Taste Test

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I noticed there were still few cars parked in front of our house as I pulled into the drive-way at 11:30 at night. My parents throw a birthday party for my sister Teri’s 18th birthday and allowed her to invite bunch of her friends over to celebrate her big day, even though her real birthday was couple of days earlier during the week. I didn’t want to spend the evening at home and spoil the fun for Teri, while she was entertaining bunch of her friends and therefore, went out to visit couple friends of my own.

I parked my car and entered the house, grabbed two bottles of beer from the refrigerator and started to head upstairs to my room, when Teri came up from the basement with a big smile to greet me.

“Hey, you just got home??” Teri inquired with her wicked grin on her face.

“Yah, I see your party is still going strong.. ” I responded and kept on moving towards my room upstairs.

“Hey, Ray…can I talk to you about something?”

“Sure…You want me to give someone a ride home or something?”

“No, that’s not it..I want to help settle a dispute between two friends…”

“What? ” I asked turning around to see her standing at the bottom of the stairway.

“Can I come to you room and explain? I cannot tell you about it here..” Teri said as she was trying to hold back her giggle.

“Sure.. This better not be a joke or something that you and your friends are trying to pull, ok..” I warned her as I began to smell that she was up to some mischief.

Our parents were already in their bedroom watching TV, which is next to mine. Our father is no longer able to hold more than few drinks and stay awake on weekends, so usually our mother also goes to the room early, but often times she stays up little longer to watch a movie.

I entered my room with Teri following me stem behind. As soon as she entered the room, she closed the door and sat on the bed as I waited to hear what she had to say.

“Ok Ray.. I don’t know how to start this… let me try…. Hmmm.. Okay, first you have to swear that you won’t tell anyone this, whether you decide to help or not, do you promise? ” Teri had trouble starting whatever she wanted to say, but she still had that wicked smile on her face.

“Wait..a minute, what do you want me to swear to? Are you guyss planning a murder or something…?”

“No, Ray …you may even like what I am going to ask you to do, but just in case, I want to make sure you never ever talk about this with anyone” Now I was puzzled. I nodded as I agreed to keep whatever she had to say as our secret and she continued with her words.

“Ok. Two of my friends here have dated the same boy. Even though they don’t go out with this guy anymore, they want to find out the truth in what he said to both of them about something…”

“What do I have to do with this guy and who are these girls?” I interrupted

“That’s what I am trying to get to Ray, but you not helping…” Teri was little annoyed that I didn’t let her complete her story and she let it be known by making her face.

“It is kind of hard to tell you… okay..This guy told each girl she was the tastiest…now they want to find out which one really is the testiest….do you follow me?”

“No Teri, I don’t….What do you mean by testiest?” I said as I had no idea where Teri was going and how I can help.

“I know I wasn’t clear…Ok.. Let me try again….This guy had gone down on each girl when they were dating. So, he told each one that she was the sweetest and the best down there. Now you know…. They are all straight girls and no girl want to sample them down there and tell which one really is the best. So….hmmmm… I told them I can probably find a volunteer that neither one of them knew to taste them both and report….Can you?”

Woww!!! I said to myself. I never in my wildest dreams expected my sister to offer two of her friends puss’s to me just like she just did. However, I still wasn’t sure if she was teasing me or she was serious. I just didn’t want to jump on her proposal and make a fool of myself in front of her friends and be the talk of her school. Yet, I cannot deny the fact that my cock growing beneath my jeans and now twitching continuously in excitement.

“Teri, do I know these girls?”

“No brother, you don’t. There are still six girls in the basement and two who are involved. We don’t want you to have their identity”

“So, why do you think I want to stick my tongue in some girl’s stinky ass? What do I get for doing that? You just want me to give them the thrill of their life for nothing?” I said hiding my excitement and seeing some opportunities to enjoy my evening.

“Well.. If you promise to do it and follow the rules, then you will get a reward” Teri said with a big smile and glancing at my crotch, which now visibly enlarged.

“What rules? What’s the reward for my hard work, if I do it?

“Stay here…I’ll be back in few minutes with final details, ok” Teri said with a soft voice and planted a soft kiss on my right check as she left my room.

