Summer Seduction

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The summer air is hanging like a hot blanket over the city. The smoldering heat is stifling-yet strangely erotic. A night that can only be described by one word: sultry.

You walk to the refrigerator in search of a cold drink, but a soft noise causes you to turn your head, and your blood stirs at the sight that greets you through the open glass door to the balcony.

I am leaning against the wall, looking out at the vast city, trying to catch what little breeze there is. I am wearing only a short, thin dress with tiny straps. The dress barely touches the top of my thighs, and you can tell from where you are that I am not wearing a bra underneath. Grinning to yourself, you wonder, “What else aren’t you wearing?”

The refrigerator now forgotten, you begin to slowly stalk me. Unaware of being watched, I lift a hand to sweep my long, heavy hair off of the back of my neck, causing my dress to inch up even higher. You stop to enjoy the enticing view.

It’s then that you notice I hold a tall glass of ice water in my other hand. I slowly drag the cold glass across my chest, and up the side of my neck. My eyes drift shut, and I sigh with pleasure-the soft sound causes your body to tighten in response.

You move towards me, eyeing the single drop of moisture that blazes a trail down my neck, over my breast, and then disappears down my dress. Your blood boiling, you quietly step behind me. Just then, I let my hair fall back across my neck, and down my back. The silkiness brushes against your bare chest, and you inhale sharply at the sensation.

Aware of you now, I begin to turn around, but your hands grasp my hips to prevent me from doing so. I lean back into you, and rub my butt against your arousal. Groaning, you slide your hands around my waist and softly bite my neck. Another groan, this time from me. My neck arches to give you better access, and I feel your hot, wet tongue lick its way to my earlobe.

“Mmm…I like that.” Purring, I slide my hand behind me, between your legs, and I stroke you. escort bostancı “I like that even more!” I sigh.

You take the glass from my hand, and set it on the wall. “Place your hands on the wall, and leave them there!” Your voice is commanding and I freeze for a moment, unused to this side of you.

“Do it-Now!” This order is given with a sharp slap to my ass. There’s a slight stinging, but it is quickly drowned out by the excitement that now courses through me.

I try to stifle a moan, but you still hear me and chuckle quietly. You take an ice cube from the glass, and slide it up my arm and over my shoulders. It feels like heaven in this heat. Your lips and tongue trail behind the ice, licking up the moisture left behind. My body begins to shaken uncontrollably.

Suddenly, the ice leaves my skin and you kneel behind me. You slide your hand up my leg. Under my dress. Between my legs.

“Mmm, I am glad you are not wearing panties.”

I am panting now. “I was too hot.”

“Baby, it’s about to get even hotter.” Your voice rasps. Lifting my dress to my waist, you tell me to use a hand to hold it there, and I eagerly clutch my dress around my middle. Suddenly I feel cold, wet ice gliding up my legs and over my ass, the warmth of your lips following along. I crave the touch of your tongue, but you won’t give me what I want. What I need. Not yet. You gently spread my legs farther apart, and see how wet I have become with anticipation and desire. You groan in appreciation.

I let out a gasp as you suddenly push the ice cube into my pussy. I have never felt such a feeling and it drives me wild. “Oooohhh!!”

Your breath is now coming heavier. “You like that, baby?” But I’m panting too hard to answer. It feels like liquid heat, icy fire. It consumes me.

You begin to thrust the ice in and then out. In and out, again and again, until I throw my head back, eyes staring; yet seeing nothing. Nothing exists but this. The cube melts, and suddenly it is your fingers that penetrate ümraniye escort me, only to be replaced by the searing heat of your tongue. I scream, as my pussy spasms in unexpected release and you bury your face, licking up my wetness.

My knees start to buckle, but your arms gather me to your body. I am weak, but far from satisfied and turn to face you. I shove my hands into your hair, and press my open mouth hotly against yours. My tongue thrusts deeply into your mouth for long seconds, and before you can respond, I slide down your body and undo the fastenings of your jeans. I drag them down your hips and gasp as I realize I am not the only one sans underwear. Your cock springs up; magnificent in it’s engorged state. I wrap my hand firmly around you and wonder at the strength. You feel like satin and steel in my palm.

I look up into your face, and you stare back with blazing eyes. “Take me into your mouth.”

I lick my lips and wrap them around your cock obediently.

“Lick me.” My tongue dances up and down.

“Suck me.” You rasp out, and I pull you deep into my mouth.

“Harder!” I draw you in like a woman starved.

“DEEPER!” Inhaling deeply I relax my muscles and you slide down my throat and my nose presses into your belly.

“Ahhh!” You sink your hands into my hair, holding me in place for a moment, your body trembling as you attempt to control your need. But I want you as out of control as you have made me.

My hands begin to work up and down, my mouth moving so that fingers and lips meet again and again.

“Please…faster…” Your hips are pumping now, trying to control the pace the rhythm, but I stop sucking. I look up into your eyes, cock poking into my mouth. The sight is almost too much for you, and you begin to tremble.

You see the smile in my eyes, and it’s then that you realize that I mean to make you pay for torturing me earlier. And you are eager for the payback.

There is a popping noise as your cock slides from my mouth. I use the tip kartal escort bayan of my tongue to flutter along the sensitive ridge that runs from the underside of the head to the base of your shaft. Your cock twitches in pleasure. I press my lips to the underside, and suck the ridge gently into my mouth, and you clutch my shoulders. I begin to suck firmly and shiver as your body tightens even more.

My other hand gently starts to massage your balls, in rhythm to the sucking and I can hear your breath quicken. I suddenly inhale your cock back into my throat forcefully, my tongue stroking the underside at the same time I suck. You gaze down at my head bobbing up and down on your, wanting the moment to last forever. But you feel the end drawing near. Closer and closer, with each tug of my lips and tongue.

I can feel the beat of your heart against my tongue, and the tightening of your cock; you are close. I quicken my pace, and slide a hand more firmly between your legs, hand splayed across your ass to urge you deeper. Your hips begin to thrust, unable to help yourself.

“Ohhh! Yes baby.” You are blind with need.

“Don’t stop! Take me deeper!” My head bobs harder.

“Oh fuck, your sweet mouth!” Your head is thrown back, eyes glazed.

One hand disappears, and you glance down. You watch as I slide my hand between my legs, and I slip a finger into my cunt. “Oh baby!” You groan.

My eyes meet yours, and you see that I am as aroused as you. My hand is once again on your ass, and you feel my pussy juice on your skin. I am no longer bobbing my head, but sucking deep and hard while one hand gently squeezes you.

“Don’t stop! Oh don’t fucking stop! I’M COMING! Oh FUCK! I’m going to come in your mouth!!!” As your body begins to convulse, I slip the finger that is still wet with my own come deep into your ass.

“AAAHHH!!!!” Your body arches violently, and I greedily swallow your cream, licking at every single drop. I cannot get enough.

As the tremors ease, I slowly slide my finger out of your tight hole, causing you to jerk slightly. I kiss my way up your stomach, up the side of your neck, and lick at the corners of your mouth.

“Oh, baby.” I sigh as you wrap your strong arms around me, holding me close. And we both gaze out at the dark city.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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