Tale of Two Twins Ch. 02

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After school that day, when Sam came back into my car, I must admit – I was a little nervous.

“Hi” I said hollowly. “How was your day?”

“Not bad. Mr. Helitzne (Her government teacher) gave the most boring lecture today. Ugh. And then you know what Tommy said to me today? I was…” Once I figured there wasn’t going to be much regarding me, I stopped listening. I can tell you that Mr. Helitzne gives a boring lecture every day, and Tommy has never said anything nice to Sam. I give up. I sat staring into her eyes for a few moments, nodding in agreement, and then started the car.

…and then the most exciting thing of all! Guess what!?” Thank God for selective hearing.

“Hm?” I mumbled from behind the steering wheel, more as instinct, rather than care.

“Since Mom and Dad don’t get back until Sunday night, I’m inviting some of my friends over for a slumber party! Won’t that be fun?” Her voice got continuously higher with the excitement; however, it took me a few moments before I could share in that excitement. At first, all I could see was six or seven of her girlfriends running around the house, trashing the place screaming and giggling about boys. Then I realized. There would be six or seven, energetic, sexually active of my hot sister’s girlfriends, running around giggling about boys, like me!

“Awesome! Don’t you just love it when Mom and Dad are out?”

“Fuck yea! You have no idea.” We were pulling into the driveway by now, and I stopped the car. “How much homework did Ms. Grommik give you today? Oh wait. I bet you just fucked her again!” Sam had this strange idea that I fucked Ms. Grommik in class every day. Now, it wasn’t a bad fantasy, and I’ve certainly beaten one off or two to the images of her beautiful 25 year old body bouncing up and down on my cock. He soft voice whimpering with every penetration, and then the sudden, and intense climax as she jumps down on my dick, leans over, and gives me the most intense kiss ever. And then my cum leaking into her soft, warm and wet hole as she lay on top of me in her classroom. But, as great as a fantasy as that is, I doubt I’d ever have the chance.

“Why do you always think that I’m having sex with Ms. Grommik? That’s disgusting!” I said, evading any chance she’d know about my fantasy.

“I’ve heard you yelling her name as you beat off in your room.” She said frankly, turning her head towards mine.

I got out of the car and grabbed my bag. “You’ve heard that!?” By now, I was bright red.

“Heard it? God. It turned me on so much I drilled a small hole in the wall to watch it!” Her smile was devious now.

“How long have you been spying on me?”

“A long time, brother. I’ve watched you beat off to those poorly hidden porn magazines under your bed, to internet porn, to your Ms. Grommik fantasies, as well as fantasies about Stacy (Sam’s best friend), some girl named Julian (A girl I once made out with in a janitor’s closet at school, before almost getting caught. Perhaps the closest bostancı escort bayan I had come to having sex, before this morning.), I’ve seen it all, Derrek. You’re what got me so into porn!”

“You watch porn?” I guess I never figured women watch porn. I unlatched the front door’s lock.
“Hell yes! I love watching men shove their cocks into women! Ahh. In. Out. In. Out.” We walked into the kitchen, putting our bags down. “And then when they cum inside her – Oh that gets me. I love masturbating to you, though.” She turned around, and began to walk upstairs, but not without giving me a wink first.

“What do you mean?” I snapped quickly, but she rounded the top of the stairs and headed to her room. I ran up following her. By the time I caught up, she was already on her computer loading a video. I stood at her doorway, silent. I wanted to see what it was. Suddenly the video finished loading and an image of me in the shower appeared on her screen. I nearly gasped audibly at the fact my sister watches me shower. And more so at the fact she had gone through the trouble of setting up a camera! Hole in my wall, my ass! I stood there silently as she slipped her hand into her skirt top with a small giggle as she found her pussy lips. In the video, I reached down and applied a load of shampoo to my cock and began to pump my hips forward and backward as if having sex. She lifted her legs onto the desk and started moving her arm faster. With each thrust forward came a small moan or whimper as her soft pussy was penetrated by her fingers. As my member was wrapped in soap and my hips thrust forward faster, faster, faster, my moans got louder, louder, louder. I had never realized I moaned when I masturbated like that. “Had Mom and Dad heard? Do they know?” I wondered. Suddenly, Sam broke out yelling, “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Oooh!” Her voice wavering with every thrust, both on the screen, and from her hand. Our orgasms were as synchronized as our thrusts and she squirted a load onto the keyboard of her computer. I left her doorway and went back downstairs to avoid being caught. To be honest, I don’t know why I was so worried about it. We had fucked, I suppose. I was hungry, and with the number of orgasms she experienced, I was sure she was too so I ordered a pizza for delivery. Sam stayed upstairs until shortly before the pizza came. When she arrived in the Kitchen she was in a pair of boyshorts, and a lace bra that was practically see through. The shorts were so tight, her camel toe was the only thing any guy could look at on her.

“Hey brother. Why aren’t you ready for the festivities tonight?” She asked. Her blonde pigtails bounced to the side as she cocked her head.

“Didn’t know it was such a fancy affair! I’ll go up and get ready, pizza is on its way.” I noticed her nipples were hard.

“You ordered enough for us right?”

“Yea, I didn’t know how many, so I got enough for seven hungry wolves. Should that do?” I joked and ran upstairs. I changed into some ümraniye escort grey sweats and a tight tee-shirt, fixed my hair up a little, and jogged back down to my cum-craving sister.

“This better?” I asked as I entered the Kitchen.

