but still hard.

Linda slowly came back to reality. She had crossed the line. She had fucked her son and committed incest. Not only that but he was still lying on her back with his cock buried in her cunt… and he was hard. She felt her pussy twitch with an involuntary spasm and not just once. She had to find a way to get him off her without making him suspicious that she knew he had fucked her.

“Mmmmmm… that was good John. I hope we didn’t wake Jason. You better get off me before he hears us.”

Jason didn’t want to move. He knew he was pushing his luck but his cock was exactly where it wanted to be… deep inside his mother’s cunt. He felt her pussy twitch and clench against him in a few post-orgasmic spasms. This was just too inviting. Slowly he began to move inside her. Linda panicked. Fucking Jason once was a mistake. Doing it again would be intentional. It had to stop.

“No John, please. We have to stop before Jason hears us.”

Jason didn’t stop. His hard cock slowly moved in and out of his mother’s cum-filled cunt. Linda could feel herself losing the battle. His cock felt so good inside her pussy. If she didn’t stop this now she wouldn’t be able to go back. Linda had to find a way to convince Jason to pull out without raising suspicion that she knew it was him and not her husband.

“John, let me finish you with my mouth. That won’t make so much noise. We don’t want to wake Jason.”

Her words slowly registered in Jason’s head. His mother had offered to give him a blowjob – something he had fantasized about so many times. As much as he loved having his cock in her pussy, the temptation of having her lips wrapped around his cock was too hard to resist. Jason pulled out of her cum-filled cunt and rolled onto his back. Moments later he heard his mother shift on the bed. Her fingers curled around his hard flesh.

Linda knew that sucking her son’s cock was wrong, but it was better than letting him fuck her again. As long as Jason didn’t suspect that she knew it was his cock, it would be okay. Besides, it was only a blowjob. It wasn’t exactly incest. The problem nagging at her conscience, however, was how much she craved to have her son’s cock in her mouth.

Linda’s lips opened around his knob and slid down his shaft. She loved the feel of his throbbing flesh filling her mouth. A strong taste of cum and cunt juice washed across her taste buds. She bobbed her head up and down and swirled her tongue around the veins bulging from his cock. Jason put his hand on his mother’s head and thrust into her mouth each time her lips plunged down his shaft. The tip of his cock jabbed at the opening to her throat.

Jason was groaning when Linda pulled her lips from the tip and wrapped her hand around his shaft. She kissed her way along the underside using her tongue to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings. She licked his balls and sucked each one into her mouth. Her hand continued to stroke his cock. Linda slowly kissed back up his length and flicked her tongue back and forth across his knob. Jason was seeing stars. He could feel cum quickly regenerating in his balls.

Linda’s pussy was in desperate need of attention. Sucking Jason’s cock had stirred her juices. Linda shifted on the bed and threw her leg over Jason’s head. She lowered her pussy to his mouth. Jason clamped his mouth around her shaved mound and plunged his tongue into her juicy cunt.

Linda opened her throat and felt his cock slide deeper. Her lips met his pubic hair. She rubbed her pussy back and forth across Jason’s nose, lips and chin smearing cunt juice on his face. Her throat muscles massaged his pulsating cock. Jason felt his head spinning. The excitement of licking his mother’s pussy and the excruciating pleasure from having his cock down her throat had him ready to explode.

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