Taking Care of My Brother

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My brother Adam was so excited. He had just turned twenty and finally had enough money to move out on his own. He had a really nice apartment with a pool close to his job. He was close enough to work that he often would walk. A week after he moved out a drunk driver just going home at 7:00 AM jumped the curb and hit Adam. He barely bumped my brother’s hip but when Adam fell he cracked his head on the edge of a concrete wall and was knocked out. Adam spent several days in the hospital before he was released.

Adam didn’t want to be at home alone. He was suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI, which caused him some memory issues. In addition to his TBI he was having headaches that were so bad the drugs he took meant he was often barley lucid, and would sleep allot. Some days were better than others, but most days he would take his tablets and be in bed by 8:00.

One day Adam had said his good nights and went to bed, he wasn’t in bed more than a few minutes when his phone rang. Rodger a friend of his wanted to talk to him so I went to see if Adam was still awake. I knocked on his door and when he didn’t answer I walked on in. My brother was sound asleep on his back, the sheet pulled down low on his waist. I walked up to the bed to shake him and could see the head of his penis poking out from under the sheet. My brother had an erection. I had never seen a real penis before and here I was not a foot away. I could hear Rodger yelling. “Hey! Anyone there? Diane? Are you there?”

“Hang on Rog. I am in his room. He’s asleep. Just a sec.” So I gave Adam a good shake on his shoulder. “Sorry Rodger. He is fast asleep. Want to leave a message?” Rodger gave me the message and I hung up. I couldn’t stop looking at that penis. I pulled the sheets down a little more so I could see his entire penis. I wanted to touch it. See what it felt like. I decided to put Adam’s phone in the kitchen in case it rang again and came back. For several minutes I just stood there looking at my brothers penis. It wasn’t hard any more, now it was less then half the size. I still wanted to see what it felt like.

“Adam. Adam. Are you awake?” I gave him another shake, but his meds had him knocked out. So I touched my brother’s penis. The skin was so soft. The ridge around the penis head felt so good, different from the shaft, still so soft but firmer. I played with his balls. They were larger than I thought balls would be. I started wondering how men managed to sit or walk with a cock and balls hanging between their legs. The feel of those balls moving around in his sac was really getting me horny. With one hand messaging his balls I used the other to stroke his penis. Adam was still flaccid; I squeezed and stroked him gently. I was thinking about putting him in my mouth when I heard the garage door opening. Damn one of my parents is home. I gave my brother a kiss on the lips, pulled the sheets up and went to see who was home.

As I got to the kitchen both my parents were just coming in from the garage. We said our hellos and I gave them each a hug like always then went to see what was on the TV. I couldn’t pay attention to what was on, all I could think about was Adam’s penis in my hand. The fact that he was my brother and I shouldn’t be thinking about him like that crossed my mind briefly but it didn’t feel wrong. It felt more wrong that I was taking advantage of him while he was on his meds than the fact I had been playing with my brothers penis and planed on doing it again. I told my parents that the TV didn’t interest me tonight and that I was going to bed to read.

As I lay in bed I thought of my brother. Adam and I would often share feelings with each other that we would never tell anyone else. On my last birthday we were alone on the couch and I told him that I had never kissed a boy. So being a good big brother he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I punched him. “That’s not what I mean and you know it.” So he leaned over again and gave me a peck on the lips. I punched him again. “Stop making fun of me. You can be such a butt head sometimes.”

“Would you like to make out? For real? Like we were boyfriend and girlfriend?” As my brother asked I couldn’t tell if he was joking or for real.

“What do you mean? You aren’t my boyfriend, you are my brother.” I was confused.

“For the next few minutes pretend I am Rodger. I can tell you like him. Just picture him.” Then Adam leaned over again and started to kiss me. I didn’t move at first, I didn’t know what to do. Adam was my brother. Then as I felt Adam’s tongue against my lips I relaxed and allowed him to kiss me. It didn’t take me long to relax enough to start enjoying the moment. We made out for about 20 minutes. A few times Adam messaged my boobs. It felt really nice. I am glad I had taken my bra off after school so I could really feel his hand. Then the damn phone rang.