I waited patiently to her to return with details of the plan that getting me more and more excited. I did get a glimpse at her friends earlier in the evening before I left to hang-out with my friends and don’t remember seeing a single bad looking girl. It is true that I didn’t see them up escort bostancı close, but the group of her friends can be easily mistaken for her schools cheerleader’s. My sister Teri is also a looker. She stood 5’4 with shoulder length blond hair, soft blue eyes and then the rest of her was even better. She had been physically active all her life so she was always toned and tanned. From top to bottom, she was magnificent. Her grapefruit size breasts were always bouncing when she laughed, never restrained by the harness of a bra. Her waist was slim yet defined. Then her ass, having watched it sway many a time before, it was simply marvelous! But unfortunately for me, she is my little sister. I always loved watching her long legs, her round ass and bouncing breasts. But I never forgot that she was my sister. I think in a way, I was afraid to ruin our relationship by any inappropriate conduct. But we talked freely about things including sex and other topics that interested us.

Teri returned to my room after few minutes with big smile as she has worked out the plan.

“Ok..Brother..You may have to pay me a huge amount for making your evening worthwhile now…”

“So, go on..Remember I haven’t agreed to anything yet. I need to everything in detail, especially on my reward if I do this”

“You will get a reward, I guarantee.. Now, four of my friends are spending the night here and they are getting ready to order a pay-per-view movie from the cable. I am going to tell them that I am going to drop off two friends at their houses and they are the ones who you get to judge”

“Ok.. What else?”

“Now…before they come to your room, I am going to blindfold you so you won’t know the identity of these girls and you are going to stay in your closet till they are ready and positioned on your bed. After that, you get to sample each one for few minutes, let say up to about five minutes each, up to three times and going to rate them by, Juiciest, best aroma and best taste. Once you are done, you lay on your bed to claim your reward. I’ll come back and untie your blindfold and you can give me the results then. Oh.. One more thing, both of them are going to be naked waist down and you can only touch that area only.”

“So, what’s going to be my reward?” I asked placing my hand over the crotch of my jeans to keep my dick from trying to burst out.

Teri smiled again glancing at my mid section “They won’t tell me Ray.. But they promised to make sure that your reward will make you cum, how’s that?” Now that was more appealing and I am more aroused than I could ever remember being.

“And if you take your blindfold off, then the deal is off too, you got it?”

“I’ve got it..”

“How and where would you like them?” Teri questioned and I thought for a moment and said, “How about lying sideways on my bed with their faces down and backs sticking out?”

‘Ok, I’ll make sure they will stay like that. Also, can you turn on your radio little softly, so our parents won’t hear any noises coming from your room” She asked and I nodded in agreement and complied.

With that Teri immediately went to work. She moved some of my clothes in the closet to a corner to make room to me to stand, cleared the area around my bed and found a dark cloth to tie around my eyes. Once she was done, I was escorted into my own closet, where I patiently waited for the excitement to begin.

While waiting for Teri to return with two girls I am about to sample, it suddenly occurred to me that I better off without my jeans for the job that I just about to start. So, I quickly opened the closet door to allow be move freely to remove my jeans and got back in just when I heard soft footsteps by my door. I heard the door opened slowly, squawking noise of the floor to follow. My heart started to pound in excitement of being fortunate to participate in this never planned, never expected opportunity to have two young pussy’s, I only hopped for in my wildest dreams. I don’t think my dick ever even went limb since Teri first discussed the possibility and I waited for the invitation to start the act. I heard couple of soft giggles coming from Teri’s friends as to tell me this was going to happen for real. And I hoped that they were as excited as I was and I was determined to make the most of it when the closet door slowly opened and pair of soft hands started to guide me in the direction of my bed. They must have turned the room light off and I couldn’t even see a tiny bit of light through the blindfolds.

Then, the disaster hit.. I froze to the sound of opening of a door outside in the hallway and few footsteps. I must have been in the middle of my room blindfolded with a hard dick almost sticking out of my boxes with couple of half naked girls. I slowly sat on the floor with my head stuck between my knees. I was afraid to remove my blindfold or for some reason I did not remove it. When I heard the same footsteps again, then the sound of closing a door, I realized it was most likely our mother going to the basement to check on girls and now she has retired to her room for the night. With that figured out, I was able to breathe once again and slowly crawl towards the bed hoping to find some breathing flesh.