“Much. Oh how I love those abs. You promise me to never stop working out.” She said with a glare. Her eyes began to light up with fire, but my cock started to say “Oh God. How many times can you go in one day, girl?” The doorbell rang and broke our thoughts. I swung the door open to the shining face of a pizza woman. A very beautiful pizza woman who rose my cock, and had a revealing shirt on.

“Hi, four large Pepperonis?” Her voice, however, was much less appealing.

“Yea.” I said, a little aghast at the contrast.

“$25 even, hun.” Hun? Really, she was maybe 25. Who says “Hun” these days? I handed her the change and took the pizzas.

“Have a wonderful night.” She said, a little blank. I turned around with the pizzas, shutting the door only to see Sam sitting on the steps in full view of the door, licking her finger passionately.

“Dear God Sam. Save some of yourself for the party!”

“Oh, but that’s almost twenty minutes away!”

“I’m sure you can do it.”

We set the pizzas down in the kitchen and walked over to watch some TV while we waited for the guests to arrive to Sam’s sleepover. We sat down on the sofa and flicked the TV onto some station with a show about animals on. Sam wrapped her arm and leg around me, and snuggled for those long, long, twenty minutes.

“Big brother (She called me Big Brother for some reason. She even came out first.), do you love me?” Her eyes pierced my soul and demanded the truth.

“Why, of course Sam. I’d always protect you.”

“Would you do anything for me?”

“Sure. Sure. You’re my sister, I’m supposed to.” She stuck her tongue out and flicked my ear with it, and began to nibble at it. Then the doorbell rang.

“Coming!” She shouted right in my ear. Ouch. I flinched a little. Deafened I turned around to watch Sam bounce her tight ass over to the door and swing it open. Hot Damn. Stacy. In her cheerleading uniform. This day was the best day in the world!

“Hey Sammy!” She squeaked, as most teenage girls do when they’re excited, and hugged my sister tightly. “Julia is on her way right behind me, and I know that Rico and Devin are going to be a little late but not much.”

“Oh good. It’d be hard to have a party without an even number, right?” Sam replied and began to walk Stacy up to the TV room where I was sitting when Julia walked in.

“Sam!” Another, similar squeak. Julia, though. Had a pea coat on – minor disappointment.

The tree walked into the room where I was sitting and I stood up to greet them. Seeing Stacy in her cheerleading outfit was making me nervous and when I stuck out my hand to shake hers, I went too far, straight into her chest.

“Somebody’s eager!” She said giggling.

“Sorry” escort kartal I said, quickly retracting my hand to a more appropriate place.

“Haha, no problem, babe” she replied, winking.

“Pizza is in the kitchen if anybody wants it.” Sam said, breaking the awkward moment that was stewing. The girls left to get some pizza from the kitchen, but I lingered behind so I could get a great view of their rears. I heard the front door open and a male voice say “Hi ladies!” Must’ve been Rico and Devin.

“Hey boys!” Julia replied slowly, “Get some pizza and join us over there in the living room, mkay?”

“Pizza, comfy sofa, hot chicks? I think that sounds pretty fine to me!” Devin said.

The group grabbed their pizzas and ate out in the living room as we watched a terrible indie movie that Rico had found on youtube. It was about a guy who found a thousand dollars, but it turned out it was counterfeit. At least it kept us entertained for a while. Afterwards, Julia suggested a game of truth or dare! Yes! This was finally it! Maybe now I’ll get to fuck one of them! The thought was thrilling. Sure, I had fucked my sister, but I mean, c’mon, she was my sister! Julia shrugged off her coat to reveal a lace bra, and matching pink panties – really quite revealing.

“Mmm” Stacy purred as she scooted closer.

“Me first!” Yelled Devin, before anyone else could. “Hmm. Kay, Stacy. Truth or Dare?”

The words exited his mouth. Truth or Dare? It stung with excitement.

“I think I’ll start easy. Truth” Stacy said with an evil grin.

After thinking for a moment, “Have you ever fucked a girl?” I was a little surprised he started out the game so forward.

“Yea, but the better question is, have you?”

He said yes and then told her that her turn had been used. A small fight broke out between them, which turned from verbal to physical when she pounced on him – giggling. The wrestled for a minute, and then just began to make out.

“Oh! That’s so hot!” Stacy began to moan, and then she grabbed me and mimicked. Rico and Sam quickly decided not to be left out. The room filled with moans as the three couples began to kiss and hug eachother. I was growing impatient and my inhibitions left my side and unlatched Stacy’s bra and it fell to the floor.

“Ooh, somebody’s eager.” She moaned, breaking away from the kiss to pull down my sweats. I looked over at Sam to see her undressing herself on top of Rico, and then to my left to see the entirely naked couple dry humping eachother. Stacy hugged my cock with her lips as she thrust her head forward. The warmth of the saliva was intoxicating as her tongue rolled around my tender head. I wrapped my legs around her back, and began to thrust my hips forward penetrating her sweet mouth.

“Mm- mm- mm- mm!” Each thrust broke her moan, and went deeper, and deeper. Over the sounds of the moans and ecstacy that was growing in the air – for now Julia and Devin were beginning to fuck, a quiet “Meep Meep” was heard from the driveway, followed by the slamming of a car door. Our heads all shot up.

“Fuuck!!” Sam yelled – not for being penetrated.

“Shit! Mom and Dad?” I said.

“What are we going to do?” Sam said, almost cyring.

Keep tuned for Part 3!

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