“Now you can’t say you haven’t been kissed. He gave me another quick peck on the lips. Diane for a sister you are all right I love you.” The sincerity in the way my brother told me he loved bostancı escort me made me cry and I hugged him hard and kissed him again on this lips. Not like a girlfriend but like a sister. I was thinking about that now. Making out with my brother then didn’t make me think of sex. It was more fun and satisfying my curiosity than sexual. I loved Adam more as a brother after that. We would hug more than most siblings. But he was my brother and that is the only way I ever thought of him. Until tonight, now all I could think about was Adam’s cock and how I wanted to touch it, what I wanted to do with it. I took off my panties and started to masturbate. I was so wet. I pushed my middle finger deep into my pussy to get my fingers wet then started to stroke my clit. Slowly back and forth, gently pinching it between my fingers. OH god. I was horny. With my left hand I had two fingers moving in and out of my pussy as fast as I could as I gently rolled my clit between my fingers. I shuddered and let out a loud moan as I came. I was still shaking when I heard a knock on my door. I pulled the sheets up just as my mom poked her head in. “Are you ok? I heard a strange sound.”

“I am fine mom. Night.” I’m sure she could tell what I was doing. I could feel the heat in my cheeks, I knew I was flushed and my voice was shaky. She told me she was sorry to have disturbed me and gave me another good night. It wasn’t the first time she had caught me playing with myself. The first time she didn’t knock, just walked in my room as I was on the bed with one hand in my pussy and was sucking my juice off the fingers of the other. My mom told me everyone does it and left.

I didn’t sleep very well that night all I could think of was touching my brother’s cock. A little after midnight I got up and snuck into Adam’s room. I just stood near his bed and watched him sleep. He looked so peaceful lying on his side gently breathing. I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“Diane? Is something wrong? What are you doing?” Adam was barely awake, his eyes were only half open and his speech was heavy.

“Sorry I woke you. I had a nightmare and just wanted to be with you for a minute. Go back to sleep.” I gave him another light kiss this time on his neck. He was asleep before I could stand back up. Then I went to bed and sleep till morning. When I saw Adam at breakfast he looked at me a little confused.

“Diane? Were you in my room last night?”

“Yes.” I said. I knew I was blushing. “I am sorry. I had a bad dream and wanted to be with you until the dream went away. I didn’t mean to wake you.” Adam came over and gave me a big hug and assured me that he didn’t mind. He told me I could wake him anytime. My thoughts again turned to his penis what why I really wanted to be with him.

For the next two days our parents for the most part stayed home. I was afraid to risk visiting Adam. They would freak if they caught me with Adam’s penis in my hands. On the third day things worked out better than I could have hoped, just after breakfast my parents announced they would be gone for the day, and may not be home until near mid-night. At last. Now I only need to wait until dinner for Adam to go to bed, or so I thought. Just after lunch when I came in from doing some chores outside I noticed Adam taking a handful of his meds, he didn’t look very good.

“Having a bad day brother?” He nodded his head slowly.

“Yea. Got to sleep. Please try to wake me for dinner tonight. Don’t try to hard. If I don’t wake just let me rest.” And he was gone. I hate to see my brother hurting so much but I was so horny and wanted his cock so bad it made me feel guilty that his pain brought me pleasure. After about 45 minutes I went and knocked on his door. When he didn’t answer I went and tried to wake him. He was out and sleeping on his back. I pulled the sheets down and wasted no time putting his penis in one hand and those balls in the other. I played with his flaccid penis for several minutes and he never got hard. I really wanted to feel my brother’s cock in my mouth so I did. I was easily able to take his entire penis and some of his balls in my mouth.

I loved the feel of Adam’s penis in my mouth. The way the ridge around the head felt as my lips moved over it. The sponginess of the penis itself was amazing, I sucked and let his still flaccid member roll back and forth in my mouth. I knew my pussy was wet with desire. Then he started to get hard. I continued to suck and move that dick in and out of my mouth. By the time my brother’s cock was fully erect I could only manage to get about two-thirds in my mouth. Adam’s penis felt so different but still very much the same now that he was hard. I stopped my blowjob long enough to just stroke him with my hands and admire the cock I was holding.