I was delighted when my right hand hit some smooth, warm skin. I moved step forward till my shirtless stomach felt ümraniye escort the same skin and then I slowly started to measure what I found with my hands. I ran my hands over her silky smooth butt up her spinal code, then down to nice warm, silky thighs. I continued to caress her butt, while occasionally running my tongue over her skin. Her skin was so soft and warm that it set my passions on fire and even though she tried to close her thighs together, I kept on forcing my hand higher until I felt the crotch. I tucked my hand under her, cupped her crotch and planted my index finger over her clit and started kiss and lick her butt even more to get her aroused. I put my nose next to her thighs and to breathe in her aroma. Then I slowly, ever so slowly, I started to lick outer lips of her warm pussy, while keeping my left hand wrapped around her thigh to finger her clit. This girl was hot…. She lifted her butt little more off the bed to give me better access to my work area and started to grind her juicy pussy over my sticking tongue. I suspected it wasn’t going to take long to her to have her orgasm. While she was busy riding my tongue, I decided to explore the girl who should be next. Reaching to my right, I touched another thigh again. It was also smooth and soft. But for my surprise, this girl appeared to be sitting on my bed rather than lied with her face down. I ran my hand up and down on her thighs, slowly feeling them up.

The girl number one is still riding my tongue and I am now massaging her clit with little pressure to help her reach her orgasm. And you can tell by the movement of the bed that the girl # 1 may have totally forgotten that there was another girl, just few feet away from her. I slowly stuck my tongue out and touched her ass; she jumped, and moaned in delight, pressing her lovely ass into my face. Without hesitation, I buried my face and tongue as far as I could. As I did that, I shoved a finger into her pussy, going in a little, and then back out all the way, and then did it over and over again. I heard a moan and felt her thigh muscles tightening up around my face, now full of her lovely pussy juice running down to my chest. She moaned again softly not wanting to walkup my parents in next room and collapsed to the bed. And I was thrilled that I made one girl cum fast and hard.

I crawl slowly to girl on the other side, whose thighs I had been massaging. Without wasting any time, I started lick her inner thighs and ran my tongue up to her pussy, as she was sitting on the bet and I found one obstacle, she was still wore underpants beneath a long shirt or a skirt. Hmm.. I thought. May be this one is little shy, but I didn’t want her shyness or her panties to come between what I was contracted to do. I slowly slid my hand inside her shorts while still licking and kissing her silky smooth skin of her thighs and she did not object, which was a good sign. Then I gently, and slowly, spread this girl’s legs apart. She offered no resistance, in fact she shifted her butt on the bed, so her pubic area was easier to get at. I started kissing way up her thigh, kissed until almost the very end of her thigh, then switched to my fingers, started back at the knees and gently traced way up her thighs.

I moved down and kissed right where her panties started, moving it sideways to expose her now leaking pussy lips. I kissed again, a little higher near her groin while massaging her pussy. I smelt the aroma coming from her pussy as started cooperated by slowly lifting her butt again to allow me to move her panties more to free her pussy, now soaked and dripping. I lowered my lips to it and kissed gently and heard her moan in pleasure. I kept one index finger running over girl number 2’s clit back and forth and moved my mouth down to the wet spot and gently sucked on the thin fabric. She was so turned on at this point she grabbed my head and forced it hard against her mound. I stopped long enough to gently remove her panties down off her legs and allowed the sweet aroma of her pussy to escape and mingle with aroma that was already filling the room. I eased her into my mouth and so she lowered her hips quickly, thereby filling my mouth with her delicious pussy. I used my fingers to massage along her slit as I licked and sucked her clit. Almost without warning, she let out a long, but weak moan and her body gave a heave, then she collapsed back onto the bed. I continued to lick and suck her clit while keeping her legs spreads. My dick was so hard now that it was becoming painful. I reached my left hand to find the girl

, who I was to revisit and searched for her ass to reinitiate her by rubbing her there, when I felt soft skin landing on my right thigh and rubbing me up and down. Second later I realized the touch on my thigh came from someone’s soft foot and toes. Hmm.. I thought. There must be another girl, girl
was indeed in the room with us.

I placed my right hand on the foot that was on my thigh and traced it up to another hip joint. Yap… girl
was in the room and I have more work to do before I can claim my reward. Vision of three hot girls pinning me down to my bed and kissing, sucking and making me cum all over them entered my mind causing my dick to ooze with precum.