Then I continued where I left off. I sucked and stroked my brother for about 15 minutes then I could feel his balls tighten as he came. I gagged a little at first. His cum caught me by surprise. There was so much of it and the force of his ejaculation ümraniye escort bayan caught me off guard. I did manage to swallow every drop. I liked the slightly salty, slightly bitter taste of his cum. I kept his cock in my mouth to enjoy the feeling as it deflated. I kept sucking and managed to suck out a little more cum. When there was no more cum left I gave Adam a firm kiss on his lips. This time he kissed back slightly as he slept. From there I went to my room stripped and took care of myself. I didn’t bother closing my door. My folks were gone, and a part of me wished Adam would wake early and catch me.

Around dinnertime I tried to wake Adam like he asked, I just walked in and tried calling his name. When that didn’t wake him I shook him slightly. He still slept. I couldn’t help myself; I had to see his penis so I slowly pulled the sheets down to give me a good view. I didn’t dare touch him since I know his meds were about worn off. As I stared at the penis I had just sucked off a couple hours earlier I again gave my brother a gentle shake on his shoulders and called his name. This time I got a quite moan but he was still asleep. I left him and went to fix dinner for us, as I left his room I left him uncovered and the door open.

After I put our dinner in the oven I again went to try to wake him. I gave him a gentle shake and called his name. The sheet was right where I left it and he was now fully erect. Man how I wanted that cock in me. In my mouth, in my virgin pussy, just in me, now. His eyes fluttered a bit and he mumbled that he was awake and would get up in a minute. I wanted to tell him that I could tell he was already up.

When Adam staggered into the kitchen a few minutes later and sat heavily at the table he looked at me a bit embarrassed.

“Diane. When you woke me. Was I covered?” He was so cute. He was red faced with embarrassment.

“I guess. Didn’t really notice. Why?” I’m glad I had my back to him while I worked on the stove or he would know I was lying.

“Oh nothing.” He answered in obvious relief.

“Besides Adam. I am your little sister. I would have never even noticed if you were naked. Why even if you had a hard on I wouldn’t have noticed.” When I looked at him the expression on his face made me bust out laughing. I was about to piss myself. I guess my laughter eased his embarrassment some because he told me I was a bitch and went to pee.

“What’s a matter Adam? Why didn’t you pee when you first woke up? Oh, I know your cock was hard.” Dinner was standard we talked a bit but it was clear Adam was still not feeling well and was ready to get back to bed. I told him to let me take care of the dishes and for him to get back to bed. He thanked me for being so nice, took a handful of pain pills, showered and went back to bed. I was not being nice. I wanted him to pass out again so I could suck on that beautiful cock of his.

After I finished cleaning the kitchen I went and put on my sleep shirt, an extra large T-shirt, I took off my panties and went to give Adam another blowjob. Just like before I gave him a gentle shake and called his name, then wasted no time getting that cock in my mouth. And just like before it took several minutes of sucking and fondling before my brother got hard. I didn’t mind. I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth hard or soft. When I felt Adam’s balls start to tighten up I was ready for the explosion of cum. Only he didn’t explode as hard as before and he came less. I guess since this was his second blowjob of the day I relieved some of his built up pressure. After I finished sucking out every last drop of cum I gave him a kiss and just for fun fingered my pussy just a little and wiped my juices on Adam’s mouth. Then I went and finished myself in my bed.

For the next several days Adam seemed much better. I wondered if my special care was helping? I was horny as a toad. My parents were home more than usual and Adam didn’t need his pain meds, which meant I couldn’t take advantage of him. I need his cock in my mouth. Then Adam solved my problem for me.

“Diane I need to go to my apartment and get a few things. Grab your suit and we can go for a swim while we are there.” Outstanding. I knew instantly how to get a hold of my brother’s penis, only this time he would be awake.

When Adam and I got to his apartment he went into his room to change and I changed in the living room. Adam stayed in his room until I told him I was done. I made sure I wore my skimpiest two-piece bikini. I had bought it last year but after I got it home I was afraid to wear it because it didn’t cover much. When Adam saw me he just stared.

“Diane. When did you grow up? WOW! You are hot. Does mom know you have that bikini? WOW!”