Stopping what I was doing with first two girls, I picked up the foot that was rubbing my thigh with both hand and started kartal escort bayan to run my tongue between her toes. Then I took her toes into my mouth and sucked the slowly while caressing her leg as far as I can reach. That was enough to send girl
into ecstasy and I heard her moaning softly. I picked up her other foot, moving towards her and bending it at the knee upwards to me to get access to her pussy. I licked and sucked her left foot while roaming my spare hand over the soft, warm and silky skin of her round thighs. This girl was on fire… She scooted off the bed dragging her ass, stood up in front of me allowing me to lick her inner thighs and grab the end of her panties with my teeth and pull them down. I didn’t have to do all the work as I felt her rolling them down her legs, then she bent down and landed a wet kiss on my lips, massage my dick with her soft hands back and forth making me moan and wanting me wanting to mount my dick her mouth her right there and then. But I knew that I wasn’t ready to do that. I wanted to pleasure them as long as possible, hoping that they would do the same for me in return. I raised my hand up and found her face, lowered it to mine, where our lips met once more briefly. After a passionate kiss, I stuck my tongue in her mouth, allowing her to taste mixture of juice from there pussies. I massaged her glorious breasts over the light blouse she was wore then gently bit her nipples over the garment. Again, I focused my attention to her lower body by allowing her to stand with her left leg over my shoulder, as I was still on my knees. I resumed where I left of by kissing her inner thigh slowly while squeezing and massaging her splendid round buttocks and teasing her clit with my tongue at the same time. By this time, I can feel her hot juice dripping down sides of my mouth down my neck and soaking my T-shirt. That was a good sign, I thought and I was doing the job that I was hired to do. I was also pleased as I heard her moan and started to rock her hips rhythmically, as she was dancing to the moves of my tongue. Her moans started get longer as she was nearing what appeared to be an orgasm. She must have wanted me to stop teasing her and lick her pussy deeply and entirely when I noticed her body movement bed and hip movement towards my mouth, yet still keeping one leg over my shoulder to leverage her pussy movement.

When she started to moan and grind against my face in earnest, I sucked her clit and fucked her silly with my right two fingers, while holding her ass cheeks with me left, squeezing massaging and occasionally running my middle finger in her crack. She came, gripping my face with her thighs and finger now stuck in her tight asshole and leaking cum down her thighs, and my fingers running down to my elbow. She gave me on hell of a ride, as her orgasm ripped through her. I was surprised how she managed not to make any loud noises, except for the moans when she experienced a shattering orgasm, or did she block my ear cannels with her thighs to block the noise? She rode me for bit longer and she collapsed sliding her ass down on my chest and landed on my lap, allowing her hot cum to ooze down my painfully hard dick. I slowly rocked my hips to feel her hotness around my dick, but I was careful not to rock too hard, knowing that it wouldn’t take long to me to erupt.

Minute later, the girl
got up to her feet and pulled me up slowly to my feet. I erected my upper body first, running my nose over her round thighs and wrapping my around her butt. Then I rubbed my dick between her inner thighs and let it settle between her parted pussy lips. I knew this girl was hot and she was longing for my dick now, but I wanted to enjoy them for another round, so I held her tight for a minute enjoying her soft skin and her aroma, till she pulled me by my dick and guided me to the girl


I didn’t want to waste any time as my dick was hurting from being erected beyond its limits and being deprived of unloading what has been boiling inside my sack for a while. I wanted to bring these girls to enjoy one more orgasm at least and go on to claim my reward. I quickly resumed the action from where I left off with girl

. I kneeled between her legs and parted her pussy lips for quick action. The tip of my tongue played with her tiny ball of pleasure, as my hands carefully spread apart her petals allowing my mouth to fall inside her sweet center and consume her honey nectar. My tongue performed a thousand ballets and as her body began to tremble, my oral instrument of pleasure somehow knew how to dance on Pointe. To my pleasant surprise, it was girl

who performed the work. Her clitoris was located neatly in-between my lips, and I sucked on it as I would any lollypop. Suddenly, in reaction to the intense sucking and fingering I was giving the girl who I was serving on my knees, I heard moans and stiffening of her body. I kept my tongue tied tightly around her clit for a few seconds longer and I knew she was ready to explode. Her hips began thrusting into my face as the weight in her arms turn into the solid lead inside her whole body. I continued to suck every last convulsion out of her before I stood up and kissed her back, while running my hand under her blouse and massage her hard tits. Her tits weren’t that large, but nicely fit between my fingers. I lowered my body to her, bringing my dick between her legs, slowly running it between her smooth and juicy pussy lips and she did not object. I continued with that motion while sticking my face between back of her shoulder and neck and proceeded to kiss her and tongue her ear as I did with her cunt minutes earlier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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