“No she doesn’t and you aren’t going to tell her. Do you see anything you like big brother?” I stepped over to him and gave him a hug making sure to press my boobs against his bare chest. My boobs are pretty small but they are all I have. As I released my hug I gave him a peck on the cheek. I was hoping kartal escort he would hug me back so I could feel his arms around me, but he just stood there, still in shock. As I moved away from him I made a point of examining him from head to tow. “Adam. You are pretty hot yourself. I never really checked you out before.” As I was obviously undressing him with my eyes I could see him getting an erection, which made me horny as hell.

“What the hell are you doing? Are you picturing me naked?”

“Me? Oh no. Not me. I am your sister. By the way I think you have a hard on. Is that from looking at your little sister?” As he stood there not knowing what to say I ran out and towards the pool. Adam easily caught up after locking the door. Once we got to the pool he picked me up and threw me in. “There, you horny little girl maybe that will cool you off.” When I came up for air I made sure to be facing away from him incase my top shifted. There was just enough material to cover my areoles. My breasts are small “A” cups but my areoles are rather large and would be more proportional on “C” cup titties. When I looked down I noticed my brother wasn’t the only one with a hard on. The material of my suit left little to the imagination. Anyone looking would easily have a good mental image of my nipples. Adam was still standing on the side of the pool. So I decided to take advantage of the situation. I got out of the pool and walked up to Adam who still had a hard on. He made no attempt at hiding the fact he was staring at my tits.

“What are you looking at? Do you like staring at my tits?”

“You better not let mom or dad see you in that suit. Especially when your nipples are turned on.” Adam was turning red and was still staring at me.

“You had better not let mom or dad see you staring at my tits like that. My nipples aren’t the only things turned on. You are still sporting a hard on in case you haven’t noticed. My, my. My big brother Adam has a hard on for his little sister. We can do this later when we are alone.” I started pushing him towards the pool. “Right now lets get wet and cool off. We both jumped in the water. After a few minutes the sexual tension eased off a bit and we were able to play some water volleyball. All was going well until I jumped out of the water fast dislodging my top giving Adam a good view of my entire left boob. Adam again turned bright red.

“Sorry sis. I think it is time to go.” He got out and went straight to his apartment. By the time I gathered our things and let myself in he was already in the shower rinsing of the pool water. I decided to go for broke. I stripped down to join him. As I stepped into the shower I saw his hand going full speed on his cock.


“Beating off over your hot sister? Turn around and look at me as you do that. Stop imagining and look at the real thing.”

“Have you lost all sense? I’m your brother now get out.” He stood there in his small shower stall with his back to me and both hands covering his cock.

“I’m not leaving. I am between you and the door. You could always push your way past, but then you will have to look at me and touch me. Please brother touch me, or let me touch you. Let me finish what you started.”

“What the hell. First you parade that suit in front of me. Flash your tit at me now you are naked and want to give me a hand job?”

“Please big brother. You always cum when I play with your cock.” I took a step forward pressed my boobs against Adam’s back and started to rub his chest and stomach working my way down.

“What do you mean I always cum?”

“Adam when load up on your meds you can sleep through anything. Including a blowjob. Now let me take care of you while you are awake enough to show me how much you enjoy my mouth on your cock, then please eat my pussy and take my virginity.” Then I reached down and he allowed me to start stroking his cock.

“You do what? How often to you visit me?”

“We can talk later. Let’s get in bed.” I held on to his cock and lead him toward the bed. He followed still trying to make sense of what was happening. When we got to his bed still dripping water I pushed him down and lay down on top of him. When I started to kiss him he accepted me and we just deep kissed for the longest. As we kissed I could feel my brother relaxing and getting into what we were doing as he started to rubbing my breasts. We rolled over so Adam was on top as he started to kiss my neck moving down and circling first my left nipple then my right with his tongue but not actually touching my nipple as he moved his lips down my stomach stopping long enough to tongue my belly button as he continued to move down to my very wet pussy. I had just shaved before leaving the house. I had to be clean-shaven to wear my skimpy bikini. I came as soon as my brother started to lick my pussy lips, he was the first boy to touch me there, and the fact he was my big brother made it even more of a turn on. Adam never stopped licking my pussy as I squirmed and moaned and begged him to stop for just a second. When he put his finger in my hole as he continued to lick I came again. This time he stopped when I begged him to. He didn’t completely stop. He continued to touch my pussy gently with his fingers as he started to suck on my nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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